1. Wow! It looks amazing – thanks for sharing!

  2. Sicily is an island off the coast of southern Italy and one of the most historic regions of Europe. Thanks for sharing about Sicily travel. Keep sharing..

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  4. To get back up. To the right side of the last slide down to the ocean. There are a set of steps go go back up to the first pool closest to the ocean. There you have to walk to the top to ride again. Ps. It’s looks great but isn’t so good if you aren’t a sea person.

  5. Oh WOW!! No way.. this hotel in Sicily is way so cool!! I gotta book an accommodation in this hotel.

  6. I’ve been there! When I was like 5 I remember that there is a cave to get back to the stairs after you’ve been in the ocean, that wasso fun!

  7. Anonymous says...

    For the people who are complaining, give it a rest! It’s amazing! This place has been there for years. It’s not as if they did this to the entire coast of the island! I am fortunate enough to have lived there AND visited citta del mare! It’s as awesome as you imagine!

  8. Seen this picture I feel like I wanna trip to meet this place. That slide looks very fun.

  9. Wow, I live in Sicily and must go here! My blog–http://makingroomwithus.blogspot.com–is about my life in Sicily with my husband and my baby girl.

  10. It can’t have effect in fact, that is exactly what I suppose.

  11. this is near the town where I grew up and it’s really funny as it seems :)

  12. oh! I think I just saw my cousin twice removed in this shot!! lol

  13. this is so so incredible!!!! i want to go there so badly!

  14. My childhood dream realized! Water slides that pour you into the ocean.

    Sicily has been on my dream vacay list for a while now, but it just moved up a spot!

    Stay cool…

  15. Oh my! That looks amazing!

  16. Just the idea cheered me up.

  17. Wow, that’s fantastic…
    I would like to arrive there :D

  18. Um, if only I could “wish” myself there now. ; )

  19. WHY did you have to post this?? I have been fantasizing about Italy since the warm weather hit…seriously.

  20. That looks like a lot of fun! Wish I was there right now, putting this on my bucket list.

  21. Wow! I need to be there right now! Definitely saving this for our next trip.

  22. It looks fantastic and also a little scary, because of the rocks.

  23. They found the perfect way to ruin a beautiful coastline, blue plastic, come on. Sicily is nice but I’d rather recommend to just jump in from a cliff. Less is more.

  24. uhh, yes please! that looks awesome.

  25. i think i would be scared.

  26. i would love to go there… fun and romance all in one!


  27. Love this! I lived in Sicily for 5 months, but never saw this!! Fun:)


  28. looks like so much fun!

  29. I think you just made my holiday plans for me, great find, see you there!

  30. It looks incredibly fun! I’m immediately bookmarking this hotel!

  31. Anonymous says...


  32. How cool! I’ll definitely have to bring this up to my fiance…we’re still trying to decide where to book our honeymoon! :D

  33. I have to go. like right now.

  34. That is too cool! I want one of those in my back yard (you know, when I have a back yard lol)

  35. Oh my goodness! This looks so much fun! Shame I’m such an awful swimmer! xxx

  36. OMG… that looks really scary! Just to repeat some of the other comments… how DO you get back up?

  37. WOWEE!! I love this!!! I wonder how you get back up again?! Going to check this out online

  38. Wow. This looks AMAZING! Total travel lust!

  39. Adding this to my list of places to go! :)

  40. heijah says...

    well, this is rather a travel night mare. I don’t like it when they put concrete and artificial buildings onto a beautiful coastline. further, I don’t see tourists connect to nature this way… please, this has to stop!

  41. Oh my gosh! I am 9 months pregnant right now anxiously awaiting baby and its 99 degrees in DC. This looks literally like a dream come true! If only… :)

  42. Amazing !!

  43. i spent some time in 2008 in sicily and it is FANTASTIC. i wish i would have bumped into this slide though! dang it!

  44. Anonymous says...

    I’m sorry but its awful that they build that things in such a nice environement!

