Have a beautiful weekend.

My darlings, what are your plans for the weekend? Alex and I are going out to a neighborhood French restaurant tomorrow and I’m thinking about wearing false eyelashes just for fun. Have you ever worn them? (Any tips?) Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few great posts from around the web…

Update: This. (Genius.)

Beautiful Royal Wedding photo. (How gorgeous was Pippa’s dress?)

And a funny flowchart.

Ominous Manhattan weather this week.

New York City gets made under.

April showers.

Wedding sparkles.

All kinds of stripes.

Magritte coat hangers.

Aren’t you glad this isn’t your to-do list?

Basket backpack. (Jane Birkin would have approved.)

Adorable spring collection.

Three guys living in IKEA.

Pretty in pink.

Finally! A truly friendly bike shop in NYC.

Plus, three Cup of Jo posts you might have missed:
* Seahorse tails.
* How to look confident.
* Sea-salt brownies.

Have a good one, my lovelies! xoxo

(Photo by Sweet Eventide, via Poppytalk)

  1. fantastic flowers… This is really beautiful weekend… Thanks for this great blog.

  2. those flowers are gorgeous.. I think that’s what I’ll do this weekend.. get some of those.

  3. those flowers are gorgeous.. I think that’s what I’ll do this weekend.. get some of those.

  4. I have a question: does blue roses exists ? I have this doubt since I was young.

  5. Thank you for blogging my photo, I’m sad that I didn’t see it back then! I’m totally honored that you shared it with your readers. :)

  6. hihi, the IKEA guys just made my day :)

  7. OMG… the Ikea one is hysterically funny and creative…


  8. Jane says...

    Hi Joanna!

    Thanks for the Mother’s Day gift guide…that particular nail polish by Butter is my absolute fave, I wear it all the time.
    Did you end up wearing the lashes?! Would love to know how they turned out!!! Hope you had a fun evening with your husband!

  9. oh, that basket backpack… if it only had a lid, i’d already have clicked “purchase.”

    did you make the mcvities cake? i did, and holy cow, it is delicious. i believe it will become an annual april 29 tradition in our house.

  10. Juultje says...

    Hi Joanna,

    I really love your blog and i was wondering if maybe you could do a beauty post someday? Because i have the same complexion as you and nowadays i’m really struggling to make it work! ;)
    So please, please do a beauty routine post!
    Greetings from the Netherlands,


  11. What about the bike show???

  12. So many fun links in this post. I LOVE that collection by Mabo. Hope you have a nice weekend, too!

    p.s. my word verification: pubeflag

  13. Love your blog. 3x cute :)

  14. Joanna! We met today in a bodega on bleecker–I hope we didn’t invade your Sunday. I should have told you that when I started reading your blog, we were almost done planning our honeymoon in greece, and that after seeing your entries we changed our santorini hotel to the astra apartments. We’re so pumped!! Thanks for your great blog.

    May alston

  15. what happened with the false eyelashes? i am attending a wedding in a month and am thinking of wearing them as well. but i am so nervous they will come off while i am dancing or something! and then it would be a real disaster!

  16. hahaha, the three guys living in ikea series is HILARIOUS! thanks for sharing :)

  17. I wear the singles (actually a few lashes) rather then a big one. I can never get then big ones to curve right. Make a drop of glue, dip the end in holding the lashes w tweezers, push into lash line and gently tap it in further with the opposite ends of the tweezers(tweezerman are curved). I put about three near the end of each eye…get tons of compliments. I curl my natural lashes BEFORE putting on the false, if you curl after the false curl too much and it’s more of a bend. I’ve done it this way for several people and they all love it. You can’t even feel them another bonus as I hate feeling them all night .

  18. I love your blog. Therefore, I love you.



  19. What a beautiful collection you have this week Jo! Have the most wonderful weekend. And I love your idea about wearing false eyelashes to a French restaurant (it’s fun to make effort on little details, just because). My top tip is to squeeze a little glue onto a hard surface (ie. the plastic case the lashes come in) and wait a few minutes for it to go a bit tacky (ie. while you’re doing the rest of your makeup), then dab the lashes into this glue and just stick them straight on (don’t be tentative or it will only make it harder).

    Miss B xx

  20. love the photo
    so beautiful
    have an amazing weekend :)

    daily new inspirational post @

  21. I keep an extra set of false eyelashes in my bathroom just for special occasions. I don’t know why I don’t wear them more often. They are especially great to wear out around people you see often because they just can’t really figure out what it is about you that is different.

    Yes, the glue and getting them on can be a little weird..but they are just like anything else, once you get use to them and getting them on they are like 2nd hand…kind of.

  22. Thanks Joanna for the link!!! Love your blog.

  23. Anonymous says...

    Love the wedding sparkles. :)

  24. I have used DUO for false eyelashes too. I just Googled a video on how to apply. I love the look they give. Also, re: Pippa’s dress: it was FABULOUS, and as my mother would say, “Those Middleton girls are about as big as a minute!” That’s a compliment.

  25. I don’t really like false eyelashes because whenever I wear them, I always worry if they look natural or not. Or if they’re going to fall down or not. It’s just to stressing for me :) It’s much better to invest in a new mascara.

    Greetings from Poland
    Monika D

  26. fantastic flowers… This is really beautiful weekend… Thanks for this great blog.

  27. I use false lashes all the time and have two tips:
    1. Use the individual lashes… They look more natural than the big strip
    2. Use DUO lash glue. It keeps your lashes in place but can be removed with water. The other glues can stay in place for A LONG time and can rip your natural lashes out if you try to pull off frayed fakes… OUCH!
    (lashes and DUO available at Target or drugstores)
    Have fun!

