Cheese Pairings

My lovelies, here’s our third (and final) cheese tutorial! If you’re planning a romantic night at home, or a fun evening with friends, here are three cheese + drink pairings that will knock your socks off…

The stinky French cow’s milk cheese Langres comes in a wooden container. The traditional way to eat it is to pour Champagne into the little dip (or “fountain”) on the top of the cheese — which makes it effervescent and delicious! (Confession: We used Prosecco to save some coin, but it was still fabulous.)

There are two types of people in the world: Those who love smoky flavors, and those who hate them. (Which are you?) This smoked goat cheese, Up in Smoke, packs a major punch–and almost tastes like bacon! The award-winning cheese is bright, tangy and smoky, since it’s wrapped in smoked maple leaves spritzed with bourbon. Double the intensity by pairing it with a really smoky beer. (Alex was obsessed with this combo.)

I never drink coffee (which is ironic considering my blog’s name), but I made an exception for this amazing cheese. Barely Buzzed is a cheddar-style cheese made by two brothers-in-law in Utah, and the rind is rubbed with espresso coffee grounds and lavender. The flavors permeate the milky cheese–it’s incredible. Barely Buzzed won a Blue Ribbon at the American Cheese Society three years in a row. Pair it with a strong cup of coffee for a taste explosion…and a serious spring in your step. :)

What do you think? Which would you go for?

P.S. More cheese-y posts!

(Recommendations from Murray’s Cheese. Photos by the amazing Jamie Beck for Cup of Jo)

  1. These all look amazing! I tend to go with something safe since cheese shopping can be so overwhelming, so I never would have thought of pairing a cheese with coffee. I’m totally intrigued!

  2. Jinekomasti says ;Barely Buzzed is seriously delicious with dark chocolate! I work at a cheese restaurant in NYC, so I’m loving these posts!

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  4. Oh, and I also definitely recommend drinking the smoky beer out of a wide-mouthed beer glass, it makes all the difference.

  5. Jon says...

    Big thnx for the posting, i found a little different viewpoint at Levitra

  6. I’d say the same it would be perfect to get a romantic night with something special actually I’ll make it as soon as possible to surprise my girlfriend.

  7. I can’t believe you don’t drink coffee… that’s totally weird. You must be the first person I know that prefers tea or orange juice instead of a cup of coffee.

  8. To my mind one and all ought to look at this.

  9. Another great pairing: Barely Buzzed is seriously delicious with dark chocolate! I work at a cheese restaurant in NYC, so I’m loving these posts!

  10. thank you for posting pairings-they’re original + all sound yummy… i’d have a hard time choosing although the smoky combo is making my mouth water right now.

    and i agree with the others- please do more cheese postings! :)

  11. Oh my goodness, I’ve enjoyed your cheese posts so much!! Yesterday I was grocery shopping and when I got to the cheese section I got so excited and thought of your blog — once I finish my spring cleaning kick, I’m totally going to host a little cheese gathering at my apartment! Thanks for the great info, love the photos too!

  12. Oh I love cheese, veery partial to a bit of brie! xxx

  13. Leah Stohs says...

    Oh, and I also definitely recommend drinking the smoky beer out of a wide-mouthed beer glass, it makes all the difference.

  14. Leah Stohs says...

    I recommend trying the Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen (smoky beer) with a slice of New York Cheesecake, it’s like heaven!

  15. so, i never commented here before, but now that i’ve moved to the city where they make that smoky beer…

    i tried it last weekend for the first time, but ended not liking it that much. but there are some other like the “spezial bräu rauchbier” which is really yummy. you should try it if you have the chance to. :)

    xo, stephani

  16. I’d go for all three! Stinky and bubbly, smoky and dark, sharp and hyper! I’m a fan of all of these!

  17. haha, you guys are so cute!!! maybe i can convince the lovely jamie to shoot a few more cheese-y tutorials with me :) thanks for being so sweet about them :)

  18. I had to go eat some good stinky blue cheese after reading this :)

  19. I would go for the coffee-flavored cheese, even though I don’t drink coffee myself. The flavor combination just sounds intriguing.

    I’m sad to see that this is the last of the cheese tutorials, because I am a big fan of cheese myself, but thank you for the interesting ones you did provide, and for the cheese-y posts as well! I was inspired to consider cheese instead of cake during the next celebration, because I definitely prefer cheese!

