1. That dress is so beautiful and perfect for a summer wedding dress! Love:)

  2. Short wedding dress is comfortable and not only in white color different colors also very nice wear. Especially bridal gowns had different styles and different color for wedding.

  3. The wedding dresses is the same wonderful and get the main engagement dress so wedding planning is using in order.

  4. This wonderful dress is just perfect for a summer wedding! It is comfortable, classy, simple and very beautiful! I would want to wear a charming wedding dress like that on my wedding day! thanks for this sharing!

  5. Realy I love natural. Your wedding is also same, ur wedding dress is very gorgeous. I love that white and black dress. I would like searching a wedding dresses, your dresses is so awesome.

  6. I have so enjoy enjoyed your History of Weddings blog posts. Thanks so much for sharing… love everything a Wedding dresses

  7. It’s official. I am IN LOVE with that dress. Can i have it for brunch this weekend please?

  8. you have the best taste, jo! love the dress, too!

  9. Beautiful wedding dress! I love how casual it is – so feminine and pretty!

  10. I was poking around the website and wasn’t seeing anything that I LOVED on the real weddings page, but then I saw the thumbnail of your invite and clicked on it. I saw a picture of Alex and thought, he looks familiar! And then realized it was your wedding!

  11. This was the only dress that made me have second thoughts after buying my wedding dress. As it happened, I stuck with my first instinct, a silk gown with lace collar by Thurley, and was ultimately thrilled. The gowns on Once Wed are all pretty amazing.

  12. Bee2fly says...

    Thanks for putting me on to OnceWed’s Boutique. I had been looking for a way to sell my wedding dress!

  13. I do remember the post, and weirder still, I had a dream about that very dress last night! Crazy…

  14. aww what a gorgeous dress! I know what you mean, now I keep seeing dresses I could have worn :) My husband says I can wear it for our 10 year wedding anniversary :)

    Come and see my blog hun

  15. Thanks to you I chose a Saja dress for my wedding. I do remember that post. I had gotten engaged in El Bolson, Argentina. We travled around a bit and…We had a flight back to NYC from Santiago, Chile. I remember thinking OMG that will be my dress. In the end I did not go with this one but I did go with a Saja dress. They are both affordable and timeless.

  16. Love this!

  17. Sweet and beach perfect!
    You should get married again, a VOW RENAL!!!
    I photograph them all the time, take a look at some of the most beautiful beach wedding photos ever:
    Sorry that was a little self horn tooting ; )
    I just couldn’t help myself.

  18. I want to wear this dress!

  19. Ohmygosh SUCH a cute wedding dress. I’m inspired to revisit my own wedding style/pics. Gonna be brave and post one now…just started a brand new blog (lauramauk@blogspot.com).

  20. thats the thing about a wedding, you’re constantly reminiscing or thinking about different variations of your very own day if you could do it all over, but you’d also never want to do it all over because it was perfectly splendidly wonderful just the way it was :)


  21. I’m not married and don’t plan to be but this dress makes my non wed feet very itchy… I wonder if I could just get it anyway, and wear it out for a cup of tea?

  22. Eek! That is the perfect wedding dress! I would probably buy, just to wear!

  23. gorgeous dress!! I love the idea of being comfortable, yet so pretty!!

  24. Lovely. And sweetly uplifting.

  25. Absolutely precious!!

  26. i want this for a summer dress! maybe not in white, but still.

  27. The dress shares 1st place importance with the cake, imo. Have you seen Karen Appleton’s painting, “Girl Power,” tall stack of pink bows on a white box? A 3D wedding cake made like that would be gorgeous with any dress.

  28. Its such a beautiful flowy breezy dress~

  29. I want that dress!

  30. oh, saja dresses are so breezy and lovely. i tried on the marrin style a few months ago and it was a dream.

  31. I love this designer! My friend just wore the l’amour dress at her wedding and she looked amazing. The shapes are all so flattering and romantic!

