Wednesday giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from Moop, the Pittsburgh studio that makes beautiful handmade bags for men, women and kids. Their bags are soft and roomy and perfect for adventures around town. I’m lucky enough to have their blue market bag, and their new waxed canvas collection and Very Useful Tote (both pictured above) are gorgeous. They’re offering one lucky winner any bag from their shop–you get to choose!

For a chance to win, please visit Moop, and leave a comment below telling us your favorite bag. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! xo

Update: Melissa Hall is our lucky winner. Thanks for playing.

  1. WOW! I love………The Letter Bag in Corded Canvas (Rosewood)!

  2. i like the porter in navy.

  3. I recently ordered the Porter bag in Rosewood so I would opt for my long-time favorite, the market bag. I have covetted this bag forever but have never taken the plunge.

  4. Ooooohh, i have been lemming for a moop bag! The very useful tote is definitely my favourite :)

    *crossing my fingers now*

  5. Love the Letter bag in rosewood!

  6. i love that waxed canvas! my favorite is the paperback in red. they are all so lovely.

  7. The brown messenger is an instant classic! Especially sharp for a handsome fiance who just landed his dream job after a difficult period of unemployment in this rough economy.

  8. Mrs D says...

    Greetings from England!
    All beautiful – Waxed Cotton Carrier In Gray however especially so!
    Fab blog too!

  9. These bags are really nice! I could use a new bag to tote around my computer :) I LOVE the the Messenger bag in Slate!

  10. Love the paperback. Just started looking for an over the shoulder bag. With a new baby it is easy to just toss over the shoulder and forget about it!

  11. n says...

    love the letter clutch in rosewood!

  12. I love moop, I have a market bag for a couple of years now-awesome bag that holds everything. I have been wanting a letter clutch for over a year now!

  13. Oh goodness- I’m in love with the waxed canvas letter bag!

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  15. I wold definitely choose the very useful tote bag. Such a classic. And I’d use it for everything!

  16. Amazing!

  17. JL says...

    Porter in red!

  18. Wow I love them all. Messenger in hunter is perfection.

  19. I have been drooling over the Porter in Blue for months!

  20. So crazy excited! I’m a one bag kinda girl (no switching person every week) so I’ll be using this for years. Thanks so much!!!

  21. I love The Porter bag. LOVE it.

  22. Perfect bag for farmer’s markets in the spring.

  23. I’m newly obsessed with Moop as I’m trying to find an awesome non-diaper-bag-looking diaper bag for my first baby due in July. I would love to have the Letter bag!

  24. Oh, swoon. The letter clutch in rosewood is lovely and (pracitically) in my price range if I don’t win!

  25. the small messenger is so perfect!!! <3 it!

  26. This would make me so much less ho hum and so much more cup of jo nyc chic. Love the porter.

  27. I love the waxed canvas carrier in gray — such a great shop!

  28. i love the market bag in gunmetal grey, so pretty

  29. Beautiful Bags! Could make a cute, fashionable diaper bag for my new little one!

  30. April K. says...

    i vote waxed canvas carrier! what lovely pieces.

  31. Hands down, the Messenger in tan. It has that casual but put together feel to it. I imagine myself walking down Abbott Kinney (a super chic street in Venice, CA) window shopping at all the adorable boutiques.

  32. Oh I so love moop! I want, I want!!!

  33. okay, I am going to cry because I forgot to put my fave bag choice: LETTERBAG!

  34. Lucy D. says...

    The waxed canvas carrier. I have loved Moop ever since I first same them on your website!

  35. emily m. says...

    I love the Paperback in red waxed canvas!!

  36. I love the Hunter Olive Messenger tote- great military vibe and perfect for a city girl!! Thanks for sharing!

  37. Ooh hard choice. I think I’d have to go with The Very Useful Tote because I love it’s name, not to mention it’s usefulness.

