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  3. For the mother-in-law, we had all the extended family arrive in town as a surprise. Her favorite memory of the party is the memory cards each guest brought to the party (included in invite, favorite memory of Donna…). We also did trivia which all the guests loved, slideshow in background and photo memory book compiled by all the extended family. Memories forever.

  4. Anonymous says...

    This is great!

  5. for my mom’s 60th, we sent out a funny little note to everyone we knew and asked them to drop us a note or letter or story about our mom, kick, in the kitchen. our kitchen was the center of the world for our entire childhoods (and still is) and our mom was at the center of it. we turned it into a huge book with photos and each person’s original note. it was fabulous!

  6. to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday, my family took our first fly fishing trip to http://www.clinchriverhouse.com/. it was an amazing weekend! i hope you enjoy yours too. and, i LOVE the decorating idea!

  7. My parents were born the same year just two months apart. Usually we celebrate their birthdays the month between. For their 60th Birthday we did a Decade Progressive Supper with the immediate family. We went to a museum set in the 1930’s on, to the restaurant on site that looks like a small cafe for cookies and milk. On to the teen diner for milkshakes in a tin glass. Fish and chips followed, popular dinner out when they were in their twenties….so on. The last course was coffee at their current hangout: A & W. Once they figured it out, it was fun to hear them reminisce about the events in their life that encompassed that decade. Interesting to listen to them try to anticipate where the next stop would be and what would be served. Would plan this kind of party again to celebrate the life of a loved one.

  8. Anonymous says...


    For my mom’s surprise 50th it was just our immediate family, we decorated with streamers, and tissue paper flowers, had everyone dress in their Sunday best, and had a delightful dance party. The video is a good depiction of the grand time we had. Mom said it took awhile to get there, but that it was the best birthday she has ever had.

  9. Aw such a great idea…I always worry about wasting paper though. Maybe a projector of these photos in the shape of 50 on the wall? Love your blog Joanna! whenever I need inspiration, I come here.


  10. My dad’s 60th was the same day as my graduation for my master’s. We ended up having a joint graduation/birthday birthday. We split the table with different themes and different cakes and party favors for everyone. We also did a scrapbook for his 60th too.

    Hope you find good ideas!

  11. kiraselina says...

    I planned a surprise birthday party for both of my parents (they were born within a couple of months of each other in the same year). I contacted people from as far back as elementary school, as well as past business and social acquaintances. I held it at an art gallery with wine and canapes. They had no idea about any of it – the best part was having my grandparents there (they are 90) to surprise my mom. Good luck!

  12. A very nice bbq party in my sister´s place and everyone was in charge of something … boys: booze and food and girls: decoration … we got great looking bunting & baloons, green, blue and white … I made a collage of family photos and my brother hired Mariachis .. that was the best part, my dad loves Mariachis and having celebrated in London, he had no idea!!! … it was a great celebration! … This year is my mum´s turn, so we have to get planning that one! :)

    Good luck!! xx

  13. oh my gosh i saw this photo on pinterest the other day and thought that it would be great idea to use for my mom’s surprise 60th birthday party i’m planning. how crazy.

  14. We rented an old ship in the Netherlands for a weekend on my Dad’s 60th birthday (it’s in June) and had friends over one day and family the next day. The shop was equipped with enough room for everybody to sleep there as well. So all we did was lounge about in the sun and sail the lakes. Ah, great.


  15. My dad likes to celebrate with a birthday weekend….one day just isn’t enough:)
    We did a big ol’ cookout with LOTS of family and surprise guests, gave him the day off the grill, and some live music so he could slow dance with his bride…

    He’s one of a kind, my papa.


    Third Street Photo

  16. Oh my family and I go up to the Poconos every summer! It’s beautiful – it’s not the heart-shaped hot tubs you usually think of. We stay at a private community and we love it. Biking, swimming, hiking, so much to do! Have a wonderful

  17. that’s so stylish, I like the idea of putting lots of photos up.

    For my Dad’s 60th we arranged a surprise where my sister, my aunty and his best friends came to a meal in a posh restaurant he loves -he thought it was just going to be him, my step mum, and me, as I gave away that I was coming home that weekend (I was too excited!).

  18. For my father’s 70th birthday I brought in some friends from his youth to the surprise party! He had not seen some of them for over 40 years! I think it was one of the few times I’ve my dad cry…but they were tears of joy! They bonded like they’ve seen each other the day before and the old stories begun to flow non- stop! I don’t think he even noticed the decor!!!!

  19. I’ll definitely keep this image on file for my mom’s 65th. For 60, we brought in an expert for a wine tasting party and created custom labels for wine bottles with her image. it was an old photo from the 50s with her all retro in a bathing suit and funky cat glasses. we also created a printed, hardback photobook on mypublisher.com that was very emotional with all photos from her family life. something like 85 pgs.

  20. I am loving this idea! My Mum turns 60 soon and you’ve solved my party decoration dilemma – thanks!

  21. My dad had his 60th b-day in november. Since we lost my mom suddenly not so long ago, he didn´t feel like celebrating at all. But he always dreamed of one thing, and because he really needed some joy in his life, I decided to make his dream come true and surprice him. And it was the most perfect thing I could do, worth every minute and cent I spent on it. Only one person was missing to make it the perfect day… Read more here: http://pipiloves.blogspot.com/2010/11/big-surprise.html

  22. My dad just celebrated his 60th yesterday! He’s not happy about the number, though. He was adamant about not celebrating with anything except a Chipotle burrito–with chicken AND pork carnitas. What a birthday.

