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  8. I am going to Paris in a couple of days, want to join? ;)

  9. I’m so in. So very in.

  10. Kelsey says...

    Ohmygosh, OUI!

  11. Who would say no???
    So excited that I am only a train ride away now….:)

  12. I’m in! Paris in the Springtime!

    P.S. I love your random posts about Paris even if its just a photo. It brightens my day.

  13. i was there this weekend and it was beautiful!

  14. It’s a bit too overcast, chilly here to lie out. But I will counter that by spending the day at the D’Orsay Museum!

  15. I’m going to Paris in two weeks, and I can’t wait! I will lie on some cool grass and drink some delicious wine for all of you! xo

  16. I’m in, for sure!!!!

  17. So excited. Going in two weeks. We used to live there.

    I will be posting from there, bien sur.

  18. I’m definitely in!

  19. I am SO in! that looks dreamy:)

  20. i love that you posted this!!! i’m going to paris on sunday and have been daydreaming about it non-stop. this post warmed my heart. thank you as always for your wonderful blog.

  21. if there was ever a person in need of an escape, it really and truly is me….weather issue, TSA groping, grandmother dying, mother with shingles, all of my plants dead, father with vertigo, Aunt shanghai’ing the will, is this menopause? 30 year high school reunion, stolen wallet, lost jump drive….I DO have my valid passport though……..

  22. oui, oui! I’ll bring the warm, buttery croissants from Paul.

  23. A girl can dream…


  24. Count me in!

  25. Moi, s’il vous plaît!

  26. ohh I am IN!!! What a great daydream you are having and sharing!

  27. {Le sigh.} I miss Paris so much. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy it’s beauty and people again soon. Bisou, Bisou! xo

  28. I’m game. Love Paris, and dream of visiting.

  29. Giant group trip for Cup of Jo fans? Let’s make it a reality!

  30. Oh yes. Please!
    That is my children’s favourite game. Although you would not believe what they come up with! Hilarity ensues every time.

    Once my daughter asked the other, “Would you rather eat a bucket of worms or lick peanut butter off a hobo’s toes?” Other daughter answers, “Mmmmm, I love peanut butter! That’s an easy one!”

    My next post is dedicated to you, and your delightful city. I’m posting a photo I took while I stayed at your place. New York City Dreaming!!!

  31. This makes me think of the trip we took to Paris. Sigh. So lovely!

  32. Clairsy says...

    Ok, would you rather have to sleep with a motorbike helmet on your head every night, or always sleep in a hessian bag?

  33. I’ve always wanted to go to Paris. It’s on my list.


  34. It is so amazing that you posted this today. I literally just booked a post-law school trip to Paris and Cannes/Nice in May! I mean literally, an hour ago. Fate!

    I am on the look-out for recommendations about the loveliest things to do in Paris (as well as darling outfit ideas) so s’il vous plait, I would adore more posts of your paris daydreaming!

  35. If you haven’t seen the trailer for Woody Allen’s new movie, “Midnight in Paris” you should go do that right now. I’ve never been but it looks like it will be a terrific love letter to a beautiful city.

  36. I’m in Paris and I’d love to lie on the cool grass of Central park ! :-)

  37. I’ve been dreaming about Paris as well lately. Sighhhhh

  38. I want to be there frolicking and napping in the parisian sunshine!!

  39. I just stumbled across your blog, but…if you’re still taking dibs, I’m all in too. =)

  40. Oh yes!! we have pretty good weather lately in Paris and some people were already picnicking and lying on the grass. LOVE!!!

  41. Outside the Louvre, looks like. Though there’s a similarly wonderful square in the Marais.

  42. I need to know where in Paris was this taken, since I’m going in May :) Please tell me!

  43. i just watched “two days in paris” last night with my huz. definitely want to go!

  44. aw, jesse, that is sweet! you can bring her, too :)

  45. It’s raining now in Paris, and for the rest of the week, but that won’t stop my mom from getting on a plane to visit me here! Saturday, the sun is au rendez-vous and I’ve planned a picnic in the Buttes Chaumont: saucisson sec, vin rouge, baguette, and all the other clichés you can imagine.

  46. right in that dream with you.

  47. Oh wouldn’t that be the perfect afternoon?
    Summer daydreaming, all the time.

  48. I love Paris! It is my favorite city in Europe! So I don’t think I would want to lay in the grass LOL I would rather go to alllll the museums and walk around and listen to the french speakers ;)

  49. Ahh, I leave for 8 days in Paris on Saturday! I’m so excited… I’ll be checking your parisian blog posts for inspiration! :)

  50. i’ll bring grapes and cheese (since you seem to have the bread and wine accounted for).

