1. Looking for a fun and funky baby book? Suggestions? Really for the first year or so

  2. My parents kept a simple journal of all the funny things we said and did as kids. As we got older my dad would read a story or two from it at bedtime. Last year for my 29th birthday my dad brought it out at dinner with friends and family. It is truly one of the most priceless things we have as a family.

  3. Found this on amazon and purchased imediately (thanks to you!). It shall be my lifesaver as my little guy (2 years old) is talking up a storm. Last night he said, “Mommy, my best friend.” It will be the first thing I get to write in this darling journal. Just wanted to say thanks! :) Enjoy your blog mucho, mucho!

  4. Cute! Parents are always saying what their cute kids said, now they can write it down!

  5. Keshia says...

    I just ordered one!! Yes you can also right it down in a notebook but this is just way more fun right! thanks for the great idea

  6. My sister bought me this book and I adore it! I keep it nearby in my desk so I can write the quote right after it happens.I want to remember all the funny words my daughter says like calipater (caterpillar), nedermade (lemonade) and nudder day (another day).

  7. mary says...

    thank you! just bought it:)

  8. i wrote things my youngest said in my journal. the older children’s funny sayings i wrote in their baby books. i still like to look back and review. i get very nostalgic. this book is an awesome idea!!!

  9. My Mom kept a notebook with quotes from when my brother and I were smaller. I love looking back on what I said! I’m sure Toby will too, someday :)

  10. Love it! And really good black mail for future use

  11. This IS a great idea! Such a great present for a new mommy! Love it!

  12. what a great present for an expecting mom…love it!

  13. I love this. I feel like as my daughter gets to 22 months we’d be filling out a page a day soon. A friend of mine put together a beautiful book called Purple Leaves Red Cherries (http://purpleleavesredcherries.com). It’s candid vignettes of moms experiences that really get to the heart of things. It also has space to jot down her thoughts and reflect on the experience of mommyhood. It’s my go to new mom gift now.

  14. I just ordered this for my friend – her 5 year old daughter is always coming up with the most hilarious-yet-brilliant comments, like this gem from this morning:

    “Mom, is Alvin a chipmunk?”
    “Yes he is.”
    “Then why don’t they call it ‘Alvin and the OTHER chipmunks?”

    Future rocket scientist, I swear :)

  15. Never heard of it before now but I love it! I’m the type who loves to document EVERYTHING.

  16. RubyJupe says...

    Just ordered one! First entry, “Mommy, your eyes are cracked!” as she looked into my bloodshot eyes.

  17. I have this in my Amazon wish list! I also love the Birthday Book, so I’m debating between My Quotable Kid and Words to Remember: A Journal for Your Child’s Sweet and Amusing Sayings (since it’s the same author as the Birthday Book).

  18. This is great, thanks for sharing! Not only am I going to order for myself, but it’s a perfect birthday or baby shower gift! I have 4 friends who will be receiving one soon :) THANKS!!

  19. Anonymous says...

    PS (from same anonymous) I didn’t start this until my son was really talking (saying words) but I wish I’d started just when he was communicating by babbling, smiling, pointing, and crying. There are so many sweet moments I thought I’d remember forever but can’t now. Later, you will really treasure even these little steps.

  20. Anonymous says...

    I have this for my little boy, and it is one of my prized possessions. Everytime I read it, it makes me happy.

    Since it can be hard to stop what you’re doing to write in a journal, I email myself the quotes (with the same header so I can search for them later) and then enter them when I have a quiet moment.

    I keep wondering what my son will think of these when he’s older — and wonder if we’ll see little clues to his adult personality way back when.

  21. This is a great find. Definitely buying one for my kid!

  22. We were just at my in-laws and I looked through my husband and sister-in-law’s baby books. They had a couple of pages for writing down funny sayings and they weer SO much fun to read!

    One favorite from my SIL’s was “Trevor and I aren’t into salad yet.” (Trevor, my husband, still isn’t.)

    My husband apparently became an atheist even earlier than he knew – he yelled in church when he was 3, “I hate church!”

  23. Oh this is a beautiful idea. I just had to think of my best friend’s daughter asking

    ‘nikkie, say mooooorf, please?’
    ‘why did you just say moooorf?’


    ‘mommy,tildren are humans, too, right?
    ‘yes, dear, small humans.’
    ‘my I use terfume when I am big human?’

    I bet she’ll love to read those when she’s old enough. Her mom certainly will love it!!

  24. Definitely picking this one up for the (near) future:-) Being a nanny has taught me to appreciate the unexpected gems that come out of those little munchkin’s mouths! xoxo

  25. pat says...

    My little neighbor girl (3 yrs.) was over the other day and I told her she’s getting to be a very big girl. She promptly replied (with her arms way up in the air to show how tall she’s getting) that she’s getting way big and will have big boobies like her mom. Then she pulled up her shirt to show me she had boobies. Made me laugh. Such sweet innocence. You don’t want to forget these moments.

    Great idea to have this book.

  26. Anonymous says...

    This is so cute! It will be great to write little stories of funny things your baby or child does, too. Kids can be hilarious!

