Wednesday giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from 20×200, the incredible art shop that sells artist prints starting at just $20. They’re offering one lucky reader a $100 gift certificate to choose her favorite artwork and decorate her walls. (My favorites might be these dogsNew York taxis, and Portugese beach.) Also, 20×200 has this breathtaking Japan benefit print, where the proceeds will go to the Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund.

For a chance to win, visit 20×200 and leave a comment below with your favorite print. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: Evelyn P. is our lucky winner. Thanks for playing.

Plus, a bonus for all readers: Get 10 percent off your order by entering the code CUPOFJO10 at checkout. Good through March 31st.

  1. I think that this shop is amazing , I would like to have the chance of read more about it because I will visit this city

  2. Love this site!!!
    Hope I win!

  3. I love the Baby Monkey series. So cute!

  4. am i too late!? i want to dogs for my sister!

  5. great giveaway! it would be so hard to choose!!

  6. Hi I’m a new follower!
    Amy’s Life

    I LOVE the print “Central Park South”

  7. I love Untitled (Let’s Get Lost)!! I could use the reminder!

  8. Anonymous says...

    What a fabulous giveaway. Love it! Milling Machine Shelves would be my pick

  9. I’m laughing out loud after seeing Nice Pants
    by Landon Nordeman!

  10. I LOVE the baby monkey prints!

  11. Oh my goodness! A large format of the ‘Praia Piquinia’ has been on my wish list forever!

  12. I love 20×200 – one of their prints is on my mantle right now. Current fave – 4th of July, Independence Missouri #2. Love it!

  13. 20×200 is the best art site! i’m excited to have the chance to win.

    corrie mae.

  14. Wow… I would love to win the $$ to buy the “Ballons – Midtown, Manhattan” photo.

  15. love the site! a new fave. I would buy BG-0004
    by Bert Teunissen

  16. The Sledding Hill (Dusk) reminds me of my childhood & Prospect Park #2 is just so tranquil.

  17. I am always a sucker for landscapes, but there are just so many great photos to choose from. I do like the “North of the Tennis House” print.

  18. My favorite is Baby Giraffe No. 5! I saw this print a few months ago on your site. I want it, Joanna! I want it bad!

    *crosses fingers*

  19. love babydoll hands.

    anastasiacaroli at gmail dot com

  20. i would love any of christian chaize’s work… fantastic!!

  21. Probably the photo of the kites on the hill.

  22. The Photographer’s Dilemma is just the perfect piece to brighten up my bedroom walls!

  23. I spend much time on this site deciding which would be the perfect print for my office. The beach prints just speak to me and are such a departure from my depressing office in the gritty part of SF.

  24. how do you even choose a favorite?! a tough choice but i am loving that “overheard on the titanic” print – especially in a big size! fingers crossed!

  25. I am not surprised that so many people have commented for this one. I love a bunch of the prints! It would be super sweet to be the lucky winner! :)

  26. I like the Mike Monteiro prints and “Day 256: Vintage Airline Tags” by Lisa Congdon. “Car Free” by Tatsuro Kiuchi is also cool. And of course the “Ideal Bookshelf” series! “Going Under” by Jorge Colombo.

  27. I like the Raul Guitterez print of winding roads!


  28. I really like Secrets of Living 4. So simple. So sweet.

  29. I like the Raul Guitterez print of winding roads!


  30. What lovely site… perfect timing for the Japan prints- a wonderful way to support them. I have several co-workers who deal closely with people in Japan and are very upset. These prints will be a great way to show our support and still have a little of Japan near us. Thank you!

  31. Oh, I love the dogs as well! So cute!

  32. Oh I love this giveaway! Kamping Kabins is very sweet.

  33. I think it will take me hours of contemplation to narrow down my favorites. So many talented artists, it’s incredible!

  34. my bare walls would appreciate this!

