Three Twisted Buns

I’m excited to share another hair tutorial! You know those days when you want your hair to look pretty but you only have a minute? Well, my friend Caroline swears by this gorgeous set of three twisted buns (“like cinnamon rolls!” she says). So she came over to explain exactly how to do them, and the wonderful Jamie Beck took a few photographs. And guess what? They really were quick and easy.

Here are Caroline’s steps, if you’d like to try them out…

1. This style is so easy, it’s laughable. Day-old hair is best (which is true for most hairstyles, since it’s easier to work with hair that has a little dirt in it).

2. Divide your hair into three equal parts and quickly spray each section with a little hairspray to help give it hold. Let the hairspray set for a couple seconds, and then lightly comb it out.

3. Take the section on your right side, and twist your hair all the way down to the end. You want to twist counter-clockwise, toward your face. Wrap the right section in on itself, just like you’re making a little bun. Let some of the hair stick out, it’s ok (you don’t want them to look like Princess Leia buns).

4. Pin the right bun in place. I like to use these mini bobby pins, since they’re easier to hide and they’re coated in rubber so they hold your hair better.

5. Next, twist the middle section clockwise and pin. Then twist the left section clockwise and pin.

6. Spray the three buns with a little more hairspray, and you’re done!

See? Super simple!

Here’s the look, feminine and easy breezy. What do you think, my darlings? Thank you so much, Caroline and Jamie! xoxoxo

P.S. Past hair tutorials, including the perfect side ponytail and braided top bun.

(Photos by the fabulous Jamie Beck for Cup of Jo. Caroline’s shirt is from Cardigan.)

  1. Awe these are perfect.

    Her ombré hair would be so darling in milkmaid braids. I’d love to see that in another hairpost.

  2. Joanna, I simply love these wonderful hair tutorials (and hair photos in general!) you post, especially when collaborating with the lovely Caroline and Jamie!

    This one is perfect! I’m totally trying it tomorrow or at some point this weekend. I love that you post these just in time for the weekend! The last one you did for the messy side ponytail was just in time for me because I wore it like that going out to eat for my sister’s birthday:)

    Happy weekend, love!


  3. Vow ! really nice..

  4. I MUST know where she got her shirt!!

  5. love this tutorial!! i am going to a wedding on saturday and i will definitely be sporting this hairdo! awesome.

  6. I love this! I’m going to try it tonight : )

  7. I love these hair tutorials… I am so challenged in that department! :) I’ve been using the messy bun, that you posted a little while back, all the time!! This photography is absolutely beautiful as is Caroline.

  8. Shirley says...

    The breezy hair in that last picture totally freaked me out! :)
    I saw the same style on Hair Romance recently and it’s saved me from many a bad hair day. Love how simple and chic it is!

  9. The breezy hair is kind of…weird…haa haa, but I love this.

  10. love this! it almost makes me with i had long hair again!! very very pretty :)

  11. I LOVE these tutorial posts! I have tried out several of them and always receive tons of complements! Thanks for sharing these cute ideas!

  12. So lovely. It makes me wish my hair would grow faster so I could try it out!

  13. thank you so much for these hair tutorials, i’m always looking for something to do with my long hair!

  14. You have such a fun and creative blog! Thank you for posting!

    I’m happy to be following you :)

  15. Anonymous says...

    i’m obsessed with this!

  16. caroline’s shirt is from Cardigan NY and her lipstick is covergirl outlast lipstain in wild berry. i just added a link to both of them at the end of the post. xoxo

  17. ahh i am trying this tomorrow! thank you thank you!

  18. I just stared at that last picture for 5 minutes to see if the hair was really moving! How did you do that? Haha. Oh technology…

  19. loving the last image with the breeze! genius!

  20. Oh my! So lovely. I love the messy hair with the bright red lipstick.

  21. yay! so glad you guys liked this!!! was thrilled to work with the gorgeous caroline + amazing jamie.

  22. Beautiful!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    <3 leigh

  23. love your hair tutorials! can’t wait to try this one out too. i always get a ton of compliments whenever i experiment with one of your tutorials!

  24. Very cute!! I hope it’ll still look good on hair almost a foot longer though.

  25. I love it! More More!!

  26. i have no idea how i didnt come across your blog before! im obsessed!

    now following :)

  27. I’m loving your hair tutorials, but I’ve got (really) curly hair…so these aren’t as easy for me to pull off lol. Do you have any cute hair style ideas for girls like me?

  28. okay the hair blowing in the last picture sort of freaking me out!
    but super cute i cannot wait to try. I have been trying to be more adventurous with my hair so keep the tutes coming!

