Summer Uniform: City Glamour

When I saw this street-style photo, I was blown away by the outfit on the right. How gorgeous does she look in her chambray shirt and yellow skirt? What a perfect combo, especially for the transition from summer to fall. While I don’t know this lovely lady, I did some sleuthing…

Here’s how to get the look:
Chambray shirt: EmersonMade, $128.
Yellow skirt: ASOS, $60.
Black bag: Michael Kors, $98.
Snake-skin heels: Charles David, $285, or Steve Madden, $99.
Necklace: Octavia Bloom, $76.
Cuff bracelet: Bario-Neal, $90.

Thoughts? Would you wear this? xo

P.S. More summer uniforms.

(Photo by Streetfsn, via Melanie)

  1. Love the sunny skirt. Reminds me of mid-fall afternoons when the sun is flickering through the leaves. Would you wear tights with this on chillier days?

  2. i’m always curious – how do you walk the streets of nyc in heels? maybe i’m just lacking grace.

  3. this is just so fun and pretty to look at! and dream about their shoes! THE SHOES!

  4. How the heck do you ladies walk around the city in those high heels? I just bought a pair of 4 inch pumps, they keep slipping off my feet and I feel like I am going to break my ankle. My legs do look to die for in them, but can only wear them when walking short distances.

  5. Great color combo she has put together! Chambray has always rocked in my book!!

  6. oh that is delicious. I’ve found my perfect chambray shirt, but I may need to buy that Asos skirt. What color tights would you wear for cooler weather? I’m thinking charcoal?

  7. I love the chambray shirt! What a great shirt that seems like it can be paired with almost everything!

  8. Would TOTALLY wear it. Yum. I love long pleated skirts. Just bought a beautiful black polyester one from Club Monaco. Now I’m inspired to mix it with my chambray… too bad it’s not yellow!

  9. Yes! I love this picture, such beautiful colors. Miss Munroque is very stylish! Thanks for sharing this pic.

  10. i LOVE this image. i posted it awhile back and still can’t get enough of it.

  11. I love this picture and love that outfit, the colours are so fab. I’d have to wear flats with it though!

  12. love love love this . . . of all the outfits you picked the best. Who would have thought that chambray and yellow and snake skin would go together? I think there is also something about the way that this lady is walking and holds herself which stands out.

  13. Very nice picture, love the colours


  14. Really a wonderful post. Keep it up.

  15. Oh yes I would ! I’m in love with this beautiful, lovely yellow…

  16. All of those outfits are gorgeous! But yes, the yellow skirt does take the biscuit. Want one! x

  17. Anonymous says...

    The yellow skirt really livens the outfit. I’d totally wear something similar, but not if it would cost me over $700! I don’t think I’d ever buy a shirt that costs more than $50, not even if I made $100,000 a year.

  18. that yellow skirt is awesome! i would totally wear that. :) x

  19. Yes, I would totally wear this! Funny, before I even read what your written my eyes went straight to her outfit. I have a skirt in that same color–inspiration everywhere!

  20. Looks great on these girls, but give me my flip flops and T’s!

  21. Love all of their outfits! I’d totally wear it all!

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  23. love the outfits :)

  24. I would totally wear that! She looks awesome.

    I have to admit though…
    That isn’t what I noticed first.

    Look how colorful that picture is! SO MUCH COLOR! I love it so much! Bright beautiful world :D

    I Can Be Many Things

  25. Anonymous says...

    Yes, would definitely wear this outfit!

  26. I would have to take a deep breath to wear that…I would do it!!

  27. damn you joanna goddard for posting such cute outfits and making me buy them :) I actually got a Levis chambray shirt which looks fab along with the asos skirt.

  28. Alix h. says...

    Count Me in. Love it.

  29. Anonymous says...

    i just ordered a retro denim shirt from Gap. I love this look and especially the chambray shirt.

  30. There is just something fabulous about yellow clothes. Maybe because people don’t wear yellow much. Except for the sailor on the fish sticks box. What year was it that Renee Zellweger wore the yellow strapless Jean Desses gown to the Oscars? She stole the show that year! Thanks for the great post!

  31. would absolutely wear this! thanks for the inspiration, joanna! xx

  32. It’s Shala Monroque.

  33. Beautiful! Love all the colours. We are still in a freezing cold winter here in New Zealand!! Cannot wait until Summer! xx

  34. Melanie says...

    oohh, I am not alone. I saw this photo a few weeks ago and fell in love with the same outfit, so I bought the emmerson shirt, and found a similar skirt from an Australian fashion lable (Cue) who just released a delicious mustard coloured skirt, of course for me this will be a Spring/Summer look with Sydney hopefully about to warm up a bit. So glad others feel the same =).
    I love this photo for the colours, and would love to look like one of these gorgeous women. Always love your posts Jo, especially about your yummy son and being a mum. Making being a mum very cool.

  35. LOVE THAT OUTFIT!!! Thanks Jo!

  36. Miss Becca says...

    Yes! I woudl wear that! Lovely!

