1. Ways to Increase Hair Growth

    Whiles it is true that on average the rate of hair growth is between half an inch a month. You can take steps to boost this number with some simple tips.

    Tip #1 – You want to make sure you are taking in only clean and healthy foods. The cleaner your organs and system the faster your mane will grow. So take steps to decrease sugar, fat and salt from your diet.

    Tip #2 – Get extra blood to flow to your scalp. Nothing is better than a scalp massage. A good scalp massage will send blood to the scalp which will help make hair grow faster.

    Tip #3 – Use a hair growth product called Mira hair oil if you wish to make hair grow faster. This is a herbal oil that has all the oils and herbs your hair needs to grow even faster.

    Mira Hair Oil has produced significant results on many users who experiences limited hair growth, damaged and dry hair, premature greying, hair loss, dandruff and brittle hair. Visible results are seen in 3-4 weeks of use on the majority of users.

    Mira Hair Oil Review

  2. Only just found your blog so sorry for the late reply!

    I used to be a William girl but as they got older I totally switched to Harry. He’s gorgeous! Hahaha!

    PS. Love your blog :)

  3. Anonymous says...

    Are you a William, Harry or Charles girl…that’s the best question you could come up with???
    Sheesh…you are sooooo immature.
    The first thing that comes to mind when I look at this photo is that they look like every day people.
    Charles looks like a happy proud of his boys dad. The boys look like they are very comfortable and glad to be hanging out with their father. That is what’s going on in this pic, it is not flaunting their looks for women to drool over!So shallow to focus on sex appeal instead of what makes them human.Sorry if that counts as not nice but it is my honest opinion.

  4. Vee from Ottawa says...

    Will all the way! Very poised, elegant, but I’m sure he knows how to have fun. Would love to have a cozy dinner with him and Kate in their Welsh cottage!