Wedding idea: Burgers!

Abby and her fiance wanted a relaxed wedding, so they invited their friends and family over for burgers! “We celebrated at my parents’ house in Maine,” says Abby. “We ate burgers, sweet-potato fries and salad. For dessert, we served Maine blueberry pie.” Isn’t that sweet? Would you rather have a casual or formal wedding? I love this idea!

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  1. Having burgers as the main course in a wedding reception is a very practical and cool idea! It is inexpensive, easy to prepare and mouthwatering, too. I’m sure there were no leftovers during your reception!

    Neva Modzelewski

  2. I L.O.V.E. this idea! We had a pretty formal wedding with many courses but also really like the informal weddings.

  3. Buffy says...

    My MOH had mini burgers brought to my husband during our reception, there are some fun photos of him munching away!

  4. My boyfriend and I decided that when we get married, we would have a casual wedding. We are very laid back people so we don’t have to impress anyone. We’re even thinking of adding a moonwalk because there will be lots of children attending.

    Those burgers look delicious!

  5. hmmmm, i like the idea, though i dont think i would go quite that casual.

  6. I love agood veggie burger like no other, and could totally see doing this!! Especially the Pie part!

  7. Casual is great! I’m getting married next Saturday and I’m having an English cream tea picnic (I am actually English or it might be a little strange!) with an ice cream van, bouncy castle and general party vibe. I’m so excited!

  8. I love it! (Of course, we eloped and I wore converse in a dirt-floored chapel…) We’re thinking of planning a big party for our 10th anniversary, though, and burgers sound great!!

  9. One of my besties from college is doing this for her wedding in October and I love the idea! It totally fits the vibe of the wedding and their personality types. A wedding should express the couple in every way. Right down to the food.

  10. I love the relaxed feel! We had BBQ and pie/ cookies for dessert at my wedding!


  12. I love this! We had a barbecue and salads for our wedding, too! And a cake buffet for dessert!

  13. love this idea! a home wedding is so special and intimate.

  14. I’d rather have a casual wedding with elegant touches. Personally, this wouldn’t be my food of choice (even though those burgers look decadent). Although, I do like the Maine blueberry pie idea. They all look so happy, which is what matters most.

  15. My boyfriend’s name for me is Burger and I call him Fry. Without a doubt we’ll be having a causal dinner.

  16. My husband and I had the In-N-Out truck at our wedding in LA:) It was delicious and super fun! Plus I’ve never had so many guys tell me they enjoyed a wedding;)

  17. We kind of had an in-the-middle wedding. It was cool just mingling around with friends and family casually. I love weddings with an easy going vibe. I think I may have salivated a bit over the burger picture though. yum.

  18. Yum! I think burgers at a wedding sounds amazing!

    I love more casual and intimate weddings the best :)

  19. Love the idea. To me, the whole point of celebrating a wedding is precisely to celebrate a happy occasion with friends and family. What’s better than an informal, happy celebration?

  20. we did a hot dog bar at our wedding, with beef and veggie hot dogs, and all sorts of toppings, from assorted mustards to vegetarian chili. it was a huge hit!

  21. casual! we had a clambake under a big white tent. everyone LOVED it!

  22. For sure. I did big, and that didn’t work out at all. I want to get married to be married, not to have a wedding. then, I want to spend the rest of my life focusing on making that marriage perfect for both of us.

    Often there’s too much emphasis on the wedding and little thought on the marriage. (I think my ex just wanted to have a huge, lavish party and didn’t consider that he’d be, um, married and off the market for LIFE. He didn’t get that memo…)

  23. When I got married, we already had our baby boy – he was six months on the day we got married. Not a shotgun wedding, we had just prioritized having a baby – and then decided it would be nice to get married.

    So when we did, it was a casual wedding, 14 witnesses then a stand up party for 40 in our home. We turned off all the lights and put candles and white flowers everywhere – and I had caterers in – and they made only finger foods, but gourmet finger foods. And we had burgers with smoked white cheddar and carmelized onions as well as little salmon burgers. It was so yummy, and so much fun. No stress – all LOVE!

