Summer Uniform: Hamptons Beauty

I always joke that my friend Susan Cernek is the nicest person in fashion. She has a mouthful of a title at Glamour, but she always looks drop-dead gorgeous and friendly, with a megawatt smile and easy laugh. So, I asked her to share her summer uniform with us (in hopes that we could copy ruthlessly:).

Here’s Susan’s take:

Here, my husband Rob and I are on grill duty at our dear friend’s house in Southampton. I’ve worn these tortoise Ray-Ban Wayfarers since ’06. I’ve tried on a zillion other pairs since then, but these are the only sunglasses that suit my face/don’t make me look like a crazy person.

I got the shirtdress at Zara last year for our honeymoon, and it’s now my summer go-to. The special twist is that it looks like a man’s dress shirt since it scoops up a bit on the sides–making it a bit risque to wear to work but flirty and sexy for weekends. A word of caution: Never use the fabric belt that shirt dresses come with. Fabric belts can look floppy–not exactly a description you want anywhere near your midsection. You need structure to flatter your waist, so go with a thin leather belt.

For beauty, I stay light. I love Diptyque bath oil; I dab it on after the shower for a light scent, instead of a heavy perfume. And my go-to lip “marker”–Revlon’s Just Bitten in Flame–gives you a cheery, pretty hint of color, like you just ate a popsicle from the Mister Softee truck.

Here’s how to get the look:
Wayfarer sunglasses: Ray-Ban, $194.
Shirtdress: Similar styles here.
Belt: 7 Hills, $36.
Thong sandals: L.L. Bean Signature, $69.
Lipstain: Revlon, $8.99.
Messy French bun.

P.S. Another lovely summer uniform.

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  2. Anonymous says...

    The link to the sunglasses comes up as error! Would love to see the glasses!

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  4. Brilliant Dress. The color, the shape, the style, everything seems perfect. Thanks for sharing this one, it really entertains me.

  5. Adorable Dress indeed. Nice one, it really suits you. And I am glad I have come up with this wonderful blog of yours.

  6. Simply Elegant.
    Nice Fashion statement styles and designs. Those were amazingly created.

    I do appreciate your blog post. Unique and Entertaining post. Keep it up!

  7. This cannot work in reality, that is exactly what I believe.

  8. Nice Fashion Styles.
    Those dresses are well – designed.

    I adore your post. Thumbs up for that.

  9. It can’t work in reality, that’s exactly what I think.

  10. Thanks for the tip! I always wondered why I could never pull off the belts with a shirt dress, but I always was using the fabric ones.

  11. I love those Rayban’s…bought a pair myself in Las Vegas this summer and felt right back in the late 80’s! Fabulous it!

  12. What a pretty lady she is!!! Love that dress….I’m adding it to my summer wardrobe ASAP. :)

  13. classic and elegant but slightly relaxed in a special way.
    perfect summer look!

  14. Any chance of finding out where Rob’s shirt comes from? My husband would love it.

  15. Anonymous says...

    Revlon lip stain looks amazing.

  16. Anonymous says...

    Really casual chic look. Great style.

  17. I love shirtdresses. I thought this was a photo you and Alex at first! Don’t you think you guys look similar at a glance?

  18. that outfit looks AMAZING!! I just watched Midnight In Paris and Rachel McAdams wore belted shirt dresses throughout the entire movie, and I couldn’t stop admiring them.

  19. indeed she has a great taste of fashion :)

    lol Caroline, that’s Joanna’s friend :)

  20. I like your dress. You look gorgeous!

  21. Anonymous says...

    That belt tip is a good one! This woman is gorgeous, btw.

  22. Anonymous says...

    I love this dress and the “summer uniform”! Your friend is so pretty and has great taste!

  23. so perfectly summer chic & i LOVE that bit about the belt. clothe belts are terrible!!!

  24. I just put a dress like this aside at the boutique I work at. I love it and plan to use it more for a fall uniform because it is too hot here for long sleeves!

  25. I totally thought this was you and Alex, too. Isn’t it weird how sometimes our friends look *just* like us? Haha! Cute post.

