Lemon, Sausage and Chard Lasagna

We had a couple friends over on Saturday night, and Alex made this lasagna that I had spotted in Martha Stewart Living. It was ridiculously amazing: No tomato sauce, but instead lemon, sausage, and Swiss chard. The balance of flavors was pitch-perfect, especially with the tart lemon. I would highly, highly recommend it.

Where are your favorite places to find good recipes? Magazines? Cookbooks? Blogs?

  1. Hi Joanna,

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe – my husband made it last night and it was SO ridiculously AMAZING! Absolutely my favorite lasagne! (Can’t wait to get home for leftovers tonight!!)

  2. Sometimes, when I am hungry, I peruse my favorite blogs for recipes, and then I stumble upon ones like this and get so overwhelmed by my hunger that I can’t imagine that I’ll get to the store in time to get ingredients, let alone cook. That’s when I get really close to eating random things from the fridge, but I have to stop myself and hold out for something better.

    And yes, I tend to look to blogs for recipes, partly because I like to hear how people’s review and added suggestions/tweaks.

    On that note, thanks for sharing this; I’ve added it to my recipes list!

  3. Hellooooooooooooo :) i´m spanish, i´ve a blog of recipes, i like yours very mucho, i follow you ok? you are frem n.y, great!!!!!very far jajajaja, now in spanisk:
    holaaa soy de españa, concretamente del norte! me encanta tu blog asi que me quedo para seguir todas tus recetas:) kissssssssssss

  4. Hi Jo and everyone!
    My boyfriend Matt collects together recipes and gets his friends to add their family recipes to his foodie website so if you’re looking for inspiration, go for it!

    I’m a travel writer (mainly for http://www.i-escape.comand I take him with me on my travels…so he can recreate the amazing food we’ve eaten when we get home! Moroccan is his current speciality.

    Love your blog!


  5. Well your lovely photo enticed my to try the recipe. I love swiss chard, love lemons and who doesn’t like sausage. Well my whole family loved it. I will be making it again!!!

  6. Just made this dish, SO GOOD

  7. S says...

    Yum! Your dish is similar to one I made recently that included three main ingredients: campanelle, pecorino, and spinach. Check it out here:

  8. god that looks good…..nice flavor/texture combo
    i get really inspired from
    magazines don’t really cut it anymore…i need instant visual via computer. i think i have computer inherted ADD. bad i know

  9. C. says...

    That looks so delicious- thanks for sharing, I’m definitely going to try it.

    My fave places for recipes are smitten kitchen and the New York Times dining section!

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  11. I want to make this too! My fav cookbook is The Art of Simple Food. It teaches you the basics and you can easily build off of it for simple delicious meals. nom nom!

  12. there are too many brilliant recipes out there. they encourage my food addiction far too much. i mostly go to blogs and newspapers, but i am making a plan to incorporate more cookbooks into my kitchen.

    favourites include

    lucy waverman for the globe & mail

    recipes for health from the ny times

    nigel slater for the observer

    the minimalist (oh how i miss you!) column for the ny times

  13. mixette says...

    smittenkitchen is tip top, but newish-to me has been all hits so far!

  14. You don’t need another comment telling you how wonderful your blog is. I’ve so enjoyed reading your posts. Delicious!

  15. this looks AMAZING. and i am going to the grocery store right now to get the ingredients to try it out!
    thanks for sharing jo! xo.

  16. Anonymous says...

    I love – I have made several recipes and all were AMAZING!

    I will be trying a meat-free version of this…YUM!

  17. I was just reading this martha stewart last night thinking how amazing that would be! Thanks for the recommendation, I am totally going to make it now.

  18. I can’t wait to try that lasagna!

    My favorite place for recipes is

    I browse it almost every night!

  19. that looks so yummy and elegant! i think i might add it to my family’s dinner menu next week.
    i would like to think that my food blog is a good source for menu planning and recipes. i hope you and your readers will check it out:)

  20. Anonymous says...

    I showed this picture to a friend who asked what I was planning to make for dinner that evening. His response? “Oh, so you’re making Condom cake then?”
    Seriously hilarious. But I’ll be making this ‘cake’ again in future for sure :)

  21. wow that looks good.

  22. Love your blog! And the lasagna sounds fabulous!
    Have a great week!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  23. There are so many great cooking blogs out there. I have a whole slew of them on my sidebar. While I love the accessibility of blogs, sometimes I just desire flipping through the pages of a gorgeous cookbook. Williams Sonoma Cookbook is my favorite.

  24. Another epicurious fan here. I joined the site back in the mid-nineties, when I started catering my first parties as a teen (and by catering I mean making 4 dozen each of strawberry lemon curd tartlets and kiwi lime cream tartlets – I was cooking from a very young age!).

