Our First Date

Alex and I were reminiscing last night and realized that we went on our very first date exactly four years ago! I remember feeling giddy and nervous as I walked over to meet him at the Angelika Film Center. We saw The Lives of Others, the suspenseful German film about the East Berlin secret police. It was really intense and my heart was in my throat as we watched it.

Afterward, we took a cab over to Cafe Cluny, one of my favorite restaurants ever, and ordered steak and scallops, followed by two glasses of port, since it was one of Those Great Long Leisurely Dinners.

Then Alex walked me home, and, although I was usually a pretty slow mover, we kissed outside my apartment. The funny part? We were on Bleecker Street, so even late at night, crowds of people were passing by. Three drunk guys passed us and yelled, “Look at the lovers!” Romantic. :)

Another funny thing was, since we both really liked each other, we were searching for signs during the date that the other person was (or wasn’t) into it. I got nervous when Alex offered me a bite of his steak, but then placed the piece of steak directly onto my plate; did he not want me to eat off his fork? And he later admitted that he thought the date was shot when I didn’t lean on his armrest at the movie, but instead leaned toward the other side. So funny how nervous people can be when first dating!

Needless to say, it worked out, despite the armrest gaffe. And now he lets me eat off his fork:)

What about you guys? What did you do on your first dates with your main squeezes (or past boyfriends/girlfriends)? I’d love to hear…

  1. What a cute story… It makes me all mushy. I met my husband online. We instantly connected, and short emails turned into Skype conversations that lasted for more than 12 hours, 5 days in a row.. So, after a month of talking and longing and torture, I booked a plane ticket to Wales (I was in Norway). I suppose our first date started the moment I stepped out of the train and he stood there infront of me, tall and blindingly handsome. I was so nervous he wouldn’t find me instantly attractive, but he did. And so did I. And we walked hand in hand to his apartment and just sat and stared at each other. Three days later we decided to get married. 4 months later I had quit my TV job, moved to Wales and gotten married. It’s the best thing that’s has ever happened. And now, we’re trying for our first child – and I’ve been reading through ALL of your pregnancy/baby posts. All of them.

    Much love from me and a big thank you for sharing your life.

  2. Great Story! The last time I visited your site was about 3 years ago. Very impressed with your blog and all the changes you have made. My first date with my boyfriend was at a neighborhood restaurant/bar. I had a broken ankle, hopped up on pain killers, and had no expectations (I had been burned by previous boyfriends and swore I would end up alone.) He bought me an ankle brace for my ankle which I thought was really sweet. I was nervous but felt comfortable at the same time. We both wanted to order the same thing (pulled pork sandwich), but decided to order similar dishes and split. We talked for hours almost into dinner time. We’ve been dating for over 3 years and lately have been talking about a ring.

  3. This is such a sweet thing to reflect on.

    My boyfriend (and man that I will marry) met a few years ago at an outdoor festival through mutual friends. We ended up spending the entire afternoon at a picnic table in the beer garden talking to each other. We found out that we actually already knew each other. We had gone to the same school for one year but he was older than I was and we never crossed paths. We exchanged phone numbers and then exchanged text messages and emails for the next two years. He kept trying to get together, but it never worked out. I have to admit I was a little hesitant to go past the one great afternoon we had together.

    Two years later, right before Christmas, he sent me two tickets to play and a letter that said “Join?” How could I not? We grabbed a bite to eat before and then another one after because we just had so much to talk about. Before we knew it the restaurant was closing down, we were getting kicked out and I had fallen in love on our first date after two years.

  4. My first date with the boy I’m seeing was one of silliest and best dates I’ve ever had. We met up at a video arcade in downtown Seattle, and ended up playing old-school pinball for 3 hours. Highlights include: my date being asked by another redhead (my boy’s a ginger) to “give him his seed to save our race” (this same other redhead later said I had a nice smile and a cute dress, but having children with me wouldn’t help the ginger population), getting a first place score on a video game that neither of us understood, and misinterpreting his kiss on the cheek for a kiss on the lips… luckily that ended well! :)

    As a Germanophile, I’m glad to hear that The Lives of Others brought you together :)

  5. Awww perfect just perfect! :)

  6. This is so cute!
    My boyfriend and I went on our first date over a year ago. We went out to this vegetarian restaurant (since we’re both vegan) and afterward walked around downtown and ended up visiting a pet shop to pet the puppies! It was so adorable, but both of us later admitted we were so nervous during dinner that it caused me to hardly touch my food and him to eat extra due to nervousness. :)

  7. My fiancé and I had our first date 7 years ago this past April (we can never remember the exact day though!). He took me to a Belgian pub and we got unexpectedly sloshed while awaiting an asparagus appetizer that seemed to never come. We hopped around the city afterwards and then he kissed me in front of a table full of my friends. I was shocked and so was he. We realized that we were complete opposites that night but it didn’t matter (and still doesn’t). The very next day I found out that I got accepted to the grad program in Florence, Italy I had been working toward for a year. We spent the next few months inseparable until I left for 9 months. He sent me flowers and little care packages and then visited me over New Years and we traveled all over the country. So many people thought we were on our honeymoon! Once I returned to the states we moved in together and have been together and so in love ever since. :)

  8. Love your first date story! My husband and I went on our first date to the Post Office at 34th Street. It was just before Christmas and my friend/roommate at the time and I decided to “adopt” a family for Christmas and give gifts to them. First we needed to pick a letter from a needy child which they have at the Post Office sorted by borough. Steve and I met there in the hall way of the massive building and proceeded to read children’s letters to Santa for the next hour or so laughing and chatting with the other New Yorkers there reading letters.

    Once we had decided which letter I should take we headed downtown to the Four Face Liar where we drank way too much beer and laughed about the spelling of “draught” (as in draft beer) and my trouble understanding his Scottish accent. He walked me to the corner of W4th and 6th and hailed me a cab and I headed home. I had popped a cough drop in my mouth when we left the bar as it was all I had and the beer taste was gross at that point. Once I was in the cab and on my way, I received a text from Steve that said “had a great time! lose the cough drop next time”.

    It was 2 weeks before we saw each other again as he was off to Scotland for Christmas the next day, but we managed to pick up right where we left off (I ditched the cough drop) and almost 8 years later the rest is history!

  9. dot says...

