1. Sorry, I know that this is off topic, but I’m just wondering if you’re okay, Joanna – there’s been no weekend post. I’m sending you my best wishes that all is well! :) And, on a related note, I’ve really enjoyed reading the comments for this breastfeeding post, what a great discussion. I’m not a mom yet, but when I have kids I will plan on breastfeeding until my child weans on their own.

  2. I have one son who is almost 2, and I breastfed him for almost exactly a year. I stayed home the whole time so it made it easier, but it was still time-consuming. It was totally worth all the “inconvenience” and time spent!!! I stopped b/c he was underweight and the doctor suggested adding some Instant Breakfast to his milk in a bottle…suddenly he weaned himself!

  3. I breast fed exclusively for 6 months and then my supply diminished and gradually ran out at 7 months … I remember how sad I was about giving up that special bond – I made sure he had every last drop! And I took some very gorgeous photos during those last special days.

  4. I nursed her until she was almost 8 months old. She really did wean herself and it all just happened organically. Maybe it has something to do with it or perhaps I’m over-thinking it, but she hadn’t had so much as a cold until I stopped nursing. This week she was sick and I felt terrible seeing her like that and also thinking that stopping breastfeeding might have had something to do with it. Still, I’m so thankful for that time.

  5. Year with both my boys. My second isn´t taking the weaning as well as his bro did but it is time.

  6. Anonymous says...

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  7. Anonymous says...

    I nursed my first for 17 months- I think we were both ready to wean. I have a 4 monh old at the moment and can’t believe she will be starting solids in a few months! I’ll definitely nurse for a year and then slowly wean like I did with my first- but it admitedly makes me sad to think of that chapter coming to an end.

  8. I breastfed my first until she was a few months over two years. I’m due with my second in June, and not sure exactly what my plans are this time around. I definitely plan on breastfeeding again, but maybe not for quite so long…I loved it, but by the end I was starting to really feel done with it, and don’t know if I will be so patient the second time around. Love that you posted this photo, and loved the post from awhile back with the photos of you breastfeeding around town. After becoming a mom, I just love watching babies breastfeed, I think it’s the sweetest thing!

  9. Marie says...

    I had great difficulty nursing both children. My son had a poor latch and really resisted nursing, and no LC could figure out why. I pumped for about a month and then switched to formula. I had massively engorged breasts all the time, but could not let down to pump. :( My dd had a ferocious latch to the point where I was bruised and bleeding when she was 3 days old. It was a really hard time. My mother was dying of cancer and I had no help. I had trouble pumping again. I switched to formula rather rapidly. My mom died when my dd was 2 months old.

    The good news is that both of my children are tall, strong, and healthy, and have never had ear infections or the like. It helps to relieve the guilt. Somewhat.

  10. love that picture too. i’ve got one very similar – me in a bikini top nursing my smallest after a trip to the beach – i nursed all three of my babies for a year. my littlest was my longest little sucker, hanging on for a good 15 months. one of my proudest accomplishments nursing three babies.

  11. Anonymous says...

    My kids are now 17 and 20 so I am of the previous generation of moms. I nursed both straight to the cup between 9 and 10 months. I enjoyed it, and they were both very healthy and slept through the night by 3 weeks old. I do not really “get” the growing trend of “co-sleeping” and nursing longer and longer. The growing baby is part of a larger FAMILY. Making all decisions based on the of-the-moment parenting trends discounts that the baby is not the only one involved in the whole equation.

    What is really great, though, is that there are so many choices – and isn’t that what women have fought so hard for? Nurse, bottle, pump and freeze – we all have to make the choice that works for our lives.

  12. Anonymous says...

    I love how both the mother and the baby are looking at the camera. This is a great shot.

  13. Anonymous says...

    I breastfed for 13 months when my daughter decided she was done. My daycare provider had been cutting my expressed milk w/ cow’s milk for a few weeks per my instructions. I think she liked the coldness of the cow’s milk over the warm, thin breast milk. It was a little sad but we were both ready.

    I thnk my co-workers were happy to end the twice daily door-shutting and the swish-swish noice of the pump.

  14. I nursed my first born for 16 months and am now nursing my two month old. I had always thought that I would stop at one year, but it’s just so darn convenient and a great time to bond quietly. So special!

  15. My oldest breastfed until she was 4.5 months old. She weened herself off MUCH earlier than I’d hoped, though I wasn’t surprised. When she was less than a week old, I took her in for a well visit and the doctor was concerned that her weight had dropped so much. I was exclusively breastfeeding but had a feeling that something was wrong. She’d never slept more than an hour and a half at a clip and would wake up screaming each time. The doctor suggested I try formula feeding her as a “chaser” after each breastfeed. We gave her an ounce of formula right then in his office and I saw her expression change instantly. She gulped it down and slept for three hours–it was like a completely new baby! I felt awful that I hadn’t thought to try formula beforehand and decided to use it as a chaser from then on out. Meantime, I tried EVERYTHING to increase my supply. I pumped 10 times per day with a hospital-grade pump for 30 days straight, in addition to breastfeeding the baby. Talk about feeling like a cow! I also met with two lactation consultants, took Fenugreek, drank tons of water—-nothing helped. As Devon got older, I could tell she was frustrated by how hard she had to work for such a small amount—-hence, the weening.

    Oddly enough, I later found out that my mom, aunt, and grandma all had the same problem with low supply. My mom breastfed me exclusively for 19 days until finally giving in when my weight was still less than my birth weight. Now that I have a second daughter (almost one month old), I am happy to say that breastfeeding is going MUCH more smoothly. Having another child has put everything in perspective, because I realize that each child/experience is different. I still have a low supply, but my second daughter happily breastfeeds for up to an hour and only drinks formula a few times each day. She’s gaining weight much more quickly than Devon ever did, so I am confident that the combination is working for her. I’m hoping to breastfeed much longer than I did the first time around, but will again take my cues from my daughter and what works for her.

    I’m happy to see so many mothers encouraging each other to do what’s best for them and their children, since I agree that we too often put an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves. Thanks for posting this, Jo:) xoxo

  16. Hi Joanna, what a gorgeous pic! I also loved the ones of you & Toby a while back. You’ve inspired me to post some of me breastfeeding my son on my blog too. I set out to breastfeed him for 6 months tops, he’s 16 months now & still breastfeeding. I wouldn’t have it any other way <3

  17. I nursed both of my sons for one year, no formuls. At 7 and 10, they have been healthy as horses, only one ear infection between the two of them…
    With my youngest I think the weaning was hardest on me, as he was my baby. Since I never used bottles, I remember having a hard time finding a sippy cup that they would take that was similar to the nipple…
    Good luck with whatever you do, everyone is different and it doesn’t always work out the way you “planned”…

  18. Anonymous says...

    I dated a man who divulged that he had been breastfed until 4 years old. I was disgusted. I was repulsed. I was shocked. However, when I went to the “interior” (of brazil) to meet his mother and saw the connection, the love, the bond they had– that all changed for me. It was just another window, another scope to understand the relationship between two individuals. It may be the anthropologist inside of me, but I truly believe that she let go when she was able to or when he was able to and in the long run, no harm or foul was done and it only solidified their sense of trust and security. I never had to compete with her or worry about our difference of opinions, she was his protective mom and I was his loving partner, and it was ok. In the end, as partners, we provide them that safe, protective, skin-on-skin space for them ourselves, don’t we?