    I HAVE to tell you about my all-time favorite cookbook. Gordon Hammersley’s Bistro Cooking at home. It is a MUST. Finally bought it after having it out from the library for months. THe roast chicken is our go-to for company; we even made it for our backyard wedding this summer!

  25. I made that this weekend too! We used vegetarian sausage instead and it was still soooo good! Highly recommend.

  26. Closet cooking is an amazing recipe blog! I love it

  27. Recipe sources (in order of preference)
    1. My mum
    2. Nigella Lawson’s website
    3. Martha Stewart (I have to convert the temperatures to celsius though because I’m Aussie)
    4. Donna Hay Magazine – (she hosted Oprah in Sydney)
    5. Cooking encyclopedias and Women’s Weekly cookbooks (especially the cookie recipes)

  28. Must try this! Thanks for sharing :) My faves are: Sprouted Kitchen (Sara is working on her first cookbook!), Sunset Magazine, Epicurious, Martha Stewart.

  29. This sounds amazing! I’ll have to give it a try. I heart Everyday Food, Real Simple (because it’s almost always really simple…and really delicious) and various other magazines. I’m also a big AllRecipes fan. And of course I love Julia Child. Other than that, I like to create my own stuff.

  30. Alina says...

    I use most often, but I do look at cookbooks when I’m interested in a certain cuisine. Occasionally, I’ll look at other websites (e.g. unedeuxsenses for macarons) or magazines.

  31. I love the recipes on And I love other food bloggers as well!

  32. My bible cookbooks since having baby #3 back in April are are:

    Real Simple – Meals Made Easy
    Real Simple – Easy delicious meals

    I also just picked up:

    Ina Garten – How Easy Was That?

    They are all SO super easy and yummy. I have to go by my family because I am cooking blind most nights being a strict vegetarian for the past 29 years. They have given a thumbs up for every single recipe so far.

  33. AJ says...

    Based solely on this recipe you would LOVE Sprouted Kitchen. She is currently working on a cookbook too!

  34. This seriously is a must. I love familiar dishes with a twist. Yum.

  35. made this for dinner last night for my pops and my husband. they both loved it despite the fact that my husband “hates” chard. it was great.

    smitten kitchen, wednesday chef, orangette and mark bittman and the kitchn are my current resources.

  36. I love cookbooks and various magazines but my computer default is The user reviews are so great that you never need to worry about how it’ll come out.

  37. Thanks for asking this question–I’m finding so many awesome blogs and sites for amazing recipes!

    I’d say my go-to sites would be and

    I love that they’re tried and true and they’re writing and descriptions are pretty entertaining too!

  38. I can imagine a lasagna without tomato sauce. But you said sausage so it’s worth a try.

  39. This looks amazing! I love getting recipes from Martha, they are always good and easy to make. I have not looked through my new Living magazine but now I am really looking forward to sitting down with it tonight!

  40. haha, sorry, maya pamela, it was such a busy day, i just didn’t get to the weekend post! :) will definitely do one this coming friday. xoxo

  41. Anonymous says...! every single thing I’ve tried off her site has been amazing

  42. In addition to 101cokbooks, smittenkitchen and eatmakeread two down under favourites are stonesoup and whatkatieate!

  43. smitten kitchen and jaime oliver…the best!

  44. This looks delicious! I’m also obsessed with Smitten Kitchen and Ina Garten cookbooks and for Indian cooking Madhur Jaffrey cookbooks.

  45. I find my favorite recipes on blogs…and from inside my head. {That’s where I keep my famous cheesecake recipe, and my grandmother’s cornbread stuffing, and my own version of a shepherd’s pie}…Now I’m hungry! LOL}

  46. Mmmm, looks incredibly delicious!
    I have a couple of cookbooks that I regularly use (one called Street Food and one called A Measure of Grace) and then epicurious, but I may have to try this! Thank you!

  47. Martha Stewart Living! I feel like so many of her recipes are so doable and not intimidating while being equally tasty! That lasagna looks absolutely delicious!

    Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

    That Girl in Pearls

  48. oh it’s different.

    i find inspiration through reading blogs.

    one perfect
    and check this one out (she is having a published book coming up

  49. This makes me hungryyyy!

  50. Nigella Lawson is the queen of good cooking. I absolutley love her books!


  51. That sounds great. I bet it would be good with turkey sausage, too.

  52. I love the blogs: and up to date blogs from CT and Brooklyn. Yum!

  53. blogs, definitely!
    they show someone elses opinion on the recipe, or sometimes an interesting twist the the original recipe, and usually they feature more photos of the making of process, or a single serving of the food prepared, and i like that!

  54. I like to use, because it pulls from all the best of the blogs and I usually find something intriguing there. I also love Smitten Kitchen, Sunday Suppers, Martha Stewart, Real Simple and Epicurious.

