1. This will not have effect in fact, that’s exactly what I suppose.

  2. Oh, i was there the other day, and forgot to look for it. Maybe it’s not there anymore.

  3. Oh WOW! This is great, although I think it would take my breath away a little if I had to stand on it!


  4. May be something like this will help me face my heights fear :). Amazing!

  5. i love these things! so rad!

  6. Hello…
    This is an amazing article and video you provide. such a nice thought and creation. Thank you for post.

  7. Linda Kerr says...

    Hey, i was just there last month. That’s Sergel’s Torg. They also have a sculpture of a woman hanging from the building (you see behind that). I should send you the pic.

  8. i love 3d illustration!! theyre surreal omg brilliant!!


  9. Yes, this square definitely need something to liven it up a bit, and this is such a funny idea! Can’t believe you’ve got 5000 comments yesterday. wow

  10. Anonymous says...

    check out edgar muller’s work! he does similar stuff… really cool!!!

  11. It’s great! It looks so real I wouldn’t go near it for fear of falling in. Magnificent work though.

  12. At first I was scared in heights, but I had overcome my fear. :) Nice shot!

  13. Oh please oh please can we add these comments to the list for the EmersonMade giveaway?? I would give ANYTHING for the linen topper coat!!

  14. even though i know its not real, i’d probably still be afraid to walk on it! lol

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  16. wow this is absolutely incredible! i want to see it in real life!

  17. very cool!

  18. Amazing!!

  19. I live in Sthlm and I didn’t even have a clue about this! Cool, I’ll need to check this out, and take some pictures :)

  20. Anonymous says...

    Amazing! Great art.

  21. How cool!
    I remember this area from Stockholm:)

  22. I wish I had one of these painted on my bathroom floor. It would make waking up so much more fun.

    I LOVE THIS! thanks for sharing.

  23. so cool!

  24. That is really mind blowing, thanks for sharing!

  25. Oh, how cool!
    Thank you!


  26. Wowza! That DOES look incredibly real! It makes my heart flutter just a little bit! This is the coolest! Thanks for sharing! <3

  27. I simply never tire of these. They are fascinating. I could probably sit and watch people’s reactions all day :)

  28. that is so cool! is it weird that it kind of makes me nervous those guys playing on the “edge”? LOL

  29. No way! Could the Swedish get anymore creative? I really need to move there.

  30. I love optical illusions! Always amazes me!

  31. I’m not sure I could bring myself to walk into the middle, even though I KNOW it’s not real :)

  32. Oh wow! This is incredible, and some of the photos are hilarious! I’d love to see it in person too xxx

  33. this is genius, love it! i love how depth can be created like this

  34. I saw one like this, might be the same artist, featured in the most recent issue of national geographic. So cool!

  35. Oh my goodness…that looks so cool and totally scary. I have a huge fear of hights and I would probably freak out next to it..hhahah

  36. that is so cool! i’ve always wanted to see an optical illusion like that in person. :)