  19. Still going strong at 18 months. He’ll wean when he’s ready. I’m not gonna be the one to take this away from him!

  20. My 1st weaned herself at 11 months. I missed it, especially that last feed before bed, but she was clearly done.
    Breastfed my 2nd for 2 weeks before she had her 1st open heart surgery. Due to post-op complications, she hasn’t been able to breast feed again, so I’ve been pumping for going on 8 months now. Pumping is definitely not the sweet experience that breastfeeding was, but it feels good to be able to be able to still give her breast milk.

  21. Anonymous says...

    I loved breastfeeding my two girls. It was the most special experience that I would not trade for anything in the world. My first daughter I weaned by 14 months, specifically so I could go on a backpacking trip with my sister in Nicaragua (it was an opportunity of a lifetime and I didn’t want to pass it up–my wonderful hubby took care of our daughter so I could do it). With my second daughter, I weaned her by 15 months so I could go and visit my brother in NYC for a weekend. It was sad to wean both girls, but liberating at the same time as it was easier to get away for a bit. The end of an era. Anyway, I don’t know how sensitive you are to hormonal changes, Joanna, but if you are, I would recommend weaning gradually. Much easier on your hormones, and of course easier on the baby. :) I am the hormonal queen so I took a few months to do it. And don’t be surprised if your hormones go a little wacko for a couple months after total weaning.
    Take care, Megan

  22. Anonymous says...

    I’m still nursing my 16 month old daughter a couple of times a day. She gets her nutrition from solids but it’s such a sweet, cozy time for both of us that neither wants to give it up yet. Nursing her has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and I’m grateful to her that she still wants to.

  23. 20 months and still going strong. thank you for your supportive, encouraging and positive attitude. it makes me so so happy!

  24. i just weaned my son a few weeks before his second birthday. i think he would have happily kept nursing for a while longer, but i was mostly ready to be done. he still likes to “snuggle” for naps and bedtime, so we get to have that time together.
    i worked part-time for most of the last two years, and having to pump every other day was a little bit stressful (not as bad as the two months of every day pumping i did when i started back to work though!) i stopped pumping when he was a year old though, and just breastfed on days when i was home. i think that helped the transition too.
    good luck with whatever you do!

  25. I breastfed my daughter for a little over a year. It was a great experience.

  26. What a beautiful photo :) And so is your blog too! Very interesting to read about other opinions about breastfeeding, I live in Norway and here it is very common to do so- also in public. I now breastfeed my fourth child, he is 7 months old. My oldest was breastfed almost 2 years. I find it the most natural thing to do, and best for my babies. Nothing we should hide away… Some thoughts from me, Gunhild, Norway.

  27. Starting on day 4, I had to supplement with formula because my baby had lost so much weight. For the next 7 weeks, I had an exhausting schedule of breastfeeding, then pumping right after, then feeding her the expressed milk in a bottle along with any additional formula that she needed.

    We finally figured out that she had a tongue tie and just couldn’t eat as efficiently as she needed. Poor thing. We got her tongue clipped, and when it was completely healed, she and I had a pretty intense “nursing vacation” for a week, which got my supply up, and enabled us to switch over to exclusively breastfeeding.

    It was a lot of work, but so worth it. But I think it was key that I had come to accept the fact that I may need to give up bf-ing, and that that would be okay. That took a lot of the stress off and ironically helped me to continue bf-ing!

    Now she’s 4 months old and going strong. I’m lucky to be able to work from home so I can feed her easily. I always thought I would wean at one year, but I worked so hard to be able to bf in the first place, that now I think I’d like to go as long as 2 years… at least in the morning and at night.

    I agree, though, that we should never judge. As mother’s we are all trying to do what is best for our child, whether that means breastfeeding, formula, or a combination of both.

  28. Taunie says...

    We breastfed until he was about 2 years old. By that time it was just at bedtime and was more of a comforting routine than anything else. I pumped at work until he was 12 mo., so he never had formula. He’s 7 1/2 now. He went to daycare at 3 mos and has always been exposed to lots of other children. He is, without a doubt, the healthiest, happiest child I know. It was an amazing experience for me, too.

  29. I’m due any day now with my first and I plan on breastfeeding for at least a year.

  30. breastfeeding my baby who is 4 1/2 months. b4 i had her i said i would do it for only 12. now i think i might go a little longer (if she wants). also a happy american living in canada where i get a year maternity so it makes nursing much easier. because i don’t have to pump at work. although i would pump if i had to.

  31. I am nursing my son Jude right now, as I read my daily blogs :)

  32. Oh, how I miss those sweet moments. I nursed for about 3 months. I was having a hard time producing enough milk. I wish I would tried harder but I’m glad I did it for as long as I did.

  33. I breastfed my son until 17 months (he weaned himself) and luckily it was just after a big international flight that i took by myself with him, it does help when flying. I did have a hard time bf at first with him but got into the swing of it. With my daughter she is now 10 months I will bf until she is ready to give it up. I have had many issues mastitis 4 times (she bites) but all in all it is going well. I did get very sick with mastitis but antiobiotics really helps along with rest. I am working from home so it helps she being there. At 10 months she is feeding about 4 times a day and once at night, plus eating everything in sight. It is very hard for women to juggle work and raise babies, while staying sane you never understand this until you are in that position. I congratulate all mums in this world who are able to raise babes, be patient and work and stay calm. Hope you are doing well Jo and not finding it hard with your little one.

  34. I’ve breastfeeded my first son for 15 months, HE decided to stop, I think it’s the perfect way to finish…
    And now, I breastfeed my second son, he is 9 months, just like Toby ;-)
    In France, I’m a kind of E.T. !!!

  35. I breast fed my oldest son until he was two and a half and my youngest until he was three. I think that photo is great. I hate those breast feeding hoods — it makes breastfeeding look like it is something to hide.

  36. My baby girl is 10 months old and I’m still nursing her. It’s such a beautiful experience and I love every moment of it, especially the sweet smiles she gives me. It’s our special time together.

  37. Anonymous says...

    Thank you so much for showing and talking about breastfeeding on your blog as the natural and normal thing that it is.

    I breastfed my first daughter until she was just over two and I’m still feeding my second daughter who is 20 months. It has been one of the most lovely experiences of my life – the intimacy and quiet time together has been so special. It is something that I will be forever grateful I have been able to do for my girls – even if it has been difficult at times!