  55. I missed your weekly round up Friday post! It’s always a harbinger of the weekend for me

  56. Oh I saw this in my Martha Stewart mag and have been dying to try it!

  57. I love this recipe! I’ve made it twice, once with chard and once with collard greens, which make it taste a bit stronger and punchier but still great. I posted about this on my own blog ( – coincidentally enough in a post that was all about my recent cookbook and magazine inspirations! Right now I’m loving Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Cooking, which is encouraging me to try out ingredients I’ve never even heard of.

  58. I’ve been a vegetarian for 7+ years, so I subscribe to Vegetarian Times magazine, which I absolutely love…and I also get a lot of ideas & recipes from Epicurious online & in their iphone app.

  59. joanna, this looks amazing! I’m definitely going to try this soon because I actually don’t really care for traditional lasagna that much…

  60. That looks sooooo yum, I’m totally going to try to make it. Thanks for the link!
    In a way I’m lucky; a lot of my friends are chefs. I get inspiration from their food and just run with it. I have a strong enough background in food that mostly I experiment. If I find my self looking for inspiration I wander the internet…actual print cookbooks seem to be more food photography inspiration for me.

  61. is a fantastic vegetarian cooking blog. I just made her Pierce street vegetarian chili. Delicious and fed our family of 3.5 for 4 nights! So funny because I also used to live on Pierce Street in San Francisco and the wind would literally “pierce” your soul, something I think you New Englanders could relate to.

  62. I try recipes from Shape magazine or to TRY to keep it healthy. But I have cooked many Nigella Lawson recipes, which I love, also Jamie Oliver, Ina Garten, and online:

    101 Cookbooks
    All the Best Blog – Soup on Sundays
    Cupcakes and Cashmere posts recipes
    David Lebovitz
    Smitten Kitchen
    Sprouted Kitchen

  63. I love Martha Stewart as well!

    ‘Eat Live Run’ blog is amazing though too, very inspired.

  64. mmmm! My mouth is watering! I usually put in a call to my mom (mom’s are the best :) or I put a my cup of te(a) spin on recipes that I find on blogs and especially the food network! I always find myself consulting the Barefoot Contessa- quite unintentionally. She really does have the best ideas!

  65. Anonymous says...

    This looks delicious! I love white bechamel sauce instead of tomoato sauce, and I have just begun to realize that you cancook with lemon slices. I am dying to make this!

  66. mina, you’re going to love it! :) and smitten kitchen is amazing.

  67. What a wonderfully fresh sounding recipe! I will have to try a vegan adaption of this in the summer as I always have soooo much chard in my CSA when it’s in season locally. yum!

  68. I highly endorse Martha, Smitten Kitchen and 101 Cookbooks for recipe inspiration. I also love Cooking Light magazine which always has incredibly tasty dishes which have been re-worked to be healthy. Most of their recipes are on the website which also has recipes from about 3 other magazines like Southern Living and Real Simple. The other publication I like is Everyday Food which is also a Martha magazine but it’s easier fare with less steps.
    The food blog world is vast! I occasionally blog about my favorite recipes if you’re interested!

  69. I’m mostly gluten-free, and one of my favorites is definitely Cannelle et Vanille (; glorious photos and recipes so delicious you’d never think they were gluten free!

  70. I just clipped this recipe from Martha last night and showed it to my hubby. We’re planning to make it on Wednesday night!

  71. My favorite food blog right now is, the recipes are amazing (i’ve tried the broccoli cheddar soup, banana bread and garlic bread so far, all delicious) and the author really funny. Highly recommended xx

  72. Yummy that lasagna looks delicious – the lemon is such a unique idea! Food gawker, smitten kitchen, and all recipes are my go-tos when looking for new recipes!

  73. omg i must try this!!

  74. One of my favorite cookbooks is Ad Hoc by Thomas Keller. It’s a “couture” look at cooking- all handmade, from the sauces to jam to full entrees! I especially love it because Keller is from California wine country, just like me!


  75. Kimberly Van Ness says...

    Martha Stewart 100%! I only have time to make about 1/8 of the recipes I pull out from her magazine, but her website is an amazing resource for just about every food craving possible.

    The lighter chicken pot pie recipe that uses phyllo dough instead of pastry is especially delicious!

  76. Hey Joanna!
    I’ll have to try out that Lasagna because I can’t imagine a dish that isn’t overpowered by the swiss chard, so I’m REALLY curious! :)

    Here are some of my favorite food blogs:

    The Wednesday Chef

    Whole Living – A Martha Stewart site

    and Kitchenist

    Those are my favorite. Thanks for introducing a new recipe and all the goodness you share with us everyday. Also, I have a request. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to show us how your decorator painted your blue lamp. How she prepped it, which type of paint she used, etc. A DIY post? I realize you have a ton on your plate, I just thought I’d throw it out there. :)
    Thanks again,
    (I need to figure out to to the linky thing…)

  77. Oh yum! I love anything lemon, especially in this weather. I love picnic food!

  78. I really like to find ideas on or in the magazine at the check out :)
    This looks realy good I can almost smell it!