  45. Alicia says...

    It looks fun! But it also is a bit of an eye sore..

  46. rach, it’s actually my friend caroline in those photos — isn’t she gorgeous? she dyed a strip of her hair blonde to make an “ombre” effect. xo

  47. Good Lord how I miss that water!! This is beyond gorgeous, yes I would very much like to be splashing around in Sicily right now!

  48. Amazing place and very nice picture, i really like it. Sicily is beautiful place, i would like to visit it some day, thanks for sharing that info, greetings.

  49. AMAZING! I have to go down that slide!

  50. Sounds like a good honeymoon!!!

  51. OMG. that is the coolest ever.

  52. wow…this is really awesome….what a dream!

  53. Oh my goodness transport me now please. This is amazing!

  54. I’d scream with glee all the way down :)

  55. hey! i have a question, could you do a post about your hair. i LOVE the blonde on the bottem and i would just like to see some more of it. :) and what a great blog! you are so inspirational! i would really apprieciate it if you checked out my blog and told me some of your opinions on it. :) not to mention i just did a great post on some hot eye candy. ;)

    follow me?

  56. My boys just added that to their “must do” list. Beautiful.

  57. That looks seriously amazing for a day like today…it’s too hot right?

  58. Love it! But, like so many others, I wonder, how do you get back out? I’m not much of a rock climber ~ HA!

  59. I can’t believe that this really exists. It’s AMAZING!

  60. oh yes! you are so lucky! i’m so jealous!!!

  61. i’ve been to sicily but i haven’t seen THAT! i think i just got pangs of envy! i want to be there now!

  62. Kristi says...

    I am sure it’s fun to slide down, but what an eyesore in an area with so much natural beauty!

  63. I am leaving for mediterranian in about 2 weeks and this post makes me want to freak out I am so excited. It is totally worth a year of scrimping and saving. totally.

  64. So amazing!! I want to be there!!

  65. Anonymous says...

    Ive actually been there before. (my younger sister was born in sicily). They had this amazing all you can eat seafood fresh from those waters, and they also had nightly shows to imitate what you would see in broadway. :)

  66. This looks amazing! I’d be there in a second :)

  67. that looks frightening!

  68. this looks dreamy.

  69. Incredible! If you lend me a couple thousand dollars I can make the trip and try it out for you. Take a few pics, write a review. You know, for you’re benefit.

  70. And how do you get BACK UP from the sea? From the pic it looks that you just DON’T. :)))

  71. whoah whoah whoah whoah. Its like 103 degrees here in Philly. Want!

  72. this looks delicious. thanks for feeding my escapist daydreams!


  73. Love it… and it’s so beautiful!

  74. How DARE you?! I will not rest until I go there. That looks like the best day of my life.

  75. I think they forgot to install the escalator to get back up to the top…

  76. Seriously amazing! And I pretty much need to teleport there right now given this NYC heat!

  77. for some reason my first thought when I saw this was, “worst wedgie ever…” ha, very mature I know.

    so fun though!

  78. wow, this is one of the best things I have ever seen!

  79. i love it! my family comes from sicilia! – aaand: it would be even better if there’d be ONE LARGE slide :D

  80. OMG That looks like soo much! Wish i was there now and tomorrow. blerona

  81. anonymous, i know what you mean! once you’re in the sea, it kind of looks like you’re there to stay :)

  82. That looks amazing! Everyone who commented about the hike on the way back up cracked me up, I wouldn’t have thought of it until I found myself at the bottom looking up…


  83. This is awesome!!! It’s over 100 degrees here today and I’m dying for a pool!

  84. That looks so incredible!

  85. hah! but you still have to climp up the stairs to go back up. if only they had found a way going up instead of down!

  86. Anonymous says...

    Amazing! I wonder how you climb back up? Looks fantastic.

  87. WOW!!! How fun and it looks incredible:) Kisses