1. We have this one in Lithuania at the moment. For 30 days!!!!


  2. Anonymous says...

    We had this in Finland too, last summer. I was working up there as a waitress – absolutely loved it! I got to stand in the middle and also move around a bit. Obviously, I’m not that afraid of hights. :) It was a little challenging though, as there wasn’t that much space for the empty plates and stuff..
    I was able to go up there a handful of times. It was a really cool experience of a lifetime!

    -Anonymous from Finland :)

    [awesome blog by the way :)]

  3. This is amazing! I would totally try this but unfortunately, my hubby wouldn’t dare either! Maybe we could go together?

  4. Honestly, with my luck I’d probably drop my fork or maybe a drink or two. :)

  5. Anonymous says...

    I did this twice last year during the Edinburgh fringe – typical scottish weather it was over cast but we went up with the owner by chance for his birthday brilliant all we could drink Champers right under the castle. Great fun though just don’t look down!!

  6. wow, very cool, but I don’t think I could handle it. haha

  7. WHOA ! ! ! ! there is just no way i could do this. what if you dropped your fork? or worse, had to go to the bathroom…hahahahah:)

  8. those photos are incredible, but they seriously make me sick just to look at them. I could never do that!

  9. i am WAY too afraid of heights for this. i would be vomiting the food as i ate.

  10. Oh, with my fear of height I can’t even really look at those photos. The idea is great though, I bet there are a lot of people willing to try it :)

  11. What a neat way to enjoy a meal. I’d love to try it but I think I’d have to stay away from the wine for that meal!

  12. ohmygosh NO! ahhhh! no! I’m getting all tingly and freaked out just looking at it. Apparently, I’m a wimp.

  13. I felt fear just glancing at this post…Holy Sh*t! so dang scared of heights, yet I do rollercoasters…Weird? Do you mind if I re-post this on my blog? Thx, Jen

  14. oh good lord lol I might have to have a few predinner cocktails but I think it would be fun!

  15. Not a chance in hell. I am absolutely terrified of heights! Can’t even walk up a spiral staircase without sweating, and it only gts worse as I get older.

  16. Holy cow…not a chance.

    Never had a fear of elevators, and then a couple of weeks ago the power went out in my building and I was stuck for a little while. Discovering that the emergency light and phone line both work was definitely a bonus.

  17. Oh, Hell no!

  18. Oh man, just looking at those makes me super nervous.

  19. This seems bad for digestion;) In other words…NOT A CHANCE for me!!

  20. I was just in Brussels this summer, and recognized that structure in the picture immediately. It was a lovely trip, but I don’t know as I’d want to have dinner in the sky. Interesting concept tho!

  21. I think the concept is amazing and I thought for sure why not try it? Then I realized that there is no floor….I’m out.

  22. Now that’s an awesome idea!

    I doubt I would be hungry at that height though XD

  23. we have this here in Dubai. would love to try since the weather is still fine :)

  24. Most certainly I would! I love the idea. Can’t wait to try it out for myself. What a fantastic place to be proposed to.

  25. My husband would KILL to do this. I’d go because I love him, but I don’t think I’d be able to look down.

  26. I do believe I’d puke up my dinner before it had a chance to digest. I’m right with your Alex on the fear of heights. Gah!

  27. what an amazing thought to add to the bucket list. wouldn’t this be so wonderful with your closest friends!

  28. Oh there’s just no way. It’s freaking me out just looking at these. Pretty amazing though

  29. Wow, I remember seeing a picture of this once, but I can’t remember where. Would I go? In two words: HELL NO! (I’m a rock climber, but I hate heights. Yeah, I’m crazy.)

  30. There’s no effin’ way! I’m so scared of heights. My fiance would love it though lol.

  31. Anonymous says...


  32. NOPE…I couldn’t do it. Not a chance! I am so terrified of heights. The photo of the two peoples feet makes me feel like I am sitting right between their feet and I am about to fall….ugghh, my stomach is getting queezy just thinking about it.

