1. what amazing designs I would like to have the chance of meet the person who create it !

  2. Hey, there’s a great deal of effective info here!

  3. Stunning card! And I absolutely like it! That card is very simple and neat. Thanks for sharing it. Can’t wait to make one for my wife.

  4. i really like th first card!!!
    very nice!!

  5. Quite pretty, indeed.

  6. Nice and simple

  7. Yeah, they look pretty!

  8. As I’m having a bit of a geometric moment I’m liking the first one a lot.

  9. personally think the second one is very lovely. simple yet eyecatching :)

  10. Anonymous says...

    i love stationary! This are unique and a great change of pace.

  11. oh how pretty!

  12. One thing I love more than anything is writing people cards, these are adorable. Love them! Great find.

  13. snail mail is the best,the first card is pretty enough to be framed.

  14. they remind me of those little wooden blocks at primary school.. they had that lovely wood smell like lots of things from school as I remember.. the second one makes me think of the little taped crosses on my concrete wall ;)

  15. Oh I was just looking at that first card on etsy, so pretty!


  16. very pretty. nothing beats good old fashion mail :)

  17. Both are really pretty! I seem to be unable to walk past unique looking cards without buying them and then bombard my friends with them :) Good way to substitute a short “just to say hello”-text message!

  18. These are too pretty. I so need to send personal notes more often….

  19. The former pattern is a favourite quilt pattern of mine to make! Love these :)

  20. Especially the first one. It would be such a joy to get a pretty card like that:) Happy Friday!

  21. Yet another reason I need to bring back letter writing!


  22. I love unique cards of any kind! I myself am addicted to Thank you cards. These patterns are wonderful. I think they are very pretty.

  23. Love the first one! Cute!