  29. I really really like these hair tutorials, so easy to do! Some more please!

  30. I love this look! I will try this tomorrow morning for work.

  31. Wow. This is so great!!! Thanks.

  32. hahah lovin that last pic!!!!

  33. beautiful girl, beautiful hair!

    tres chic!

  34. um, your friend is gorgeous! this is so cute and now I’m sad I chopped my hair off :(

  35. This is SO COOL. I just wrote about buns on my blog today. haha

    Tomorrow, I am planning on posting pictures of bun styles I am trying out. I will have to try this one and post it!! Thank you for this hair tutorial.

  36. Anonymous says...

    These look fantastic! I am definitely trying that tomorrow. I have been wondering how to put my hair up without looking too severe and this is gorgeous.

  37. I gotta try this tomorrow…thanks!!!

  38. I can’t wait to try this. How on eary did you get that picture to move like that I’ve been trying to do that ;(

  39. This is gorgeous.

    Did she have bleached hair and let it grow out?

    it’s kind of ombre but not quite..?

    regardless, it really accentuates the hairstyle..!

    also, where is that shirt from?

  40. Yep, I tried it and BOOM!! Instantly adorable hair. THANK YOU!!

  41. Oh my, how romantic. And what gorgeous pictures :) Thanks a zillion times for sharing !

  42. fantastic – low maintenance and still chic. thanks for the tip!

  43. I loooove this! I’ve already done her messy French bun a few times – it’s so easy and looks great. Question – what color lipstick is she wearing? Perfect red!

  44. I


    IT !

    Thanks for sharing Joanna !

  45. Fantastic tutorial, and really inspiring indoor photography too. Lovely work ladies!
    – Catherine at The Spring

  46. Wow!! amazing!
    Love that little animation at the end of your post too! Just gorgeous!
    xx tash

  47. I love these hair tutorials!! I hope that you continue to do them.

  48. i love this! i’m definitely gonna try it out!

  49. i love that last pic. it’s like a real live wizarding world photo from HP.

  50. We are going to know who follows a Cup of Jo tomorrow when we are out by spotting the three twisted bun hair do’s :) I can’t wait to try it with my hair. I hope it is as easy as you make it look?

  51. Love love LOVE. The hair tutorials. Caroline is a genius. Keep em coming! xo

  52. YES! the striped shirt is from Cardigan –

  53. hahaha! the breeze startled me! love it. pretty hair.

  54. Very chic & elegant plus it seems rather easy to do! I wonder if I’m too clumsy to do that as I tend to mess up almost every hair do I try *lol*
    Thank you for sharing :-)

    I know you already have tons of followers, but would you mind to check out my blog? Follow eachother if you like?

  55. Anonymous says...

    freaking out with love for this!

  56. I just love all your hair tutorials and, best of all, can actually pull them off!

  57. i love this!!! definitely going to give it a go, it looks so easy .. yet so pretty :) great tutorial!

  58. Love this look! I will surely be giving it a shot!

  59. This is amazing, Joanna! I’m loving these tutorials!

  60. It’s so pretty and easy!! I will try this!

  61. LOVE this! Looks beautiful and effortless on Caroline, but I’m pretty confident that anything would look pretty on her!

  62. i am SO doing this!

  63. This is adorable – I’ve been working the side pony tail from your previous post, so I’m definitely going to try this.

  64. Hair is super cute, but I LOVE the striped shirt — can you tell me where it’s from??? Thx!!!

  65. Thanks for this!

    (LOVE the animated gif at the end!)

  66. Such a gorgeous, simple, romantic way to style one’s hair. The model is so lovely, too.

  67. Lovely romantic look! I can’t wait until my hair grows back (7 weeks post chemo) and I too can once again play with my hair.

  68. I am loving these hair tutorials! I’ve already gotten compliments on the side ponytail. So cute and easy!

  69. yikes just saw that last photo and thought I was imagining things! how do they do that??

    and of course, gorgeous hair!

  70. loving these hair tutorials, joanna. :)

  71. This is so cute and chic! Love the red lip! Too bad my hair is too short.

  72. Love it!

  73. I haven’t washed my hair in two days and am running to my bathroom right now to give this hair do a try! I have lots of hair and lots of kids (3) and NO time to blowdry hair all the time, so this could be my saving grace. The model’s hair blowing in the breeze, in a still photograph, is sooo brilliant!! Can you please share how you get moving still pictures??

  74. LOL my reaction to that last pic was the same as many peoples: WOAH! love the breezy effect :) If i hadn’t just cut all my hair off I would try this. I loved rocking the heidi braids for a while tho!