    I had never really thought much about breastfeeding before having my children, apart from that fact that I wanted to try. I continue to be surprised at how controversial the subject can be.

    I’d like to comment about extended breastfeeding – something that is hardly discussed. It is quite a different experience when your baby is over the age of one. They feed for a shorter period of time (it’s nothing like those marathon newborn feeds!), your body has adjusted well to providing exactly the right amount of milk and it is is so lovely to be able to retain that closeness and ability to comfort (especially if you are away at work during the day), not to mention health-giving for your toddler. I wish that working mothers knew that they could retain a (secret, if it has to be) night-time or early morning feed if they want to. I have so many friends who felt like they had to wean because their baby had turned one and didn’t make their decision based on what they or their baby wanted/needed. Who is to say when the right time to stop is? To those women who are undecided – why not continue until you are sure!

  38. I breastfed my sonfor 6 months and tried to wean him, but he developed eczema. I restarted breastfeeding again and it cleared up completely. I was expressing for 4 months at work and eventually completely weaned at 9 months. Ireland has a terrible breastfeeding rate, and I only fed him in public (discreetly) one, and was asked to go to public toilets and do it. It was hard but worth it. His skin has been perfect ever since.

  39. My daughter is 7 1/2 months old and I am starting to sense that she is moving away from nursing. More and most she wants her sippy cup and her cereal. Although, I must admit I still smile when I here her calling out “Mama, boooooob” :D

  40. Wow! I just want to say that this is an amazing discussion. All moms make the best decisions for themselves and their families. That said: the moms who are working and pumping are AMAZING! We Canadians are super fortunate to have a full year of maternity leave and so that helps a lot! I nursed my older daughter until she was 2-1/2 and weaned her when I was six months pregnant. The younger one is 2-1/2 and I’d like to stop by the time she’s 3. But, yeah, that’s me: no pressure intended : )

  41. Anonymous says...

    My daughter is 19 months and I am still breastfeeding. We decided early on to do baby-led weaning and she has cut back but definately still loves to nurse. Now it is usually in the morning and night unless she’s especially cranky or doesn’t feel well then she wants it more.

  42. That’s better. As what they say so… Breastfeed is still best for babies.

  43. Anonymous says...

    2 years, he weaned all by himself on mother’s day saying “finisheeeed”… He was right, I was “out” of milk :) He absolutely benefited from breastfeeding, almost “none” ear infections, mild colds, etc. Have fun breastfeeding, it is such a wonderful tool for bonding! Best.

  44. My daughter is 15 months and still breastfeeds. I’m not sure when we will stop, I don’t have a date or age picked…just letting her pave the way at this point. I’m almost ready to stop though lol, is like my boobs back :)

  45. Wow. I’m not even a mom but this picture caught my attention. It’s so natural and absolutely beautiful!

  46. Lucy, my eldest, weaned herself off breastfeding at 14 months, and Audrey turned 2 on Valentine’s Day and stopped shortly after – phew!

    It’s such a lovely act.

  47. Another thing I forgot to mention… I had some depression during the weaning period. More than just a mild case of the blues. I did some research and found that this can be common because your hormones start fluctuating (again?!). It was a relief to understand why I was feeling so down and I was comforted that it would soon pass. But I had never heard of this before and wish there was more information out there about it. Just a little PSA. Love to all the mamas.

  48. well, he’s three and still going…at least at nap and bedtime and sometimes when he wakes up. I’ve asked a few times if he wanted to stop and he said no. then one day he said no more sideahs (he calls them sideahs cause I always said “let’s switch sides”) and I was so sad…the next time he went to bed he changed his mind. most things I’ve read is if you let them wean themselves its between 4-5 usually. seems so long being in the US but in so many other countries…the norm. he’s never been a grab my chest and eat anytime baby/kid so that’s good but if he’s tired he’ll start rubbing me and putting his hand in my shirt which is little embarrassing now he’s so old (well at any age). now I didn’t exclusively bf at any time cause he was a preemie and in the hospital for a month and it takes so much energy to bf they wanted him to be fed by bottle (well after his feeding tube came out) so he could gain weight.

    how long do you plan to nurse?

  49. hello jo- i nursed my first for 13 months and enjoyed every minute of it, such a sweet exchange. i nursed my second son for only ten months as he was too interested in what big brother was doing to stay focussed on the boob! I was a little sad, but wasn’t going to force it on him…He still is a boob man though, as I have watched him hone in on more than one endowed babysitter- amusing! My favorite story of all time though is this…I was talking to my sweet, crunchy sister, who lives in Colorado, and in the background I heard, ” Just a sip. Just a sip Mommy!” I replied, “Ivey, that is not Max asking to nurse is it?!” She said, “No, Max, No. I am on the phone!” Needless, to say that I wanted to have t-shirts printed that said ” Just a sip!” LOL. It is such a glip on the radar, and so easy…the nursing will get further and further apart, but they will also get sweeter and you will probably cry as you will know that the end is coming, but they are good tears, as they are tears of a mom.

  50. *my friend used to flick her son in the cheek when he bit. I think it’s kind of funny.


  51. I pumped for 6 months with my first because he wouldn’t latch (due to my funky inverted nip!) but i’m pregnant with my 2nd now *i’m 18 weeks) and plan on not giving the baby an option of a bottle this time around. pumping was such a nightmare. I was married to my pump and had to do it every 2 hours! It was SO worth it though to give my son such a good start!

    Baby #2 is just going to have to deal with my equipment!

  52. Anonymous says...

    I breastfed for 20 months. I went back to work 4 days/week when he was 3 1/2 months old (my husband was on paternity leave for the next 3 months). When he was six months old I went back full-time. It was not easy pumping while working! –Megan

  53. Beautiful picture! I nursed my son until he was 3 and a half years old, and often nursed him in swimming pools, but I definitely didn’t look this amazing! :)

  54. I breastfed my son until he weaned himself at 14 months. I went back to work when he was 6 months old and somehow managed to pump and keep up with him (I’m an ICU nurse – finding time to pump was always challenging, but I somehow did it)! I’m due with our second baby soon, and really looking forward to breastfeeding again!

  55. Such a gorgeous photo! I love it!

    My daughter, Gretchen, and I are loving our nursing relationship at just over 25-months (she turned 2 at the end of January) and I can’t see stopping anytime soon!

  56. It’s so great to read all these comments! I’m still breastfeeding our 6-month-old son exclusively (though we are introducing solids this weekend). I am committed to breastfeeding through the first year and then we will see. I have grown to love that time with my little guy, despite having a really rough start the first two months.
    I went back to work after 3.5 months and pump twice during the day and once before I go to bed. Truthfully, it’s a drag, but I’m trying to stay positive about it since I want to keep going. Thanks for fostering this discussion!

