Thursday giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from Spexclub, a fantastic, affordable eyewear shop. All their glasses are $88 or less, including your prescription. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a cute new pair for the fall?

They’re offering THREE lucky readers a pair of glasses of their choice. (If you want, try on glasses with their virtual mirror.) For a chance to win, please visit Spexclub and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: Bridget F., Katie M. and Kathryn B. are our winners. Thanks for playing. xo

  1. This can’t have effect in actual fact, that’s exactly what I believe.

  2. ^Same! I actually just literally found out I need glasses and it would be great if I could get one of these for free.

  3. yeah, i agree with Allison. i’ve been checking every day and nothing yet hehehe i cant wait!! :D

  4. I noticed that there were not any winners posted yet…I am to volunteer myself. Ciao

  5. I have been using the same pair for about three or four years now… I think it’s time for a change! The Glover style is adorable!

  6. Pick me!!!

  7. SO need a pair of their glasses. sign me up!

  8. Ah exciting! I’ve been on the look out for some perfect prescription glasses and these are just the thing.
    Crossing my fingers :)

  9. i’ve just been thinking that I need a new pair of glasses! These are exactly my style. Such a wonderful giveaway! :)

  10. Oh, to win! That would be so cool. I need new glasses. :)

  11. I’d love a new pair! And Spex has great selection!

  12. ooooooo, love. i LOVE glasses!

  13. Kelsey says...

    Would love a pair!

  14. Wow, the video is really great. I’m going to pass this on to my friends. Free glasses ! Yeah.

  15. I probably am too late but I thought I would give this a try anyway! Been wearing the same pair since high school (10 years ago- gah!)

  16. ahhhhhhhhhh. glasses…sunglasses! YES YES YES! Please?!

  17. what i would give for a new pair of specs!!

  18. Those glasses are RAD! Its time for me to update my glasses for sure! – Mary

  19. see the world through those eyes? things will look much different… :)

  20. it’d be nice to have a new pair of glasses since my 7 month old loves to grab my current one off my face!! esp. when i nurse!!

    p.s. appreciate your blog, esp. the ones about your love for your boy. i feel the same way.

  21. My guy desperately needs a new pair of frames, even if he doesn’t realize it :)

  22. oh please, please pick me! I would love a new pair of glasses.

  23. me please!!!!

  24. loving all the cute new glasses shops popping up online! i’m in desperate need of a pair! great giveaway :)

  25. Love these, especially the Derringer frames! What cute names (:

  26. I love apprentice in wood! So pretty!

  27. Sort of literally need these.

  28. Would love to have these!

  29. please count me in!

  30. I am in desperate need of a new pair of glasses, and my insurance doesn’t kick in for a few months. Pick me!

  31. I could really use a new pair of reading glasses. I’m thinking something kinda round and maybe in green. There are so many nice frames to chose from. Great giveaway!

  32. Oh, I so want to win this! x

  33. i need new glasses so badly!! this is a great give away!

  34. What great pairs of glasses! I hope to have the chance to enter, and that it’s not too late. I’m on Eastern Time, lol. *crosses fingers*

  35. These would be perfect for shielding my eyes from the Singapore sun. They are darling.

  36. I need a new pair for the fall season!!! xoxo

    Mallory1031 at gmail dot com

  37. Love these! i would love to have some new glasses!

  38. these are so great and i need a new pair! x

  39. olive these! pick meee!

  40. Glasses are so expensive and my prescription changes every year! Please help a girl out.

  41. glasses are my favorite! <3

  42. Heddy says...

    Super cute glasses! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  43. I might have missed the deadline, but I was actually looking at Spexclub for my first pair of glasses and I love them!

  44. Oh man, me me me! I’ve just been thinking that I need new glasses

  45. I love everything so much, I need this!!

  46. I’ve been meaning to get some REAL reading glasses for awhile now (I use the kind you get from the pharmacy) as the ones I have don’t exactly flatter my face. I really love the tortoise shell jagger ones and all of the Jesse colors. Really fun and definitely geek chic.

  47. glorious glasses! what an awesome site!

  48. ooh, pretty! What a great site for affordable and stylish specs!

  49. You can never have too many glasses…perfect way to change up your look!

  50. This is so ironic, I just went to the eye doctor for a new prescription after years (about 8) and now need new frames! Spexs are great, I love that you can get prescription sun glasses!

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  52. Melle_Cam says...

    Me ! Me ! Me !

  53. ooohhh…i could use some new glasses!

  54. Love spexclub!

  55. I would love a new pair of sun shades. :)

  56. Love so many of these! Sunglasses are my favorite accessory!

  57. there is no better accessory than a good pair of glasses! i would loooove to win this

  58. I hope I win this! I am in need of a new pair of glasses!

  59. $88 with prescription?? What a steal!!

  60. oh i so hope to win. i haven’t had new glasses in 4 years and they definitely weren’t hip at all.

  61. mary says...

    i’d love to get the Bartlett’s for my husband. he really needs a new pair! mhy_ at

  62. I love the video-super fun! =) Also the glasses are pretty awesome!

  63. lovely giveaway! i’d love to win :)

  64. Love these glasses! And I *really* need a new pair.

  65. Oh man, that would be so good to win. Shopping for glasses is the worst! Especially with two kids. & these glasses are all pretty cool.

  66. I was JUST BARELY looking at ( and trying on!) glasses at spexclub when I saw this! I’m in love with nearly all of them…but leaning towards the Woody’s. Love it :)

  67. mp says...

    I love the glasses… :)

  68. I would love a pair of new glasses!

  69. Great! I need a new pair!

  70. Anonymous says...

    Hőséget = glasses. Sorry iPhone mistake:) it was Nóra again

  71. Anonymous says...

    My baby boy just broke my hőséget so it would be fantastic to win. Fingers crossed. Xoxo Nóra from Hungary

  72. laura says...

    so hard to choose, dexter, jesse or hobbs

  73. I adore spex club! I’ve had my eye on the Rickys and the Wayfarers for quite a while now!

  74. Count me in! This would come in handy since I’m going back to uni this fall.

  75. Such a cool site, and I really need new glasses!

  76. I need new glasses because my (super adorable, and I still love him) puppy tripped me, and I smashed my face into the sidewalk, while walking him. 3 stitches and broken frames later, this would be a GREAT giveaway to win!!!

    Thanks for offering such fantastic offers Joanna!