  75. I love this. I just did a three braid bun style that is similar (this looks simpler though, which I love)
    I watched the braided style on a youtube video…people were freaking out, they couldn’t believe that I did it myself! It was pretty easy, just made my arms tired from the braiding…haa
    Here’s the link if anyone cares to try it out:

  76. Love, love, LOVE this, Jo! Can’t wait to give it a go this tomorrow morning. xo Lola

  77. loving these hair tutorials. as a new (again) mama, my babe is liking to pull on my hair, so I’ve got to keep it up. this is so going to replace the boring old single bun I’ve been wearing!

  78. This is too cute!! Perfect for any time of year but especially to get my long hair off my neck in the summer. Can’t wait to try!!

  79. oh yeah. i’m for sure going to do this.

  80. Jo says...

    I’m going to try this today!! Yay!!! :)

  81. Julie says...

    Johanna, I know you’ve mentioned it before but where did you get that amazing photograph on your mantle? I can’t remember!
    Thanks :)

  82. Love these easy hair tutorials! Keep up the great work.

  83. Super cute! I love your hairstyle posts. :-)

  84. Stunning, Joanna!! I love this series!!

  85. Thank you Thank you!

    I have long straight hair just needing some new styles, can’t wait to try this one :)

    My only problem is that day old hair for me is pretty gross thanks to spin class. How does this dry shampoo thing work?

  86. You always have the best hair tutorials!! I plan to do my hair like this tomorrow!!

  87. So Cute! I’m going to try this tonight….hopefully my uncoordinated self can pull it off!

  88. Super cute. I’d love some curly hair tutorials, too please!

  89. Em says...

    Wow, this looks so great! It really makes me want to grow my hair out :)

  90. oh yes, everly! i know what you mean! i’ll ask caroline. thanks for the idea! xo

  91. Ohh…It looks adorable and really easy to do..Im in! Im going to try it tomorrow:) Kisses, Joanna

  92. Hey Joanna,

    I guess “fall” is an outdated term. I mean one of those pieces of hair you can attach (with a comb?) to create a fuller puff with your mini bump. I’m not sure if she used one, but I always wanted to get Alison Kelly’s look (Project Runway designer).


  93. looks so cute!!!! i definitely want to try it!! i love the lipstick and striped shirt!

    <3 steffy

  94. Love this look! esp with the red lipstick =)

  95. Im trying this RIGHT now. I’m serious. Just give me five minutes! Love your hair tutorials. My hair would look pretty sad without my blog friends help! Thank you!!

  96. I am trying this out RIGHT NOW! Love, love, love it! So chic!

  97. whoa! that last picture is moving :) totally thought I’d lost it for a moment. pretty hair.

  98. i adore this look!! i’m going to try and hope for the best :)

  99. these hair tutorials might be the best thing so far on Cup of jo …aside from toby naturally, LOL! ;-) keep them coming please! these buns are perfection!

  100. That’s so adorable! And I love how her highlights accent. I’ll have to try this over the weekend!

  101. lovely! I just adore that you post such things about hair! THANK YOU!

  102. make that Caroline. (sorry, I’m from the carolina’s. bad habit!)

  103. I love these posts. I’m so clueless with hairstyles. I’ve tried several of the ones you’ve profiled and had some success. Can’t wait to see if I can handle the mini buns.

    How about creating a mini 60’s bump? And/or using a fall?


  104. A big thanks to you and Carolina for making me look so much more chic and put together than I actually am! xoxo

  105. maggie says...


  106. i love it so much i think it will become my new staple! i adore quick hair that is kind of textured – hence why i’m a huge fan of the side braid! thank you so much for this joanna, caroline and jamie!

  107. loving all the hair tutorials! thanks for sharing.

  108. ooo lala so very lovely. and good for a busy mother like myself, with long hair :)

  109. this is AWESOME! Might need my roommate to help me though… I still fail even at simple braids. Thanks for sharing, Joanna!

  110. Oh Joanna, I so love your hair tutorials. I’ve been rocking your side pony, so glad to have a new one to try!


  111. I think it looks even better because the tips of her hair are a different color and it makes the buns ‘pop’. Very cute, but as a blonde, I fear that I would look like a milk maid or something.

  112. Joanna, thank you SO MUCH for doing all these wonderful hair tutorials!! :) This one looks so cute and breezy…can’t wait to try it out! :)

  113. These are so beautiful! I’m afraid my hair is too thick… they’re fantastic, though – they remind me of something slightly Victorian and deconstructed…

  114. Whoa, I love how her hair is blowing in the wind in the last picture!

    I’ll have to add this to my list of hair-dos to do!

  115. Whoa! The final breezy shot is a little out of this world…! Very cute; I loved the side ponytail and tried it for work last week, it looked great!

  116. i’m trying this tomorrow, it’s the first use of day old hair in a cute and chic style. love.