    Before I met my husband first time, we were chatting online for some time (we had mutual friends on Facebook) We chatted more and more when my friends started to complain that they almost forgot my face, I realised the chat with Phill is the highlight of my day-EVERYDAY! When he first came to meet me (he lived in the UK and I lived in Poland) we decided to meet in a hotel in Warsaw. I was first there, about midday (he suppose to be also about this time, but we didn’t meet till about 5 pm (I thought he didn’t come, or something happened)… the stuff made a mistake and they put him to the room next door. so we were few meters away from each other, missing each other. but at the end we made it :))))))

  10. Hi Joanna! I just discovered your blog yesterday and absolutely love it! This post is so sweet, it’s really interesting to read all these cute stories of how people meet in all kinds of romantic and fun ways.
    I guess my most fun memory of meeting a boyfriend was in London on the dance floor, we both got happy hearing our favorite song and so we started dancing together. The next day I went home to Sweden for Easter and he e-mailed me these sweet and romantic letters every day until I came back to London. We started dating and although we’re not together anymore it makes me smile when I think of the two of us that first time dancing to our favorite song..
    The pic of you and your husband is so sweet! Where is your pretty blouse from?
    Thanks for a great blog! :-)

  11. Sara says...

    This post gave me chills…I saw The Lives of Others at the Angelika four years ago! I like to think perhaps I was there on your first date :)

  12. We watched Lars And The Real Girl. We watch it each anniversary ever since:-)
    The funny thing was I was not nervous at all. From the firts 5 minutes I felt like I’ve known him all my life.

  13. My (current) boyfriend and I, for our first proper date, met at the railway station, walked through the city to the beach, and leaned against a tree cuddling most of the time, just talking (also, I sort of met his parents and sister, when they mysteriously turned up). Then we eventually got up, got some ice creams from the ice cream van, and he walked me all the way back to the railway, and we had our first kiss right in front of all the train platforms. I’ll always remember our first :)

  14. Aw! You two were/are sweet! I was horrible to my husband on our first date. He was my manager during one of my summer jobs, and I always had a blast talking with him, but didn’t want to admit to myself that I liked him. So on our first date I said, “Just so you know this isn’t a date.” And I wouldn’t let him pay for my meal. Thank God he stuck around despite my brattiness. :)

  15. I met my boyfriend online. I was looking for someone Jewish, but he wasn’t, but I agreed to the date anyway. I took him to an art museum (I went to art school) and I was so nervous, I put on my “Tour Guide Hat” and talked non stop about everything from Sargeant to Picasso! Turns out he’s NOT into art…but to this day, he is always willing to try something new, and loves learning new things!

    Afterwards, we got lunch, and after that, I took him to my apartment (I liked him so much I didn’t want to get rid of him, even though I never took guys to my apartment on the first date!). We talked on the couch and my roommates came by and asked him a million questions.

    We didn’t kiss, but the next day he texted me and asked if I wanted to watch a movie with him. He came over with a movie and milkshakes (our favorites), and we got through one movie without kissing. He later told me that he thought he had blown it, but when I suggested we watch another movie, he agreed. That’s when I kissed him! He’s a shy guy.

    We went on another date 2 nights later.

    We’ve been dating for 5 months now, and I like him even more each day.

  16. this melts my little heart. i can’t wait to go on my first date.

  17. Sofia says...

    My first date with my boyfriend, he was SO shy. He could barely look at me in the eyes, and kept on looking down into his lap. And when he did get the guts to make eye contact, he turned beat red! He later on told me it was cause he was so nervous and had an “oh S*** moment, I really like this girl.” Thankfully, he got over his shyness and is the most amazing person in my life.

  18. Wow! I remember our first date like it was yesterday except I can’t remember the movie. XD We were so nervous, and I do remember we ate at Olive Garden.

    That was 11 years ago! We still go to the same Olive Garden. :o)

    He later told me that he was so nervous, he washed his car twice and waxed it so it would look nice. Haha…I didn’t even notice the clean car that night, just his baby blue eyes.

  19. What a great look in that Peter Pan collar dress! Aren’t they just so romantic and sweet? Perfect to celebrate spring! We actually make Peter Pan collars ourselves and you can find them on our Etsy page They can be worn with either dresses or T-shirts. Thank you for your lovely blog, Joanna, we are two young moms ourselves and you never fail to inspire us!

  20. My boyfriend of 6 months now courted me and won my affection with a 32 oz bag of Sour Patch Kids. I was beyond stirred by the act.

  21. I met my boyfriend at Macy’s in the bedding department. I was shopping for pillow cases and I couldn’t help but notice how lost he looked (it was very much a bull in a china shop sort of thing). Being the friendly girl that I am, I asked him if he needed help and to my surprise, he took me up on it! In the end he picked out some very nice Calvin Klein sheets. Since I was so helpful, he asked me out for sushi on the spot and I accepted. Sushi led to coffee and we shut the shop down! I still have the receipt for the sheets! We’ve been together ever since. :)

  22. We went to central park on a whim for a walk. We talked for hours and hours and hours…ended up going to dinner and then talked some more. It was an 8 hour date! That’s how I was sure he was the one…

  23. Lizzie says...

    I fell in love with my now husband on our first date when he used a quote from the film Short Circuit to work out whether the word was ‘unassemble’ or ‘disassemble’. He had me at ‘No disassemble Johnny Five!’!

    I had been dating for a couple of years and meeting lots of nice men who could have fitted the bill, but just didn’t feel right and was beginning to wonder whether I’d have to settle for so-so. Then I met Paul and finally had the thunderbolt. Fortunately it was reciprocated! We moved in three months later and got married three years later.

    Do you remember the SATC episode all about the Zsa zsa zu? I totally get that now. Sometimes married life can get a little mundane (!) but I’ll always have the memory of that first date.

  24. I love that you shared this, and so did everyone else in the comments! I’m such a sap when it comes to romance!

    My honey and I met at a friend’s wedding. He was moving back to the area after 18 months on the East Coast for work. I have 2 kids and was going through a divorce. He offered to walk me to the after party, buy me a drink, chat me up a bit and then admitted very sheepishly that he had been seeing someone on the East Coast and wanted to be up front about it. I very brazenly admitted I was married with 2 children ;) We talked for a while and then he planted a big kiss on me and asked if he could take me somewhere quiet to chat. Two years later and we’re happy as can be!!

