Summer Uniform: Pretty tomboy

My friend Elizabeth Antonia doesn’t take herself too seriously, yet she still manages to look fresh and tomboyishly sexy. So, I’m excited to share her summer uniform (and get some red jeans!)…

Here’s Elizabeth’s take:

We were taking a family bike ride to Gjelina for lunch for my husband’s birthday. My bike is a old Raleigh that I’ve had for ten years. It’s been with me in Seattle, Brooklyn and now Los Angeles–my old clunker that I can’t bear to leave behind! For my hair, I love, love, love John Master’s Organics Sea Mist–it makes my hair a tousled mess just how I like it.

Here’s how to get the look:
White tee: James Perse, $50, or Target, $5!
Red skinny jeans: J Brand, $176.
Tote: Anya Hindmarch, varied prices on eBay.
Natural sunscreen: Badger, $14.
Beach-blown hair: John Master’s Organics Sea Mist, $14.50.

P.S. Two more gorgeous summer uniforms.

  1. I have been *living* throughout people Goal vneck t shirts come july 1st! They’re a tad feminine, especially with a much deeper vneck, nonetheless they do not show an excessive amount of, and they are generally extremely soft and comfortable.

    I didnrrrt comprehend they may be on discount sales…might have to visit Targeted today!

  2. beautiful pictures!thanks for sharing so beautiful pictures.

  3. sell many colored jeans. i know their a “younger store” but i love them! xx

  4. this makes me want to ride a bike. right. now. too bad it’s still 100 degrees out!

  5. i have been using the surf spray for several years now – seriously works.

  6. Oooh, the Sea Mist looks fabulous! Expensive jeans! Let’s hope Tarjay comes up with something comparable.. :-))

  7. I absolutely adore this look! Still need to get me some red jeans :)

  8. I am so jealous! I would love to go bike riding on the beach and look that good in red pants! Totally fits the LA beach scene too :)

  9. Anonymous says...

    Those red pants are amazing. Nice photograph!

  10. Perfectly California cool :D Great shot!

  11. I got my red pair of pants from Forever 21 in Montreal! Love them!

  12. awesome look!!
    Her hair is gorgeous!! and perfect!

  13. I love this post! She looks stunning. Also, I love beach spray. I use David Babaii Bohemian Beach Spray, smells wonderful, works great, and isn’t tested on or made from animals.

  14. oh this makes me miss my red pants…I used to wear them when I taught salsa at random night clubs…I thought I was so hot in those pants…at least I felt that way lol….I miss those days so much some times…!

  15. The “heartbreaking” link made me cry. I still look at photos of my ex-boyfriend and me and think those very thoughts. It will always hurt a little, but it’s so special to have those photos and remember how happy we were.

  16. Great pic…I smiled to myself. She looks free..

  17. I smiled a little just at the sight of her:) I’m feeling not-so-great right now and somehow this was a little pick-me-up.

    PS get the Elvis print…it would look so cute in your apt!

    PPS: Reading The Help right now and can’t put it down. xo

  18. ha! just saw that alex recommended couture candy too, great site for sales.

  19. I have those red jbrand jeans and they are my absolute favorite right now.So comfy and fit just right with the perfect amount of stretch. I want to wear them everyday, but unfortunately I think people would start to notice. They have them in a bunch of colors too!

    Thanks Joanna for always posting the best stuff!

  20. She is looking cool and very Dutch!

  21. i so wish i looked that glamorous when biking by the ocean (or anywhere for that matter!)


  22. I have been *living* in those Target vneck tees this summer! They’re a bit feminine, especially with a deeper vneck, but they don’t show too much, and they are super soft and comfy.

    I didn’t realize they are on sale…may have to head to Target now!

  23. those jeans are amazing. Can a red head pull off red jeans? I hope so!

  24. I just bought red jeans today! I am so excited. I have an over-sized black tee and love layering lots of lockets and long chains. xoxo

  25. The bumble and bumble stuff is great! I used to use it when I had longer hair. I also tried something similar from John Frida (I think?) – half the price from Ulta. (If you have one of those in NYC.)

    I love red jeans! I wear mine all time! (See here! :)

    And PS – I got mine at Zara for only $39! They have a gold ankle zip too, which makes them a little more fun.

    Happy Friday!
    {mommy chic} latest post: 6 ways to wear a circle scarf

  26. I love this little recipe for a cute, casual look. Such a great photo! And I adore that her bike has traveled with her everywhere… I wish I had something like that.

  27. you can also make your own seal salt mist, just google it! very easy, and the salt whisks humidity away from your stands which is why it makes hair less frizzy. love it!

    also, love those red jeans.

  28. Love!! I have those same J Brand red jeans and I’m wearing them like crazy … especially with a bright pink J Crew tee shirt. xox

  29. spending $16 on salt water is totally ridiculous. ingredients: water, salt, lavender oil. make it, then give the $15.50 you save to charity. please. :)

  30. Alex says...

    I just bought red jeans from and always get compliments! I have even been stopped in the street by total strangers. Love this look!

  31. she looks so breezy and lovely!! i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t just a wee bit jealous!

  32. i know, i think i might be splurging on those jeans, they are just too cute. the outfit wouldn’t be half as cute without them!

  33. LOVE this look!! I’m in Venice a lot so I can attest that this outfit PERFECTLY reflects a summer uniform in this area! Plus, lunch at gjelina?! such a great choice. LOVE IT ALL!!

  34. The spray is a must and the red jeans?! Oh heaven, help.

  35. Elizabeth is adorable and I love red pants! The Sea Mist sounds so good. I totally need to try it:) xo

  36. Cool and relaxed:) Happy Summer

  37. This is too funny – I was just thinking about trying a salt spritz…this post is all the more reason I need to just get out there and get one.

    Love those pants!!!!

  38. I gotta try that salt spray!

  39. What a great picture :) I just bought my first sea spray for my hair and I loveee it. I love the beachy look xo

  40. i’m SO interested to try one!! my hair definitely needs something, especially on hot summer days.

  41. I just got the bumble&bumble surf spray and I thought it was going to do nothing and just be all hype, but it’s true, these salt sprays are really a beach in a bottle. Perfect messy summery hair!