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  2. It can’t work in fact, that is exactly what I believe.

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  4. Wow, I’m so glad I found your blog :) So much nice stuff to look at here. I’ve had a photo of this restaurant on my computer, but never knew where it was taken and that this charming little house actually was a restaurant!

  5. I’d love to see how it looks like inside! To all those above wo had visited the place… Lucky you!

  6. That looks like my ideal place to get lost…. beautiful

  7. I’m game!! looks so unique, I’d be honored to say I’ve been there!!

    ps love your blog :)

  8. jk says...

    I hve made a reservation right now

  9. yeah thats the coolest thing I have ever seen.. easy!

  10. I’m game and going! We are headed here for the last part of our honeymoon. Woop!

  11. Emily says...

    Hm, I look at a pic like this and wonder ‘how do they deal with waste disposal?’ :)

  12. So dreamy!

  13. My mum and I went to Zanzibar (where this amazing Rock restaurant is) when I was 17 while we were backpacking through Africa…and my mum met her future husband on Zanzibar! My mum, step-dad, and little brother now take turns living in Brisbane & Zanzibar…

    I am from Australia which is heavenly and has the most amazing beaches in the world, BUT Zanzibar is definitely heaven on Earth! Not just spectacular natural beauty, but the architecture & ruins & beautiful friendly people and the amazing culture and history! It is a photographer’s dream. If you visit, be sure to head up to the North-West tip of the island to a place called Kendwa Rocks (my step-dad’s home and it is HEAVEN).

    You MUST go there!


  14. Oh it’s just stunning! Let’s go now!!

  15. I am so down! let’s go- i’ll meet you there!! :-)


  16. Wow! Just came back from a beautiful holiday in Zanzibar a few weeks ago, and wish I’d known about this restaurant before…what a fantastic location!

  17. That’s in Zanzibar! I went to Zanzibar for a week last fall. Didn’t know about this great little place then or I totally would have gone. Great post!

  18. Made from dreams… :).

  19. oh wow. i have cousins in tanzania….should ask them if theyve ever been to this place.

  20. love the photos, you know me, just can’t get enough of the island life:)

  21. I’ve been to Zanzibar (while I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya) but I did not get to experience this… amazing! The tide in Zanzibar was insane! During low tide you could walk for hours and never get to more than 4in of water!

  22. How beautifully unique.

  23. one word: surreal!
    it looks so small though, bet you’ll have to book a table!

  24. Holy crap! What about the people that work there? Must they swim to work? And the food! How to they ship bucket loads of food to the restaurant? What about electricity? As a customer… I’m intrigued and would totally give this a go. As an owner… this sounds like a major pain in the butt!

  25. Why does it remind me of Harry Potter?

  26. oh wow!! that looks absolutely wonderful!

  27. take me there!!!! that looks perfect. like a dream.


  28. Just told my boyfriend I know where our next trip will be!

  29. Anonymous says...

    I would love to have seafood here. But I would walk or take a boat. I am a bit squeamish about the ocean.

  30. Anonymous says...

    This looks so romantic. It would be fun to eat seafood surrounded by water!

  31. Awesome! Don’t drink too much because if you walk in…you might have to swim out =)

  32. i love your blog so much! it’s unique and simple at the same time. i just stumbled across it right now and i’ve been reading past entries. :) following for sure!

  33. I love that it changes with the tide, how awesome!

  34. I have been to Zanzibar!! But not this resturant – an excuse to go back!

    As for the shark attacks, we were on honeymoon in Seychelles last October and swam at that spot which is so stunning. I feel so sad for that couple. awful!

  35. That looks amazing! I want in!!!

  36. Oh my gosh, this is amazing!

  37. Aw ! It looks awesome !

  38. Christy says...

    Wow, awesome! I wonder if people are ever caught by the tide while walking there! Must be a pain during tsunamis!

  39. It looks amazing!

    Best Wishes!
    Mod Human Vintage

  40. I’m game! I totally want to eat Alaskan crab legs now! xx

  41. I’d come along any day! That looks like a blast- what a clever idea!

  42. beautiful! i’d do anything to be there now!

  43. unbelievable…thank you! Now I will be daydreaming all day! How cool is that, seriously?

  44. amazing! im so coming with you! hehehe

  45. When I was in Bocas del Toro, Panama, a couple of years ago, we ate at a place run by two fisherman.

    You call them in the morning, they go out and catch your dinner (lobster or fish are your two options!) then that evening they pick you up on their boat and take you to their own private island where they prepare the day’s catch! So awesome.

  46. Gorgeous! I am totally game to head there for a little getaway!
    Much love,

  47. That looks amazing, pig out on food and then work it off swimming back to shore!

  48. I am SOOOOO down! Vamanos!!!! Let’s go!!!! I posted on that delicious place before on my blog. Talk about fun….

  49. There’s something absolutely irresistable about the indic ocean!!! It’s just magical… Every single person should have the oportunity to go/see/swim there once in their lifetime

  50. Whoa! I am THERE.

  51. Oh my goodness, this place looks awesome! I’m totally in:)

  52. Been to Zanzibar, but somehow missed this! Darn. Looks perfect. x


  54. I would LOVE to go there! to be surrounded by water and on your own little island… the place looks soo tiny though :)
    Wouldn’t it be fun to design a place like this?!

  55. Yes! Coming with you!
    It looks adorable.


  56. Wow what a place… looks like something right out of a fairy tale!!
    The shark attacks have been all over the news in the UK, really really sad, but I’d still love to visit the Indian Ocean one day…

  57. I’m totally in! That place looks amazing!

  58. Well… you have successfully put me in the mood to flee NYC and eat seafood. Thanks!

  59. omg, no, i’m going to look it up right now, eeks.