  25. wow i just came across your blog and got captured by how many readers you have…so i thought lets read what she is writing about!:D this story is just lovely, i am home with my boyfriend and we should have had a evening just we two (no phone, no web etc.) but he had a bad headache and now he is sleeping next to me in the bed like a little boy and i just think about when we met the first day 2 years ago and i though “this guy won’t even look at me” :D

  26. Well.. Joep and I met in a cafe in our hometown. He was still studying at university and I was already working (9 to 5 lol). Our first date took place at my old university city, in between our two places we lived at that time. We went to a cafe to talk and drink. I thought it was so lovely because we could talk just about anything, it didn’t matter. Afterwards we went to see a movie.

    When he took me to the train station that night, which is just a walk from the city centre – but through a park – I walked closer to him and we held hands (aaah so sweet) all the way to the train station. When we were on the platforms, we kept on talking as we sat down and let all trains stop by and go away without one of us stepping into it. Finally when the last train stopped, he quickly kissed me goodbye and waved at me when the traindoors shut.

    I thought it was so refreshing to find somebody with who you could talk all night long without any awkward silences. And that pretty eyes… I must admit. I sometimes really haven’t heard a word he was saying because I was obsessed with his green eyes HA!

    This date took place more over 5 years ago and we are still together! He actually is cooking dinner for me at his exact moment and I am still very much in love with him.


  27. In college, Austin (who at the time was just a handsome guy I didn’t know well) asked me to his date to his Military Ball. He had mentioned he was Wing Commander, but it wasn’t until that night that I realized what a big deal that was! He was so impressive and gentlemanly. We hung out afterward and talked until dawn. After he left, I knew that he was going to be my future husband, without a doubt. Austin later told me that at that same moment, he knew I was the woman he was going to marry! :)

    Happy belated 1st date anniversary! And I absolutely loved The Lives of Others. A truly intense film.

  28. Next Wednesday, my husband and I will celebrate our first date, three years ago. We’re reenacting it: sushi at a busy little spot and a few games of pool at a shotty, rundown place. I promised him I’d wear my tight jeans and long sleeve printed henley–just like the first date. Although, we will kiss on this date…and didn’t on our first!
    I remember our first 3 dates like they were yesterday and reminisce about them often. I’m the luckiest girl in the whole world to have found this man that can keep up with the likes of me. On our first date I learned his middle name and was so impressed with his basic toyota tacoma (rather than some fancy-shmancy escalade) and the fact that he opened my door, but was doing it because it was innate.
    I’m just the luckiest girl…have I already said that???
    Thanks for the memory-lane trip!

  29. i love the lives of others. and i loved this story! thanks for sharing. :)

  30. looking forward to my first date……still i am dateless:(

  31. That’s a cute story. And I loved the Lives of Others. So good, but so sad.
    My husband and I (celebrating our first wedding anniversary today!) had our first date at a coffee shop. We talked for hours, but just as we were leaving, I really had to pee. So I just shook his hand goodbye and made a beeline for the toilets. He teases me to this day about that, since he took it as a sign I wasn’t into him.
    But I just really had to pee!

  32. So cute! My fiance and I definitely felt the same way on our first date.

  33. dc says...

    We met at Va Tech, my boss took me (a newly minted research associate in a stream biology lab) around to meet all the grad students. After meeting my husband, I had lunch with my best friends and told them I’d met the man of my dreams.

    Two new field outfits (bikinis :o)) and two months later we went on our first date, swimming in the New River and Ferris Bueller at the Lyric Cinema. That was almost 25 years ago and we’re still happily married!

  34. we exactly met 3 years and 13 days ago, love at first sight – with wome help from the wine, I asked him to kiss me before dessert, and today, we are happily married, with two beautiful girls – 2 years old / 1 year old
    ahem let’s say that life has radically changed :-)

  35. Sweet story! I love looking at you both, embraced:)
    My first date was entirely untypical:)
    I met my Dutch fiancé through internet, on some page for music fans. We started chatting about music and …basically this is how it all started:) I was living in Poland, he in Holland, we didn’t have many chances to go out for our dates:) so we did it “virtually”. We watched movies (starting movie at the same time), he “cooked for me “with his camera on…
    We met after 6 months from the first chat.
    I came to Krakow one day earlier, before him, I was so nervous…and you know what I found on the bed in the apartment he booked for us? a bunch of red roses and a love letter, he arranged it all with a little help of the apartment’s owner.
    Half year later I moved to the NL. We’re together 2 and a half year, I’ve been living here since a year:)

    He is the love of my life:)aaah almost forgot…and you know what struck me when I met him? Not only he had a Polish grandpa but his grandpa lived 12 kilometers from my great grandparents! It’s a very small village, maybe 300 people living there?

    SOMEBODY planned our story well, up there:)

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  37. cc says...

    my bf and i went to a reading at some west village bookstore, then had champagne at a bar i don’t recall the name of, then took a drunken cab ride (during which i made him listen to whatever girl band it is that sings ‘leader of the pack’ on my i-pod) to Mars Bar on second avenue where we drank beer and made out. we both to the b train home, opposite directions.

  38. Happy 1st date Anniversary! It’s been so much fun seeing what happened next! Happy Spring to all. ; )

  39. I love your story. For our first date I picked my husband up at the airport! I had met him on vacation the previous week and he was coming out to spend the weekend to “see” what would happen. Obviously a lot happened!

  40. We met on FB through a mutual friend. We didn’t really have a conventional first date since we decided to take a trip together for our first meeting. He’s from Oslo and I’m from Napa. We met at the Heathrow airport and almost immediately boarded a plane to Venice, and eventually made our way through Croatia.

    We call that trip our three week first date. There was no awkwardness, we felt like we’d known each other our whole lives.

    That was almost two years ago, and now we’re in the middle of planning our wedding in November!

  41. Kelsi says...

    On Valentine’s Day, our first date, Mike took me to a museum in an old stone fort, full of an eccentric’s collection of oddities. Then he took me to a little Spanish bakery so we could share a fresh, warm loaf of bread. This was all his idea. He was broke but creative.
    We walked around the rest of the night talking and getting to know each other.
    We just had our 9 year anniversary, and we’re getting married in June.

  42. We celebrated our first date anniversary on 17 March – Paddy’s Day!

    Met my Irish man a couple days prior at the Heart & Crown in Ottawa’s ByWard Market, which we decided to go to for our first date (and to celebrate his national holiday of course).

