Have a romantic weekend.

My lovelies, what are you doing this weekend? Alex and I went on a bike ride and out for Turkish food last night. Chicken kebabs are where it’s at! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with the people you love, and meanwhile, here are a few great posts from around the web (it was a great week for blogging, it seems!)…

A transparent kayak!

LOVING these awesome false eyelashes. (I just ordered two pairs.)

Cliff diving.

Love behind-the-scenes.

Turban buns at a polo match.

A rug for social people + a rug for forgetful people.

NYC toys for little dudes.

A heartfelt New England wedding.

Want to go to the Outer Banks in North Carolina?

Another super-sweet Father’s Day present.

(Photo by Elisa Mendes)

  1. I soaked up the Winter sunshine this lovely long weekend. I also got my walk on, in training for the up and coming Million Paws Walk. But bike riding is always a great way to get fit and have fun.

    What do you wear when cycling, especially in NYC? Are you a shorts or tights girl?

    p.s a transparent canoe…how cool!

    Lorna Jane

  2. thank fora another great link set. especially loved the photography you used. you have the best taste. :)

  3. i hear you guys — took away the suitcase link!! thank you so much, really good points xoxo

  4. the entire side of my dads family has been going to nagshead, nc since before i was born. i am the oldest of the cousins and now when we go our ages range from 24 (me) to 1 years old (my youngest cousin and goddaughter). unfortunately i can’t go this year because of stuff i have at work but i will miss it.

  5. We spent the weekend on a little road trip back to where I grew up.

    In Australia we celebrated the Queen’s birthday which means we got Monday off work. Yippeee!

  6. Anonymous says...

    You guessed it, Sunday’s 12th it’s valantine’s day in Brazil, where I live…

    It was a very romantic weekend all around the country =)

    kisses Nathalie

  7. Sounds like a fun planned weekend. We are planning on a picnic at the park. It supposed to be a beautiful weekend in my neck of the woods.

  8. Anonymous says...

    Just went to the outer bank and saw lots of French people (and others) kite boarding. Love your blog, Joanna!

  9. We took our family vacation to Outer Banks a few weeks ago! It was fantastic, we loved every minute of it. Outer Banks is unheard of in Oklahoma :) It was a lovely suprise and a peaceful vacation.

  10. I wish I could…my hubby lives in Gran Canaria and me in London, so my romantic weekend is our talks on skype for the time being.

  11. Omg..I am in love with that kayak! That would be so much fun! Hope you guys had a great weekend!

  12. Hope you’ve been having a great weekend! Thanks for sharing the link to the transparent kayak…how awesome would that be?!?

  13. i dvr’ed 20/20 and just watched it last night! you are as cute as i imagined you’d be!! good tv presence too! :)

  14. haha! The suitcase stickers are hilarious!

  15. colleen, good point actually — i will change it! and jamie, thanks for the tip about Mac, too! :)

  16. When I read ‘Outer Banks’ there are coming a few memories in my mind! I loved it there!!! It’s such an amazing place :)


  17. always so amazing things to share with us :)
    have a great weekend!!!
    I was talking about a family trip

    7 new inspirations@

  18. I love this pic!

  19. just stumbled across your blog, i love it! i went to a wedding yesterday, so today will just be a lazy sunday :)

  20. Love the post! And the false eyelashes! My favorite that I have become totally addicted to are from Mac! You can’t really tell they are false!
    Love your blog! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  21. Love the links this Friday! Thanks!

  22. That picture is so adorable. I love that he just has one finger touching her. It’s so romantic. Lost are the days of the simple touch and replaced with people walking with their hands in the butt pocket of the other person. I dont get it. Not classy people!

  23. Joanna, oh sorry I guess I thought you intended to link to a specific post on Sweet Fine Day for your archives. :) The photos are gorgeous!! As always, thanks for sharing :) xo

  24. Your blog is a thing of beauty…. Really. I love it. It seems that the world loves it too. Keep up the awesome work. I would love if you would check out my blog too. I’m newish to the world of bloggin’ here is the link if you get a chance:

  25. Well this weekend, I’m super excited as I recently founded a book club and it will be our first ever meeting on Sunday!

    Take care!

  26. colleen, the link shows the blog SweetFineDay, and she is sharing all her vacation photos from the outer banks. they’re so pretty! :)

  27. Anonymous says...

    I just saw you on last night’s DVR’d 20/20!! So exciting!

  28. thanks for these lovely comments! tawnee, i’ll get back to you soon! for the false eyelashes, i ordered “wispy.” they look amazing. patricia, that sounds like such a great day! and diana, i was on it last night; i’ll post a clip of it, if i’m feeling brave, haha :)

  29. What time and day will you be on 20/20 ? :)

  30. we skipped a bbq, and instead lay in bed all day watching gilmore girls and only went out for cupcakes, tim hortons new banana timbits, a fathers day card, and an extra large pizza. perfect day in. :)

  31. What a nice weekend you are having! We’ve traveled up to the north of Maine. . .haven’t seen a real moose yet but found a lifesize bronze statue of one!
    Happy Weekend!
    Those suitcase stickers are so funny!

  32. Anonymous says...

    Those suit case stickers are totally genius and hillarius!! Also, I love that note pad. Now that would make a dad cry!

  33. Kate says...

    The photo is on Elisa Mendes website…not sure if by her…

  34. i hope it is romantic! btw, i hate to tell you on your blog, but emailed you back about advertising and got the automatic response. i hope to hear from you soon!

  35. i’m afraid the eyelashes would fall off or pull out my real ones when i remove them… but i so want to try! any tips???

  36. Those suitcase stickers are hilarious. I don’t think I’d ever actually use them, cause who wants MORE time at the airport dealing with MORE security, right? But they definitely cracked me up. This weekend I’m stepping outside my comfort zone and trying something new. Wish me luck!

  37. yay, glad you’re jumping on the eyelash bandwagon. i kind of swear by them.

  38. Thos suitcase stickers are hilarious, imagine seeing that when you’re waiting for your luggage!
    I also really enjoy those pictures of the new england wedding.
    Love you’re blog!

  39. what type of the false lashes did you purchase? just curious. i usually just do the little individual ones.

  40. Anonymous says...

    I love that transparent kayak!

  41. Hi Joanna
    What is the brand of false lashes?
    Bike ride and chicken kabobs sounds healthy, delicious Nd fun!

  42. This weekend is the kid’s first days of summer vacay! But the weather is really cold and wet, so it’s indoor fun for us. Also, I’ll be working in my studio. At least I don’t have to feel like I’m missing out on any fun with my hubby and kids while I slave away on a ton of orders for my summer collection. ;)

  43. Anonymous says...

    I am going shopping tomorrow and playing tennis. Have a great weekend. I may make those yogurt popsicles!

  44. we’ll be soaking in the sun & i’ll be finishing patti smith’s, “just kids,” {soooo good} fresh squeezed lemonade in hand. i can’t wait. :)
    happy weekend, joanna!