Back from England

Back from England

Hi, my darlings! We got back from England last night, after a wonderful, dreamy, windy, sunshiny week visiting our relatives in Cornwall. I keep gazing at this photo, which my cousin took while we were on a boat to the beach. I wish I could beam myself right back there. :) How was your week?

Back from England

P.S. My own work/baby juggle post is coming up today. Thanks to the amazing mothers last week, and love to you all! xo

(Comic by Dagsson)

  1. This is definitely a photograph to treasure. What a beautiful family!

  2. Eeep! Adorable. So adorable.

  3. This photo of you and your family is so precious. I’m so enjoying catching up on your blog. It’s been too long!

  4. Best photo ever! Not just the sweet people in it, but the whole mood, and even the composition! You must blow it up and frame it in something gorgeous.

  5. I would like to say that we English don’t actually drink that much tea. But I have at least one cup a day so I guess we do! Ooh and I was in Padstow this early summer! We try and go there as much as possible… We came close by Polruan house hunting! We would love a place in Padstow, though. So if anyone’s thinking of selling ;P Glad you have a lovely time xxx

  6. Breathtaking & beautiful!

  7. Favorite picture I’ve seen of your sweet family. Especially of you. You look so content.

  8. N says...

    I love this photo. I think it is worthy to be framed. :)

  9. Awww! How darling! Sometimes the best family photos are not in front of landmarks where you vacation, but photos that reflect the fun you have together — like this one!

  10. so cool you guys have family down south- such a beautiful, ancient part of the world, one of the places I feel most relaxed (I’m not Cornish at all, I’m from much nearer London but it’s a favourite holiday place of mine)

  11. haha, victoire, i JUST ordered a framed shot from pinhole press :)

  12. wow, gorgeous family photo. glad you had a great time and made it back safely.

  13. Beautiful photo Joanna. Your family is lovely. :)

  14. What a fantastic photo! It’s so tender and real.

  15. It’s funny, because when I look at this photo I think about Italy, not England. I guess it’s Toby’s icecream, and your the clothes, I don’t know… Or the look in your eyes…

  16. that photo is absolutely gorgeous! hope it was sunny for you down in Cornwall :)

  17. What a seriously gorgeous shot! :D I’ve never been to England…yet. Some day. We did just get back from Maya Riviera, Mexico and it was FANTASTIC! :D Happy Monday!

  18. Welcome home! That photo is precious! Have you seen Craig Ferguson’s impression of a British person getting angry? It’s pretty funny (since they are always relatively calm, even when they are upset!)

  19. That little cartoon made me laugh. I have an English husband. Last night, while i was working on my computer, he asked me if i wanted more tea. I said no but he brought me some anyway. His English mind couldn’t even register the “no to tea”. So funny.

  20. Most beautiful family photo ever! Time to give pinhole press some business ;)

  21. seriously, that photo is SO beautiful! i love it. you all look so content.

    and the mothers work/baby/life balance posts have been super inspiring.


  22. best photo ever.. im sure your family will cherish this forever :) it’s that kind of photo :) Hope to hear more about your trip to england!

  23. that is SO funny! martin akerman, i will have to ask my grandmother! hilarious!! :) we never really see any other parts of the UK, other than cornwall, dorset and bath, where our family lives. i’d love to take a longer trip sometime and really explore — wales, too!

  24. the sweetest family photo ever! looks l like everyone is sitting on your lap ;)


  25. Anonymous says...

    lovely photo! And Dagsson can be so funny and cruel! Did you know he´s icelandic? That should be your cup of tea!

  26. I was just in England last week too! I’m editing photos now and it almost kills me to be home and not there anymore! That picture is perfection… You guys are the sweetest little family and it just makes my heart smile!

  27. Anonymous says...

    Beautiful family picture, Joanna. That’s a keeper.

  28. leathergal says...