  24. I love the menu but would want to substitute homemade veggie burgers!

  25. When I told my mom I wanted burgers at my wedding, she said no. But I think I’ll do them anyway.

  26. I love this idea and would love to go to a casual wedding like this one. I was totally inspired to serve burgers at my wedding when I saw Wellies and Vogue’s fabulous English country wedding: It’s beautifully magical!

  27. I love this idea! Especially if they are gourmet burgers w/ nice touches like pickled onions and brioche buns. (I’m from San Francisco, I can’t help it.) Why didn’t I think of this before? Mental note for my wedding next summer… Thanks Jo!

  28. I always said I wanted burgers and hot dogs at my wedding. Of course, served a bit nicer than at a backyard bbq :) Love that they had sweet-potato fries, too!!

  29. Anonymous says...

    We actually thought about getting 6′ sub from subway! Informal for sure! – Ali from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  30. I think a wedding should reflect the lifestyle of the couple. Travel lovers? Maybe a wedding in a beautiful local with just a few guests. New York socials? Perhaps a fancier wedding fits. For me personally, a casual outdoor wedding….maybe at a winery with wonderful local food and beautiful flowers. I can look forward to helping with two daughters’ weddings someday….if they’ll let me!

  31. We had a casual wedding…it was fantastic. We got married in a little parkette overlooking the bay in our home city and then we had an outdoor reception in my parents backyard. We catered it ourselves and served our guests personally…this replaced the formal recieving line and allowed us to see and thank each and every person. We had skewered shrimp and chicken with vegetables, garlic mashed potatoes and a spinach salad…it was perfect!

  32. Casual. Our wedding is in a week and a half, and it’s more of an elaborate party rather than a traditional wedding. But still, why didn’t I think of having people over for burgers?

  33. Mary says...

    I always liked the idea of casual weddings, but I live in Ireland where they’re not common, and elderly relatives would be *horrified* at the idea of serving burgers at a wedding. You couldn’t even get married outside of a church/registry office until recently (no castles, no gardens, nowhere ‘unconsecrated’!) We wound up having a much more formal wedding than I would have preferred, but it’s all about compromise :) I’m not of the ‘it’s OUR day!’ philosophy, and think the best weddings are the ones where everyone is comfortable & happy — whatever form this takes! :)

  34. I’m planning (a loose term) my wedding right now and I am all about casual. In fact, if it was still family-owned, I would get married on the farm in northern Maine my grandmother grew up on. Some of the best memories of my childhood are from there.

  35. I think simple and elegant is the best way to go to create a relaxing atmosphere where everyone can have a good time. But part of me loves the idea of going all out for a huge, fabulous party!

  36. Oh this definitely gets my vote! How very awesome. The burger at home theme reminded me of Steve Martin’s character in Father of the Bride, fantasizing about his daughter’s wedding in their backyard… a down home BBQ (I loved that scene!). My husband and I wanted small, intimate and (mostly) casual. We had a renegade wedding ceremony with guests in the middle of the woods (so lush and beautiful) and then followed with an hors d’oeuvres gathering on a tiny french restaurant’s patio. It was so sweet and perfect. Though I think the majority of guests would have totally preferred those big fat burgers!

  37. My fiance and I are have a relaxed wedding this November. It’s bigger than we expected (isn’t that always how it happens?) but we’re serving burgers, fries and truffle mac n cheese! :) We definitely wanted an intimate, no stress vibe!

  38. Perfect. We had a super-casual wedding and it was wonderful. We rented a building at a state park and had the wedding outside, then brought everyone into the building for sandwiches from the local bakery. It was just right for us. We didn’t want all the hoopa.

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  40. Casual all the way. My husband and I got married in a park– just the 2 of us and our officiant. Then the next day we had a small backyard reception with our family & close friends. The laid back atmosphere fit our personalities perfectly!

  41. I’m interested to see how it worked out – hubby and I thought about doing this! ..but we live in the south and arrival times are kind-of relative!

    But the photos look so yummy!

    -Ariana http://www.niftynelsons1.blogspot/com

  42. I love this. Yum!
    I might do just this one day.

  43. I love this! We had an afternoon wedding and served veggie burgers for lunch!

  44. Oh yum! I love traditional burgers and sweet potato chips! Unfortunately, I wont be allowed to serve beef at a Hindu-Indian wedding. And since parents are a huge part of weddings here – they wont let me serve burgers. Boo. :(

    But I would love a wedding where they serve this! :)

    Look who’s Wearing (LwW)

  45. i’ve always wanted a casual wedding like this but i figured it was unheard of in the wedding world! so glad to know someone else has done the low key event like i’ve always wanted!