  38. This was really tough but I think my favorite has to be the small Messenger in brushed brown.

  39. Love the messenger in brushed brown, it’s perfect for school!!

  40. I love the Market bag, any color!!! Beautiful bags, and great giveaway!

  41. i love the paperback in brown waxed canvas! a perfect everyday bag.

  42. The waxed canvas carriers in gray is gorgeous!

  43. Soooo cute!!! What a great giveaway. Love the Porter.

  44. I’m torn between the messenger bag and the letter bag – love them both!!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  45. oh man, a tie for me between the Waxed Canvas Letter Bag in grey and The Paperback in red waxed canvas. I suppose I’d have to make the final call if I win!

  46. What an awesome giveaway!! I love the waxed canvas small messenger bag in grey!!

  47. i LOVE the waxed canvas messenger bag in gray!

    what a great give-a-way

  48. I doubt this is still open, but good LORD the Waxed Canvas Letter Bag is exactly what I’ve been looking for to lug all my stuff in grad school next semester!

  49. Ri says...

    I absolutely love the “Waxed Canvas Carrier in Gray” I have been wanting a gray bag and this one is perfect!!

  50. I love the waxed canvas tote (in gray)!

  51. Oh my god. I’m in love with The Market Bag in Organic Red. Gorgeous!

  52. A says...

    I would love the one with birds! I also love that these are cruelty free, vegan and still stylish!

  53. So need this bag. Not organized and I need help!

  54. i love the max+moop bag. I’ve been openly eyeing it on Max’s website for months now… :)

  55. Oh, I need a new laptop bag! I like the Letter bag.

  56. Love the brown waxed canvas tote! Very functional–and perfect to masculinize my slightly girly outfits!

  57. Jennifer says...

    I like the very useful tote! Looks so pretty with the baguette and flowers in it!

  58. The Market Bag in Gunmetal gray that goes with everything and everywhere. Great Giveaway!

  59. I love the market bag in any color – especially in blue.

  60. Love the waxed canvas carrier!

  61. I would love to give my husband “the messenger” in tan. Great bags, thanks for the giveaway!

  62. I am starting grad school in london in sept and the small red messenger bag would be PERFECT for the urban academic!!

  63. I like the waxed canvas messager bag in brown. Classic and perfect.

  64. I love things with very practical names – and the very useful tote hits the nail on the head.

    It looks perfect for hitting up the library, farmstand and bakery on a Sat am run!

  65. I love love love the Porter in Rosewood!!


  66. Great giveaway! I have two moop bags and counting!

    I’ve been eying up the waxed canvase messenger bag in red!

  67. ooh, letter bag in rosewood. or messenger in hunter. crap, they’re all awesome. i hope i have to choose!

  68. I LOVE the Very Useful Tote! Beautiful and functional! I would use it every day!

  69. Lovely selection as always!

  70. I have been wanting a Moop bag for SO LONG!

  71. The Waxed Canvas Messenger in Grey looks so yummy!

  72. Love the Porter in Provincial blue. Could use that go go with my new garage sale blue letter clogs!

  73. The Waxed Canvas Letter Bag in Brown!

    Please choose me!

  74. I love Moop!

  75. i think i’m liking the waxed canvas letter bag in gray, but it’s so hard to decide! i’ve been an admirer of moop bags for a long time, but haven’t been able to afford one yet–thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  76. The waxed canvas small messenger is beautiful. I’m not sure I could pick a favorite color, though!

  77. So pretty!

  78. The Waxed Canvas Letter Bag in Brown!

  79. allison d. says...

    love the paperback bag! so cute!

  80. Yay! The Moop “Waxed Canvas Carrier in Brown” would be absolutely perfect for me this summer. I could fit all of my fun kid related science projects (I run a science NPO) and farmer’s markets goodies inside – while getting around my tiny town with ease on my bike. What a great giveaway!

  81. Totally in love with the gunmetal gray market bag!!

    no_more_drama09 at yahoo dot com

  82. I heart their messenger bag in tan. my favorite :)