  26. such a cute photo of you and your hubby :)
    i’m so into the little dresses this last month. i find them a little unruly and either need to get cute underpants or a slip so i stop being so ‘wild’ in them.

    ps i just read the other post and realized it’s not you and alex, i guess you now have stunt doubles ;)

  27. Super cute and comfy!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  28. Love the look, casual, yet sexy! :-) X Mandy

  29. That dress is adorable and affordable! ;) Adding it to my wishlist!

  30. Love the advice! (Especially the “don’t use a fabric belt” suggestion–it makes so much sense.) I might have to replicate this outfit. In fact, my coworker just saw me checking it out and supports my decision. Done!

  31. That’s excellent advice on the shirtdress/belt combo. Love her look! :)

  32. susan always hits the nail on the head. this outfit is just right. so effortless and chic. perfect for summer :)

  33. This is THE perfect summer outfit!

  34. wowwwww it’s remarkable how much the two of them look like you and alex in that picture. I didn’t think for a second that it wasn’t you two, and thought it was a bit funny that there was a picture of you and Alex for a post about Susan’s summer style, and then I realized that it wasn’t you and was in total disbelief! crazy.

  35. And ps: I totally thought that was you and Alex in the pic!!

  36. Oh boy. I need that shirtdress, especially since I’m off to Rome next week and it would be PERFECT for there! Shit. It might be too late to get it in my house…what to do???!

  37. haha, how funny! we don’t look as similar in person–but this photo does actually seem like it, that’s so funny!! :)

  38. Wonderful! I love hearing from fashion execs that feel like real people. I ripped my favorite shirdress last year and have been on the hunt for one ever since. That LL bean one is cute but a little too long. not quite as fun as what she’s wearing.

  39. Very nice blog, unbelievable how many followers you have.


  40. yay shirt dress – I love this look for the summer. Casual chic, perfect for grilling in : )

  41. I love these summer uniform posts! Joanna, you have some well dressed friends!

  42. I have a dress just like that! She’s totally right about not using the belt that comes with the dress… leather looks so much better :)

  43. Such classic style! I love it… she looks so effortless and chic.

    I am always searching for that perfect summer uniform!

  44. i love this summer uniform feature – hope you do more!

  45. Honestly, I adore all of the ladies at Glamour! I don’t even know any of you, haha, but I’ve been following the blogs for about three years.. so it seems like it!:) You, Susan and Tracey (and Petra and Beth.. ok, just hire me, haha) just seem like the nicest bunch!

    xx, Melanie @ LightsSoBright

  46. I have to say this post confused me a little since the pic looks so much like you and Alex.

  47. These people look like you and your husband’s body doubles!

  48. She looks effortlessly gorgeous! Love her summer uniform!

  49. Susan is absolutely right about those fabric belts. I have seen many peeps this summer wearing them w/otherwise lovely summer dresses. I want to tell them but my friends & family won’t allow it. Spread the word!

  50. I love how her sunglasses are the most expensive thing! ; )

    I did a little sandal post today, and those from LLBEAN are really cute! Sandals are oh so important…

  51. M. says...

    great outfit, so simple yet elegant!

  52. Oh so cute… I really enjoyed reading this and the fashion tips are great..

  53. Susan and Rob…look like you and Alex!

  54. Haha, Lynne, I was just about to say “Do Rob and Alex sit around and compare beards?”

  55. I love this outfit! It reminds me of something that Rachel McAdams’s character wears in Midnight in Paris. And that’s a great tip about the belt, too.

  56. Joanna, when I first looked at this photo, I thought it was you and Alex. No wonder you are friends :) Have a lovely weekend.

  57. loved that beauty tip ,i don’t like when you can smell people’s perfumes before they even enter the room , I think i’ll try this oil out :)

  58. What a fantastic summer outfit. The dress is so lovely, I’ve been looking for the perfect shirtdress, I’ll have to look into that one.

  59. G. says...

    :-) ok

  60. G. says...

    I meant the link that is in the text by the way…

  61. G. says...

    oops, your link to the dress goes to a pair of shoes…. But I would love to get the same, it looks so great without too much effort, and not tomboyish at all allthough it looks indeed like a loooong men’s shirt. Thanks for the tips.