1. They are so pretty! Totally need to try those:) Thanks

  2. YES I am completely obsessed with nail stickers. I love the Sephora by OPI Trend Tips – they have really fun designs and stay chip-free for almost 2 weeks. Totally amazing!

  3. Fun, fun!! I love sparkly…

  4. Fun, fun!! I love sparkly…

  5. I love this! I’m so obsessed with flitter (my nails are currently pink glitter) but it’s such a hassle to reapply coats and hope it dries before I smudge it. I will definitely try these!

  6. Wow, this nail polish is great for my bridal shower. Is there one in silver?

  7. Anonymous says...

    The ones from Inque Nails also get awesome reviews – I’m dying to try those, too!

  8. A girl I work with was wearing these the same day you posted about them- they’re AMAZZZZING. I’m totally trying them this weekend.

  9. i have tried the pink sparkly ones and they are pretty great! they peeled my nails a lot though when it was time to take them off :( and rumor has it the solid colors suck, they apparently stick to any/every ridge you have in your nails and look bad :( they also chip faster than the ones with design/sparkles in them

  10. My friend and I spotted this girl with leopard print nails at a salon, and she said they were these SH strips! They looked so cool, and I have been meaning to try them out. I think I will now. I <3 the gold sparkles!

  11. Sparkles, I can’t wait to get some gold bling on my fingers.

  12. a tip to get any glitter nail polish off is to cut squares of felt, soak in nail polish remover and remove polish. it works better than cotton balls!

    and love the strips, but they still chip like reg nail polish (i’m constantly using my hands), but if you put a topcoat on every other day, you’re gold.


  13. my friend sent me these exact nail stickers! they lasted me about a week and a couple days, which is good, the sparkly, shiny gold got so many compliments too! they were fun…..i would try another color!!



  14. My sister bought these in leopard print and loved them. They said on perfectly for over 2 weeks!

  15. The Minx metal ones are even cooler

  16. I just put on the “misbehaved” ones and i am IN LOVE. they look so perfect, I hope they last! Not to overstate these but I think they just changed the life of my nails forever!

  17. I’m going to have to try these! I was just complaining today about how much I hate having to take my nail polish off and it doesn’t last long enough,…blah, blah. This sounds much easier!

  18. LOVE those Sally Hansen nail strips!!! Love them :))

  19. That nail color is beautiful. I love that its gold and sparkly.

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  20. I just used the leopard print one and every time I look down at them they make me so happy. Next I think I’m going to try the bright colorful flowery one!

  21. Haha, these are all the rage in my office right now. I love the leopard ones and have you seen the zebra ones? They are soooo cute — I might have to get some for myself.

  22. I recently painted my nails that wonderful glittery gold…it took me for.ev.er. I wish I had known about these wonderful things!

  23. I have seen those but never tried them ! Now I will have to try…they are so cute.


  24. I’ve heard of these but have not seen them on until now! Definitely adding them to my shopping list!

  25. yes, spearmint baby, way cheaper than a pedicure!!

  26. Thank you so much for posting, I will definitely have to go in search of this! =)

  27. amazing! i need these for my toes with the sandal weather on its way! thanks so much for sharing this :))

  28. Rachel Leamon says...

    These are amazing! I’m getting some asap.

  29. I’ve been using those nail strips for a couple months now. I’m completely addicted.
    I love the glitter, even the rainbow glitter one :) It ends up being cheaper than a manicure & last longer. love.

  30. i’ve been seeing these around on other blogs too… i’m dying to try them! but i live in spain right now and there’s no such thing as sally hansen here. anyone know how they compare to the sephora brand stickers?


  31. tsuki, i love the denim. you’ll have to wear it on weekends:) and angel, i bet you could wear these without chipping!!

  32. I hate seeing pretty nail polish! As an athlete, I can never keep color without it chipping. I’m so jealous of the people who get to where this sparkly goodness!

  33. I will have to try these out! I hate how my nail polish always smudges when I put it on, because I am too impatient to wait for it to dry!

    I have gold nail polish like this too, but it doesn’t go on as beautifully as this…thanks for the tip!

  34. I agree. These are rather fabulous.

  35. I just posted this on my blog today. They are the best invention ever…esp. for moms. I’ve gotten more compliments! $10 baby!

  36. I just took these off my nails and LOVED them. I seriously got compliments everywhere! I would also recommend putting clear polish over them, as if you don’t they tend to peel up.


  37. so glad you posted this! I love glittery nail polish like this, but it takes SO long to remove. I had seen those strips but wondered how legit they were? Now I know it can work :)

  38. no way jose! are they expensive?

  39. I just started seeing these everywhere, recently! I bought the blue glitter but I haven’t used them yet. Almost broke down and bought they lacy black and the denim. but our company just put out a new “no bright nails” policy

    totally rained on my polish parade! :(

  40. I’ve been seeing these around, and I love the idea! I think I may have to try them out. Soo pretty!

  41. I have been wanting to try these for so long!

  42. GAH! How have I never heard of these before?!
    I love having painted nails, but mine usually chip after one day! Going to Target tonight to pick some up…

  43. I just bought a pack of the champagne color! The kit has been sitting on my counter, but you have motivated me to try them out!

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  45. It seems like they would be especially perfect for a glittery look–since glitter polish can be so stinking hard to get off your nails. Thanks for sharing–I was wondering how they actually looked ON.