    A move to Australia and many great moments later, we are happily checking out all of the lovely Irish pubs in Brisbane! :)

  43. omg, anonymous, that pizza story is SO SO SO cute.

  44. I started dating an old friend. we hadnt seen each other in Id say a few years when I went to Vegas with him for new years lol. awesome first date drive into vegas :)

  45. Happy 1st date anniversary, Jo! It’s so wonderful that there was chemistry for you from the very beginning.

    I met my boyfriend five years ago – I was skipping a puddle of water in the middle of the street outside of a club and he was standing by, and noted that it must have been difficult to do that in my heels. We hit it off immediately and spent the rest of the night talking… but I was seing someone at the time. He said I was the most beautiful woman in the world and, although we didn’t speak again for a lot of time, he never stopped thinking of me.

    It was only 3 years later that we saw each other again, both single. He called and invited me to a cafe and we spent hours and hours and hours talking. On the second date, we kissed. We’ve been together for over 2 years now and still completely in love, and although we can’t at the moment, we wish to marry and build a family together as soon as possible. :)

  46. My boyfriend of 6 years and I have a similar story! Without asking during dinner he cut up a bit of his steak and put it on my plate. It was such an intimate moment and made me feel like we had already been together forever :)

  47. My husband Grant I first met as I was moving into my new apartment. I saw him across the street and he smiled at me and I smiled back and almost kept walking, but I had no idea where he lived or whether I would see him again, so I yelled, “What’s your name!” Ha, a nice introduction… On our first date we went horseback riding in mountains above his uncle’s ranch in Utah. It was gorgeous and we shared a horse :) Nine months later he asked me to marry him atop one of the very same mountains that we rode through on our first date. It wasn’t over the top. Just simple. Perfect.

  48. the outside cafe that used to be in union square…and a year and a half later my now husband proposed in front of the lincoln statue in the dead of winter…magical. full circle!

  49. Anonymous says...

    How sweet!

    We ate pizza together. In my usual grace, my slice slipped right out of my hand and onto my chest. Before I could feel too mortified, he “accidentally” dropped his slice onto his very clean khaki corduroys. That’s real sweetness, :)

  50. picked my husband up in a dance club by asking him to dance as he was getting another girl’s phone number.

    that was almost 13 years ago!

  51. before i went to maine for the first time i emailed my gf’s and said “i’m gonna meet a man with an anchor tattoo!”

    i watched a musician on stage, singing his heart out and when his set was over, he came over to me and asked me to dance. we got to talked on the grass and i saw something poking out from under his sleeve. i asked what it was – and it was that anchor tattoo!

    not sure if it was our first “date” but we’ve been together ever since!

  52. Hubby and I met in high school when we were 15 or 16, when he dated a good friend of mine then. They broke up, and at some point when we were still in high school, it was made obvious that there was mutual interest between us, but nothing came of it. A few years later, when we both went to the same college we went on our first date. We tailgated and went to a football game together, and then out with his friends for drinks afterwards. I think we were both very tense that first date! Married 7 months later, had our son within the first year, and we have been happily married 3 years this May! : )

    Happy first date anniversary!

  53. How adorable…I love hearing a good 1st date story! You also reminded me of that movie…my Grandfather recommended it to me yrs ago, and I forgot about it until now…I will have to rent it!

  54. this is absolutely adorable. I dream of finding this kind of love someday!

  55. As our first date was 30+ years ago, I admit I don’t quite remember what we did. What I DO remember is that there was something about him that made me fall right then and there. Sounds like you had a similar experience. Thanks for sharing your lovely story.
    Have a beautiful day.

  56. Joey Flowers says...

    Hi Jo! You and Alex are totally adorable, I’ve loved watching you blog about your relationship and now a little one. I’m sure the two of you are going to grow old together. <3

    In regards to your question…
    My boyfriend and I had an absolutely magical first date. We were seniors in high school, and it was a balmy early autumn day. We skipped school and walked about 16 miles to the old artsy district of town to an abandoned squat house he knew of. We talked for hours and had a picnic on the floor. We drew each other’s portraits on the wall together, and at sunset hitchhiked our way back to our part of town and had dinner at a hole in the wall Japanese restaurant where the chef makes his fried eggs in the shape of a heart. A day to remember indeed!

  57. my now hubby and i spent the day climbing and hiking in a local state park. we were totally enthralled with each other and the scenery and stayed way past sundown.

    apparently, that is illegal. because we were caught by the police and had 1st degree trespassing charges brought against us for being in the park after hours.

    i think we actually fell in love shoveling rotton potatoes into the dumpster during our community service hours at the local food bank to get the charge off our record :)

  58. What a cute story. :) I love reading about your family.

    I actually asked my husband out, because I had a nagging feeling I should get to know him better (we were in a church choir together, but he was the strong, silent type – me, not so much). We went out to dinner & he surprised me by being a great conversationalist & funny, to boot. In fact, when I got home, I thought, “I could marry this guy,” which totally freaked me out as soon as I thought it. One year later, we got married & now have a beautiful daughter. Good thing I listened to that nagging feeling to get to know him better…

  59. i met my boyfriend on valentines day 2 years ago – both our valentines girls only/boys only parties ended up at the same bar and i gave him a valentine with my phone number on it.

    for our first date, i went over to his student house to watch a movie. upon walking into his room, he had a dvd sitting on his desk of a very obscure, no longer airing canadian TV show from the 80s, Degrassi High (not the new generation). This was a huge coincidence since this was, and is, my all-time favourite TV show. We watched the series final, made-for-tv-movie episode, and it’s been love ever since!

  60. Well we didnt have a formal/known first date like most. We had known eachother for years but never hung out just us. He asked me to go climbing with him, which I had never done, and told me I was a natural. Then he took me to Zaxby’s (romantic) and bought my food (hint).
    After that he took me back to the lot where my car was, and I didnt get out. We stayed in the car, just talking until 4am. It was a slightly unexpected but lovely first date. We were pretty unseperable after that.

  61. Holy crap. This was such a cute story. All I was thinkin’ while I was reading was, “Awwwww”.

    Congratulations! My boyfriend and I celebrate our 1st date also.

