Have a sexy weekend.

My lovelies, what are you doing this weekend? Alex’s mom and sister are coming into town for a week, and we’re going to show off all of Toby’s new tricks, including…crawling! (He finally did it!) Alex and I are also excited to sneak off for a bike ride because we’re getting seriously rusty and are in dire need of some leg-stretching. What about you guys? Any fun plans? Meanwhile, here are a few fun posts from around the web….

An ode to Tina Fey.

Norway is officially rad.

Loving these red pants. (How cute is Anna in her yellow ones?)

Sweet sleeping lion. (He looks like a puppy.)

Homemade Girl Scout cookies.

Boyfriend jeans done just right.

The funniest kids’ quotes.

Remember this Swedish cutie? Well, check out these tights!

Italic poster.

Sea otters are too sweet! (They remind me of this married couple.)

These dishy dish towels cracked me up. (Via DesignCrush)

A few additions to my spring wish list. (So many pretty things out there!)

And a video about how to fix up your bike for the summer.

Plus, three Cup of Jo posts you might have missed:
* 10 best documentaries.
* Wedding ponytail.
* Bedroom makeover.

Have a good one! xoxo

(Photo of our hero Mick Jagger)

  1. Love the quotes from kids and the Tina Fey slideshow!

  2. Those dish towels are too funny! And so true – those “dishes” would be a lot more fun!

  3. Significant otters!

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  5. I love that you have Jagger to inspire the Sexy Weekend post. I have had a mojor crush on him since I was a tiny little girl. Funny thing is I was born in ’88. I used to hang posters of him all over my room in high school. Total time warp. My friends thought I was crazy.

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  6. aren’t those dish towels fantastic?! hope you had a rad weekend. xo

  7. He was so young!
    My weekend was really nice, took the first swim of the year.

  8. Wow! Love your blog so much:)

    Nice image of MIck in there ♥

  9. Anonymous says...


  10. stella says...

    haha i never thought ripped up tights would become the style…lol a little too messy for me i think.
    i really like your wishlist on beso though! also thank you so much for posting about the matchbook magazine a couple months ago — it’s awesome!

  11. says...

    I’ll have that beer…

  12. that bike video is just what I need!

  13. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  14. My Mum used to do this to my hair as a kid all the time. She would use ribbon.Thanks for a little trip down memory lane. Jade x

  15. I’m watching Morning Glory and wondering if people tell you that you look like Rachel McAdams? I think you do. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  16. I’m mostly working this weekend, but tonight I’ll check out a dj night where locals can turn out and do 30min sets. And after brunch tomorrow, there will be a couple of hours of street photography seeing as the weather will be nice.

    Enjoy your weekend. And thanks for babyfaced Mick.

  17. Joanna, I purchased the French Connection Stripe Dress and adore it, thanks so much for the post! Have a great bike ride and a lovely weekend!

  18. Thanks for the link to the recipe for the homemade girl scout cookies. So yummy!

  19. Great weekend to you! Licking the Sun in Marbella. It is hot, great list:)

  20. I love your link posts! So much fun. Sometimes if I’m in a rush I save them up for Sunday afternoon :)

  21. Great photo! I always enjoy reading your blog, but it makes me want to go out and shop! ~ Photo Huntress

  22. That picture of Mick….oh my.

  23. kerry, good to know!! they must be so cute on your wall!

  24. haha, hayley :) i just liked it….no plans for maternity dresses anytime soon :)

  25. we’re going to the 40 years of jazz at harvard celebration at the amazing sanders theater. cannot wait, and dinner before! have fun on your bike ride around new york ;)

  26. Thanks for this great roundup! It’s a real community service. I’m looking forward to trying the homemade Girl Scout cookies especially. Also the bike fix up video was very helpful. : )

  27. How come there’s a maternity dress on your wish list?

  28. Hi, I just found your blog and love reading about things around town! I hear it’s going to be a nice weekend in NYC so I’m going to walk around and take it all in. -Amy

  29. so many great links here! But I got stuck on those worn down tights. I don’t know… I’m not sure, but I just don’t think that’s a good idea. I can just feel that this is going to nag at me…

  30. ooh la la… he is très SEXY!!!

