1. shoot! the mirror was already purchased! It would have been perfect in my house!

  2. I love the brass dog so much!

  3. the dog would cheer up my desk for sure. you could even hold rubber bands around his little waist. :)

  4. i love small brass animals!

    i have a small brass elephant with a rhinestone for an eye. and even though he’s only 4″ tall, his trumpeting trunk can hold all my rings easily

    and i picked him up in bed, bath & beyond of all places!

  5. really cool mirror !

  6. I kinda love anything brass, but this little weenie dog in particular is kind of awesome!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  7. I love the mirror. I like anchors a lot, and I’m slowly moving on to other ship parts. It’s such a random obsession.
    My Heart Blogged

  8. Anonymous says...

    I really love both of these. The porthole mirror is really cool.

  9. Oooh, I love the mirror!


  10. my fiancé and i are collecting brass animals for our wedding.. that cute little dog would be the perfect addition!

  11. That mirror is fantastic and so creative! I’m off the shop after this comment. Thanks for sharing!


  12. KC says...

    super cute! bummed out the mirror was already snatched up! i have 2 brass book ends of Beatrice Portinari and Dante from my grandfather that are so near and dear to my heart. i love a good brass accessory!

  13. I love etsy!! There is a very cool shop that just opened on etsy! junetheshop.etsy.com

    it is super cute!

  14. oh my gaaahhhhh… that mirror is freakin’ amazing. i was so sad to click on the link and see that it’s sold.

    ahhh, heartbreak…

  15. LOVE that mirror but sadly, someone already snapped it up!

  16. Went to give it a look see and it’s sold.. bleh. Better luck to me next time I guess.


  17. Ooh, what a sweet mirror! I am really thinking I want a vintage clock for my new house and you’ve inspired me to see what etsy might have in store!

  18. etsy is the coolest site to go window shopping. Also a great place to find a craftsperson to make custom items. I needed a specific size cutting board and found someone on Etsy to make it EXACTLY to my measurements—and it is perfect!

  19. darn it, i wanted to get the dog for my in-laws, they have a dachshund and love collecting all things Doxie :) but its sold! wish i had seen this post sooner.

  20. Dang you anonymous! :)

  21. would love to have a sailor themed room.

  22. I so wanted that mirror but it’s sold! Better luck next time :(

  23. I think that dog could really keep me in line.. its facial expression aint messin around about me gettin to it!

  24. I wouldn’t mind having that brass dog on my desk!

  25. Such great finds! I should wander around Esty more often!

  26. adore the mirror. too bad i have no more wall space in my home :)

    <3 steffy

  27. Both are great finds.

  28. Anonymous says...

    Thank you so much for the mirror suggestion! I bought it right up. It will look great in my seaport studio with reflecting the views of the east river.

  29. oh my gosh – soo cool! that would be such a great mirror for a bedroom vanity. and the little dachsund is adorable!

  30. Where is the like button?! ;)

  31. I want the dog…honestly I wish it was my shepadoodle though, would be way cuter:)

  32. love the mirror!

  33. That mirror is really cool!! I’m going to check it out as it would fit great with my bathroom:)