  62. As a Michigan girl myself, I feel like I had a pretty “michigan-esque” first date: bowling! We both brought friends–I brought my sister and a pal from highschool, he brought his bff, we thought my friend and his friend would hit it off. They didn’t.

    He brought his own bowling ball and shoes. I “stole” his stocking cap. We hugged goodnight in front of our friends and he let me “hold onto” his hat for him.

    cheers to you and your guy on a sweet anniversary!

  63. My hubby & I waited what felt like ages for our first date, for some reason one of us always had to cancel – work or school. One day after class for me/work for him I just decided to ask him to meet me at a diner…we laughed and talked the whole time!! Despite the fact that I had frizzy hair, no makeup, & was exhausted it was my best last first date.

  64. My husband and I were reminiscing about our first date…it was 7 years ago on March 8th! We went to a movie and then stayed up and talked until the wee hours..and he did get a kiss that night too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  65. At my first date with my (now) husband, we met at the train station. I arrived 45 minutes late due to a problem with the trains – this was before Blackberries ;)
    Luckily, he was still there. We went back to his home because he forgot his wallet. He lived with his parents and siblings back then, so I met them all on our first date.
    We then took the subway train to the city centre of Amsterdam to eat at a restaurant. At central station, we took some pictures in a photo booth. That was eleven years ago and we still have them today :)

  66. what a sweet post, joanna! thank you for sharing it with us and happy anniversary. :)
    makes me think about our first date anniversary – a mountain bike ride in virginia. i had never done it before and i tried so hard to be tough! my husband said he took my bike riding because he really enjoyed it and if the date didn’t turn out well, then at least he’d have a good time. ha! lucky for both of us, it went well and we were married about 3 years later.

  67. I love thinking back on those first feelings of nervousness. What a great post!

    I replied about my first date with my now husband already but after laying in bed and talking to him last night – going over the details. I thought it would be fun to respond with his words as well….
    (the first date story is the one with the cop picture!)

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  69. We saw Mrs. Doubtfire in the theatre…then to mcdonalds for ice cream cones…ahh the dates of 19 yr olds! We don’t go to mcdonalds anymore but still love to go to movies!

  70. That seriously sounds like a perfect date in my books!!! Especially the looong dinner full of delicious food and good convo!
    and yes… don’t we all read into it way too much…?

  71. Anonymous says...

    My first date with my love was to see Wicked in LA. We had an hour to kill so we walked Hollywood Blvd. It started with his arm around my shoulder to sweaty hand-holding (it was a humid night). The whole time, I thought….hmmmm,I see. Then he held my hand during the musical. Then he sat really close to me during dinner and him kissing my cheek as I successfully learned how to count in French. Hmmmmm, I see. Then we kissed at the cross-street before we got to his car. Then we made out in his car!

  72. Oh goodness, too cute.

    My love and I had known each other for about a year – he was my physical therapist! We went out to see a band at a coffee shop. We played the is he/isn’t she into it game for about an hour before realizing we were actually “on a date” and not just hanging out.

  73. Aw that’s so sweet, I met my boyfriend at a festival over 4 year ago, seeing Groover Armada, he had lost all his friends and needed minding so I said he could stick with us and then romance blossomed! We go to the festival every year now.

  74. What a lovely story! I’m such an over-analyzer and this makes me feel so at ease. My first date, my man took me to put put and a nice Indian restaurant, then ice cream. I was expecting a good night kiss and all he have me was a stiff hug. It took him 4 dates to finally kiss me. Such a gentleman!


  75. So sweet, as you! Our first date was 13 tears ago in a rainy evening and we spent all the night talking closed in my car…

  76. I love this! Happy Anniversary! I so look forward to reading your blog every day and this just makes it that much better!

  77. I met my husband when I was sixteen at our first jobs in the summer. I can honestly say I knew he was something special but it took over six years for us to start dating! We knew each other so well and the night he finally DID kiss me, I was convinced by then we were never going to start dating. We had spent all day helping a friend move and as we were leaving he just leaned down and kissed me. It wasn’t a date, but it was the start of the best time in my life. :)

  78. I met my guy barking out a car window (neither of us were exactly sober at the time!) Weirdly, I even remember what I was wearing – a t-shirt with a giant pineapple on it! That was kind of our first date. 8 years later and we are still together and I bring up the barking incident at every opportunity!

  79. Ida says...

    Thanks for sharing!

    My boyfriend and I went on our first date only 6 months ago, so it’s still quite new, but fun to think how nervous we were.

    We had coffee and played backgammon at a cosy café and he listened when I talked too much because I was nervous and excited.

    Afterwards we went for a beer at an Irish pub. I was happy he let me pay the beer – when guys pay everything it makes me feel uncomfortable.

    When we said good-bye he said he’d like to kiss me and I said I’d like it if he did. And he did :) It was cute, akward and amazing.

  80. thanks for sharing. I love reading how lovers meet :)

  81. I kept reading the first date advice and clues to look for in your date’s behaviour before our first date. Either it worked or I was a natural, we’re still together three years later :)

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  83. So sweet!

    I didn’t even realise my hubby had asked me on our first date! We often went out as a group of friends so I was under the impression that it was a group outting!Silly me.

    We went out for an indian meal and the rest as they say is history.

    X x

  84. Happy 1st Date Anniversary.

    My bf Lester and I were following each other on Twitter for a while before a common friend introduced us formally. We both love books and poetry in particular and met at the bookstore for the first time outside the virtual world of Twitter. Soon he asked me out on our first date.

    Lester and I, we met after work for our first date. He was done with work but I had to get back to office as I was working the late shift for a news channel. So all I had time was for a quick bite.

    We went to a restaurant, he was more or less drenched as it was raining heavily (this was in June last year…the monsoon season in India).

    I am a very chatty person and went on talking a mile a minute while he sat quietly listening to me and quietly biting into his sandwich.

    At first I thought he wasn’t enjoying my company but then I realised he was so nervous he could barely speak…and he almost choked on his food because of his nervousness!

    But he was rather sweet and after dinner he walked me to my office and gifted me the poem by E. E. Cummings – I carry your heart with me – without really knowing it was my favourite poem! I wanted to kiss him right then and there but couldn’t as I was in my office. But i had a tear in my eye…and that was enough for him to know that the date was a success. :)

    We’ve been together since and we plan to get married soon! Who says first dates are supposed to be played by the rules?

