Thursday giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from Meg Moorhouse of Love & Victory, a beautiful jewelry and design studio based in Brooklyn. She’s offering a custom sterling silver silhouette necklace. You send her a photo of your loved one, and she’ll create a one-of-a-kind charm. Aren’t they gorgeous? (And they’d be perfect for Mother’s Day!)

For a chance to win, visit Love & Victory and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck!

Update: Claire K. is our lucky winner. Thanks for playing. xo

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  2. Thanks for sharing it!!this is the perfect mother’s day gift!

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  4. These are soooo beautiful. The perfect Mother’s Day gift!!!!

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  6. The beauty of the charms will look great on my neckclace. hehe…

  7. These would make for a sweet Mother’s Day present!

  8. I’ve wanted one of these for the longest time! The glass decanter set “His / Hers / Ours” is beautiful too. Fingers crossed!

  9. The letter word in the charms are lovely.


  10. SO so adorable. Would love to win and have one made for my momma.

  11. Wow, these are so gorgeous. She is one talented lady.

  12. My baby is due August 8th. This sure would be special to win!

  13. That is just beautiful! I’d love to have one of my son.

  14. Beautiful and so personal! Love!

  15. Anonymous says...

    I would love to give one to my mom, she’s the best. mrs.allisonpage(at)gmail(dot)com

  16. i have a loved one. So much love everywhere.

  17. Precious!!

  18. Fabulous Give Away. Thank you!

  19. would love to send one of my new baby to my mother

  20. so beautiful – the baby name rings are also so sweet!

  21. So cute! I love it!

  22. Darling ideas.

  23. So cute. I’d buy a second–so I could have one for each of my daughters.

  24. so cute, I love silhouettes! Darling in necklace form!

  25. ryan says...

    I would love to win this! My daughter will be two in July and I’d love to have a silhouette of her at this age.

  26. love!

  27. perfect for mother’s day!

  28. I want to get these even if I don’t win, they are precious!

  29. if she makes one for me, she’ll have to make the cheeks extra round! my lil lady has got some massive cheeks!

  30. I would love to have one!

  31. Wow! love these are absolutely adorable! the silhouette charms are gorgeous!

  32. Beautiful :)

  33. I love it! Beautiful.

  34. Nicole P. says...


  35. mary says...

    thank you ! what a beautiful idea; i’m saving the link, just in case i don’t win :)
    mhy_ @

  36. Just so simple yet beautiful!

  37. beautiful! i’d love one from my little boy! :)

  38. This is so beautiful!
    Love it!

  39. this is beautiful :) i would love one!

  40. Just simply delightful!

  41. e says...

    yes please!

  42. These are so great! I would love one with the silhouette of my new baby who is all cheeks!

  43. I would love one of these, my grandmother has a matching bracelet that I’ve always loved!

  44. This is beautiful!! Last year I did custom silhouettes of my husband, myself and my daughter last year and this is a beautiful reminder of her little face!

  45. oh this would be the most perfect gift ever!!

  46. dc says...

    Hope it’s not to late, I’d love to send this to someone near and dear to me who lost her son on March 6th.

  47. so lovely I would absolutely love one.
    What a great idea for a necklace

  48. woooo how unique!!! would love this.. :)

  49. Kathryn says...

    Beautiful. Special. Just right!

  50. sooo pretttyyy! can I get one with my dog’s silhouette?

  51. Michaela Watson says...

    Oh, I LOVE this! How beautiful!!!

  52. omg! this is the perfect gift for my pregnant sister! i love it! thanks for sharing :)

  53. Too cute!!! Would love to get this for my sister’s first mother’s day.

  54. so beautiful, i love them!

  55. This is such a cool original idea!! Love it!

  56. Gorgeous!! Perfect for Mother’s Day!

  57. Absolutely beautiful!

  58. lovely

  59. those are incredible!

  60. what a PERFECT mother’s day gift!

  61. Ah so sweet!

  62. gorgeous. I would love to wear this.

  63. too cute

  64. Beautiful :)

  65. eeekkk! love love love this!

  66. This would make my life! So adorable!

  67. Beautiful stuff. Love the engraved baby rings!

  68. I love them. They are gorgeous necklaces! She has beautiful jewerly.

  69. I like the baby name rings!

  70. precious, i would wear that everyday.

  71. dervla Kelly says...

    wow, even if i don’t win i think i’ll buy this … beautiful

  72. These are fabulous!

  73. My boyfriend lives 1,500 miles away. I would love to have his silhouette around my neck everyday!

  74. Would wear this daily!

  75. i am sending this link to my hubby in the hopes of a sweet mother’s day gift!! thanks for sharing!

  76. I absolutely love these!

  77. These are amazing!!!!
    Irene (

  78. adorable! that would be perfect for mother’s day.

  79. I am coming to my first mother’s day, i would love this!

  80. What an adorable charm! I love it!

  81. Love this, it’d be a great gift for my mom for Mother’s Day

  82. This would be the greatest Mother’s Day present ever!

  83. me please! hahah:)

  84. What a sweet idea!

  85. Beautiful! I’d love to make one for my mother!

  86. This is so beautiful! I would love this necklace!