Wednesday giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from Pinhole Press, the online boutique for beautiful photo gifts. They’re offering one lucky reader a set of personal stationery, where each card comes with a favorite photo. (Which photo would you use — a family snapshot? A wedding portrait? Your puppy?) These would make great invitations, save-the-dates and thank-you cards, too.

For a chance to win, please visit Pinhole Press and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! xo

Update: Andrea D. is our lucky winner. Thanks for playing.

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  2. Thanks for sharing it!!you can never have enough stationary.

  3. What a great giveaway. I love pinhole press–their work is beautiful.

  4. i am so excited about this giveway — i’ve been wanting to try something from them!

  5. this would be absolutely adorable! love it.

  6. so many pretty options!

  7. Lovely!

  8. best idea/gift for my parents wedding anniversary!

  9. ooh! i love pinhole press! what a great giveaway!

  10. elena says...

    love it!

  11. pinhole press makes my heart swell! i want everything :)

  12. Sonia says...

    these are too cute! Soooo many pictures I would choose from!

  13. this is lovely!

  14. This would be lovely for a wedding thank you card!

  15. I would really, really love this for my home office :)

  16. I love the simplicity and beauty of Pinhole press! I would probably pick one of my Spain photos :)

  17. wow – very cute products! can’t wait to order something!

  18. me, me, me!!!

  19. I totally heart how unique and personal therer products are.

  20. I would aboslutely use these cards as Save the Dates for my upcoming January 2012 wedding!

  21. Oh! I would use a photo of me and my mother-who’s coming to visit me in NYC next week! She would love it!

  22. I just ordered my mother’s day gift from Pinhole Press. Their stationary is beautiful!

  23. That is such a sweet, sweet shop!



  24. What an adorable idea! Love their site!

  25. Adorable cards.

  26. I have been wanting to purchase something from their lovely website, so this would be great!

  27. Lovely for save-the-dates!

  28. I love these!

  29. beautiful. i’m always gluing photos to blank cards, but these are so much more sophisticated. a picture of the baby, for sure!

  30. i would love this, i could use them as thank you cards, i am always hard up for good thank you cards…

  31. Fabulous giveaway…pinhole press has amazing products:)

  32. Love it love it! If I don’t win, maybe I’ll make my own.

  33. Beautiful, thanks for the chance!

  34. I’m in love! This is really beautiful stationery. As newlyweds, I would use a wedding photo on our cards. Thanks for sharing!

  35. I have been obsessed with Pinhole Press since reading about them on your blog, thank you for sharing! Would love some fab new note cards! :)

  36. I would like to win.

  37. I’d love to win the personal stationery from Pinhole Press! Adorable!!

  38. love stationary!

  39. Em says...

    Cool site!

  40. lovely gift :)

  41. I need this! I sent out a thank you “card” yesterday on a “repurposed” card I had received haha!

  42. oooh pick me pick me please!

  43. Aw, the girls on their website are adorable!
    I would have to put pictures of my four pups on the cards :)
    Thanks for the opportunity, Joanna!
    – Wynn

  44. Ooh! Me! Lovely stuff!

  45. Cute! I love sending out handwritten mail : )

  46. So fantastic! I love their work.

    karissa.sauder at gmail dot com

  47. Jennifer says...

    Beautiful work and creativity!

  48. HoustonMegs says...

    Love discovering new places to shop!

  49. I woul put a photo of myself!

  50. Personal stationery would be wonderful! I would use a photo of my 2 year old, definitely.
    I love their personalized notepads, too.

  51. I obsess over staionery. This shop is so classic and lovely.

  52. There website and aesthetic are beautiful. Would love to win these photo pads. Thanks!

  53. absolutely beautiful work! love, love, LOVE it! xo erica

  54. liz e. says...

    would love to use these for our thank you notes!

  55. love everything from pinhole! thanks for the chance!

  56. I would place a picture of my pup on the cover for sure!!!
    cards with pups on the front are universal happiness!!!


  57. oh nice! expecting very soon – great for birth announcements!

  58. Love it! once we get our wedding photos back, i am making a book from Pinhole! would love some thank you stationary too!

  59. A picture of both my kiddos. I’m still working on getting just the right picture – photographing an almost 4 year old and a 4 month old is more complicated than I thought!

  60. love the baby ones!

  61. Hope hope hope it’s not too late! I’d love to use a photo of my brother’s puppy or maybe a snapshot from his wedding for a 6 month anniversary gift for him and his bride. Fingers crossed!


  62. I love Pinhole Press! I was just doing a little ‘window shopping’ on their website last night. Thanks for the chance to win!

  63. I LOVE the Photopads! Actually, I’m ordering a set for my brother, with photos of his kids. Thank you for ding this!

  64. Anonymous says...

    Awesome giveaway, thank you!

  65. so beautiful

  66. Love Pinhole Press!

  67. What a lovely give away! Pinhole Press is amazing!

  68. I would use a wedding picture. Just married this year! Hope to win! Thanks! -Alessandra

  69. i love their work! thanks so much!

  70. I’d use a picture of my 3-month old daughter and finally finish my thank you notes for all the shower and new baby gifts we have received!

  71. pick me! pick me!

  72. I agree – they’d make perfect thank you cards…or save the dates!! Fingers crossed!!

  73. Yes! Have loved pinhole press ever since you posted the little notebook! Fingers crossed!

  74. these are amazing!

  75. I love stationary!

  76. the very nicest!

  77. cute cute cute. I love their website.

  78. ooo, I could make the cutest baby announcements in a couple of months! I hope I win!

  79. Anonymous says...

    hey – this is eternal_leigh!
    what an awesome givaway!

    Pinhole *woah* they are super-cool; i love the notepad concepts on the site… & i know just what pic i would you for your card givaway – a b&w of me & the hubby in a white alley. we both love the pic!

  80. beautiful things on their site!! in need of some fabulous thank you cards!!

  81. What an incredible giveaway!!

  82. I love Pinhole Press! I’m considering a Mothers Day gift from them. And who doesn’t love stationary?!

  83. Absolutely love the stationary and the agenda on Pinhole Press!

  84. love pinhole press!!