  27. This is amazing! My little guy says the most ridiculous things sometimes.There have been many times that I wonder how he came up with the things he says. Just wait until Toby starts talking!

  28. haha, acp, we’re going to be ready, pencils poised :)

  29. I do the same thing as Amber’s mom – I have a hardbound journal for each kid, and try to write entries once or twice a week of what they said/did/learned. It is also helpful for me to “teach” them little things that might be helpful if they ever read the journals as teens or adults. No one is allowed to read them but me and my kids (someday).

  30. such a cute idea. I don’t have any kids yet, but I teach preschool/kindergarten and everyday one of my students says something and I think, “I’ve got to write that down!” This is such an adorable way to collect them.


  31. I babysit for our neighbors that live under our apartment. As the Daddy was leaving, he kissed his son, who is 2 1/2. Then the son said, “Daddy, now kiss Jessica bye!” And both Daddy and I said, “Uhhhh, we’ll just wave at each other!”

  32. I bought this when my daughter was just a couple months old and now she is just over 2- cant wait to start using it!

  33. maggie says...

    I LOVE THIS! this woudl be such a great keepsake.

  34. I love when Jenna from Sweet Fine Day writes down what her kids say on her blog – it’s usually adorable and hilarious. I’m sure you will share little Toby’s funny observations and linguistic moments when the time comes!

  35. i love it! would be a fun gift to give for a baby shower, or maybe just because. totally want one of these when i have kids.

  36. My mother kept a small composition notebook (this was in 1985, mind you) and wrote down all the crazy things I would say and it is literally one of the things I’d save in a fire. It’s like this fascinating window into how humor and personality develop, or even just the absolutely crazy lies kids will make up. I definitely plan on doing the same for my future babies.

  37. My mom gave me that book for Christmas, and I love it! Every time my daughter said something hilarious I would think “I’ve got to write that down!!” and sometimes I would, but often I would forget. It’s great to have a designated place to write it down and I love having something that looks nice too. I keep it in the kitchen, so it’s super handy.

  38. We have this book and I adore it! I’ve had it for almost a year and my daughter is two and a half. It has been wonderful to jot down her conversational progress! And if I don’t have the book with me, I just email the quote to myself to write later. Perfect!

  39. Katie @ salt+pine says...

    I have a quote jar–super easy! Whenever my kids say something I want to remember, I can just use whatever paper I have (because the good quotes are usually when we are out and about), fold it up and then put it in a funky jar (that I love) when I have a chance. Anytime we have a hard day, I take it out and pretty soon everyone is laughing so uncontrollably, we forget that it was rough just a few minutes before…

  40. Such a cute idea….I used to write my 3’s sayings down but without a book the scraps get lost…xv

  41. Love this and wish I’d had one for each of my girls…they have said some of the funniest things ever. So glad you have one as your little guy will soon start to gab away…make sure you use it…it is too easy to forget it all. Cheers!

  42. yes, mrs c, would be the sweetest baby shower gift! and variousprojects, can’t wait to check it out!

  43. that is the best idea! i’m all about writing down good quotes. so fun to look back on.

  44. This is such a sweet idea!!! I have a couple of friends I need to get baby shower gifts for and this is so unique! Love it!

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  45. Such a cute idea, I would love one for the random things I hear from everyday people as well.

  46. Great for keeping memories in style!

  47. That it so lovely. I should get one for my nephews. At ages 3 & 5 they come out with the most amazing quotes! xx

  48. What a great idea!! I love it, I will definitely have to get 2 for my kiddos.

    I’m having a giveaway on my blog…head over to check it out


  49. How cute! As a non-parent, but a sibling, it’s nice to write down the amazingly astute (and also just plain funny) things you hear as the oldest kid, babysitting or just hanging out….


  50. Love this! I would use this for friends and family until I have a a little babe!


  51. Awww..what a fantastic idea and truly special gift for new parents. Totally getting one for my friend:) Thanks, Joanna. Happy Monday:)

  52. Haha, those are great, Carolynn. I know I would have loved to see what I used to say when I was a kid, so this sounds pretty cool.

  53. Now that’s something I would have used!!

  54. Fabulous idea! Kids say the funniest things! xxoo :)

  55. too cute!!!


  56. Hahaha Carolynn your comment made me laugh, as a regular babysitter I hear the funniest things, especially from the little guy learning to talk, he came home from holidays with a whole load of new words. I love hearing their vocabulary grow :)

  57. As a nanny I could use one these. I hear the most wonderfully hilarious and often inappropriate things on a daily basis and coming from two young boys no less.

    “Did you go to Your Ami?” From the 3 years old after I returned from Miami.

    “Carolynn, if someone hits you in the testicles, will your penis explode?” From the 7 year old who is learning about his anatomy.

    …and so much more.

  58. of course–but i know i would lose a notebook or it would just look messy. i love the idea that you’d have a beautiful keepsake book in a bookshelf forever :)

  59. Kristi says...

    You can also just write things in a notebook too!