    Love your photo, what a cute lil’ family:)

  29. That is a stunning photograph of the 3 of you :)

    Niki @ LQM&M

  30. Welcome home! I love that cartoon! We’ve just moved to NYC from Scotland, and I’m not a caffeine drinker. I can’t tell you how many times I had to refuse tea. Eek! When I visited a friend, her mom bought me my own fruit tea and then made sure I drank it;).

  31. Are you kidding me? That picture is amazing. Welcome home! Funny cartoon. And thank you for arranging to sustain us, even in your absence. Gush, gush.

  32. Everyone’s already said it but it is worth repeating, that picture of your family is so beautiful! I hope you frame it. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip to England!!

  33. I love this picture! You should frame it in your apartment. Lovely of all three of you.

  34. That’s so funny- I just spoke to my father in law (Martin Akerman) and he just said that he knows your lovely grandmother to say hello to! Small world indeed! (Although Polruan is a pretty small community I suppose..!) I’m glad you had a good time in Cornwall and hope you visit again soon! Did you have any time to see any more of the UK?
    Huge fan of your blog of course!
    x x x

  35. That’s just such a wonderful photo.

  36. Aude says...

    This photo is gorgeous and so peaceful…

  37. Such a sweet image and awesome comic. You’re the best. Really truly.

  38. love this foto!!!!! I have been in Rome!

  39. inspired winter, NO WAY!!!!! my grandmother lives on West Street — and we went to the Lugger one night, i wonder if we saw your in-laws! that is SO funny. i adore polruan more than anywhere in the world.

    my grandmother’s name is Mary Goddard — how funny that would be if they knew each other! :)

  40. What a gorgeous picture. Glad you enjoyed yourselves :)

  41. Ahahahahah! I love the cartoon! If only anarchy was that simple in the U.S.

  42. Aaahhh…I love this photo. So sweet, serene, and I LOVE how happy your husband looks. Sweet, sweet photo.

  43. Hi Joanna,
    So you were in Polruan?! That’s so funny, my in-laws are on East Street and regulars at the Lugger! My husband’s dad in on the council so I wonder if he knows your grandnmother? What a small world! I hope you had a good time and that England treated you well! x x x

  44. what a beautiful picture … one of those ones you’ll cherish always.

    thanks for sharing :)


  45. That is such a candid photo!! It captured the moment very nicely :) All of you look content and happy! Glad you had a fun vacation and welcome back! :)


  46. Gorgeous photo! (and I love the comic) :)

  47. Yep, this is a gorgeous photo. And I have been checking in with the new segment and enjoying it!

  48. Welcome back, dear! Loved this post.

  49. that is such a beautiful photo :) so adorable :) and i love Toby’s little bandana! so cute!

    love jojo xx

  50. lovely photo! we miss u :P

  51. Anonymous says...

    Remember when you were talking about getting nostalgic about moments that were currently happening? This is totally crazy but I feel nostalgic for you looking at this photo. It is so lovely and I hope you and your family will always know the happiness you ooze in this photo.


  52. erica, congratulations!!!!! thanks so much for these sweet comments :)

  53. jessica, i’m wearing my same wedding band, but also with another little band from Catbird (a shop in brooklyn) with a little heart on it. haha, you are observant!

  54. G. says...

    Haha that little cartoon is too funny! Need to send that to my mom in law who is English and still lives in the UK. You’ve been lucky it was sunny there, welcome back!

  55. kathryn, the jet lag was ok, actually — he stayed up a little late the first night (until about 10pm UK time) and slept a little late the next morning (until about 8am UK time). but after that, he was basically on british time. i was surprised at how quickly he adjusted his internal clock — i think babies really respond to daylight and figure it out! or else we were just lucky on this trip, haha :) good luck!!