  57. I breastfed my daughter until she was 18 months. We stopped nursing during the day because it was interfering with her naps . . . then sometimes she would forget or not want to in the evenings and mornings . . . and pretty soon there wasn’t any milk. It felt natural and wasn’t a struggle for either of us. Now that she is two and a half I am glad it happened when it did; I think that at her current age it would be a power struggle. I also have friends who nursed their children until 3 or 4 years of age. When we stopped nursing, she started using comfort objects; up until then it was just me.

  58. I noticed that between 4 to 6 months my milk production went way down with both my daughters. Even though I was working full-time and diligently pumping I just found that my body stopped producing milk. I would have loved to have breastfed them longer but it just didn’t happen. I pumped as long as I could and added whatever I could produce to bottles of formula. I felt like a failure but eventually realized that it was nothing to beat myself up about. My babies were happy, healthy, and well fed and I contributed what I could.

  59. jessica says...

    My little guy breastfed for almost one year. It was a very natural process to weaning; he became less interested and distracted while nursing. We were down to just one feed in the morning by the last month. He is almost 15 months now and I still miss it! Such a wonderful experience. So special. It changed me.

  60. I nursed my son until he was just over 3. My daughter will be 3 in May and has no plans of stopping but I’m going on a little trip next month for 5 days so maybe then?… 3 is a good time for me to stop. At this late stage in the game it’s just a little nip in the morning and a bit before bed.
    that pic is lovely!

  61. New studies suggest solids should be offered earlier WITH breastmilk (or formula). It used to be thought that introducing solids too early caused allergies. Now, it seems, it’s the opposite is true.

    Also, for all you with biters, this worked with my son. Say, NO and set them down (gently! but firmly) on the floor. My son never bit again.

  62. Anonymous says...

    Very surprised to see no mention of the tragedy that Japan is going through right now. I know this blog isn’t about current events but it is unfortunate you were not compelled to express anything at this time…

  63. we’re going on 20 months now! i thought for sure this little guy would have self-weaned by now, but so be it. i kind of like our snuggly time, which is mostly morning and evenings now, with a quick sip thrown in for reassurance when he needs it. now that he’s talking so much though, i’ve actually gotten a little embarrassed when nursing in public–it’s kind of hard to ignore the raised eyebrows when he shouts, “mama, need milkies!” on the train :/

  64. I planned on breastfeeding my daughter for the first year. With major latch problems for the first 2 months, yeast infections, and a couple other issues, I’ve almost given up about 10 times, but her birthday is on the 22nd so we made it! Yay for breastfeeding!

  65. My daughter is 11 months now and is going strong and loving breastfeeding. she’s been a huge fan all along…but, as we’ve introduced solids I’ve slowly cut back on feedings every few months. Now she nurses three times a day. I hope to wean her to 2 times daily after her first birthday and by sometime in the summer have her completely weaned. I love nursing her – even with her 8 teeth! She’s learned not to bite me (lots of training in that area a month ago) and it’s such a relaxing time we have together.

  66. I love that picture too! I’ve totally breastfed in the pool.

    My first daughter I nursed for 17 months – she self-weaned the day her baby sister was born. The last time I nursed her, I stood up and my water broke. Ha! I guess she thought nursing was just for babies, not big sisters. I had planned to tandem nurse but she wasn’t into it. My second daughter nursed for 15 months, when I gently weaned her so my husband and I could go on our first kidless getaway for our 5 year wedding anniversary.

  67. My baby was in the NICU for 2 1/2 months, and wasn’t able to eat orally, so I automatically went to pumping. (I was actually able to bf him for about a week, and it was so amazing, but then had to stop because we found out he was aspirating). I had to continue to pump because he had a feeding tube in his nose until he was 8 months old, and now it fed via a gtube in his tummy (he is learning how to eat with his mouth, but it is a long process! AND he won’t have anything to do with bf now that he is older and can use his mouth to eat).

    The first several months that I pumped, I had SO MUCH MILK! I produced ridiculous amounts of milk, and it was a blessing! I had so much milk that I was able to feed by baby, and feed another baby for about 6 months, and 2 other babies received loads of my milk several times. I was so happy that I could share the gold! :)

    My milk supply eventually started to go down (I think because of stress from my baby’s medical issues/and despite doing tons of herbal things to get it back up to where it was, it never did). But I still had enough that I had lots of frozen milk to supplement my low supply of fresh bm. I also began mixing it with a special allergy-free formula to make the frozen bm last longer. When I ran out of my frozen bm, I found friends who were willing to give me their extra milk. So that is what I’m doing now- is using friends bm and formula. I’m still pumping, but only once a day (I became pregnant when my baby was 9 months old, so my milk supply drastically dropped..I ended up having a miscarriage but my milk supply didn’t go back up) and only getting 2oz, but it makes me feel better because it’s fresh and it’s from me. Better than nothing, right? :)

    If I was still producing a lot of milk, I would keep pumping until he was probably about 18 months. But I will continue to pump my little 2oz of milk as long as I can! :)

    Hahaha, sorry this was so long, geez!

  68. Susanbnyc says...

    I nursed my 1st until he was 3 1/2 … at the end it was really just for going to bed and boo boo recovery… I encouraged him to stop at 3 1/2 because I was 6 months pregnant and wanted to give my “ba bas” a break … I’m currently nursing my 2nd guy who is 25 months … but thinking of being more proactive about ending. My belief is that is great do to as long as YOU are enjoying it .. because if you’re not… the love, comfort and snuggliness will get lost. As long as it’s working for both parties, the longer the better.

  69. My oldest daughter, Bella, is 20 months. I had planned on nursing her until she was 2 years old, but she weaned herself around 9 months older. She just wasn’t interested anymore, it was the strangest thing!!!

    My youngest daughter, Eva, is 3 months, and I hope to nurse her as long as she’ll let me!! Its the whole “cuddle” thing, hehe – I love it while I can get it. My oldest hardly ever lets us have cuddle time anymore, she has far too much to do. Is FAR too busy ;-)

  70. I breastfed my daughter until….3 1/2 years! I never intended to, I thought a year would be great. I am a working mom and she would breastfeed before & after daycare – which she started at 1 since in Canada we have a year maternity leave. In the toddler years it was just for comfort before bed. We tried to make a deal for her 2nd birthday and then for her 3rd birthday but finally last Christmas she was done for good. Just like that, no turning back. By the end I was done but I think it only benefited her immune system & confidence, or, who knows, she would have turned out just the same.
    I definitely think having a long maternity leave made it easier, if I had to pump I would have thrown in the towel, it never worked for me. If you are able to breastfeed, enjoy!

  71. many years ago now, i breastfed my babies! I loved it (except for the time Danny bit my breast, ouch!) my oldest i fed til she was about 6 months. the next three til they were 18 months. its so awesome and good for both mother and baby.

