1. Anonymous says...

    thats the best show:)till now have watched it over 69 times:)the whole series:)

  2. ok can I just say that on Saturday night I was invited to a “Seen It!” FRIENDS game night and this is one of the clips I had to finish! Thank you very much!

  3. ba ha haaaa! gotta love Joey…


  4. Priceless :) Friends will always be on the top of my list for “things that cheer me up” !

  5. Awesome. Love Friends.

  6. Anonymous says...

    Loved friends so much. Now I watch modern family.

  7. L says...

    Oh, how I miss Friends. Such a great show.

  8. I’m the same as Sydney above…

    I guess it might have been because I was busy reading Les Miserables in the unabridged version.

  9. hhahaha!i didnt read lotr, but i didnt have sex either!! lol x


  10. aaah! I LOVE Friends! I wish I had someone to play my Friends SceneIt! with. Want to come visit for a round?

  11. Such a welcome laugh after a long day!

  12. Haha did you see this in I Love Charts? That’s my boyfriend’s friend/ex-roommate Jason’s blog.

    I laughed out loud at this, too. : )

  13. my top ever line is: WE WERE ON A BREEEEAAAAK!

  14. . says...

    OMG – I love Friends more than any sitcom!!! Thank you for posting! so great.

  15. HAHA! I loooooooove friends. Always have, always will!

  16. Anonymous says...


  17. i will never stop watching friends. love it!

  18. i never get sick of friends. i think it’s better now than it was the first time round. same episode can crack me up 17 times. x

  19. haha! I love this. happy weekend, joanna.

  20. LOL! Friends is one of the few shows I can watch over and over again :)

  21. I wish I could “like” this post. One of my faves!

  22. Classic Ross! my all time favorite sitcom!

    I love the episode when Ross freaks out because someone ate his sandwich at work… YOU THREW AWAY MY SANDWICH?!??!

  23. my fave! i could (and i do!) watch Friends over and over…

  24. hahahahahaha!! Thank you for the Friday funny!!!!

  25. Ahahaha hilarious. This made me laugh out loud.

  26. Hahaha I love Friends!!

  27. You always make me smile.

  28. lol I totally just made a Friends reference on my blog the other day and thought, I don’t know if anyone is going to get this, it has been soooo long. Oh how I miss Friends.

  29. Literally laughing out loud at my desk! HAHAHA. How much do I miss Friends? I mean really–they were great. Oh yeah–and Will and Grace.

  30. i LOVE friends!!!! jb.

  31. GAAAH! i LOVE that show. And I miss it like crazy :( And you live down the street from their apartment??? I’m crazy jealous!

  32. Oh, my god, I love this! So adorable!


  33. My favorite show of all time!!!

  34. Sadly, i would be Ross…

  35. LOL this is why i heart Cup of Jo.

  36. Hahahaha. This is JUST what I needed to see when I got to the office. Thank you.

  37. hahah this just made my morning…going to have to rewatch that episode later

  38. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person on the planet who didn’t watch the show. Gasps sound every time I say that outloud.

  39. haha my boyfriend showed this to me yesterday from ‘reddit’-hilarious site.

  40. They’re both such dorks… LOL


  41. Probably my favorite post of yours. EVER.

  42. Best show ever! But I agree with Jenni, HIMYM is a good replacement. :)

  43. One of my fave shows~! Joey’s the best!

  44. Ha this made me laugh out loud. Man, I’m such a Ross…darn.

  45. FRIENDS IS MY FAVORITE. They all make me laugh out loud! But chandler gets me everytime. ((:

  46. it’s funny because there are always tourists taking photos of that building — pretty much every time we walk by! the show is STILL so popular.

  47. OMG i LOVE friends! it’s so exciting that you live across the exterior of that building! I would ecstatic about that :P they’re my all time favourites! This made my morning! Thanks for sharing!



  48. Haha! Oh my goodness I MISS Friends. Loved Monica and all of her -isms, it was like watching myself on TV. And adorable Ross, The Holiday Armadillo might be one of the best episodes ever.

  49. G. says...

    ohhh, didn’t know you lived so close by! the little owl is one of our fav’s every time we visit! (which is quickly followed by how much i want an apt in the neighborhood).

  50. Love this episode! Gandolf, the party wizard!

  51. aw, i loved this show so much. now HIMYM is my new Friends, though. and i secretly like it more. don’t tell ross or rachel, though.

  52. I adore Friends and they are the best cure after a long, busy week:) Aren’t they hilarious?

  53. bwahahaha! i forgot how much i miss friends… what a perfect line. thanks for the laugh!

  54. Anonymous says...

    Just looking at the facial expresions makes me laugh… the captions laugh harder!

  55. this made me laugh out loud this morning :) we live down the street from the apartment building where monica+rachel lived (or at least, the building that was used for the exterior shots!)

  56. Fun! Loving them.