  79. That looks lovely and tasty. I watch a lot of food network. Especially Giada so I get a lot of my recipe from there. Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to try this =)

    – Sarah

  80. That looks so good!! And I’m not a huge fan of tomato-based sauces, so I love pasta like this!

  81. I love The Pioneer Woman…great food over there~

  82. That sounds so different and delicious at the same time! I love finding recipes in magazines – Cooking Light, Real Simple and “special issues” that feature tons of recipes. I also like checking out blogs like Fun and Fearless in Beantown, A Boston Food Diary and Crockpot 365. Websites like and foodnetwork always have some great ones too!

  83. In no particular order:
    sprouted kitchen
    my new roots
    green kitchen stories
    saveur magazine
    ottolenghi’s “new vegetarian” column in the guardian
    any book by deborah madison

  84. that looks divine! are you familiar with david lebovitz’s blog and site? i LOVE his recipes and on twitter, he is a roar! wickedly funn…;)

  85. I’m a huge Martha Stewart recipe fan. I just got the app and am LOVING IT! Endless supply of ideas. Also love Real Simple for quick recipes.

  86. I’m a big blogger fan – especially Smitten Kitchen and Orangette. I do subscribe to Bon Appetit but sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to look through it!

  87. Yum! That sounds amazing, well done Alex!

    My favorite place to search for recipes is still the good old Gourmet website. I miss our subscription so much!

  88. omg looking at it is making me hungry :)

    <3 steffy

  89. Lemon, sausage, and swiss chard?? Oh my goodness, this needs to happen immediately. Thank you for sharing!

  90. maddy says...

    pioneer woman, smitten kitchen and now pintrest!

    joanna– are you watching the bachelor? season finale tonight!

  91. Thanks, Joanna! this looks wonderful. Question: do you eat the lemon slices, rind and all? or remove them as you eat?

    Smitten Kitchen and 101 Cookbooks are my favorite recipe sources. I am a bad baker but somehow Heidi’s recipes from 101 cookbooks always come out perfectly!


  92. smitten kitchen – always. absolutely everything she posts is pure magic!

  93. some sites i LOVE:

    america’s test kitchen
    food network

  94. That looks interesting and yummy. I like Orangette for recipes.

  95. i saw that lasagne and thought about giving it a go. now i most definitely will! it looks so tasty!

    i love smitten kitchen for recipes online, but usually i will just stumble on things in magazines. martha of course, whole living, sunset and bon appetit mostly.

  96. I have a bookmarks folder dedicated to recipes that is reaching epic proportions! There are just so many good cooking blogs out there. A few of my favorites are:

    101 Cookbooks
    Smitten Kitchen

    I also love reading Saveur magazine. Soooo many good recipes and articles. :)

  97. MG says...

    I really love getting recipes from Food Network that way I can see the prep in action but otherwise I love mags like Real Simple, Epicurious, and Martha :) Smitten Kitchen and the Bitten Word are great too!

  98. can alex cook for me? just have him mail me something. i’m sure it’ll still be fine by the time it reaches europe.

  99. I remember you talking about this on Twitter. I need to try it… YUMMY! :-)

    By the way, if you have a minute, drop by. I’ve posted about a beautiful French Chateau… it’s truly dreamy!

    Have a blessed week,


    Luciane at

  100. Wow! What a unique combination of flavours! I bet it’s delicious. I tend to favour magazines for recipes but only if they feature photos. Must see what the end result should look like.

    Cook books, magazines & websites without recipe photos should be banned. ;)

  101. My favorite magazines for recipes are MSL and Food & Wine, and my favorite internet resources are Smitten Kitchen and Epicurious (their search engine is great – I use it when I have a few ingredients to use up and need ideas – you can usually find a recipe featuring everything you need to use up!). This lasagna looks fantastic!

  102. Simply obsessed with Smitten Kitchen! Her recipes are fail-proof!


  103. I love the twist with tart lemon! It has to add such a great new flavour:) I love reading cookbooks and cooking blogs. Jamie Oliver has such an amazing recipes. Have you seen his newest cookcook? Its about quick 30 minutes meals:)Im in love! Have a great Monday.

  104. Kelsey says...!
    And my Vegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry is quickly becoming my favorite cookbook.

  105. Absolutely delicious!

  106. I find a lot of recipes through blogs, such as the Wednesday Chef, but I also like my cooking aps (Martha Stewart and Jamie Oliver) on my itouch and love to go back to my favourite cookbooks.

  107. That sounds really good. I’m lucky. My boyfriend is a cook. he loves trying new things. He doesn’t ever use recipes though.
    My Heart Blogged