  28. Especially love the guys living in Ikea. What a good idea! And the to-do list…wow.

  29. So many good links! The royal wedding ones are hilarious. That to-do list is amazing. And now I’m addicted to elephantine and wit+delight, thanks for the recommendations! I always know I count on your taste. Also, I’ve only ever worn false eyelashes on stage, to be honest I’ve never even thought of wearing them in real life! Sounds like a fun date night!

  30. Anonymous says...

    Wait until the glue is tacky. Place the CENTER FIRST, then lay down the ends. It’s way easier and then there’s no tugging because you put them on crooked. Once they’re onm apply mascara. It’ll bind your real lashes to the fake ones so that it looks less like a strip of hair and more like your lashes are huge and dramatic!

  31. Check out those cool bike helmets at the bike shop! I would love to see you promote wearing a helmet….most photos of you with your bike doesn’t show one! My dad had a serious head injury on his bike and so I’m pro helmet. I love your blog. :)

  32. thanks for the link love, joanna! hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  33. thank you, hollie! everyone has so many great tips. excited to try it out tonite!

  34. love the picture jo :) i’ve ever worn lashes and frankly speaking it didn’t feel comfortable at all. i dunno perhaps it’s because the make-up artist put too much glue on it :( it seemed that my eyes couldn’t be opened. don’t put too much glue and ask someone to put those lashes for you. have a great weekend Jo. warm greeting from Indonesia xoxo

  35. I want to be friends with those IKEA guys. Very funny.

  36. I wore fake eyelashes for my wedding. Just the individual lashes with a few glued on the outer tips of the eyes so as not to look too overly dramatic. Watch out though because they can last a day or so with some falling off here and there and well, it’s not really the best look ;0)

  37. You should try Kiss lashes with strings on the side! You apply the glue and then hold on the strings and it helps the lash stay taut and apply evenly. The strings unravel once the lashes are in place.

  38. i love wearing fake eye lashes. unless you’re using individual lashes, you should try cutting the lashes to fit your eye. they always come too long!

  39. Oh i’ve been dying to try fake eyelashes out! (but i’m worried my glasses will just smoosh them…)

    Please let us know how they go! : )

  40. i love fake eyelashes. wear them all the time. just don’t try to apply them after drinking too many glasses of wine, that’s my only tip. not that i know from experience…. ;)

  41. I adore those flowers! Tonight I am doing a photo shoot in the park with one of my favorite photographers. Then heading over to listen to some live Hawaiian music. Then celebrating my 7th wedding anniversary. It’s going to be an awesome weekend!

  42. those flowers are gorgeous.. I think that’s what I’ll do this weekend.. get some of those.

  43. I think Pippa’s dress stole the show. She has the figure to carry it off too. The Middleton girls are so gorgeous! I think the world over has really enjoyed this fairytale romance!

  44. balletmom says...

    My son just studied Magritte in his Jr Kindy class. He was so excited to see these cool hangers. Always enjoy reading your posts

  45. It’s always fun having excuses to get extra fancy :) I’m going to the tulip festival outside of Portland (OR) this weekend and can’t wait to see the fields of gorgeous flowers. Have fun with your hubs and eyelashes!

  46. oh, I am obsessed with Will and Kate. Two days ago I thought I didn’t care one bit. Turns out I do!

  47. Joanna interesting that you mentioned false lashes, I just got some to try as well so I will watch for the tips.

    Whenever I am up late I watch Ghost Whisperers and love her lashes, she is a doll to begin with of course!

    Art by Karena

    Last few days to Come and enter my very Fashionable Giveaway from the French Basketeer!

  48. i have only worn those bad boys for theatrical purposes. perhaps i should try them too on a dinner outing. i’m inspired. done.

  49. Have a fun weekend! When wearing false eyelashes the key to having them stay put is to apply them when the glue is tacky. Put the glue on the lashes, wait a few seconds, and when the glue goes from shiny to matte it’s ready to apply. Also, it helps to hold them in the center of the lashes when you place them on. Good luck and hope to see pictures!

  50. I love wearing lashes! They always add that little bit of drama to a look. I agree with Hilary Nicole, trimming them is the first step. Then round the out a bit with your fingers to imitate the shape of your eye lid. Apply the glue and let it sit for 45 – 60 seconds.

    Enjoy your dinner date! Me and the mister are heading to a birthday dinner with home-made mole and tres leches cake on the menu!!

    xoxoxox h

  51. Yay! Love your Friday posts :) I suggest you have someone help you put the lashes on. It can get messy with the glue if you don’t do it right. Also, make sure to trim them before you put them on. I did it wrong the 1st time and almost glued my eye shut. haha It will feel a little weird but go with it. Either way, I’m sure you will look great :) Happy Weekend!

  52. Me and my boyfriend are on our way to NYC in a few hours! Hoping the weather is decent!

  53. Awww..those flowers are so charming! Totally agree, Pippa looked stunning in her dress! The whole family (including the queen in her yellow coat) looked so fancy:) What a great day it was:) Have a fantastic weekend and a fun time in the French restaurant! Kisses, Joanna

  54. Beautiful photo. Have fun at dinner tonight! Good luck with the lashes:) Never tried ’em myself. Have a great weekend!

  55. Hasn’t the weather here been crazypants? Have a lovely weekend + wear those falsies lady {just beware of too much glue!}. xo Lola

  56. Hi Joanna, I would recommend applying the glue with a toothpick and wait a few seconds before putting the lashes on, for some reason it helps :). I also cut mine in half to make them look more natural. Have a great weekend!

    XO Hilary Nicole