    Rebecca O

  33. I’m with Felicity above… There. is. NO. way!!! That looks amazing but there is no way I’d be able sit myself down at that table!

  34. I was all “Yeah, that looks like fun!” until I saw the last photo.

    There. is. NO. way!!!

    xx Felicity

  35. My jaw dropped at this! I would do that in a heartbeat, how cool!! did anyone check out the website? they have marriage in the sky too… and at the end of the ceremony the couple bungee jumps off of the platform! now THAT is something I would NOT do!

  36. Wow! Very cool, but also a little bit scary. Definitely wearing enclosed shoes for that dinner :)

  37. Oh my gosh, this looks like so much fun. I would love to do it. It would be hard to eat dinner thinking of how high up you were though x


  38. Wow that is incredible! I have a bit of a height problem too, but I think I could probably try to push it aside for this!

  39. That is way cool!! I’d do it!

  40. Part of me is saying, “YES, YES, YES!” and part of me is saying, “Too scary, too scary, too scary!”
    If the opportunity presented itself, I don’t think I could turn it down… I just might not purposely seek out the opportunity.

  41. It looks really cool, but I could never do this because of my fear of heights.

  42. This is so cool! (and super scary…eeek)

  43. They have a similar service in Istanbul, Turkey right by the Bosphorus. People who do this complain about the wind– they say it makes it difficult to enjoy their food. Nothing like a cosy restaurant…

  44. My husband would never be able to keep food down if we went there for dinner – he’s terrified of heights as well. I’m usually okay with them, but I’m not sure I’d like it all that much either.

  45. There is an Arabic TV show that invites celebrities to dinner in the sky in Beirut. I could never do it, I am terrified of heights!

  46. I’m a little iffy on heights but I would LOVE to do this here in Portland on a warm summer evening(oh, just thinking about the view of Mt. Hood, be still my heart!)

  47. We have it in Cyprus as well, but I wouldnt pay the money just to sit up there, tied up, eating most probably along with people i dont know, looking the not so interesting view of this Island! :p

  48. This is AWESOME!! I’d totally do it. In fact, if I ever go to Belgium, I will make sure that it is the very first thing I do.


  49. Liesbeth says...

    I know this company! It is really close to my hometown in Belgium! But I’m afraid of heigths too so no go for me! xxx

  50. Nick’s afraid of heights too. He wouldn’t even want to look at these pictures. I’ll eat and/or drink anywhere :)

  51. I’d be totally freaked out!!

  52. This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! I’d totally do it but be terrified the whole time.

  53. I sometimes slip my shoes off during dinner (horrible, I know!), so I’d have to make sure to wear straps rather than slip ons!

  54. Ah- they did this in Edinburgh at the Fringe festival last year. Great idea-very cool photos- but eating…up there…hmmm…

  55. just looking at the photos gives me the heebie-jeebies!
    But even if I could keep get over my mild fear of heights, I know I’d have to pee about 7 seconds after the thing left the ground.

  56. I think I’m with the minority here and would jump right in. But I do wonder, what happens if I drop my fork?

  57. I’m a little clumsy and I would be afraid to drop a steak knife!!!

    Looks like a dinner to remember!

  58. what a daring dinner! definitely on a nice sunny, still day.

  59. Oh my goodness, just LOOKING at those photos (esp the one of the feet) makes my stomach drop! That looks like such an adventure, but I’m too afraid of heights to ever try it!

  60. Hmmm, I don’t know how I feel about this. I’m not afraid of heights, but still… It’d be an adventure that’s for sure.

    The Cheeky Cafe

  61. My first thought is, what if you have to use the loo??? :)

    My second thought is, definitely not on a windy day.

  62. i have a severe fear of heights unless its on a roller coaster or fair ride that moves very fast. i would absolutely die if i did this.