  31. I’m going on a second date with a guy this weekend!

    Fun links.

  32. Well Jo, my Friday night just ended and it might have been the worst Friday night in college I have ever experienced. But on a lighter note, lovely links.

  33. KerryB. says...

    I own the beaker vase on your wish-list (4 of them, in fact), and I absolutely LOVE them! They’re wicked sturdy, and look great on my walls!!

  34. lilbee, no!!! but i want to!!! i might have to invite myself over. and mary, that is so cute about your little one! toby is sooooo slow but he’ll make it happen if you put a remote control or camera in front of him :)

  35. caroline, i had that exact same thought. :)

  36. my little boy just started to crawl, too! i think he’s just a week or so younger than toby. isn’t is adorable? i love hearing his rather uncoordinated knees thumping down the hallway after me. so precious. happy weekend!

  37. I always love your Friday posts because it allows me to find all sorts of fun new websites!!

    I would love for you to stop by my blog I write with my two sisters. We like to write about the makings of small town life and all the charms that go along with it. We love what you write and would be so happy to see you over on ours.


  38. I love the girl on the bike tune up video! She’s so cool. I wish she was my friend! :)

  39. I’m going to be digging in my little 6’x4′ urban garden. So excited! I have 22 different veggies to get in the ground.

  40. I feel like you love Mick Jagger (the younger Mick, especially!) as much as I do. Did you ever see the photo we have of him riding a motorcycle in the 60s/70s? It’s in our living room and it is beyond awesome!!
    Those braids below are so pretty.
    Have a great wknd…yay Toby!

  41. love the red pants!!!

  42. a ranch full of sheep = amazing!! and thanks, erica and anna, for the tips!

  43. your weekends all sounds so fun. (and will do, jen!!)

  44. I hope YOU have a sexy and awesome weekend! I’m off to cook dinner, see The Dodos live, grab some fresh vegetables at the farmer’s market, see a friend’s play, watch a sunset and sleep in! The last being the most important, obvi. ;)

  45. I love that polka dot dress from Anthro on your wish list. I was hoping they would have it in a gold and yellow, because I’m in a friend’s wedding come late June. If you stumble across any cute, mustard dresses that would fit the backyard wedding style, please post!

  46. I LOVE young mick jagger! Yesssssss.

  47. I’m enjoying probably the last weekend of sunshine in Melbourne, Australia, for the season – we’re heading well into Autumn, now! School holidays just started (I’m a teacher) and now I have two weeks to enjoy life and relax! Can’t wait!

    Also, I checked out your Beso shopping list – you MUST get a Mason Pearson hair brush! It does wonders for my long, straight, fine hair and the quality of it is definitely worth the price. You won’t regret it!

  48. Have a great weekend! I’m off to Woodbury Commons tomorrow! It’s time to escape the city and it’s gloomy weather and get some retail therapy!

  49. Gosh, I always love the things you post!

    I just came across a new clothing line and thought you might enjoy it as well, so I wanted to pass it along! I found it through another site, here:

    I hope you like it and have a fabulous weekend!

  50. that lion photo is precious. Makes me want one for a pet, but I don’t think that would work out very well on a ranch full of sheep. :/
    Happy weekend to you too!

  51. We’re heading off to the ‘Virtual’ Bahamas tonight! ^_^ “Date Night”!!!

  52. A quiet weekend here in Maine- we’re really looking forward to it! Hope your weekend is fabulous with that sweet Toby and family.

  53. Oh my, I m-u-s-t make those tagalongs! Have a beautiful weekend Joanna! xoxo Jane

  54. Thanks for including my cookies in the round-up! And congrats on the crawling critter, better start baby-proofing : ) Have a great weekend!

  55. Oooo a bike ride sounds nice! Hope there’s some beautiful scenery to accompany you! Love the Liz Lemon link… she’s almost too funny. If that’s even possible.

  56. Those Baggu bags – <3

    Great Friday post – as always!!!

    Happy weekend to you!

  57. I am also going for a bike ride, or as my Ava says, a ‘bicula’ ride.
    And I LOVE that picture of Mick, I have always been a fan.