  35. Allison says...

    I love any of the prints by Christian Chaize – more specifically: Praia Piquinia 02/08/07 15h16. I have had my eye on them for a while. I hope i win

  36. I think I love “Untitled (Sad Vader)”
    by Alex Brown, it reminds me of my almost 2 year old son, minus the sad part. :)

    And “We Are Who We Are” by Robert Garcia. Reminds me of that Miguel Calderon painting “Bad Route” featured in The Royal Tenenbaums,one of my all time favorite movies.

    – Nicola

  37. I LOVE both “Untitled (Santa Barbara)” photos. They make me feel like summer when the weather is cold outside!

  38. My fav is actually New York taxis…would look awesome in my living room!

  39. Deanna C says...

    so needed!

  40. I love the doll hands print :)

  41. Oops – I read this on my phone and my comment didn’t have my favorite print! One of the giraffes please!

  42. elena says...

    i love the animal prints by sharon montrose.

  43. great for baby’s room too!

  44. kristine g. says...

    How fun!!! We’re moving to LA — how perfect to add a special something to our new home.

  45. What an awesome giveaway. Anything by Sharon Montrose! And the New York taxis.

  46. So pretty! I really love the piece titled “BG-0004”. Absolutely stunning.

  47. this is such a cool idea! how affordable. I’m looking right now for something earthy/ plants/ trees for my bedroom!

  48. I’d love to have a Sharon Montrose photo! I also like the “Louis the Third” print by Jessica Snow.

  49. So many great artists, but I love Kite Hill

  50. I love the dogs too!! William Wegman did an exhibition in Columbus, OH a couple years good! Would love to have this :)

  51. Closing Credits at the End of the Movie by Hollis Brown Thornton would be so cool in my little boy’s room.
    Awesome giveaway!

  52. I’d get anything by Sharon Montrose :)

  53. Love Nice Pants.

  54. I love Susan Montrose work and of course WIlliam Wegman, both of whom they feature often!

  55. Oh, totally the dogs too; my son would love these. And I love “grownup art” in kids rooms:)

  56. just moved into a new place and need some fresh prints on the wall. these would be perfect.

  57. What a great and reasonable way to own some beautiful art. I would buy Kite Hill, Chocolate Electric and one of Craig Damrauer prints.

  58. i still love the cow by sharon montrose. it reminds me of the farm where i grew up.

    cows really each have their own personality. i could recognize and call each of our 70+ by name. they each had their own little quirks and habits. sometimes i miss them.

  59. Just in time for the whirlwind attack on the apartment I wage every spring.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  60. i covet almost all of their prints, particularly the titanic piece you posted the other day. fingers crossed!

  61. I really like “The Secret of Living 3”

    it would go perfect up on my walls.

  62. R says...

    I love “Overheard on the Titanic” and “Balloons (Midtown, Manhattan)”. That site is amazing!

    -Rachel S

  63. the dice picture would be awesome in an office!! jenna

  64. would love to win this one ; )

  65. Hi Joanna,
    I love Sharon Montrose’s Lamb No. 3. That little lamb is so sweet!

  66. Flora #2 would look so perfect in my bathroom!! But really it’s so hard to choose.. there are lots of great prints!!

  67. gweneth says...

    I love 20×200!My favorite ever was
    Untitled (Max)by Dorthe Alstrup. I missed a chance to snag one before they sold out and am kicking myself.

  68. LOVE the one of the dogs.

  69. Would love to win this! We’re moving in a couple months and it would be great to have something new for the space :) My favorite I think is kite hill, but it’s so hard to choose!

  70. Jump by Thomas Prior. I have been keeping an eye on this for a while. Great give away! Thank you.

  71. this givaway is amazing!!! i so much would love to win this!

  72. I especially like CENTRAL PARK SOUTH! But anything New York-themed would look great on my wall!

  73. Anonymous says...

    I LOVE 20×200!!!

  74. Oh, I’ve had my eye on this Trey Speegle forever. This is such a great website for affordable art.