  46. I’m like Mandee – I would prefer burgers at the beach in a white bathing suit but my boyfriend likes things traditional.

  47. Casual weddings are definitely much more my style. After seeing the extravagant “celebrity” wedding of Kim K, I know more certainly than ever that I want a casual, laid back wedding where my guests feel comfortable (and can wear whatever color they want!). I’d rather take the money I save doing DIY projects to pay for a world-wide honeymoon. Afterall, your wedding is just ONE Day!

  48. We had a big, traditional wedding (when you move as much as I have throughout my life, you wind up with a lot of friends from all over the place). But we worked to make it about us and our lives, not about the rituals. We’re traditional in a lot of ways, but wanted it to still feel personal. So we had a church wedding with a buffet meal at the reception site, but my brother was my maid of honor, we used a quote from The Odyssey as part of the table decorations, and our cake had miniature bicycles for a topper.

    I think the wedding you’re describing here sounds lovely–it really seems to capture the spirit of the couple, and isn’t that the real point?

  49. I would LOVE a casual wedding!! Oddly my boyfriend is the one who wants a huge one…so we will see what kind of compromise happens!

  50. I am having a nice casual wedding on the beach and then all of the guests are welcome to camp out with us on the beach~! We will be having a beach bbq! We want a celebration of our love with friends and family more than a formal wedding. :) Love this!

  51. I love this idea! I’m not a huge fan of stuffy, formal weddings. Casual or semiformal is a great way to go. We are having yummy comfort food at our wedding (chicken pot pie!)

  52. Definitely casual. I wanted a wedding that was really, really laid back. But due to the strong preferences of other people, we’re compromising with having a french country themed wedding held at a local park. It’s 31 days away and I still have so much to do. Really though, I just want the feel of a small, casual wedding. I want to be relaxed and get the opportunity to actually enjoy my wedding and talk with the guests!

  53. I want mine so laid back – I’ve totally imagined having a bunch of grills set up and serving brats, burgers, and dogs to our guests. My family throws a good fourth of July party so we’ve had practice :) Thinking about trying to throw a fancy formal party gives me nightmares, and I’m not even engaged yet!

  54. that is an awesome idea!! I’ve also toyed with the idea of having a buffet at my wedding. :)

  55. Really nice idea !!

  56. I love casual weddings with family and close friends only..

  57. bbq sounds like so much fun! just have to be careful with your white dress, haha :)

  58. My wedding will have pizza at it. I have a little reputation for being a pizza snob, so it’ll be really thin crust fresh sauce pizza with things like roasted red pepper, sun dried tomato, fresh basil. I just hope I’m not messy with it.

  59. I would love this! If I ever get married I will have something like this.

  60. Yummy! My wedding was very casual and small. After the ceremony we went for a swim in the lake and then chowed down on a fairly similar menu BBQ salmon, salads, brownies for desert…drool. Best wishes to the happy couple x

  61. Love it! Weddings are all about having fun and reflecting your true personalities. Stuffy super trad. weddings are sooo passe.

  62. Now THAT’S a great menu for a reception – everyone loves burgers! Great idea.

  63. Totally love this idea, I’ll keep this in mind ;)

  64. i definitely want a casual affair. we’re thinking bbq and ice cream

  65. casual, for sure. in fact, my dad has told me multiple times he won’t be a part of my wedding if there’s more than eight people involved (and i think he’s only half-kidding! :)). the burgers are such a cute idea, so un-fussy.

  66. Uhhhh…I figure you can have burgers every day of the week, if you want to, but yhr idea is that you only get married once. So ‘Do It Up’!! Formal!

  67. We did! We had two weeks to plan our wedding as we were moving to another country. It was really casual but fantastic. The reception was in our garden, a little chilly as it was November, but we provided warm clothing and a BBQ supplied by the local butcher!

  68. Love it! We’re definitely going more casual-at first I wanted a burger bar but we decided to hire a taco truck. :-)

  69. We had little sliders served family style on each table. They had bacon-jam which proved to be a real-crowd pleaser :)

  70. I love the burger idea. Even though my wedding was a more formal one, it was very laid back and I did not feel overwhelmed!