  37. Love that ensemble! Such a fan of the chambray shirt.

  38. I want so badly to be able to wear skirts like that, however I also want so badly not to look like I am ALL hips, so I can’t. :(( GOOD JOB finding all the pieces though!!


  39. How gorgeous! I love all the colours. The ensemble with the chambray shirt and yellow skirt is stunning

  40. that’s so interesting because when i saw the photo that’s the outfit my eyes glued to and i examined every piece she was wearing too.

    thanks for the break down :)

  41. Yes! love the contrast of the feminine and the masculine. Emersonmade also has an adorable yellow skirt you may have noticed (I like the red one, too)…

  42. very pretty! the snakeskin shoes are killer- i’m a sucker for a sexy heeled shoe.

  43. I think I have all the ingredients to recreate this look – thank you for providing the inspiration!!

  44. Chambray shirts are one of those items that to me, never go out of style. It just gets reinvented! (The height of those heels are making me dizzy!)

  45. I love the snakeskin shoes too! The perfect way to add some print/interest!


  46. Beautiful picture!! I like colours! :))

  47. i love my jcrew chambray shirt and have been looking for ideas on what to pair it with, this is perfect!!!
    Good eye :)

  48. L says...

    Love all the colorful outfits. Definitely agree the chambray shirt, and yellow skirt is a great transition for fall.

  49. Yea, that is pretty fabulous. I LOVEEEE the skirt from EmersonMade!

  50. These ladies look great! I want to know everything about them – where they’re going, who they are, can I be their friend? Haha.

  51. holy moly. I’ shoot. there goes the little bit of chump change I had stashed back. lovin the skirt.

  52. If you are looking for an inexpensive chambray shirt I found one at Target for $23. It’s distressed, somewhat fitted and an overall great deal if you don’t have a lot of money to spend.

    I’m glad to see it’s coming back-love Jo that you called it the new stripes! Although, I’m not ready to hang up my stripes yet!

  53. Aw how lovely:) Thanks for the research, this is amazing!

  54. Great Image!

  55. I couldn’t agree with you more. I love chambray with EVERYTHING! And the mustard color of that skirt is my go-to color for fall. I love the one you found on ASOS.

  56. Love it! Also, I love the idea of transitioning into fall. I’m going to look in my closet tonight and figure out some summer to fall transitions of my own. I always feel like I get anxious about fall too early so this will help me hold out.


  57. I do wish more stylists would dream up alternatives for transition wear. This is stunning

  58. Denim always has me thinking of fall! I love denim paired with yellow- how pretty. Counting down the days until fall is here!

  59. Love all of these outfits. You are so right though, that outfit on the right is perfect for the transition into fall! I just love the color of the skirt.

  60. LOVE IT! I WISH I COULD GET A WHOLE NEW WARDROBE FOR THE NEXT SEASON :):) Joanna, im going to PARIS next summer for the first time and im more than excited!! i was wondering if you, as an expert in the area, could help me with some tips of to go places, i would really appreciate it !

    thank you!!

    – Marisol

  61. Great post thanks for sharing. Check out today’s recipes

  62. kealey says...

    The yellow skirt/chambray shirt combo is being worn by stylist Shala Monroque!

  63. Love the contrast and mustard is my favorite color for fall!! I must try out this outfit :)

  64. i’m wearing that asos yellow skirt today! i’ve had it for about a month and it’s turned into my favorite piece of clothing – as a plus, it’s insanely flattering and really soft / comfortable.

  65. It’s Shala Monroque, editor-at-large of Pop Magazine and my #1 girl crush.

  66. Love the combo, can’t wait to try it out! I recently got a yellow skirt similar to that from Forever 21 for $14.00 just in case anyone wants to check it out.

  67. Anonymous says...

    Does anyone know the actual name of the back nag she is carrying? It is pefect!

  68. very inspiring photo. i’ve been wearing my yellow EmersonMade skirt with a chambray shirt this summer … now i just need those heels!

  69. What a lovely and colorful photo!

  70. The colors are great for the transition in seasons. I especially love the yellow!

  71. it’s shala monroque! i just found this pic the other day too! she’s got great style!

  72. love it!! i bet emersonmade’s goldie skirt would work just perfectly too! no such thing as too much EM, right? :)

  73. I’m in love with yellow items (bags, shirts, skirts)

  74. Ooo it looks also like mustard is going to be THE color for fall. How on earth do they manage to walk in those heels though?? I’d be flat on my face in under 5 seconds.


  75. Love that!

    I have been posting some of my summer to Fall transition ideas over on my blog. Might have to make an addition! Good work sleuthing!


  76. Love it. I have got to get a Chambray shirt. At first it felt a little trendy and 1990-ish. But, the softened version I am thinking is a go for fall!

  77. yes, they are like the new striped shirt :)

  78. Totally beautiful! I’ve been eyeing up Chambray shirts for months.