  56. I’ve really, really enjoyed your series! I don’t want it to end… and can’t wait to hear how you juggle! Thank you so much for putting this together…

  57. Kiss your cousin! What a gorgeous photo.

  58. What an amazing family photo!!! A must frame!

  59. That. photo. is. beautiful.

  60. One of the most beautiful family photos I’ve ever seen. Love.

  61. What a lovely photo! Probably one of the best souveniers from your trip:)

  62. This is such a perfect family photo! The trip must have been a blast!!! ~Val

  63. I love how tightly your son is clutching that ice cream cone. Yum! Is his dad really holding him tightly to cover-up that he’s covered in ice cream? :)

  64. Welcome home!! Looks like you had a beautiful time! By the way, random question… but is that a different wedding band you have? xxx

  65. Lovely photo. Welcome back….
    I read you every day…and… I have to say that i didn’t like your guest post.
    I don’t have kids, and i believe that women lite shouldn’t be so focused on them. I understand that the posts were about woman life with kids. I read some of the motherhood posts but i had to’ skip most of them. A little to much for me. We all know it is possibile and like advices on how to’ do it. For me it was a little to much. So, agami… Welcome back.
    I am willing to read you also on other topics.

  66. Allison says...

    that photo makes my heart hurt — in a good way, it is so sweet and genuine! beautiful <3

  67. Breanna Becker says...

    in love with this photo! what a beautiful family you have!

  68. Welcome back! Hope you loved your time over there!
    Much love,

  69. What a GREAT family photo!! High-five cousin! (:

  70. I’m so inspired to see you had a great time. We’re heading to the UK next month our four month old. I’m a little nervous of dealing with baby jet lag. Was that a problem for you?

  71. i’m finding it hard to take my eyes off of that photo too. it’s a heart-stealing photo. Toby is just sooooo cute….

  72. Glad you had a lovely time over here! That cartoon is so true and as a coffee lover I’m joining in with the anarchy :)

  73. Glenda says...

    Love that picture!!

  74. what a BEAUTIFUL family!

  75. Hello Joanna, welcome back from your trip. I absolutely love this photo and hope to someday take one just as lovely! The weekend was super hot here in KL…hopefully it is cooler over there on the other side of the world in NYC. Have a great week!
    Grace @ Wrinkled Chiffon

  76. what a beautiful photo. welcome home :)

  77. i love that photo of you guys! so much love and happiness! i hope to have a baby soon and start a little happy family too! so glad you guys had a wonderful time! lots of love!! x x x x

  78. Your family is quite gorgeous! So glad you guys had a great time. I think I spent close to an hour on your blog yesterday just looking at old posts! I truly heart it!

  79. My week was wonderful, and it was capped off by an even better weekend since my boyfriend and I got engaged on Friday!!! I’m still floating on air!!!!!

    What a wonderful picture of your family, you’ll have to frame that one for sure. Glad you all had a great time!

  80. England is one of the places I’ve always wanted to go. Glad to hear you had a great trip! :)

  81. baftani, great idea! thanks for these lovely comments.

  82. sammi, yes, will be sharing more for sure! :) just have to get them all uploaded/downloaded :)

  83. claudia, thanks for his name! i didn’t know who drew it, he is hilarious!!

  84. anna, that is WONDERFUL!!! we were in polruan, where my grandmother lives, and we took the ferry over to fowey a bunch :) have a great time!!! xo

  85. ah, Dagsson (the cartoon guy)! this is a very cute one…but some are totally horrible!

  86. What a lovely and natural photo of you and your family! I’m glad you had a great time! The ‘juggle posts’ were awesome and really enjoyed! Great series indeed! <3

  87. Gorgeous family photo! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip. xo.

  88. Anonymous says...

    This is my favorite family picture yet!

  89. Am in love with this photo. Gorgeous…and so HAPPY!

  90. What a beautfil picture :-) I’m about to go on a family vacation with my parents (at 30 years old) and pictures like this make me reminisce about the vacation with them when I was little :-)
    And I totally LOL’d at the cartoon ^^

    Relatable Style

  91. Anna McGregor says...

    Oh now lovely! i’m going to Fowey at the weekend with a group of girlfriends – we go every summer to Padstow and we are having a day trip to Fowey! Glad you had a great time xx

  92. Amazing photo, love the way you’re all holding on to each other. You have such a beautiful family, Joanna!

    I also wanted to tell you how much a absolutely loved all the guest posts last week, they were incredible. I’m not a mother yet, but hearing from so many incredible woman was really inspirational. Thank you so much for doing that.

