Thursday giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is for guys! Based in New York and L.A., Unis is an amazing line inspired by the downtown man. Alex is obsessed with their pants, which come in great colors and have an insanely flattering cut. Unis is offering one lucky guy a pair of their flat-front Gio pants, which fit slimmer than most chinos and would be perfect for summer date nights.

For a chance to win, please visit Unis and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! xo

Update: Elaine is our lucky winner. Thanks for playing.

  1. What great colors!

  2. My boyfriend would go crazy for these. They would look great on him!

  3. I want to see my husband in these!

  4. My husband would love these.

  5. These would be the ideal work pant for my husband. Love!

  6. Ah! My boyfriend loves their pants, it’d be grand to win him a pair!

  7. I have been searching for some excitement to throw on my lover! These are IT! YES PLEASE!!!!!

  8. this are swell, so many colors!

  9. oh yes please!

  10. my fiancée would love a new pair of jeans.

  11. i wouldn’t mind a pair of these pants for myself!

  12. Awesome pants! My boyfriend would rock these well!

  13. My guy’s bday was yesterday- what a nice belated gift these would make :)

  14. Oh! My baby needs these so bad…

  15. Oh my husband would love the Vintage Khaki! These are such cute men’s pants

  16. My hubby totally needs some Unis threads! Pick me:)

  17. These pants are awesome! Love the colors!

  18. PLEASE can I win for my MAN! Summer date night pants are the BEST!

  19. I’d love to get my husband a pair of these!

  20. adorable! and so preppy :)

  21. is it bad luck to give a boyfriend pants? hope not…cuz i’m sooo gonna do it. or keep those bad boys for myself and pull an emily.

  22. entering for my husband! I’d love to see him in a bright color, but he’d probably stick with the blue. red pants are in for women this spring; are husbands and wives allowed to match?! :)


  23. I’ve heard such good things about these pants for guys!

  24. i like pants.

    i think that bernie, geoff, mr. goodwill hunting, matt and myself, should have an old school no-holds barred wrastling match. winner takes pants!

  25. julia robbs says...

    these are summer and spring perfection! i would love to see my husband in them.

  26. Cute pants! Am I allowed to win yet?

  27. My husband loves bright “Euro” pants like these!

  28. I need the vintage khaki color for my hubby- he would look good in these :)

  29. Would love you see my man in a pair of these!

  30. T would look so cute in a pair of these :)
    Fingers crossed!

  31. I would love to see my partner in a pair of the Marine ones :)

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  33. these would look GREAT on my guy!!!

  34. am i hipster enough to wear these? i’d like to find out. if i’m not, i will gladly return them.

  35. I love the colors! So perfect for a summer date.

  36. Anonymous says...

    My boyfriend Calvin would love these! He loves fitted Levi’s, and Unis offers a really similar cut. He would love the blue!

    -Kate (and Calvin)

  37. I love my boyfriend, but he really could use a nice pair of pants just like these :)

  38. These would be perfect for my boyfriend! Thank you for doing this.

  39. so cute! I would totally wear those :)

  40. I just got rid of a bag full of baggy Polo pants… my husband has the best body for fitted pants. These Pants Could Save my Marriage!!

  41. cc says...

    love em!

  42. my fiance and i just became parents 4 months ago and he’s been working on his “cool dad” look. these would be great!

  43. I love all the bright colors! The bf would love’em!

  44. Very spiffy! If only I could convince my husband to pick red clay instead of the classic marine!

  45. My husband, the fashionista would rock these like it’s his job.

  46. Let’s get our men in some colour!

  47. This would be a great incentive for my boyfriend to stop wearing only gray all the time.

  48. Love the pants in all their colorful glory! Good thing the husband and I wear just about the same size! :)

  49. I would love these for my brother! He loves stuff like colored pants

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