  32. Beautiful dress! You can always renew your vows..xo

  33. sooooooooo schöne bilder!!!
    alles liebe und frohe ostern, angie

  34. I remember seeing this wedding and falling in love with everything about it. now that spring is in the air it seems like everyone is posting about love, romance, weddings, and stories of bliss and happiness. It’s hard for someone like me going through a bad breakup. :(

    I think you should be a revolutionary and do a post/guide for ladies who are mourning a relationship.

  35. I need to wear that dress 24/7.

    orrrr maybe not, but i love it that much.

  36. That is a beautiful dress! :)

  37. oh, andrea, you are so, so sweet!!!!! thank you!!! i am so touched :)

  38. they are so adorable.. I have my own company where I draw couples with their names and the wedding date on plates..these are perfect for pose references! Check them out on my blog :)

  39. OHMYGOODNESS! I have been looking and looking and looking and was just about to settle on a J. Crew dress. Thank you for sharing this new site! Your website is Perfect and you are a Doll!

  40. I am planning to renew my vows very soon. This dress might do the trick.

    Lisa xx

  41. perhaps a vow renewal should be in the future ;)

  42. i love wedding dresses like this that show the real “you” and don’t hide you under 50 pounds of taffeta and lace and beads and costly things.
    adore :)

  43. This dress is perfect for the Fiji elopement I’d like to someday have.


  44. What a sweet wedding dress. Not necessarily my style but to make it “green” it could be dyed to another color for every day use

  45. Dear Jo,
    I have so much to say. I’ve been following your blog since I was in high school; I’m currently in my third year of college. More than anything, I want you to know that you inspire me immensely – both via the things you post, but also even more so, you as a person. You have so much class and elegance, yet seem so down to earth at the same time. I’ve caught myself thinking, on more than one occasion, ‘What would Jo do’? :)
    Thank you for your posts about your wedding/husband and baby boy – they make me extremely excited for my future. Thank you for your posts about interior decor – I’ve consulted them numerous times recently for ideas for my new apartment. Thank you for the Morse Code ‘love’ necklace you posted recently – I passed it on to my family and it’s one of the gifts we’ll be getting my mom for Mother’s Day! (She’s going to adore it.) Thank you for THIS post – I instantly declared this exact dress (or, y’know, a slight variation) to be my future wedding dress! So gorgeous.
    Please never stop blogging.
    Sending love from MN,

    P.S. Your A Cup of Jo has largely been my inspiration to start a blog of my own – http://andrearosabella.tumblr.com – if you have an extra minute sometime I’d be so honored if you would be willing to check it out!
    Have a beautiful day!

  46. The dress is elegance itself, what a wonderful way to wed.

  47. I love the idea of wearing a wedding dress that is not a traditional style. Grandmothers might faint, but I think brides should be comfortable and happy with a choice that is totally their own. Thanks for sharing!

    -Forever Lovely

  48. This is so sweet! I love the overall relaxed atmosphere this couple obviously created for their wedding day (I am a bit bias as hubs and I had a casual wedding!)

    xx Cat brideblu

  49. so pretty and fresh! I don’t think I could ever give up my dream of a huge dress tho!

  50. I remember this post! I do love her dress. That ocean is remarkable.

  51. This dress is so lovely and easy. I can definitely see wearing it again after the wedding, maybe for an anniversary picnic party.

  52. lovely dress! and her hair looks perfect! beautiful location for a wedding!

  53. yeah, maybe it could just be a beautiful summer dress :)

  54. V says...

    I got married in Jamaica and seeing this makes me want to do it again! Great dress

  55. Boy do I remember! I LOVE that dress. I also love the whole look and feel of that wedding!

  56. I love everything about this!! And now I really want to be on the beach!!

  57. That dress is so beautiful and perfect for a summer wedding! Love:)

  58. I am CONSTANTLY wanting to get married again! (to the same man, I might add!) I get so jealous when I hear people are engaged and get to do it all. x

  59. maggie says...

    this is my favorite wedding dress that i have seen in ages!!!

  60. Cute! I like the casual/classy look. I’m not a fancy girl, lol ♥

  61. I love casual, yet classy dresses. So nice to be comfortable, but still beautiful on your wedding day!