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  2. Holy awesome!! I Love the llama!!

  3. that llama font may be the best thing I have ever seen…

  4. lalalalove the icons! Getting them!

  5. I love the LLAMA font! It brought a smile into my morning…thanks

  6. Thank you so much. And for the record, I have a llama icon in my set. I’m already working on a 2nd version plus a font version.

  7. The Llama font just maybe the BEST thing I have EVER seem! Ever

  8. This is a very useful website and worth to check with. I am in the midst of revamping my blog design,. Thanks Jo.

  9. I think this completes my life. I would attempt to write all blog entries and grocery lists with this font, but I might not get anything done because it is just too amusing to play with! Thank you so much for showcasing it! Mind blown.

  10. Love the llama font, he has some very interesting moves ha ha xx

  11. OMG llama font. Priceless. I’m SO tempted to write all my work emails in this today. It looks totally professional, right??? :)

  12. Thank you, I am going to use this for the website I’m building!!


  13. brilliant!You made my day!:))

  14. Cute site! There are websites that give you fonts using people. Kinda like in yoga poses. Very cute!

  15. hello sweets!! these are so cute! you have such a good eye :)
    love you!

  16. Haha! That’s so cute. I didn’t even realize the letters were llamas until you mentioned something about him being flexible, then I had to do a double take. I was like, “Flexible?…what?”

  17. Cracking up at the llama font! My family owns alpacas, so I promptly sent the link over to them.

  18. Cute Cute!
    (and totally hilarious)

  19. A ha ha – llamas. I live next door to an alpaca farm, I’ve got to get this for my neighbor!!

  20. Haha that buffalo font is glorious!!!! I’ve been sending my husband messages in it all day:)


  21. Love both of these things! So glad I’m not the only person who totally nerds out about this kind of stuff.

  22. what a cool idea

  23. oooh! i’m working on building an affordable service for business cards, invites, etc., so this is quite appropriate! thanks for sharing!

  24. Haha, I’ve been giggling at the llama font for the last 5 minutes! He’s so bendy! xxx

  25. I wish I had a reason to llama font every day of the week! Maybe I’ll have to get it just to write words with it! Can you imagine what my life will turn into?

  26. Thanks Joanna! Those hand drawn icons are sooo fun! I want! xoxo

  27. Oooh, those icons are adorable! I love the idea of going back to handmade in an increasingly digital environment…


  28. okay, so i am addicted with the llama font site. so much fun i can’t stop giggling! thanks for sharing, i’ll have to post this soon and keep sharing the laughs.

  29. Anonymous says...

    I love all typography posts – some fonts are so amazing.

  30. great site.
    love it.
    anymore blog designers you would recommend?
    I would love to get a simple, yet hip look for my blogs.

  31. That font is brilliant!

  32. that llama font may be the best thing I have ever seen…

  33. hahaha! llama font! oh geez… ;)that makes me think of the emperor’s new groove (best cartoon ever!).

  34. I love it! So creative and funny!

    -Forever Lovely


  35. ok that font is pretty amazing!!

    i’m in the process of doing a blog makeover. i had someone make me fox print link buttons but i think i need more variety

  36. More importantly – would it be inappropriate to write a work email in llama font? Loves it!


  37. that llama font made my day!! just shared it with my sis-in-law (she’s a peru-phile… ha)

  38. Perfect pixels never do! What great links!

  39. OMG Llama!!!

    I love.

  40. omg so funny!