  85. My first ‘proper’ date was an accident I guess. I was studying at uni and my parents had a group of their old friends over – I really didn’t feel like being social with a bunch of oldies who would swarm/reminisce about the last time they saw me when I was in nappies (aka diapers)!

    At the time all my friends were studying for exams and I could only think of one person who wouldn’t have exams. We originally met in the kitchen of my parent’s house when I had a group of friends over for lunch and he tagged along – we barely spoke two words. We kept bumping into each other and a week before the date we exchanged numbers.

    I remember sending him a completely platonic text saying something like “hey I need to get out of the house, feel like going to that café you were talking about?”. I didn’t intend it to be a date at all because I recall not feeling nervous as I sent the message and I wore a pretty average outfit too!

    We spent houuurs sitting in the café beside the lake and we were together solidly for about 4 years (things got a little rocky and we’re still trying to work them out), but I think we both know it will work out in the end.

  86. My boyfriend of two (almost three!) years took me out on our first date just six months ago.

    We have been friends since high school and always went out together without really considering what we did “dating.” We kind of eased into coupledom during college. Suffices to say we never really established when we had our first date.

    Exactly two years into our relationship we hit a rough patch and decided to take a break. We ended on good terms, but decided to give each other some space. Over a month goes by since we’ve talked or seen each other when he calls me to let me know one of our favorite singers is performing in a small venue in New York. He asked me if I was interested in going with him, and I thought, “why not?”

    The day finally arrived and I was getting nervous. I must have changed outfits a million times before finally sticking to one. When I finally saw him, I had the worst case of butterflies in my stomach. I was suddenly shy and nervous around him, but we slowly eased into the date. He surprised me by having the performer dedicate my favorite song to me (he slipped the performer a note before the show without me noticing). It was the most romantic thing ever.

    After the show we took a walk around Bryant Park and people watched while eating Nutella crepes. We lost track of time laughing and flirting and ended up having to run all the way to Port Authority (hand in hand) in order to catch the last bus home. It all felt like something out of a movie.

    We didn’t end up kissing that night, but a few dates later we decided to get back together. We laugh that it took two years and a break up in order for us to have such a great first date.

  87. he sang yellow rose of texas as I entered the restaurant and later kissed me in a phone booth

  88. My boyfriend and I went on our first date when I was 14 and he 16. It was a double with my brother and his girlfriend (now wife!). We saw Talladega Nights (I HATED it) and we had our first lovers spat about how Geoffrey the Giraffe from Toy’s R’ Us’ name was spelled so we went to Toy’s R’ Us and he won.

    I wore a denim mini and a blue and white striped polo. He wore a pair of American Eagle jeans (he still owns them now 5 years later) and a light blue polo.


  89. awwwww…i took my husband to see a tarot reader, he was so nervous his friends used to call him stan from southpark as he was always nauseous when he saw me! Afterward, we drove to bronte beach sat in the park next to the shore to watch the sun set. we kissed…and as were gazing into each others eyes three chubby li’l kids walked by and asked their dad “hey what’s for dinner?” the father replied “hotdogs!” and the kids all went crazy and cheered! we laughed so much for our ‘serious romantic moment’ was completely destroyed! that was 11/11/98, he proposed to me in france on our 11th anniversary at 11.11pm, we were married last year in our backyard at 11.11am on the 11/11. i still don’t know what the tarot reader said to him.???

  90. My husband took me to see a movie. He tried to hold my hand while watching the movie. I wasn’t ready for that yet, so I gave his hand a friendly squeeze and then let it go. He thought it was over after that haha! But it wasn’t and now 9 years later we are happily married with a baby =)

    – Sarah

  91. What a cute story!! That sounds like a great date.
    My boyfriend and I have been together for going on 5 years… the first time he was coming over to watch a movie he rode his bike to my house and he got lost! I ended up wandering around the neighborhood looking for him

  92. Awww, what a cute post. Cheesy and romantic. Just how I like it.

    My boyfriend and I met in our college library 2 years ago. We would always sit at the same computers and glance once in a while.. but nothing was said. ALot of signs led to our first date which was going skating on the Canal Rideau. He tied my very old skates and then (with my huge purse, because of course it made sense to bring it)we started skating. We, as in I, fell all the time and then it started snowing really hard and he caught a snowflake and said: ” Let’s play 20 questions?”. The night flew by…
    next thing you know we were holding hands and kissed when I fell on the ice.. again, but fell for him at the same time.

    The rest is history.


  93. this is so cute! i love hearing these stories!

  94. Aww! :) Happy memories! My husband and I were chaperones at a sleep over, he had the elementary boys and I had the elementary girls! Then, the next morning we went to waffle house (yuck) and shared an amazing breakfast and hugged all day! :) We were in love from day one! :)

  95. My husband and I met in Kindergarden. We went to the same small elementary, middle, and high school. We went to the same college (always stayed in touch as friends). A few years out of college and I was in a severe accident. He reached out to me because he was worried. We felt a spark and he asked me out to coffee, “like a date?” “well, yes. i think.” – we were awkwardly transitioning from life long friends. After our coffee date we sat in his car laughing about how we felt like teenagers. We then started making out. We then had a light shine into our car – the police officer had us roll down the window and told us to “move it along kids.” (I guess we had to make up for the lost days of high school!!)

  96. Aaawww… love it. Really. Truly. Such a sweet tale of your very first date together.
    The hubs and I met when he tattooed me on my visit to California. A very unexpected event, on my part. We didn’t start dating until a solid four years later. Gets better every day, the two of us (going on 10 years together). I’m not kidding. And I’m sure you understand that feeling of expanding love and friendship with your own husband. Congratulations on your four years and counting…

  97. Such a fun post! I just went on a first date and I thought things were off to a great start when he offered a sip of his shake through his straw…like you said, so funny how we take things!

  98. this is SO cute. i love love, new love is so great – even better when you can look back laugh, and fall even more in love reminiscing :)

  99. Love it! My stomach just did a nervous flip thinking about it. Four years ago, my hubby took me to a sushi bar in Dubai, but the table they’d reserved for us was at the bar… very impersonal and unromantic. Everything was very awkward until we had an Are-you-thinking-what-I’m-thinking? moment. We ended up at a lovely Thai spot round the corner. I was so nervous I drank too much wine and talked too fast. I still remember him putting his arm around me as we left the restaurant. Very sweet. We’ve been married for two years now and have a beautiful 8-month-old :-)

  100. Such a sweet story! My husband met me on campus and we walked around the art museum, then ended up at my studio where we sat really close on the couch while I showed him some of my photos and art as we talked.

    p.s. Thanks for reminding me of that film. So good!

