1. I live here in Copenhagen. It’s certainly got it’s perks.These photos are dynamite! Great find!

  2. not yet – but one day! my dad’s family is from copenhagen + my aunt just returned from a three month holiday in denmark. beautiful photos!

  3. i lived in denmark last summer for school and absolutely loved it. just thinking about it makes me want to go back so bad!

  4. I lived there for 5 months. Winter months, that is so it was very cold, but still so beautiful. As were the people! I miss it and hope to return back one day. Some of my favorite things: the bikes, the fashion, the alcoholic cider!

  5. Allison says...

    my boyfriend is danish, he was born there, and speaks so fondly of it that i am endeared to it too! :) we will go back one of these days….

  6. These photos are great! I’ve only been to Denmark once but I’d love to go back one day!

  7. Really wonderful pictures! I have always been very intrigued by Denmark. I have been disturbed lately, though by the talk about the increase in eugenics and the push to have a Down syndrome-free Denmark. It just makes me sad, as a mom with a child with DS.

  8. my daughter is spending a semester in Copenhagen starting Aug 20th! can’t wait to visit her!

  9. I spent a few weeks in Denmark when I was 19–I was on holiday from school in England and headed to school in Sweden. I spent 1 week traveling around Denmark, and 2 weeks on a dairy farm with a Danish friend’s family. Got to milk the cows, clean the barn, etc. It was memorable!
    Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

  10. Looking forward to the Cornwall pics… hope you had a great time! My favourite beaches in the UK are in South Devon – so natural and beautiful :)

  11. Those pictures are awesome! I love vintage pictures!

  12. I live in Denmark and the culture is so inspiring :)

    Thx for a great blog, I´m a big fan :)

  13. Anonymous says...

    Just got back from Copenhagen… my husband, my little son Leonardo (16 months old) and I spent 10 wonderful days there… I felt in love with the city: it’s very ‘baby friendly’, full of life and with lots of things to do!!!

    Wonderful pictures…

  14. We had our honeymoon in Copenhagen! It was like visiting the future.

  15. El says...

    Love these! I’m an American from New York state but I studied abroad in Denmark last fall, met my boyfriend who is Danish, and now I am back for the summer again in Copenhagen with an internship :) Oh, how life surprises you!! Denmark will always be a special place in my heart.

  16. I’m half danish! My dad’s from Denmark, and every summer growing up we spent a few weeks in the beach house my grand parents had. Such nice summers! Waking up listening to the waves is just wonderful! Ah, love it!

  17. my grandma and grandpa moved themselves and their 6 children to denmark for a year back in the 60s…just because. hope to do something like that someday. i love denmark.

  18. yes, i have been to denmark! (i wish that i could show you some photos that i took there). i was teaching a study abroad in germany and decided to hop on the ferry for the weekend to stay in københaven, denmark. (this was a great decision, might i add).

    i highly suggest going (for longer, of course) and just going where the wind takes you. we had lots of sunshine and amazing markets to enjoy.

    great photos by the way :)

    all the best,

  19. Anonymous says...

    Denmark truly is a magical place; during the eight months I lived there last year I gave birth to my son, my first child, so the country will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.

    p.s. We gave our son the middle name “Hans” in honour of the famous Dane (Hans Christian Anderson) and so that he will always remember the country of his birth!

  20. bellebonne says...

    My husband’s mother is of Danish descent. Although this is ancient history now, the Danes were incredibly courageous under the German occupation during the Second World War. They saved almost their entire Jewish population and welcomed them back at the end of the war. A wonderful, wonderful country with wonderful people. Have visited in their glorious summer!

  21. Anonymous says...

    These make me smile!

  22. I went to Denmark two years ago, I loved it there, it was very clean and beautiful. What surprised me the most was the people, most of the people I met, no matter what age were able to speak very good English and they were so incredibly kind!

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  24. Such fun photos, Joanna!

    I live in Australia (where it’s chilly right now!) but my best friend is Danish and I’m heading to Denmark next (European) Summer for her wedding – so excited! I have wanted to go there my whole life…

    So happy that I get to experience it via a big, loud family wedding!

    There’ll be heaps of bike riding too which I’m super excited about…where I live (in Brisbane) it’s SUPER hilly and bike riding is full-on exercise, rather than a slow meandering affair, so I love getting to cruise around slowly on bikes when we go on holidays!

    Can’t wait to hear all about your trip to Cornwall :)


  25. Anonymous says...

    Those swimsuits are adorable – I love the one with the braided T-back; they’re probably made of wool, huh? And I love how they flatter those gorgeous gals, who are not model-skinny! Thanks for posting.

  26. I love vintage photographs, and of course can’t wait to see yours from the trip!

  27. These are so great! They sure give ME a happy escape! Love it.

  28. Anonymous says...

    Another Dane here;-)

    If anyone is in Aarhus, be sure to check out the Latin area of the city center. Lovely atmosphere. Also visit the museum called Aros. Just months ago a so-called ‘rainbow’ was built on top of the enormous building and people can walk inside it – great overview of the entire city!

    And if you are in Copenhagen, please do not waste your time on the main street called Strøget, if you want to experience the true Copenhagen. Visit the many wonderful parks, for instance Kongens Have and Frederiksberg Have, and the amazing Christianshavn. And for a great, great museum; Lousiana (just outside of Copenhagen).

    ….. I would love to live in NYC, though. Anyway, if any of you do visit DK, I hope you have a great time.

