1. Good post! Found a lot of new and interesting! Will share the link with others:D


  2. Why you don’t post more about how to do these portraits?

  3. WOW! Seriously so amazing. I do embroidered art myself, but this is at a level of detail I didn’t even think possible (because of time). Wow!

  4. I love these! My uncle is an artist in Philly who also does embroidery. He uses damaged or void x-rays, weaving only part of the picture and leaving the rest exposed. It’s awesome! Check them out here: http://matthewcoxartist.com/

  5. Anonymous says...

    Awesome! This remind me of the works by GRUPO MONDONGO. Have you seen them? They work with food but with amazing realistic images, they have a web site under construction here:
    I´m sure you´ll love them!

  6. Wow. Just wow!

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  9. speechless. seriously speechless at the beautiful-ness that are those portraits.

  10. wow this seems impossible!! thanks for sharing xxx


  11. That’s amazingly beautiful…who would think it’s made of embroidery floss. It blows my mind. I want one!

  12. Extraordinary! How can it be done?

  13. You are my hub for finding new talent!

  14. WOW, very Chuck Close-ish (that’s not a word…). truly amazing talent!!

  15. WOW, I went to PAFA with Daniel, fun to see him featured on your blog! His portraits really are amazing, especially in person up close and personal!

  16. wow these are amazing!

  17. Pretty phenomenal skill here. They remind me of my friends’ portrait that they had done by an elderly artist in Minneapolis who creates art with rice and seeds and based off of photographs. Theirs is amazingly complex in structure but hysterical in its interpretation…their faces look like they each had a stroke. I guess the woman passed away right after completing their artwork- so it has something of a legendary status in their social circle. Very amusing.

  18. Anonymous says...

    These are amazing!

  19. These are amazing!! What a great idea, would love to have one made for a gift!

  20. As an embroiderer myself, these totally blow me away! So incredible!

  21. Wow … these are amazing! I often say that I have the “patience of a flea” … based on that reality, I am extra impressed and the hours of work and effort that would go into one of these. Gasp!

  22. They verge on spooky looking.


  23. embroidery art is so hot right now. love these. :)

  24. I LOVE artists & all the creative talents out there! These are so cool & interesting. I can’t even imagine how long this takes to create…

  25. I want one! This is so rad…I cannot even stand it! Oh My goodness. I am really …super duper double dipped …Impressed! Awesome!:)

  26. Amazing! I can’t begin to think how long each one took!

  27. Wow, these are incredible. Detail is unreal.

  28. His work resembles that of chuck close.

  29. wow! so much patience needed! i love these.

  30. very intresting

  31. This is nuts! Not only does it involve talent but loads and loads…and LOADS of patience!!

  32. Oh, super-lovely!
    I like the glasses, and the little bits of reflection on the rims….


  33. i am too inpatient to make stitches small enough to sew a button. i can’t imagine making something this incredible!

  34. They are really interesting, a nice contrast too between the faces and the neatness of embroidery.

  35. These are extraordinary! Thank you for introducing me to his work!

  36. Wow this is out of this world!!! And looks like a nightmare too. Could you imagine how their hands feel after doing a session of this embroidery?

    – Sarah

  37. WOW! these are freaking amazing!

  38. Joanna this is creativity to the nth degree. Fabulously inspiring!

    Art by Karena

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  39. MG says...

    I love these! So amazing to see someone put so much time and thought into a piece of art.

  40. Really interesting!

    Have a blessed week! Summer tomorrowwwww!!!!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  41. wow Joanna these are amazing xx i am in awe of artists at the moment, loving any kind of art x these are spectacular xx happy monday to you x