  72. Nursed my twins for 15 months. I felt so fortunate
    to be able to do it & loved every minute!

  73. I planned to breastfeed for as long as it worked for us. I fed on demand but by 4 months my son was rapidly losing weight so we introduced one bottle. When I went back to work at about 5 months I could only express enough for one feed each day so he added another bottle. By 10 months he was eating most solids and biting me a lot but I still fed him to sleep and first thing in the moring. By 12 months he no longer saw me that way. It was a fairly natural and gradual transition and I was glad I was able to breast feed for almost 1 year.

  74. Lindsay D. says...

    My 21 month old nurses many times a day, possibly even more often at night. I plan on weaning after her second birthday as I have not had a cycle since becoming pregnant with her! We’d love a second child and that baby would be encouraged to nurse till two (or past) as well.

    I never thought I’d love nursing this much. It was such a struggle in the beginning, tongue tied baby with a bad latch, low milk supply, fear of nursing in public. I look at what we’ve overcome in under two years and wonder why I want to stop. Thank you, this has been on my mind often lately.

  75. When I was pregnant, I thought I could commit to six months, and then assess things. When he was in the world, and breastfeeding was established (we had a few challenges), I thought six months came really quickly, and had no desire to stop. My child felt the same way. Committing to a year was easy. At a year, I had to return to work, and I never thought I would be a nursing, working mom, but I was completely ready at that point to continue, and let my baby be the guide. I honestly thought another year was no big deal! I was somewhat sad when our boy weaned at 19.5 months, but satisfied that it was his decision. Over time, I had come to truly wish all babes had the luxury of that choice!

  76. I breastfed both of my children for 18 months each, which was pretty much three solid years of breastfeeding. But I loved it and wouldn’t have had it any other way.

    It is the most amazing gift you can give to your child.

  77. Kate says...

    Lovely photo!

    At 8.5 months we started introducing formula as I couldn’t pump enough at work to keep up. Now at 10.5 months I nurse twice a day and she gets 2 formula bottles. My supply has dropped quickly over the last few weeks so I think my days of nursing are numbered. I wanted to make it to one year at least nursing some of the time but I think she’ll wean herself before then.

    I’m feeling very sad that this part of her babyhood will soon be over but she is healthy and happy. I loved breastfeeding and although the first 6 weeks were incredibly difficult and painful I’m so glad I stuck with it.

  78. I nursed my little girl for 4 months, that was my goal….and I did it :) I wish I nursed longer though. This is a beautiful photo…

  79. Anonymous says...

    I breast fed my daughter for 2.5 years, while working part time. Milk production was never an issue, thanks to drinking tons of water and my Medela. I miss those cuddly moments!

  80. Oldest: ten weeks! (back to work)
    Middle: nine months. (it got too hot)
    Youngest: three months (he has a facial paralysis – who knew?!)

  81. katie W says...

    8 1/2 months but then I got sick and had to go on antibiotics that weren’t breastfeeding compatible. Sad not to be breastfeeding anymore, but also relieved…it was a lot easier after!

  82. Sarah says...

    I nursed my son for 2 1/2 years and am currently still nursing my daughter who is now 2 1/2 yrs old. I am so happy that I’ve been able to nurse then both for as long as I have. I plan to nurse my daughter for a few more months and will gradually wean as she nears 3 yrs old.

    And, as for your question about working moms- that definitely makes things more difficult, but you can still nurse for a long time if you want to. My sister worked full-time starting when her children were 5-6 months old and was able to nurse her daughter until she was about 2 yrs old (she is still nursing her second who is 8 months old) She did introduce some formula during the day at daycare, when her pumping production started to drop. But, she was able to continue to nurse at night and on weekends well into her daughter’s 2nd year. It does not need to be all or nothing.

  83. Due in May with my first…I plan on starting to wean around 9-10 months. That will get her & I through next winter. It will coincide with moving her into her crib to sleep at night. Wish me luck!

  84. i planned to breastfeed only until 6 months, but my baby boffin is now going on 8 months and im working 2 days a week but still breasteeding. Not sure when i’ll stop, around 1 hopefully. i’ll definately miss it though.

  85. What a lovely photo! I nursed both of my children for 3-1/2 years. I was a full-time working mother, and this extra bonding time was so very special for us. I was lucky that my office is near my home, and that I didn’t need to pump more than once a day. (I worked from 7am-3pm.) My boys were just over 2 years apart, so I nursed my oldest through my pregnancy and beyond. The first 6-9 months of tandem nursing were amazing, but I’ll be honest that tandem nursing was a challenge after that. Both of my boys nursed infrequently after about 2 years old, but it remained very special for each of them and for me. They are now almost 4 and newly 6!

  86. I tried to breastfeed for 3 months! But my was, who was born early was too weak and small and once he was big enough never would latch properly – despite the best efforts of every lactation consultant in the area! Breastfeeding and not breastfeeding were the hardest most emotional parts if being a new mom. I continue to pump breastmilk (he’s 5 months now) and plan to wean myself off the pump in a month or so. He’s a big strong boy now and I have finally been able to accept that I didn’t get the “picture perfect” breastfeeding experience and that’s ok! :-) I am so lucky to have such a wonderful little baby boy, breastfed or not. Every circumstance is different and not every woman is able to breastfeed. I hope we are able to make those of us who aren’t able to feel just as good as those who are!

  87. beautiful view!
    I breastfed children about two years and I remember that time very nice, I love the sight of a breastfed child

  88. I breastfed my first daughter for 14 months – she would still be breastfeeding today if I didn’t weaned her (and she’s 19 years old now :))as she would not touch solids at all while breastfeeding. She was as healthy and chubby as anything. It certainly got my figure back into shape that’s for sure. My 2nd daughter breastfed for 9 months. I was lucky that it was so easy for me and I really appreciated it for the night feeds. I’m sure my breasts are so far south because of feeding but it was so worth it – saggy boobs and all!

  89. Beautiful photo! I am tandem feeding my 4year old and my 15 month old. I want them to wean themselves,when they are ready.

  90. I nursed my first until he was two. I will nurse my new little guy until he is done as well. I love all of your nursing mama pictures. They are so fun!

  91. Hi there!
    Baby 1 ::: 3 weeks
    Baby 2 ::: 14 months
    Baby 3 ::: 6 months
    And its quite ironic that baby 2 is always getting whatever sickness is going around and baby 1 is the healthiest child ever!
    But I do miss breastfeeding. Baby 3 is now nearly 3 years old and it’s becomming a distant memory!
    xx Stacey

  92. My daughter got breastmilk for 2 years and 7 months. Then I got pregnant and she stopped herself, she told me there was no milk anymore. My son is now almost 11 months and I still give him mommymilk. I’m not planning to stop in the near future. I hope he will do the same as my daughter and stop himself if he thinks it’s enough.

  93. kkatmpls says...

