Found! The Perfect Wedding Nail Polish

I finally found the perfect pink. You know how pink polishes can end up looking grey, which makes your nails look dull? Instead, I wanted something bright, clean and pretty–finally, when my friend Elizabeth came to visit this month, she told me about Fiji, and it’s beautiful. Honestly, this sounds ridiculous, but every time I look down at my toes, I feel a little thrill.

Now I wear it everyday, and if I were getting married all over again, I would wear this in a heartbeat! I’d highly recommend it, ladies. :)

  1. Nice color! I bet this is really perfect for your wedding. You’ll be the most elegant bride :)

  2. I love being out of doors. The last picture is especially moving. Touched my heart. Just catching up on your blog posts.

  3. As a Canadian reader of this blog I was extremely disappointed when I learned Essie was an American company. However, my other fellow Canadian followers fret no more!

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  5. Hi Joan! I am loving that nail polish. I have tested it and yes! it is really awesome!! Perfect for my coming wedding!

  6. nice!!

  7. Thanks for the tip! Can’t wait to get this colour!

  8. I totally agree with you!! Fiji was my first nail polish color I own from Essie! & i love it!

  9. Anonymous says...

    I wore Fiji for my wedding this Spring!
    I still use it constantly and have almost finished my bottle already.

  10. Hey cup of Jo readers. As a Canadian reader of this blog I was extremely disappointed when I learned Essie was an American company. However, my other fellow Canadian followers fret no more! Essie is available (yes in this beautiful Fiji color!) in Canada at your local Shoppers Drug Mart! Thanks Joanna for letting us all in on this beautiful pink secret!

  11. if you like fiji try “mod about you” by OPI best color ever and makes you look tan!

  12. i’m in love with OPI’s Digeridoo Your Nails. It’s brighter than this but every time i see it on my toes it’s so cute!

  13. As soon as I saw the picture I knew you were talking about Fiji – I just bought it on Sunday and LOVE it. Makes me happy every time I look at my hands (which is a lot since I type all day long)

  14. Fiji is my favorite pink as well :) It’s currently on my toes.

  15. I wore Fiji on my wedding day!! I absolutely loved it :)


  16. I actually have this polish on right now! Its coverage isn’t great, but it is very very pretty!

  17. fiji is the only essie polish i own and i looove it. it’s a perfect pink


  18. I love it! I see so many women wearing ballerina pinks all the time but am always drawn towards the loudest, brightest pinks and corals when I go in for a manicure. I’ll try this, maybe it’s just what I am looking for in a pink. I wore hot pink nails for my wedding:)

  19. Monica says...

    I am getting married in Fiji in November and bought this cause what could be more perfect! Its lovely. I have an olive tint to my skin and I did notice it does make it look a little dark :/ hah

  20. I literally burst out laughing at this Joanna. Not kidding, Fiji IS my signature color. I’ve gone through at least 5 bottles… no joke. I switched it up for the wedding and wore that light blue on my fingers, but my toes have been nothing but Fiji for years.

  21. I, too, have been searching for the perfect pink polish, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw this. Never one to waste time, I purchased this immediately after work! The verdict: Love it. Thank you!

  22. Fiji is my longtime favorite Essie color!! Great choice.

  23. I love a nice, bright pink, too! I forget the name of it, but I found one from Essie that is the equivalent of this one but lavender. Nice, poppy and bright, but still pink enough to pass for a “normal” color (I always feel like non-traditional nail colors make me look too teenaged). Also, it seems like the last several makeup products I’ve bought in the past couple of months have had the word “Fiji” in the name!

  24. I love that color!

  25. Agreed. Been rockin’ this color for months. I love it because the pink lasts, it’s opaque, and when it starts to chip it’s less noticeable than most! Looks amazing against a tan…and makes you look tan when you don’t have one!

  26. this sounds crazy but i had fiji on when i went into labor with my little girl in december 2008. i wanted to feel fresh and pretty even though it was the dead of winter (ok, i was in los angeles, so that’s kind of a lie!) anyway, yes, it’s amazing!

  27. This makes me want to go out right now and buy it! I, too, have been looking for the perfect shade of pink, and I love Essie polish!

  28. This is absolutely my go-to color – it’s just so happy!

  29. Fiji is my absolute favorite nail polish. Ever.

  30. I put this on my toes for the first time when I was in high school (I’d just gotten back to the US from Fiji… couldn’t resist!) and have loved it since!

  31. Polished toes and fingers are one of life’s simple little pleasures and Essie always makes great colors in the pink range! So pretty :)

  32. I just got married and wore Essie’s French Affair, it’s a little more pink than Fiji, and i LOVED it. :)

  33. i have this nail polish it is perfect!

  34. I just bought that color about a month ago and love it! I added a little glitter on top in an ombre style fade and it was so pretty. Also thinking about wearing it for my wedding next summer!

  35. such a cute color. and when it chips it’s so light others won’t notice :)

  36. Anonymous says...

    I just bought this exact color last week for my best friends wedding and got SO many compliments!!!

  37. Love this color! I’ve been drawn to more pastels lately. But I think I’ll go bolder for the upcoming wedding day–probably blue for nails, purple for toes. I love bright/bold polish colors!

  38. Anonymous says...


  39. Girl–I am wearing it right now–And ironically enough, bought it for one of my best friend’s wedding! It really is perfect!

  40. I definitely saw this color/brand at K-Mart the other day! Was going to buy it…except my 50some bottles of nail polish need attention…and less additions to the color family.

  41. Sarah says...

    Love the fiji color! It was the first Essie nail polish I bought (and still have). So delicate and feminine.