  29. I’m Danish, so it’s really fun to see these. I have some old photos of my grandparents that look just like these! Copenhagen is wonderful – so glad that those of you who have been also like the city and the entire country very much. However, as Becky mentioned – right now it’s just raining, raining, raining….:-(

  30. I was lucky enough to spend a summer semester studying in and traveling around Denmark. It was wonderful, and I can’t wait to go back! All of the people are so kind and speak English really well. Just make sure you don’t jay walk or walk until the light says it is OK, I was told that is a sure sign that you are not local :)

  31. I’m half Danish and have always wanted to go to Denmark! thanks for sharing these lovely photos!

  32. I am living in Sweden for a year and planning to cross the Oresund bridge to Copenhagen next month, so excited :) love the pics!!

  33. I love those bathing suits. I wish they made them like that now….

  34. I love those outfits on the top photo! They look so comfy and airy.

  35. i have never been. always wanted to! i love old vintage photos and i am always looking for swim suits like the ones they used to wear back then. so cute! xx

  36. Annemarie says...

    Cannot believe I have to read an american blog to see these great pictures. The pictures look so much like the pictures I have from when my grandparents were young. I am from Denmark and live in a nice house a few minutes drive from Cph center. However, I love NY so Joanna we could do a house swap any time if you wish ;-)

  37. We visited Denmark as a family a few years ago, my husband’s Great Grandfather was Danish. I loved Copenhagen, it had such a really relaxed feel about it and everyone is just so effortlessly stylish. Along with Fowey in Cornwall it is one of my most favourite places.

  38. I´m also Danish and live in Copenhagen in the laid back borough of Vesterbro. I love Copenhagen because of´s versitility and the fact that you can cross the town in half an hour.
    If any of you want tips on where to go, what to see, where to stay and where to shop just let me know! :)


  39. when i turn 40, a few girlfriends + i are planning to backpack through europe. denmark is on the list :)

  40. These are adorable! I’m traveling to Vienna, Prague and Berlin soon, so any foreign photos are great inspiration for my trip!

  41. Copenhagen is awesome. Almost as nice as Stockholm:)

  42. OOoh I love these!
    And I’m Danish so I like them a lot for a whole other reason!

  43. One of my good friends was just in Denmark! Her husband Danish, so they were visiting his family. From all accounts it’s a beautiful country; I definitely want to go someday.

    Also, I love these pictures! Definitely going to be looking through the library archives for more.

  44. my relatives from denmark are visiting right now!

  45. I love Denmark! My brother lived there for about a year and I came to visit him on numerous occasions. One of my friend is from/lives there and she recently came to visit me, but I would rather have visited her. I usually spend most of my time in Copenhagen but there are some very beautiful parts of the countryside. My favorite touristy things to do there are to go to Christiania and Tivoli. My brother is now about to marry a great lady from Iceland, and I think they’re both planning on applying to grad school in Denmark, since it’s free to Icelanders!!! I guess I have even more trips there in my future.

  46. um, that would be DiSneyland. The thought of all that happiness rendered me unable to type :)

  47. I spent a semester in Denmark last year! Everyone is always happy and so much more laid back than us here in the US. Once the sun came out after a long winter, it triggered an explosion of summer picnics, sidewalk bike parties, and of course, beer. These photos are lovely and still spot on, despite some being staged. (I wonder which ones?)

  48. such happy photos :) and i can’t wait to see your vaca ones!

  49. Wasn’t Denmark (sorry Dineyland!) voted the happiest place in which to live? I SO want to visit someday!

  50. so much fun this pohotos and grat idea!!
    love this post

  51. These just scream fun!! I’ve heard Denmark is voted one of the best places to live and “happiest”.

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  52. I am Swedish so I have been to Denmark many times. It’s a fantastic country. Beautiful and the people are warm, generous and fun. Copenhagen is just great and the beaches on Jylland are spectacular.

  53. Haha, yes, my friend Alexandra and I went on a Europe train trip earlier this year and stopped in Copenhagen. Everyone seemed so happy and healthy – it was incredible! Also, these photos are gorgeous… thanks!


  54. These photos are adorable! Definitely puts a smile on my face :)


  55. These pictures look so wonderful, I remember seeing them in Danish class once.
    Now, have I been to Denmark? I live here!
    For all you guys, who are planning to visit right now – don’t. We’ve never had this much rain during the summer! It’s been raining for three straight days. The best time to visit Denmark is from late April until the start of June. It’s the most beautiful weather, with flowers everywhere! :-) But don’t expect it to be warm. As we say in Denmark: We have two winters – a white and a green one!

  56. I’ve never been to Denmark, but I would like a new bike. Thanks for the reminder to continue my hunt :)

  57. I’m Danish and live in Copenhagen, and yes :P we do still ride our bikes everywhere ;) Thank you for sharing these great photos.

  58. maggie says...

    i have been wanting to go to denmark for ages, but i’m waiting til the exchange rate is better, my budget is small! :-)

  59. What evocative photos, thank you for sharing them

  60. i did a architecture/design study abroad program there. such a beautiful place!

  61. I just spent 5 months living in Denmark-these photos made me realize how much I miss it!! (women still wear dresses and heels while riding bikes and they do it with such poise…it’s incredible). thanks for the post! xo

  62. Sweet post, reminds me of my families photos from their youth.

  63. Lovely photos and they DO convey much much happiness. It is my dream to go to Denmark one day.

  64. i love those pics! especially the one of the couple kissing. so fun :)

  65. becca, that is awesome! i’m jealous! have a wonderful time!! xo

  66. Oh! These photos are similar to the photos that I have of my grandma when she was young. They have such an air of freedom, and gosh…weren’t that kind of nathing suits much cooler!

  67. I’m leaving for Denmark today! I’ve never been before, and preparing for the trip, although exciting, has been super stressful. These pictures put a smile on my face and reminded me of all the fun ahead (also, can I be a dork and totally do a modern recreation of one? I think so!)