    2.5 years, until 4 mo pregnant with baby #2! Luckily he was really good about weaning. Now he points at my boobs and says “baby”!

  94. nostalgie!!!!! I loved to breastfeed! the most close and deep connection. the world needs to breastfeed much more!!!!
    love this pic.
    xoxox from buenos aires, Argentina

    a cup of hope for japan!

  95. Wow, what a response! I’m a big believer in the ongoing benefits of breastfeeding so I think I’ll let my 16 month old wean herself when she’s ready. But having said that, it’s been easy for me because I’ve only just gone back to part-time work so I’ve been around for breastfeeding. I think women who are at work pumping are remarkable. Laughed at the story of the Mum hiding her frozen milk in a hotel gift shop deep freeze! What lengths to go to!!

  96. A little over 2-1/2 years. Hadn’t intended to, but it was the most amazing experience and my daughter is so healthy, secure and well-adjusted. (Maybe because I’m an older mom and I knew she would be my only child – I was reluctant to force weaning.) I only work 3 days a week, otherwise I don’t think I could have kept it up. I think there should be A LOT more support in the corporate world for mom’s who breastfeed. The lack of support is truly unbelievable. Don’t get me started on how behind this country is on maternity leave. I don’t dis mom’s who don’t/can’t breastfeed but I urge everyone to try try try and do it for as long as they can. I found it so rewarding and challenging and worth it.

  97. 2,5 months for my 4 month old’s baby ! I had to stop because I was very tired and my milk became very rare. But I missed these moments with my baby boy, especially during the night : no noise, no light, only the two of us… It made me forgotten how dificult it was to have short nights ! Love, love these moments !!

  98. I am tandem nursing my 6 month old and my 3 year old (almost four.) I didn’t think I would nurse my oldest as long as I have but I am so glad that it still works for us. It has provided so much stability and security that we do not have tantrums or other typical challenges that most have at this age. It also helps connect big and little sis in such a primal way.

  99. My first one I breastfed for 14 months and he weaned himself. My second one I breastfed for 21 months. By then I was 4 months pregnant and thought it was a good time to stop. My baby is due in 6 weeks and I’ll just see how it goes. I think it’s good to keep breastfeeding until after they’ve started daycare with other kids, as they get exposed to so many bacteria and the breastmilk will help their immune system cope.

  100. This is such a sweet photo! I’m not a mama yet but I think breastfeeding is a beautiful thing and should be celebtrated :) It prompted me to ask my mom how long she nursed me for. She said “Two years – Too many bites and then I stopped!” I feel so touch and grateful that we shared that bond. Sorry for the bites, mom!

  101. I bf my oldest until 14.5 months. The day he started walking more than a few steps he just lost interest and stopped cold turkey. A month later I got pregnant and my youngest is 16 months and not ready to stop. I only feed him early morning and evening.

    It helps that I have either been my own boss or worked from home. I have also pumped as schedules are busy and since my two sons and I have various allergies/sensitivities decided to never try using formula. We do use SINLAC (after 6 – 9 mos.) which is a gluten/dairy free cereal that can be used as a drink but we use it as a cereal. I am also in Europe. Everything is just so laissez-faire here. There’s no pressure to bf or to use formula… what’s most important is spending quality time in the earliest months with your kids.

    I can not imagine not being able to nurse in public. And even old grannies come up to you in the park or elsewhere in public and comment that you are doing a good job nursing. They also tell you that your baby child should be wearing a hat but that’s another story.

    I can say I am getting a bit tired physically but I will let my child decide when he is ready.

  102. Just finished nursing at 14 months!! Past my goal of a year, so Im super proud of that. Nursing is work, its amazing for baby and for mom but its still a job. Do what you can and don’t feel guilty, I had to fight that off alot because I wanted to stop much earlier and had to suppliment too.. There were many days I just didn’t feel like it. Also,switched to goats milk at 11 months.

  103. I wanted to stop at 1 year. That date passed and she’s still nursing. She just loves nursing so much! I think she knows she’s being weaned because she no longer wants to eat her solids or drink out of her cup.
    I need to do some research.

  104. Anonymous says...

    i love your blog and love this pic and how you champion breast feeding. I think every mom should do what is right for her and her family. And I think babies should be fed with bottle or breast when and where they need it – at home or in public!

  105. My two oldest were around a little after a year, my two youngest around 18 months.

  106. I had every intention of breast feeding for six months, but had to return to grad school 2 weeks after I gave birth to stay in the program. I ended up breast feeding & bottle feeding within the first month so he liked the bottle more. I tried to breast feed as much as I could, but after the first month gave him the bottle totally. I pumped for four months and am proud of that. It’s HARD AS HELL to breastfeed exclusively so I give a lot of credit to the moms that can/do.

  107. It’s been different for all my kids, but I exclusively breastfed them all for at least 6 months, weaned my daughter at 15 months, my sons each at 8 months and plan to wean my currently nursing daughter around age 1.

  108. I’m still nursing my 6 month old, and hope to keep it up for the first year. I’m enjoying it and I’m lucky enough to be able to stay at home. I definitely think it’s a personal decision and really think that moms need to follow their intuition and cues from their baby. I’ve had friends who have felt really guilty about not being able to breastfeed for longer, but you really just need to do what works for you and your baby.

  109. Lexie says...

    I exclusively breastfeed my now 8 month old son. I was always sure I wanted to breastfeed but I never imagined loving it so much. It’s a challenge to work full-time and stay committed but it’s worth it 1000x over. I will let him wean himself when he’s ready.

  110. still breastfeeding at 18 months! best thing ever. they wean themselves as they become more active – now it’s jst something we do to bond at the end of the day – or even a quick sucke/hug will help her when she gets hurt. it has not been a “sacrifice” at all as many people say. its been a total blessing. love your blog!

  111. I committed to a year with Alice, my first, and weaned her at 13 months, with the intention of returning to work. I was already pregnant, it turns out, so I didn’t go back to work. Right now, Stella is 10 months and we’re still nursing. I plan to wean her after her first birthday, either to go back to work or to have another baby.
    I had the thought the other day that I was kind of sick of nursing! I felt terrible about it but I guess it’s normal… but if we had another, I would still breastfeed.

  112. My son is 17-month-old son is still nursing but because his feedings are getting so short, we are gently weaning and he’s had zero transition problems. When I went back to work the pumping was demanding and sometimes difficult because I couldn’t excuse myself from a meeting to maintain my schedule or stop the occassional leakage, but in all honesty I didn’t think much about it and just did it. When I bacame a WAHM, the feeding was very easy and convenient to keep up. Plus, the snuggle factor isn’t bad!

  113. I nursed until about 16 months. I was out maternity leave for 4 months and then pumped for the remainder of her first year. Pumping was fine in the beginning but by the end I wanted to drop-kick my pump out my 7th floor office window.