  42. Cool! I wonder if i can Find it in the uk shops?

  43. I DID wear this shade for my wedding last December! It’s beautiful, subtle but noticeable enough

  44. I’m already married so won’t be needing a wedding nail polish, but this color looks great for everyday use. I’m not big on bright colors…

  45. Wearing it now! I’ve had Fiji for a few months and can’t stop using it (might need to get a new bottle soon).

    Note to all… MUST use 2 coats (plus base coat and top coat, of course).

    The first coat will look lumpy and unfinished, but the second coat makes it all better.

  46. I don’t remember what color I used (most likely either Essie or OPI), although the photo on my desk tells me that it was a neutral. However, I do know that I went with blue polish for my pedicure, for my “something blue.”

  47. i adore essie, the colors they havie coming out for fall are so cute!!! i love the deep rust orange shade. clambake is my new favorite red, it’s so bright it almost glows! they know what they’re doing

  48. I love Essie’s Eternal Optimist. It’s ladylike, and it does have that hint of gray, but I love it.

  49. I wore this for my wedding too and loved it! So pretty and classic… though a few weeks later I switched back to Essie’s “Turquoise and Caicos” :)

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  51. Tara says...

    Fiji was always a bit too white on my hands (I’m fair with pink undertones, so I think compared to my skin…). My fave Essie color is Limoscene–wore it on my wedding day five years ago and love it still! Glad Fiji works for you, though…the best when you find that special “one.” :)

  52. Ohh, I might have to use this for my upcoming wedding!

  53. I’m getting married in 32 days and I just might have to use this! I have “Muchi, Muchi” by Essie and it is a similar very lovely pink. Really, I just love ALL Essie shades. What makes them oh so nice?!

  54. that’s the color I’m wearing on my nails right now! It’s so pretty :)

  55. Beautiful color! Wedding nails everyday! Did you feel that earthquake?!!

  56. I agree with Sam…Mademoiselle is my favorite ‘go to’ by Essie but Fiji is a pretty pink! I just discovered a great coppery color by OPI – ugh something with Jacque in the title! They have such fun names…sorry I can’t think of it.

  57. Ballet Slipper is great!

  58. I had to smile when i read this post- mt sister and I picked up Fiji about a year ago and I’ve been wearign it ever since- its the only nail polish my husband has actually complimented and remarked on how good it looks on me :)


  59. That color was actually originally in their “Bridal” line! haha!
    I suggest this color to every bride I know :)

  60. I love this color – and essie in general ! they have the best polish!

  61.’s a really lovely shade of pink. Totally going to try it. Thanks, Joanna:)

  62. This is the color I wore for my wedding in April 2010! The best part is that one of my friends noticed and said “Are you wearing Fiji?” I had to think about it, but she was right! I think I had them do a light layer of something a little bit pinker overtop though because it was a little bit too white for me. Obviously it still looked like Fiji, though!

  63. Right now I am loving the coraly pink color “Meet me at coral Island” by Catrice or “Am I Blue or Green?” – bright colors for summer are the best.
    For fall I will be back to “Cotton candy at Eiffel Tower” or “From Dusk till Dawn”

  64. Fiji is too chalky for my skin tone, but it looks great on others. My personal favorite light pink polish is Essie’s Sugar Daddy.

  65. I totally agree with you. I went back and forth for a long time on whether my wedding nail color should match on my weddings colors. Then I decided that something from the Essie wedding collection was better for me. I’m going with Ballet Slippers.

  66. did you feel the earthquake in NYC??

  67. love love deborah lippmann’s “i know what boys like.” most periwinkle colors make your hands look sort of corpse like. this one doesn’t :)

  68. Fiji is one of my favorite Essie colors. Almost white, but just enough pink to show through… Great color! It’s definitely on the consideration set for our wedding next spring.

  69. That is pretty! I also like Madamemoiselle by Essie but right now I’m wearing a nice candy apple red color on both my hands and feet :)


  70. I’ve been wearing Fiji for months now…LOVE it!

  71. rachel, that’s awesome!! i was slow on the uptake, ha :) and sarah + sara, YAY! i hope you guys love it!!

  72. Must go find! I am looking for a color for my wedding in a couple weeks! The name is great, the first big trip we took together! Yea!

  73. Sounds perfect!

  74. OPI Kyoto Pearl. also wonderful for a wedding!

  75. How perfect is this post for me right now? I’m getting married in ten days and totally want a pink polish to pull everything together. Going to find this one after work today. Thank you!

  76. When you wrote your ‘Summer Nail Polish’ post I checked to see if the pink you were talking about was Fiji! I’ve been using it since April and absolutely love it!

  77. Awesome! I really love essie allure! It’s the one Kate wore at the royal wedding!

    Highly recommended!

  78. I love Essie they always have the best colors.

  79. just painted my ten digits with Peach Daiquiri by’s fun, bright and cheery…trying to hang-on to this Portland summer, as long as I can!

  80. hands: 1 coat mademoiselle by essie
    feet: clam bake by essie.

  81. tia, that’s awesome. i love the mauvey-purples that are out right now, so dramatic and beautiful.

  82. I tried Fiji earlier this summer and really didn’t like it. The color is so pretty but it goes on like pink white out–very chalky and lumpy!

    But I do love Essie generally, this polish just wasn’t my favorite.

  83. I was just looking at this color yesterday and thinking how great it would be for a wedding or even a fun sunday brunch, small world!

  84. So pretty! I think I’ll pick up a bottle.

    I currently have lavender toes with glittered tips–a sort of glittered french pedicure.

  85. Tia says...

    I actually went dark for my wedding nail color! I did OPI Linkin Park After dark. My hubby loves dark nails so that is what I did and it looked great!

    Right now I am obsessed with the shellac manicures that last for weeks! Tutti Frutti is my fun summer color. :)