  71. I hate formal weddings, weddings that try to be formal weddings and I had a very informal wedding. we eloped and I had a big summer fiesta back home in philly.
    We served freshly made tacos- chicken or sweet potato. Alongside grab and go salads that we served in chinese take out containers (green bean salad, avocado salad, or chickpea) and for appetizers we ordered fresh baked Philly soft pretzels, served with mustard along with ‘tomato pie’ from a bakery in manayunk. Desserts were cupcakes, citrus shortbread cookies and candies. We hired two bartenders to serve kegged philly pale ale, red or white wine, and we placed two big cisterns out- one with water and one with a punch cocktail. We had glass bottle mineral water and mexican cokes, and cool colored straws for the kids. Our guests were encouraged to put a name tag on their cup and reuse it. It was a blast and everyone loved it.

  72. I love that idea! Our wedding was almost 100% hand-made and I sourced everything locally with my mum around my small hometown. The food was simple, informal and delicious (and I wasn’t one of those brides who don’t eat anything at their weddings:D) all the cakes were baked by my grandmothers and their friends:)oh, it was such a happy day…. weddings are the best :)

  73. Yummy!! A friend of mine did gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup and served it with beer that they brewed themselves just for the wedding! It was perfect!

  74. casual, hands down! i’m planning my own wedding for 2013, and i hope it’s a casual, intimate one. :)

  75. i love casual weddings! i was married last august and we served pulled pork sliders, watermeon feta salad, corn on the cob, mac & cheese and blueberry pie a la mode for dessert! i think it made everyone feel just a bit more relaxed and at ease.

  76. Yum!! We’re doing sliders as one of our appetizers because I wanted burgers incorporated somehow :)

  77. We had a big church wedding but for our reception we had a local taco truck company cater. Sadly, it was August (in Oklahoma) and too hot to serve off the truck, but our guests are still raving about the buffet and atmosphere of our reception now a year later!

  78. definitely casual!! :)

  79. ps. belgium and morocco are AWESOME choices. :)

  80. angryasian, you should! an elopement would be so magical! although there is something to be said for having all your loved ones around you when you say your vows. either way it would be wonderful :)

  81. I love the idea of serving pie instead of cake! I work as waitress part time for weddings and honestly, no one ever eats the cake! We, the staff, always take home all the left overs (which I am not complaining about). I think I would want a relaxed, but special, home-y feel to my wedding.

  82. the idea of a mini-elopement is tugging my heart strings right now. i want to grab just two of my closest friends, two of his and run away to a foreign country (belgium maybe? morocco?) to get hitched.

  83. Burgers! Love that? I’m already married and we had the level of formal that our budget would allow. :) If we were to do it over it’d probably be a lot more casual, and smaller, so we could really enjoy our each of our guests. Was your wedding formal or casual?

  84. Amanda says...

    My husband and I had Chinese buffet at our wedding. We wanted something different, affordable, and delicious. We received rave reviews on the meal choice.

    I think burgers sounds like another great option. I would definitely be up for that!

  85. haha, i want burgers now too, immediately :)

  86. I love the idea of a casual wedding, very intimate and even a little more special!

  87. I have heard of In-n-Out burger catering weddings here in California. I think that would be a fun way to celebrate starting a life together.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  88. if i ever meet my great love, i want to have a very casual wedding! where can i read more abotu this couple’s wedding?

  89. i love the idea of a casual wedding! my family wants something more formal so i think we’re going to meet in the middle and have the standard chicken dish PLUS kabobs! xo

  90. MG says...

    I love this idea of a casual wedding and burgers are my favorite food so I would totally be into this!

  91. Casual… all the way. I love burgers, but they are kinda messy. xo.

  92. Such a great idea! I love the thought of a casual wedding. I just want everyone to have fun and celebrate with us!

  93. I love weddings with relaxed and laid-back vibe. This one seems so sweet and beautiful. Btw: The burger looks delicious:) Happy Wed, Joanna.

  94. Love this idea and it’s making me want a burger right now at 7:40am.

  95. A casual wedding seems so much more intimate than a lavish one. I love this idea!