  51. I would like to be there in a few days, March 31, to celebrate the 100+ year that they opened the Eiffel Tower!

  52. I’m definitely in. I am really in the traveling mood. Plus, I’ve never been outside the country, so I’d love it!

  53. i meant an impossibility! ugh to typos!

  54. I’m sooo in! I’ve been going on and on about how much I’m dying to visit Paris again. This time I intend on eating more (of everything!) since I don’t recall anything spectacular from my last visit. I’m proposing we go get fat in Paris…ha! kidding! Besides, it’s in impossibility since French women don’t get fat:)

  55. Paris….Oh, yes please.

  56. If it’s any warmer in Paris than it is here in Michigan, I’m totally there.

  57. i would love to be in paris right now, but more importantly i’d love to be home with my daughter right now! :)
    love your blog!

  58. so beautiful! I want to travel there some day.

  59. I’m so there it’s insane.

  60. I was dreaming about Paris yesterday after Garance’s post on it… Paris would be soo much fun with her as your guide, no?

    Just a Silhouette

  61. Anonymous says...

    Yes yes yes

  62. redfrizzz says...


  63. i’ll be there in about 2 months, you’re free to join :)

  64. Count me in!! Wine and cheese please.

  65. ac says...

    loveloveLOVE paris <3


  66. Sounds like fun…In

  67. You know how I feel about Paris. ;)

    Hope all is well!

  68. I just came home after buying half a dozen Pierre Herme macarons with my gent. We sat by a fountain and one of us would choose one, take a bite, and pass it to the other. We ate them all like that. It was heaven.

    This is my first time in Paris and after months of Dutch food I feel somehow cured.

  69. heemmaa says...

    Coucou tout le monde, coucou Joanna ! I was right there this morning, because I’m working a few streets from the Tuileries, (near the Opera) and I like to take walks in the corridors of the Louvre (I’m a journalist and the entrance is free for me, so it’s my second home). I’d love to share with you the sunlight and the cool air i’ve been catching for you in the Tuileries, just before the rain. Spring is arriving in Paris : long evenings and drinks outside, barbecue on the balcony, picnics at la Villette and outdoor movies. I need flower dresses and sun glasses… Everything is already ready in my dressing.

  70. i’ve seen so many “i’d love to be in paris” posts recently! it must be that season – april in paris is ideal!
    don’t hate me for this, but i’m actually going next week! i’m meeting my mom there for a girl-cation in a fancy hotel near the louvre and i can’t waitttt!

  71. please yes! i have a major case of the blues today that only sunbathing in the tuileries garden can cure.

  72. Anonymous says...

    Perfect. I’m in!

  73. You bring the bread. I’ll bring the wine.

  74. I’m in! It sounds so much better than this grey-ish/brown-ish office..


  75. ooh, i *am* in paris right now. lucky me!

  76. me! I’m in!

    counting down the days till I’m in France this summer. I cannot-freaking-wait.

  77. I was thinking about Paris last night. I miss the romantic, inspiring and altogether loveliness. Today I would rather NOT live in NJ…:)

  78. I’ll be there tomorrow! And I’m totally up for a game, if we can eat Nutella crepes too!

  79. Yes! I’m going to listen to the Amelie soundtrack now!

  80. UGH! You read my mind… meet you there. :)

  81. Count me in! That sounds perfect right now.

  82. Sounds perfect to me! Spring in Paris is the epitome of day dreaming.

  83. I’m currently in Paris, and the grass is lovely!
    On the other hand, it’s raining…


  84. Done and doner (been listening to “Superheroes” on This American Life, and all I can think of is – invisibility or flight? I’m stuck!)


  85. Would love some cool grass. Ours had frost last night so it’s REAL COOL!

  86. count me in! it sounds glorious!! xoxo.

  87. Hey Joanna! I just want to let you know that i love your blog, I think it is soooo, let`s say, graceful, just like you seem to be!

    Keep posting :)

    Kisses from Sunny Brazil.

  88. Totally in…especially in Parree!

  89. Moi. I’m in. I’m all floopy bec. friends I went to univ. w/in Strasbourg seem soooooooo far away today. Mimph. Floop. Mew. Sniff.

    Have I activated any sympathy yet? Even the lil cat is sick of my moping.


  90. me!