    And to be perfectly honest, I was tired of nursing. Once my cycle returned at 13 months my supply dropped and in the PMS phase it *hurt* I carried on with the bedtime nurse until she was mostly playing and then called it off altogether. Had one hard night, one slightly less hard night and we were done.

    She’ll be three very soon and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

  114. I sttoped last week, when Daniel completeded 10m. It´s happended because he started to bite me. I´d like to brestfeed more, but I couldn´t. I think it´s very personal. There isn´t right your wrong, just your choose.

  115. When I had my first baby I didn’t know what I was doing and was not successful at breastfeeding. For my second child, I read everything I could ahead of time, and LOVED it! I nursed her for over two years…She never took a bottle or a pacifier. I was home with her until two months, then back to work full time. I wouldn’t trade that time for anything. My third baby was not as easy in the beginning, but I was determined, so she, too, never had a bottle. It wasn’t easy, but it was cheaper, easier, and so wonderful to be that close and enjoy each baby…I loved it… Maybe it’s not for everyone, but don’t give up because it’s hard in the beginning…The difficulties don’t last long and the wonderful feeling of love and accomplishment last a lifetime.

  116. Wow! That photo is amazing! I live in the Bay Area and there is a ton of pressure to exclusively breastfeed. Like your child would grow a third eye, if you gave them an ounce of formula. When I was in the hospital, just after having my first(she’s not 15 months), the lactation consultants(2 separate ladies) told me everything was great! Our daughter didn’t pee for 3 days, ended up in the NICU for 4 days over Christmas, where the consultants (2 new ladies) told me I HAD to pump every hour, which was providing just enough to feed my daughter every three hours. I was a hormonal mess. I met with a 5th lactation consultant and she could just see the dispair on my face and told me it was okay to not breastfeed. She told me, and I trusted her, that my daughter was latching and everything was fine,that it would get better with time, but I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t think I was providing enough for my child. So I gave up after pumping for 3 weeks. It turned out to be a GIANT blessing. When I went back to work after 5 mos, my husband would feed her in the middle of the night. And he totally enjoyed it! I’m having another baby in July and am still torn as to whether I should try again. I’m such a wimp! I have such respect for moms who push through the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding!

  117. I wanted to breastfeed my son for one year but he ended up weaning himself at 6 months. I was working and my milk was decreasing so it was a mutual feeling :) and i defiantly did not have the right breast pump. moms-to-be invest in the best pump…it is worth it! as the months went by i was sad that my son and i did have the connection with breastfeeding anymore. but it;s ok he is a bright, happy boy.

  118. My son weaned himself at 8 months. I was really OK with whatever he wanted. And he is a huge 3 year old now.

  119. My little girl Amy Isobel is actually weaning herself off right now! She is 8,5 months and has been wanting my breasts less and less in the last few days. She gets forumla and I think she prefers the bottle and keeps biting me lately. She is teething and only when she is in real discomfort does she enjoy to nurse. I guess we will be done once these teeth have cut! Sad…but it was wonderful while it lasted! Love the photo!

  120. my goal was 1 year. my daughter went 11 months then go a really stuffed up nose & i was pregnant, so we both decided it was time. my son went 10 months, i caught an amoeba which required horse size antibiotics so that put an end to it. we were overseas at the time and both children never got majorly sick until they were old enough to drink swimming pool water.

  121. I am not in love with this picture. I actually think it gives me the creeps. I loved holding my babies close. This just looks like a puppy struggling to get a hold of it mothers.
    I nursed both my babies. My experience with nursing has always felt and been very personal. I never liked nursing in public because I loved the fact that I could just sneak away with just me and my baby. Everything was quiet, I had no insecurities to think about, I could examine their profile. Sometimes I would just put my head back and relax. Don’t Mothers need that? I would relax knowing that me and my baby were together enjoy each other. It was a very personal thing that I didn’t want to be interrupted or taken away (for me or baby) by others activities or others thoughts of me nursing. Lets face it, others have very strong opinions on this and it effect how we feel. It makes us insecure about nursing in general. Right? Other wise this would not even be a option for discussion.
    I don’t agree with Bill Maher on the subject, but do voice my opinion when I say it is personal and yes intimate. I believe in a world with so many distractions this is one opportunity we have to experience a true sense of joy and intimacy. I hold no negative thoughts about someone who disagrees with me and chooses to nurse in public. It’s a personal choice and one that is not for me. I also don’t think you can’t feel intimate with your baby when nursing in public. Again nursing is personal and everyone experience it differently.

  122. Lovely shot!
    I breastfed both my girls for a year and a half. For me this was a great time to wean. They were able to eat a variety of foods and drink milk by then so I never had to bother with bottles :)

  123. Awesome pic. I nursed my daughter for 11 months and just weened my son at 19 months.

  124. I breastfed my daughter for slightly over 13 months. At one year, I started to ween and it took about a month and a half to step down the feedings and until my milk stopped coming in. Bittersweet.

  125. I’m due in May with our first baby (YIKES!), and we’re really hoping that breastfeeding will work out for me–especially after seeing the prices on formula! The “plan” is to nurse until a year, but I’ve never done this before so I can’t say for sure what will happen. We’ll probably introduce a bottle after a little while because my husband has expressed interest in feeding as well, so I’ll be attempting to pump as well. Luckily, I get to be at home with the baby so finding that balance with working will not be an issue.

    But I totally agree that we’re not all the same and there is no need for a woman to feel pressured to do anything or feel guilty if something doesn’t work out. Every situation is different for every family, and what is right for some is not right for others. All moms have the same goal–to have happy, healthy babies. :)

  126. I am hoping for at least 12 months when baby arrives. And if she wants to longer, then that would be great too.

  127. Beautiful!

    Did you see that terrible Bill Maher video of him talking about how breastfeeding is an intimate act and shouldn’t be practiced in public… and likened it to him deciding to masturbate in public? Crazy that this is still a discussion we are having in this day and age.

    It’s great that you are out there rooting for the boob! Boobs are for babies!!!

  128. I am a mother of 2 girls. I nursed my first one exclusively for a year and like 2 days before we stopped. I remember how sad I was to know it was her last time, but we were both ready to move on.
    I have an 8 month old that I am nursing now.
    I work full-time and deal w/pumping, bringing 2 extra bags (pump and cooler) and trying to find a privacy room. It is all worth it to me.
    I’m actually at a point where my milk seems to be decreasing and I may have to start supplementing with formula just to make enough for her to eat. I have never used formula and this is something hard for me to think about. (Please…I am not judging anyone who uses formula).
    I am not a public nurser as you actually don’t see much of that in the midwest and I would feel uncomfortable. The most public place I have ever nursed is in my car in a parking lot or in the lounge area of Nordstrom’s.
    I read through several of the comments above and I love that nobody is judging others. I think as mothers we are judged far to often. Breastfeeding is a huge commitment (especially if you work outside of the home) and it is not for everyone.
    Best of luck to all the mamas!