  20. I think my boyfriend and I both would love the smokey one!

  21. Yum Yum Yummies!

  22. aaaaaggggghhhh!

    LOVE this! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not let this be the last one!

    (and I’m a smoky-flavored girl, but the coffee lavender definately has my interests piqued)

  23. So glad you included Barely Buzzed! Beehive Cheese is local to us and we love all their cheeses.

    Didn’t think to pair it with a cup of coffee. Sounds delish :)

  24. love these! the champagne idea is so fun and fancy for a party, and can’t wait to try the smoky beer option. more cheese tutorials, please!!!!!

  25. I had that smokey beer the other day and thought it was so strange! It tastes like liquid sausage lol. Could it be any more German?

    I’ve loved these cheese posts, Joanna. Thanks so much.

  26. What a cool post. Love it!

  27. Yum! I would definitely try the Champagne in the stinky cheese.

    I went to a cheese pairing class and they had us coat our mouths with the cheese and sip our drinks with the cheese still on our mouths. Kinda gross, but now I always do it. Can’t wait to try it with these combos!

  28. i’m an old school kinda gal: grapes and cheddar! but i will definitely try the smoked goat cheese – you had me at “it tastes like bacon!”

  29. Allison–I’ve found that pears make an excellent partner for blue cheese. Rogue Creamery in Oregon makes an incredible cheese called Rogue River Blue. The cheese is wrapped in grape leaves that have been macerated in pear brandy that comes from a local distillery. If you can get your hands on it, it’s unbelievable!

    Also, in my experience, goat cheese usually goes great with most sweet and/or tart fruits: berries, apricots, cherries, grapes.

  30. I’d try the Langres cheese with champagne! I love coffee, but am wary about pairing it with cheese for some reason.

  31. After reading this, my cheese drawer staples of Parm and Pecorino are feeling a wee bit underdressed for the party. These combos look fantastic and if I had to choose, I’d go with the Barely Buzzed/coffee combo, because I usually reserve coffee (which also makes me jittery) for special occasions. And what’s more special than a wedge of perfect cheese?

  32. oooh allison that’s a good idea. i love fuji apples and cheddar cheese, but not sure about blue cheeses…good question! xo

  33. i love tips on pairing!

  34. This is a great post, one to reference:

    do you think you’ll ever do one that matches nibbles of fruit and such with cheese?

    I mixed fuji apples and a really strong bleu and had some really weird mouth tingles I didn’t like and I wondered: what fruit goes well with bleu? With goat cheese, etc?


  35. Thank you for all these great cheese posts! Can’t wait to try the langres/champagne combo!!

  36. LOVE Barely Buzzed! I just moved from Utah and can’t find it anywhere here in Missoula…bummer!

  37. i am a coffee fiend, will definitely be trying out number #3!

  38. My boyfriend is super allergic to cheese so we rarely have it around (I make an awesome vegan mac ‘n’ cheese though). In this case I don’t think I mind — more of these amazing flavors for me!

  39. Sascha, i know!! thank you for all your amazing advice!!!

  40. i used to be a serious coffee addict and have since cut down to a half caf latte once a week. its so delicious and the caffeine buzz is so much better than the old days:)

  41. Ooh I would love to try that last combo. Espresso and lavender? I think I need to use that in a brownie recipe…

  42. Um… Might just go out and get all of these supplies and turn date night tonight into cheese fest for hubs and my three foodie (men) neighbors!

  43. These all look amazing! I tend to go with something safe since cheese shopping can be so overwhelming, so I never would have thought of pairing a cheese with coffee. I’m totally intrigued!

  44. How amazing is that Up in Smoke/ Rauchbeer combo? I feel like the smoke almost cancels out, just leaving tangy, earthy, nutty goodness in both beer and cheese. Such a lovely post!

  45. I’m totally the one who loves smoky flavors and I will be trying that combination for sure! Thanks, Joanna..I love those cheese posts:) Kisses

  46. haha, i know! coffee makes me too hyper/jittery :)

  47. That is ironic that you never drink coffee!
    I don’t drink coffee or alcohol but I would never turn down a piece of cheese. It’s the food item that made me more adventurous and a total foodie. Lavender cheese sounds amazing!