  63. Hmmm. Interesting idea, but the restroom issue would make it a no-go for me. I think a concert in the sky would be more my thing. I wonder if it swings when the wind blows…

  64. I saw these pics awhile back in a magazine and my first thought was “what if you have to pee??”

  65. Jackson says: “That’s CRAZY!!!”

  66. holy crap, I would NEVER do this!!! It looks amazing and is a great idea, but my stomach turned in fear when I saw the pictures of people’s feet and the city far, far below – yikes!!!

  67. Anonymous says...

    So intriguing! I’d love to know the menus they serve, too. Great place for a proposal!

  68. so amazing… but i would be too terrified to eat!!! ughh. ;)

  69. that’d be unfortunate if you were stuck next to some obnoxious person.

  70. They had this at the Edinburgh festival last summer! My brother went and said it was fun……but the food wasn’t that great. Have you heard about dining in the dark?

    Mgt x


  71. A friend of mine was invited to one of these dinners hosted Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) and she loved it!

  72. My husband is scared of heights, too! But I would totally go.

  73. I think I’d throw up my meal before I’d even get to appreciate the view – but oh, that looks amazing regardless!

  74. i don’t think i’d ever be able to relax and actually enjoy my food….

  75. Oh my gosh, this is amazing and so crazy. I would definitely do it! How neat.

  76. I’d do it, but only on a warm, still day.

  77. No way! No no no.

    That was my first thought.

    I’m not afraid of roller coaster rides that go up high…but I like to drop right back down and be done with it. Crazy!

    Joie de Veralynn

  78. A part of me thinks that looks really cool and amazing- until I see that there is NO FLOOR. Yikes!

  79. Guess I’d have to leave my strappy shoes behind but it would be exhilerating.

  80. But what if you accidentally drop the fork?!

  81. I have a huge fear of heights so I would probably freak out but my Balazs would totally love something like that! The view must be amazing from up there, dont you think? Kisses

  82. That’s awesome! Would love to eat and that high in the sky would be so fun :)

  83. I don’t think I would be able to do it either! Yikes! It is a neat idea, though.

  84. I would LOVE to do this. Sadly, I’d have to have dinner with a bunch of strangers, since everyone I know has a fear of heights. So exhilarating, though!!

  85. Never! I wouldn’t have an appetite, no matter how great the food. I have a hard enough time standing close to the railing on the top of a tall building. Nope, not for me. Cool pics, though!

  86. This looks great… and terrifying at the same time. I don’t think I could do it, but it would surely be an experience.

  87. Um, no thank you!! Food itself is thrilling enough for me :)

  88. Hey! I contacted this company a year ago for an article I was doing for a travel magazine. While I also have a morbid fear of heights, I was absolutely impressed by the quick, attentive and easygoing friendliness of the owner himself (his name is David). They have other ‘events in the sky’ such as business meetings! It is all sorts of amazing.

  89. i have trouble with heights, but sitting down, strapped in might make it ok.

  90. Que miedo!!!
    Yo no podria, me pondria histerica!
    Eso si, buenas panoramicas si que se pueden sacar…jajajaj!

  91. just too crazy for me, but wonderful for one who can

  92. that’s too high up for me! I felt sick in a small helicopter with a glass floor and I wasn’t eating then!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  93. That looks amazing, I’d do that in a heartbeat:)

  94. Oh gosh… I’d do almost anything for a good meal–but no way. I wish I could handle it–looks like it would be fun!

  95. I am feeling dizzy as I watch these photos. I wonder how they can look so relaxed

  96. I certainly would have to limit how much wine I drank – being tipsy that high up would be terrifying!


  97. oh my god, just looking at those pictures makes my stomach light.

  98. abby, what’s more awkward is that if you have to go to the bathroom during dinner, they have to lower the whole table! :)

  99. I think wearing a seatbelt to dinner sounds a little awkward.

  100. I think I’d rather just go to the top story of a building. Still get a great view without feeling like you’re going to lose your dinner :) Awesome concept though!

  101. You poor thing, living in New York with a fear of elevators! They terrify me too (bad experience once), but I live in Oregon where the stairs are always a manageable length : )

    This dinner in the sky deal looks fun! Thanks for sharing (as always)