  101. Love it! My stomach just did a nervous flip thinking about it. Four years ago, my hubby took me to a sushi bar in Dubai, but the table they’d reserved for us was at the bar… very impersonal and unromantic. Everything was very awkward until we had an Are-you-thinking-what-I’m-thinking? moment. We ended up at a lovely Thai spot round the corner. I was so nervous I drank too much wine and talked too fast. I still remember him putting his arm around me as we left the restaurant. Very sweet. We’ve been married for two years now and have a beautiful 8-month-old :-)

  102. My beau is actually kind of an old flame, but a previously unrequited passion. He had just returned from a couple years abroad and invited me out for a drink with other friends (also his birthday). As soon as I walked into the room and caught his eye across the room I knew I was still in deep. After hanging out under the pretense of friendship (and me watching for signs constantly) for a couple weeks thereafter he turned to me one evening and asked if he “could take me out on a real date sometime”.

    The greatest magic of that first date, was not the incredible french food and wine, nor the loaded looks being given over the table… it was walking in the rain, and doing a combination of weak in the knees & jumping out of my skin every time he touched the small of my back to keep me close under his umbrella.

    He got a kiss that night … and many more since.

  103. oh my goodness, I have had one of those never-ending-long days and this just made it a bit brighter! My bf and I just got back from NYC yesterday evening Cafe Clunny was on our go-to lists but we never made it and now I’m kicking myself!

    This story is so fun cute and adorable!! thank you for sharing :) xo

  104. Anonymous says...

    My now husband (and soon to be father of our first kids) took me on a first date to see an Austrian movie at a film festival. He is Austrian and I am Jewish and the movie was about people hunting old Nazis in present day Austria.

    It was a very good film but he spent the rest of the date at dinner horribly depressed (your countries history can really weigh on you). I guess the positive side is that it allowed us to have that conversation early on. All ended well for us.

  105. this is so sweet! my boyfriend and I met on a temp job. a couple of us had gone out for lunch one day and I suggested that we should order one of everything and then share it. he adamantly stated he didn’t like to share. we all had our own plates then. the next weekend it was just the two of us who went out to lunch, no one else wanted to join. while looking over our menus he asked if I wanted to split something with him. I told him that he had mentioned he didn’t like sharing. a shy smile appeared and it hit me, this guy likes me. we ordered two entrees and shared it. we’re almost three years in our relationship w/ many more to go.

  106. Patricia says...

    Joanna, you were actually part of a “first” for me with someone I was dating in NYC. He had been to Montreal a few times to see me, but my first time visiting him was this past Hallowe’en weekend. We stopped in at Birdbath Bakery one morning, and you were standing beside us! I kind of thought you looked familiar, and then when we commented on how sweet your baby was, you turned him towards us and said, “This is Toby.” It was frankly a little surreal for me, and only once you had walked out the door with Toby did I turn to my then-beau and say, “I think that was a woman whose blog I love! I read it every day! I can’t believe I didn’t say anything!” So here’s what I should have said to you that day: Hi! I’m Patricia. I’m from Montreal, I read your blog every day, I think you’re such a delight, and I can’t believe how funny this is that I’m standing beside you and Toby in a bakery! :)

  107. This post is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  108. YAY for Michigan girls! I knew I liked you! I grew up in Ann Arbor — one of my favorite places in the world.
    <3 leigh

  109. This is not my style but I’m going to respond anyway. When my husband and I met, he was visiting a mutual friend at school and we all went out to play frisbee. Well, after awhile I accidentally stepped on the frisbee and broke it. He thought this was hilarious. We got married this past New Year’s Eve, just over 5 years later (I love that you feature cool weddings on your blog!) and it was a kickass way to ring in the new year! Funnest party ever. Our photographer did a great job documenting it .. you can see at

  110. you guys are cute! :)

  111. Awww. It’s so nice to hear a good love story. How were you guys introduced? There’s definitely something to be said about when you know, you know.. And if you don’t hear bells like you guys did, to move on to the next guy!

  112. I had just moved into my new downtown apartment and was walking down the street one day when my eyes fell upon the most perfect car and I immediately had to have it…an ’88 VW Fox, 2 door hatchback, sooo cool. Just happens that this most perfect car was being sold by the most perfect man; he took me for a ride & I haggled for a low price. A few days later he made a picnic of shishkabobs, salad and beers which we ate at the beach while watching the sunset…and now we have a picture of the Best Car Ever hanging on our fridge:)

  113. Aw, that is such a sweet story. I forgot how nervous people are when they are first dating; I was especially nervous on our first date because he is my first–and hopefully last–boyfriend :)

  114. So sweet! That’s an amazing movie. Good first date film -so much to talk about!

  115. Sweet! I had my first date with my husband 4 years ago today too! We got married 9 months later and had a beautiful little girl 2 years after that. It’s amazing how fast things move when you meet the love of your life.

  116. Congratulations, you two are so adorable. I think this is the week of anniversaries, my parents are celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary tomorrow! Again, happy anniversary, and here’s to many, many more years of Joanna and Alex (and good news that you’v both forgiven one another for the armrest/fork incidents. How cute!:)

  117. That is great, love this! We saw The Pianist on our very first date! It was great, but for our first date? We still laugh. We were friends when Eric finally asked me out on a proper date. He says he was afraid of falling into the “friend zone.” I had the biggest crush on him so I was more than happy to oblige:) Thought you might like this funny/embarrassing story I shared on my blog about a year ago about when Eric was just my crush. Enjoy.

  118. C. says...

    Aww so sweet! Happy First Date Anniversary :) I definitely know what you mean about the beginning jitters. I’m going through that right now and even though it has been a month I still need to stop second guessing a lot of silly little things.

  119. ah, that’s so cute! i just think it’s so interesting how little details like leaning away can send a message to one person, but have absolutely no meaning to the other. people are so analytical!

    i wish i could remember my first date with my bf. but i honestly don’t. isn’t that sad? i’m going to have to ask him and see if he remembers, haha!

  120. i LOVE the lives of others! never really thought of it as a first date movie… i guess it would definitely help distract from those first data jitters.

