1. Spring is my favorite season, I love the green blooming and flowers everywhere. Those dried flowers are amazing.

  2. Anonymous says...

    love these.

  3. Hoooraayy :)

  4. Perfect flowers and photo’s they made me want to dress in bright colours today even though we had out first day of autumn today.

  5. Love the flowers! And in perfect time…I’ve been trying to find out the name of the yellow flowers in the center photo. Would you or anyone else know their name? Thanks ~L

  6. Love flowers! Can’t wait for the weather to follow the tittle SPRING…

  7. Except for the roses, I would have thought that they were fresh flowers.

    I’m totally ready for spring…bring on the blossoms!!!!…(because the allergies have already started.)

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  9. I love dried flowers : it’s a very good way to make a home chic and welcoming !

  10. I can’t wait for it to feel like spring for good! The weather this week in MA was so nice, but today it’s been snowing and raining all day! Such a bummer.

  11. So pretty. They remind me of some little pom pom flowers Lucy had in her wedding bouquets. xo

  12. we had a lovely sunshine filled weekend and then here comes monday and its grey and drab and rainy :( sun!! come back!!!

  13. yes they are lovely – the rain has started here – horay for that!

    Glad you posted today – they seem to be rare of late…

  14. Unbelievably beautiful! Happy Spring!

  15. BeAutiMous!! They all bring a smile to my face. :) It will their own uniqueness.

  16. I really like the dried flowers. When I was younger I used to keep flowers, and dry them out as decoration for my room.
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  17. haha, the name of the yellow ones are craspedia or billy buttons or billy balls. xoxo

  18. Happy Spring! We had a beautiful weekend here in VT, then woke up to snow. ughh. Oh well… warm weather will be here soon enough. Have a great day!
    ~Ariel at http://adreamersdaze.blogspot.com

  19. unfortunately it’s raining and freezing in nyc!

  20. So pretty, Joanna! I’d love to have some of these on my desk. Wouldn’t they make a sweet bridal bouquet, too?

  21. so pretty! i think i know what i’m sending my mom for mother’s day now :)

  22. Gorgeous! Could use some around here… we’re stuck in rainy, foggy damp!

  23. Thank you for the reminder that, despite all available evidence outside my window, spring is indeed here! These dried flowers are lovely and bring back happy memories of my wedding last summer–we used both billy balls and thistle in our arrangements. What a lovely floral pick-me-up, thank you!

  24. Ohh, what are the names of those yellow ball-flowers? Googling “yellow ball-flowers” didn’t help. :)

  25. Beautiful! I would have never known that these were dried! P.S. can’t wait for spring weather.

  26. They are so adorable and I’m totally happy that its sunny and warm finally! Happy Spring, Joanna!

  27. So beautiful. Perfect to sit out all spring long.

  28. Absolutely gorgeous. What a wonderful idea on how to add some fresh color to your house. Happy Spring!

  29. Beautiful arrangements and I normally HATE dried flower arrangements. Thanks for sharing and Happy Spring in spite of the snowfall!

  30. I couldn’t even tell they were dried! So pretty and the fact that they last longer than fresh flowers (my daffodils are wilting as we speak) makes it a win win to me.

  31. Anonymous says...

    I have severe anxiety, and i’d just like to say that for some odd reason your blog is a very peaceful influence! x

  32. Gorgeous!! I considered them for my wedding (NY) they have a wonderful style and unique flowers.

    Spring has started in London as well:)

  33. those are quite lovely!! i am very much looking forward to the season :)

  34. although is pretty cold today here in Italy I am extremely happy Spring as officially arrived!

    It’s definitely my favourite season and could not be happier!

    Can’t wait to see cherry treea blooming *yeppa*

    Ciao Bella!

  35. beautiful!

  36. I love super simple flower arrangements

  37. it’s been snowing off and on throughout march in ontario… i can’t wait for the green & the flowers to return! hopefully the weather will get warm & stay warm now that spring is officially here :) i bought some bright pink gerbera to move things along, flowers always help!

  38. Lucky for me we’ve had spring weather in Atlanta for the past couple of weeks:) I love all the beautiful blooms in my neighborhood, especially the crabapple trees.

  39. These are beautiful! I had only seen dried roses before!

  40. So happy that it’s the first day of Spring! Can totally do without the snowy/rainy mix that we have going on in NY today.

  41. These are so pretty. Such bold colors and unusual shapes. Bring on the spring!

  42. I love the bally ones! lol…I’m sooo not a flower afficianado, can ya tell?

  43. Oh I adore those little yellow bubbly ones! Thanks for the inspiration!

  44. Oh wow! Those would be great for wedding centerpieces. Yay Spring!

  45. These are so beautiful they don’t even look like dried flowers. Happy Spring for you, and Fall for me! Besos!

  46. I love thistle – the national flower of Scotland! It is particularly sunny today, I’m so excited ;)

  47. these are beautiful!

    even though it is overcast today, the hope of spring and all of the beautiful flowers to come brightens my day!

  48. These are gorgeous! I haven’t seen dried flowers with so many colors before! The April showers have definitely arrived here in LA, so I’m hoping the pretty flowers will arrive next week! :)

  49. i am so unexcited because this now means that florida is going to be unbearably hot :) ahhh

    <3 steffy

  50. pistachio, it SNOWED for a second this morning in new york!

  51. Those are beautiful! Makes me forget that it is raining outside today. Welcome Spring!!!

  52. Wow!!!


    Beautiful colors!

    Have a wonderful Spring, sweetie!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com