1. What colourful flowers,really very beautiful,thanks for mentioning such a colourful images.

  2. love that blue dress.

  3. I found Amy Merrick whilst researching anything about ‘Kinfolk Magazine in my pinterest page. oh my gosh her webiste is just so amazing and my heart fluttered with joy from its prettiness! i love the story behind her branding too. she’s so clever.

  4. life should be filled with flowers, always! there is an awesome saying, ‘when you have only two pennies, buy a loaf of bread with one and lily with the other’.

    (and i am firmly of the view that the council appreciates a little free pruning of flowers in parks every now and then :) ) x

  5. Anonymous says...

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  6. kathryn, great idea!! a budget list :) would love to do that!

  7. So amazing! I would love to have these on my coffee table (or anywhere at all really!!)

  8. love how natural they are. no big arrangements, pure simplicity. just adding them along. love the anemones in it

  9. Dear Jo,
    I am a huge fan of pretty much every product you post on here but, unfortunately, I am a poor college student. If you ever had the time, could you compile a collection of amazing items at affordable prices? I would love to see what things you discover.
    It would be awesome.

  10. I love all of these, but particularly agree about the beautiful autumnal colors in the 3rd picture!

  11. Mmmm… loving that autumnal arrangement, it gets me excited for cooler weather and warmer colors :) Lovely photos!

  12. Those are so beautiful! Makes me want to start a garden…too bad I don’t have a green thumb! :(

  13. They are amazing. Did you get a chance to see her new website? It is amazing – I have been thinking about it all weekend.


  14. Beautful and especially as they are orange and purple, my favourites! Love how she’s styled them with the floral dress in the background too..

  15. I love flowers when they are not overly arranged.

  16. those are stunning boquets!

  17. tc says...

    these couldn’t be lovelier. xx

  18. I know right! I definatly have a florist crush on her! Just last week I was getting lost on her new site!

  19. These are beautiful – I love the colours in that first bouquet. I always try to have fresh flowers in the house, even if they’re just a bunch from the supermarket. I find that if you split them up, and play around, they look just as lovely and it makes such a difference to have flowers around the house

  20. Anonymous says...

    These are beautiful! I love flowers that look unstructured (even though they may be painstakingly arranged). If I were rich, I would have gorgeous fresh flowers throughout my house.

  21. L-O-V-E her work. She’s positively mahvelous. xo Lola

  22. I love these! I would love to have one as my wedding bouquet one day.

  23. Anonymous, that is precious. I absolutely love fresh flowers but I can’t possibly justify spending as much money as it would cost for the number of arrancements I want, maybe its something to do with my student budget. My apartment is full of silk arrangements but when my future husband is asking for gift ideas an open account at the florist is definitely going to be the top of my list.

  24. I love fresh flowers, unfortunatley my husband thinks buying them is a waste of money…but sometimes I buy them for myself..just because. These are gorgeous, and I love that they do not feel too contrived, looks like they were just gathered from the garden…beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday!

  25. Anonymous says...

    The nicest Valentines gift my husband ever gave me was an open-ended account at a florist. I could order flowers anytime I wanted. Fresh flowers make everything better!

  26. Having fresh flowers just makes the house brighter. My grandmother always had fresh flowers in her living room, and I am continuing that tradition. The fall colors in these pictures are lovely!

  27. I adore fresh flowers as well and Amy is brilliant! Btw: Are those little green apples in the first photograph? So cool! Kisses, Joanna:)

  28. I love the colors in the second photo. I’m off to check out her page.

  29. i’ve been reading amy’s blog for a while now and it’s always so thoughtful and inspiring. her photos are really atmospheric and i’m so happy she’s getting so much attention!

  30. They are lovely…as soon as it gets cooler (shriek), I’m going to a pick-your-own flower farm in the DC-area…can’t wait.