  93. What a truly lovely photo, you all look so peaceful and happy.

  94. <3 love that picture, are you going to share more?

  95. Anonymous says...

    That is a lovely photograph! And the cartoon is hilarious. Welcome back, Joanna.

  96. G. says...

    welcome home, joanna! that photo is straight out of a vogue feature or ralph lauren catalog. so much love all around! xo.

  97. So sweet! I am still in England, London really, and I oh so wish I could go to Cornwall. Wonderful beaches.

  98. the photo of true hapiness. The one that comes straight from your hearts. You didn’t have to write anything about your vacation in England, the photo speaks for itself. You are a beautiful beautiful family!

  99. Hi, I hope you next series would be on how relationships change between parents after having a baby. your photo is beatuful.
    Pegah at

  100. how was your trip to england? my inlaws are there and i have a daughter the same age as your son. i’m worried about that long of flight with her! also the posts last week were awesome, thanks so much! as a full time work at home mom with pretty much no nanny help, it’s nice to hear other tips! :)

  101. when I first met Gus’s nanny, (2 mornings by the way, big juggles) I asked her if she wanted a cup of tea. She said she didn’t drink tea, or any hot drinks for that matter. I stared at her a little bit too long. She completely threw me! Glad you got some sunshine down in Cornwall. London is miserable :( but we do love to talk about the weather. x

  102. wow, what a gorgeous photo. That is definitely frame-able and totally captures a moment. I love Toby’s cute little bandana.

  103. New to your blog….in love with that picture–it just oozes contentment and happiness with the ones you love most. Blessings for your re-entry into everyday life! :)

  104. oh, haha, sonya, that is so sweet :) thank you.

  105. courtney, i’m SO glad that you said it makes mothers feel less alone — that really was the main goal behind the series. i had felt so alone at the beginning of motherhood (despite having a great husband, mom, friends, etc.) — i found it ESSENTIAL to talk to other mothers and not just hang out in playgroups, but really TALK. i’m so, so glad you enjoyed the series. very much looking forward to doing more. xo

  106. I’m 21 y/o, but I absolutely adore and admire your blog. So glad you had a lovely time in the UK. The photo is just stunning. The three musketeers. :D

  107. Hope you had a blast! I love the fam pic :)

  108. Beautiful photo! I have so loved your motherhood posts. Really makes your admire all that moms do everyday no matter their circumstances and bringing mothers together makes me feel more peaceful and not as alone as a mother!

  109. This picture is so beautiful!

  110. you must be so happy your cousin caught this moment. so perfect, sigh… even the ice cream cone :)

  111. maggie says...

    you are a really sweet family! i heart toby’s ice cream cone. ;-)

  112. thank you for these sweet comments. and, Gaia, i’m so glad! :)

  113. greatest family photo ever.

  114. tracy, don’t you miss it? i’m having pangs…always so hard to come home from vacation! :)

  115. Welcome back, Joanna! That photo is so beautiful and sweet. I can’t wait to see more:) Happy Monday.

  116. Gorgeous photo and I’m glad you had a great trip!

    I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed the motherhood posts. I don’t have kids, but plan to soon. I work at home, and have often wondered what that would look like with kids. Thanks for introducing me to all these role models!

  117. lovely capture. welcome home. (we returned from Europe Thursday!)

  118. Wow – you are an amazing family! This photo is incredible! Glad you’re back safe and sound :)

  119. That photo is so wonderful! Welcome back. :)

  120. Perfection.

  121. lovely photo! i’m sure you will treasure that one :)

  122. Dotty dot dot says...

    What a beautiful photo! You all look so peaceful and completely in love with each other :)