  46. I never liked gold for some reason but lately I’ve started to wear gold jewellery. These nails are stunning and the whole nail strip idea sounds like salvation for a klutz like me :)

  47. I have these sally hanson nail stickers on my toes right now! The ones for nails are big enough to fit my toe nails. They are super cute and I have received several complements on them! Sally’s are much easier to use than the OPI ones at sephora…

  48. i have always wanted to try these but didn’t know how the y looked -these look PERFECT! thanks for sharing now i must go get the gold

  49. those are so awesome!

  50. Stickers??? Shut Up!!! I need these in my life so much :)

  51. lovely glittering gold! I wold feel like treasure :)

  52. TOTALLY obsessed. Lunch hour and on my way to get my nails done, I will keep this in mind when I got to Duane Reed! Awesome!


  53. “are” = “and”… that’ll teach me not to proof read :)

  54. i’ve used these are they’re so amazing! they stay on for like 2 weeks! so totally worth it :)

  55. How cool! Did you see they have a skinny jeans one?! Will have to try this out today!!

  56. I am a massive klutz and always end up smudging or denting my nails… much to the dismay of my mom who was once a nail tech. These are amazing! Who would have thought that stickers could look so good. I will definitely have to try them out!


  57. I currently have “kitty kitty” (the leopard ones) on my nails, and they are the best. One week and still going strong, so many compliments, and they make me happy every time I look down at them :)

  58. They look great! I’ve seen others create a similar effect using gold filigree and clear nail polish! This might be an easier way.

  59. so gorgeous! and no smudge! and no pain in the bum when trying to remove the last few sparkles off the nails!

  60. maggie says...


  61. I just used the color sparkle salley hansen stickers and I LOVED THEM. but getting them off is a pain in the ass, I had to soak my fingers in nail polish remover to get them off and I still have random sparkles that won’t come off.

  62. awesome! I need some glamor on my nails.

  63. I would have never guessed it!
    How much does something like this run???
    Does the glitter rub off any?
    I will like to have something like this done for my Cinco de Mayo party :)

    Best Wishes!
    Mod Human Vintage

  64. I adore these, I use them all the time at work, It means I can give an actress or model the perfect manicure and they can get straight into costume or go onset with no worries of smudges or stains on clothes, I wish I had thought of them!

  65. Oh my goodness, those are gorgeous! I’m obsessed! The last time I had a manicure I had some fabulous opi sparkly polish painted on as a top coat. I was in love with it, but eventually, like all great manicures it had to come off… Perhaps these nail strips are in my future! Ooh, I love them!


  66. good to know, thea, thank you!! i love the flower ones and the leopard print ones, so fun.

  67. Love the glitter ! I used to use the ones by avon years ago !! I will have to try the ones by Sally now !

  68. I used the glitter ones, and removing them (with polish remover) was incredibly hard. It stripped the pigment from the glitter and I had to really work to get the glitter off -sort of like how its hard to get regular glitter polish off, but I think it was even harder. I gave up after awhile and started peeling it off by hand.
    they are great for when you need an instant manicure with no drying and dont care about the removal process…

  69. EEEK! I read about these nail stickers this past week, I’ve been debating whether I should get them or not. After reading this post/a few comments, I’m definitely purchasing them asap! Too cute!


  70. i have used these , ireally love them. the only complaint is if you have leftovers in the box, they lose their stickiness! and they are $10 a box, so it is basically like buying a maincure! they look fab though

    <3 steffy
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  71. This sounds soooo much better than 12 coats of sparkle polish to get the same look.
    And let me tell you, your nails will not be happy after 12 coats of polish. :/

  72. I saw a girl wearing theh oundstooth patterned ones the other day. They looked really cute! She said they last as long as a manicure usually does, too.

  73. Oh my God!! Genius. I had no idea there were nail stickers. On a mission, now, to get some TODAY! :)

  74. Gorgeous! I love that little dose of sparkle!

  75. These things are fantastic!

  76. I wish they had something like this for a french manicure. Sally Hansen’s french kit is anything but easy. I successfully painted one pinky!

  77. oh, yes, morgan and anna, i’ve heard that if you remove them with nail polish remover, your nails are fine! xo

  78. haha, katherine, well put. and they last 10 days.

  79. These are awesome! I’ve been playing with them the last couple months and love how easy they are. I’m a makeup artist and constantly bang up my manicures, but they stay perfect for nearly 2 weeks.
    As someone commented though, they do kind of tear up your nails upon removal. My nails are weak anyway though so I don’t care. Plus I’m a picker, maybe they’d fare better removing with actual remover and not my method of peeling. :)

  80. genius. i am always chipping my nails within 10 minutes of painting them. p.s. i want the denin!

  81. Welcome to the future: We may not have flying cars but we have nail polish stickers. Best. invention. ever.

  82. That’s like the perfect shade of gold! How long do those stickers usually last once applied?

  83. So pretty! I have always been especially terrible at painting my own nails; this seems like a great solution!

  84. no drying time?! count me in!

  85. Amazing! As someone who can’t paint their nails without making a mess of it they’d be perfect for me :)

  86. what sticker polish, i need to get out more! i want!! so pretty, i think if these where my fingers i would just stare at them all day and not get anything done: )

  87. I’ve seen these before and they seem like an awesome idea but I’ve heard they rip your nails up when you try to take them off.

  88. I am right handed and can never manage to paint my right hand very nicely…this could be the perfect solution.

  89. did you see the DENIM color, too??? they look like dark-wash jeans. AMAZING!

  90. nicole, that is so good to know!!! i can’t wait to try them!!!

  91. They are so pretty! Totally need to try those:) Thanks

  92. I just started wearing these, and they are MAGICAL. I will never paint my nails again.