  121. Anonymous says...

    Our first date was to go see the Addams Family movie. Not a typical romantic movie, but it was the best. You guys went on your first date on our tenth anniversary. Today we celebrate 14 years of marriage, and 19.25 years of being together. 22 Mar is a great date! I still feel like I’m 21 (when I met him), though we’ve nearly doubled in age.

  122. My husband and I’s first date happened to be on my birthday and we decided to met for a movie and burgers.

    I had spent the previous night out dancing with my girlfriends, so when I found myself in a dark cinema I promptly fell asleep! All I remember about the movie was how sweet he was because he kept propping my weary head on his shoulder.I was mortified when he woke me up once the movie had finished. Don’t feel bad about the arm chair gaffe! ;)

  123. i loved this post! so sweet.

    my first date with my fiancé was a NINE HOUR coffee date. seriously. we lost all track of time. i didn’t look at my clock until we were approaching the 6 hour mark, and i almost died. it was pretty magical!

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  125. We went to a dive bar and have basically been on one long, continuous date ever since (how many other first dates can you think of that include moving in together and having a kid??) Heehee, I’m a MI girl too, but I’m from Detroit (proper) so that might explain the different pace.

  126. Anonymous says...

    i LOVE lives of others!

  127. This is too sweet. I love Cafe Cluny too. My bf and I have our first date anniversary coming up next month, actually. Ours was quite casual, but I do remember being really nervous about what to wear, what to eat, etc. The funny thing is, our first date was for drinks at a bar…and now we happen to live right across the street from that very bar!

  128. cuteness! the lives of others is such an amazing film.

  129. cuteness! the lives of others is such an amazing film.

  130. How sweet! My boyfriend and I started dating almost 6 years ago, when we were sophomores in high school. Our “dates” consisted mostly of hanging out at each others houses. I remember pretty early on into our relationship, we watched The Notebook and I remember feeling so nervous.

  131. LK says...

    I like to say that my boyfriend and I had two first dates. He was my boss at the time and we had been flirty and making bets on the baseball playoff. Finally, one night he got off work and texted me, asking if I wanted to get a drink. So we went to a bar out of the way so no one would see us and we had nachos and tequila shots. We made plans to have dinner the next night and go back to my apartment to play wii and watch old episodes of SNL. I was terrified to go to work the next day because I thought he would change his mind, but he didn’t and we had our first real date. We’ve been together for almost 2 years now and have the most adorable puppy.

  132. How adorable! I love hearing these stories! My husband thinks of our first date as a night that the power went out in his building when I was over hanging out (we were just friends then) so we went over to a nearby pizza place. He says it felt like we were the only two there…and at that point had not talked about our feelings for each other so I think it’s so sweet that he was nervous to be on a ‘date’ with me.

  133. I love these stories :-) My boyfriend and I started dating in high school, over 10 (!) years ago. On our first date, we went to Applebees, because that is where our “group” of friends always went so it was a safe call. We later admitted to each other we hate that place! Then we went to a book store and played checkers while we waited for the movie we wanted to see to start. At the end of the night, he drove me home, both of us full of giddy adrenaline. He blasted free falling on the radio and challenged me to belt it out solo- which I totally did. I still remember what I wore, what he wore, which lip gloss I picked, and how adorable I thought he was.

  134. Sorry, just saw you told the story of how you met in earlier comments!! so sweet!

  135. Awww so cute! You may have already blogged this, but I’d love to hear the story of how y’all met.

    My sweetheart and I had our first date at my apartment–he brought over ingredients for a veggie stir fry over quinoa, a big bottle of honey porter he had brewed himself, and he brought his guitar and played some of his music for me. It was pretty much perfect. : )

  136. Anonymous says...

    my fiance and i started dating when we were (gasp) 15. we went to a radiohead laser show in boston. we would have had our first kiss then, too, but we both kept wimping out. haha! eight years later, we are happily planning our wedding!

  137. I love reading these!

    My husband took me to this tiny Italian take away place in Edinburgh Scotland (where we lived at the time). We knew each other very well as friends. We ate spinach and ricotta calzones. 6 years later and my nickname is still spinach gums! lol

    • I spit out my tea laughing reading “spinach gums”! :)

  138. Nerdiest first date ever: We went to the library for a panel discussion on Graphic Novels, followed by beer and mussels at a local pub.

    Perfect for us. We’ve been married just over a year.

  139. Happy 1st date anniverary. i’m so bad to remember anniversaries . My 1 st date sounds like yours , when you look at each other every single signs that may let you know you like each other .I was nervous but happy and I felt so diferent . We talked for hours and the restaurant owner has to put us out of the chic restaurant …We didn’t kiss that first night

  140. Very sweet :) I love that you two remember so many details from the first date. Hopefully it will always stay that way.

    Our 7 year first-date anniversary is coming up on April 21st. Michael took me to an Arts Festival and we ate too much food, sat under the shade of a tree, and ended up spending hours there, talking. We go back every April 21st, since it’s a week long festival and do the same thing, and sit in the same spot. This year, for our 7th, we will be taking our 3 week old baby girl. Such a special moment and I can’t wait to experience it in a few weeks.

  141. My husband and I went to dinner at an Indian food place and then went to a concert at the Provo Tabernacle in Provo, Utah. Then I avoided him for the next 7 months, because I didn’t want to date him. haha Thank goodness people can change their minds!

  142. So cute! Congratulations :)

  143. can;t wait till I have THEE ‘first date’


  144. Oh this makes me smile! Our first date: we were at a trade show for work and he missed his flight home to LA, twice… so he called me to see if I might like to have dinner with him since he had to stay an extra night too. I agreed…the rest is history.

    Now we write a blog together :)

  145. i love your story. so sweet how first dates bring even the coolest people back to middle school levels of anxiety :)

    i was hired at my first job (a craft studio) the same day we went on our first date. after my interview, the manager went to grab my apron and brought out a little bracelet he had made me with a note. later, he picked me up, surprising me with a chai latte in the car (surprises in the form of food are still the way to my heart.) we were both so nervous we couldn’t eat, but we hung out at a small cafe and talked anyway. after that, we went to a park and played on swings, talked about marriage, and what we wanted our grandchildren to call us. :)

    that was six years ago. i’ve been away at school for four years, but we’ll be married in october. we can’t wait to see each other every day.