  129. What a wonderful discussion!

    I’m jumping back in here to add that it’s important to note that ANY amount of breastfeeding benefits the child. A couple of days gives the baby all the immunization benefits of precious colostrum. A month protects the baby through the most hazardous part of infancy. Six months protects their intestines from foreign substances until the intestinal lining is sealed and fully developed.

  130. that is such a cool photo…she’s very exotic and it’s almost religious-iconography-looking. Like the Pieta…mother holding child..know what I mean?

  131. I believe in child-led weaning when it comes to breastfeeding. I breastfed my daughter till she gave it up at 18 months old. I breastfed my son till he gave it up at 2.6 years old. And I am currently nursing my second son who is 3 weeks old today.
    Lovely post :)))

  132. I co-own a busy restaurant and I breastfed my daughter for 15 months. I pumped in my tiny office whenever I had a free moment…all while doing payroll, reports, food orders, phone calls, etc etc. I took my pump everywhere I went!

  133. I want to also also add that we use formula now too, in combination with breastmilk. When August started solids – and I was mixing pumped milk into rice cereal (that August would then refuse) – I just hated throwing all that hard-earned milk away! So I now use mostly formula at mealtime (sippy cup, mixed into oatmeal, etc) and sometimes a bottle of formula and/or breastmilk in the afternoon when my supply is low.

    Anonymous lawyer mama: I second you on maternity leave being longer! Unfortunately as a freelancer I had to be back in action after 2 months, and that was really hard!

  134. melissab says...

    hey, there. i nursed both of my sons for about 2 1/2 years each. i didn’t intend to go that long- just an instinctual evolving relationship. i thought for sure with the 2nd child i wouldn’t nurse as long. nope. i still see benefits to nursing even now that they are 16 and 11: secure, confident, healthy kids. all those gut flora, plus the closeness, etc.. i think it a highlight experience of motherhood. i have a funny weaning story for the first kid that’s too long to post here. :)

  135. How sweet! I love that you use your blog to show the beautiful side of breast feeding. I’m almost to 6-months and plan on going a year or however long my little man wants to go. It’s so amazing to see him grow solely from the nutrients he gets from me. I never in a million years could have imagined I love it as much as I do. That being said, I’m a stay at home mom and have a lot of support. I have a lot of respect for mothers who work and pump all day long. I’m leaving for a weekend in a month and have been feverishly pumping in addition to breast feeding so he won’t have to use formula. It’s hard work!

  136. Anonymous says...

    15 months and we are still happily going strong! I am a full time corporate lawyer, which I thought would make it harder. However, I have now realized how grateful I am that I have an office and can lock the door. That has made pumping so much easier (also using a pumpease helped a lot since I could pump and work/type). I don’t know how working moms do it if they don’t have privacy or a good place to pump at work. Numerous times I had to tell colleagues who knocked on my door, sorry I am unavailable, I’ll get back with you. I was afraid to say anything at first, but if I ever told them I was pumping I actually got a lot of respect. People have been surprisingly supportive.

    However, I totally believe that maternity leave should be longer, because I really don’t think moms and babies get into the swing of things until at least 4 months. Would be better to have the option to take 6 months, which I was lucky enough to have. In my experience, 12 weeks was just not enough, but once we got off to a good start, coming back to work at 6 months was ok.

    I feel like the breastfeeding community should start looking at short maternity leave policies as a barrier to breastfeeding. Working moms, if we ask for what we need during this crucial time, maybe we can be just a few steps closer to providing for our families financially, having fulfilling careers and taking care of our babies the way we want to!

    PS totally love your blog and thanks for posting a nice mix of fun and important things!

  137. This photo is positively beautiful. Such a candid, intimate, unassuming moment.

    I’m not a mommy yet, but I do hope to breastfeed. Maybe for a year? I guess it’s not easy to plan — my friend planned 1 year, is now into year 2 and isn’t sure when she’ll stop…!

  138. I’m not a mom.. yet!! But i think i would breastfeed for 3-6 months.

  139. I nursed until Allen was about 18 months old, mostly because I was going away on a business trip, and wasn’t able to take him with me. I didn’t think I was going to nurse that long, but I ended up growing to love it, so I put of weaning him as long as I could :)


  140. I nursed all three of my boys all till about 3 years old each, give or take a few months! With my first son I ablsolutely wasn’t going to do it, didn’t want to and then he had allergies and couldn’t keep anything down. I tried breastfeeding him and he was fine after that, and of course I loved it. It’s so clean and easy and there’s no better way to calm down a fussy baby/toddler. I did work part time for a while and just had to vigorously pump at breaks and lunch time.

  141. I went 6 months…it became pretty challenging trying to find the time to pump when I went back to work! It was sad when it ended, but to be honest I was also a little relieved!

  142. tricia says...

    my daughter nursed until she was about 21 months old, she’s 2.5 (30-31 months) now. it ended quite naturally, and easier than i thought.

    that last year she was eating more and more solids, and gradually gave up feedings (we were down to only 1-2 by the end), and i gently weaned her off those until we were done.

    it was, for us, the perfect amount of time and i don’t regret a minute of it. i look back at my time nursing her wistfully, and with a lot of pride, actually. it was my milk (and only my milk, we thankfully never had to use formula, though i know and support moms who do) that got her through the better part of her first year of life, and grew her into a healthy, happy toddler.

  143. I managed to go the whole nine yards with my first. 18 months of breastfeeding and nothing else (no pumping, bottles, pacifiers). My son weaned himself! I was only a little heartbroken. LOL

    With my twin daughters, it was much harder. I managed to go four months and had to quit (trying, pumping, etc) b/c it was taking over our lives. I still had to care for my three year old son, too. I was completely heartbroken, but we have an awesome pediatrician who was able to keep me focused, not just on the babies but the family unit.

    Breastfeeding, for me, was one of life’s greatest pleasures. I loved the bonding. Great post. Cheers, girlie. xoxo

  144. Anonymous says...

    How sweet that it is in a swimming pool. I love the little naked baby.

  145. i love breastfeeding conversations & photos… anything that normalizes this lovely nurturing natural milk!

    i’m still breastfeeding my daughter who will be 3 in april. some days, she seens to want milky as much as a newborn. i have to say i never thought i would breastfeed her this long and wish she’d cut down a bit some days but she loves it so much. she’s aware that she’s the only one of her friends who is still having milky and is very proud of it.

    love hearing all your stories. ^_^

  146. I am a single full-time working mom and I am still nursing my daughter who will be 2 on Sunday! I pumped until a year, which was exhausting, but so worth the effort. Currently she is only nursing a little in the mornings and night, and naptime on the weekends. I would not change a thing and believe it has been so worth every minute of it. My best advice to nursing moms is to enjoy every minute of it, it is such a special gift to have.