    He also quoted Charlie Sheen all day long, insisting that it wasn’t his birthday, but his “winning” day!

  23. OOooh, that’s fantastic!
    For my dad’s 60th, we had a section of a Chinese restaurant (Friend of the family) reserved for his circle of friends. We had a couple people come in special, which was fun for him. I wrote him a song in Taiwanese (no easy feat!) which he adored. We had a sing-a-long, and then all the “old people” took turns telling dirty jokes. :)

  24. For our Chinese folks, turning 60 is a very big deal.

    We serve noodles for “a long life”.


  25. what!? i live a few minutes out from the poconos.. we should meet for tea and cookies!:)
    (I love the yellow and silver combo!)

  26. Gosh, I don’t remember what we did for my dad’s? Probably not much, he’s way low key. He turned 81 this year and asked for a burger. That’s it. A burger. But for my mom, I surprised her with tickets to Phantom of the Opera, one of our favorite musicals. I also made her dinner. I was a senior in high school, so the wow factor was pretty big. She wasn’t expecting all that from an 18 year old. : O )

  27. Love the black and white photos… father in law is 70 soon, will keep that idea in mind! Georgie x

  28. Oh, I really like rebecca’s idea!

  29. If your parents have siblings and/or childhood friends, get them to the party. These people know your parents from day one. Bring all the old photos/film you can find, sit back, and learn what you never knew about them.

  30. What a great idea! I love this!

  31. I love the Martha Stewart Living image. I like to carry a theme right through from the invitation to the decorations, cake etc. Think this look is quite masculine.

    Good luck with all the preparations. I think the key ingredient for a successful party for ones parents is to have all the family there.

  32. My Mom’s 60th is Monday, we will be in Vegas over the weekend and I’m treating her to “Love” by Cirque de Soliel. I only wish all my brothers could have gone, but it kind of snuck up on us with the planning.

  33. I got my mum’s brothers and sisters (she has 5) and my brothers to write 60 memories of her(she’s done some crazy things)in a notebook!

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  35. Next year for my Mother’s birthday (she will be 63), we are going hiking in the Turkish mountains.

    I can’t wait!

    I actually just did a post on my blog about amazing hotels around the world, and I included the Turkish cave hotel where we might be staying!


  36. Lovely idea, sounds amazing, so unique.

  37. To celebrate my moms 80th birthday, my sister and I and her 4 granddaughters took her to Paris for a week! We rented an apartment through Havens in Paris. We had a great time! We told her at Christmas by having each grandchild hold a poster with one word on it, You – are -going-to-Paris!! She was thrilled!!

  38. looove the poconos– check out jim thorpe if you have any extra time.. its the cutest little mountain town.

  39. how cute! i love this idea. i just threw a suprise lunch for my moms 50th birthday. we invited 45 close family and friends to her favorite chinese restaurant. she was SO suprised, which was the best part. xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams

  40. My dad is a day older than my Mom, so we do a lot of joint birthdays. For their 60th, I invited a small group of close friends and family to a night at a fabulous restaurant. The food and wine were great but the entertainment was the best — everyone was instructed to bring their favorite photo of my folks and a poem that they’d written about them. The presentations of the poems were the highlight (though some family members cursed me for forcing them to get creative), and a month later we gave my folks a book of all the poems and photos from the party.

  41. Ok absolutely LOVING this idea. I’m definitely going to keep this in mind for the next birthday party I throw.

  42. What a great idea!

  43. What we did was a little similar, as in we gathered pics from the time my father was a child to the present day. We made a collage on paper so when friends and family came in, they signed all around the pics. Now it’s hanging in a frame in my parent’s entryway and every time I go over, I find myself always looking at the sweet well wishes. It was such a great idea – I didn’t even think of it – my mom did! I was very impressed :) Very easy to do and such a great reminder of how much he’s loved.

  44. I’ve heard of a fantastic idea where people wore paper masks of the birthday person’s face. Even better, if it were pictures of your dad from different eras! Good luck. x

  45. We celebrated my Dad’s 60th with a surprise Gospel Brunch at Threadgill’s in Austin. We invited about 20 people and had a blast!

  46. Clair McLaughlin says...

    My dad’s 60th was in February and as he lives in the USA, we were not able to all be together. It is also my sister’s 30th this year, so we are spending a week together in Europe in May! We can’t wait!

  47. 60 is a huge year! We took my Dad to a culinary 5-star restaurant that had an open kitchen. He got to cook with the chef and the food was amazing!

    Xo Chelle

  48. For my dad’s, we rented out a very nice restaurant and had 200+ family and friends from all areas/stages of his life. Amazing dinner, a band, etc. It was great!

    My mother’s is this summer, and she’s talking about renting out a villa in Italy for her, me, her other children, and perhaps a couple of her siblings. Not complaining!

  49. My mom turned 60 this past February. I bought her a paperwhite bulb kit to grow sweet smelling flowers in the middle of winter. She loved it, and they grew so fast!

  50. There are four of us kids, and we all live in different parts of the US. We all flew in to my parents’ house and managed to arrive while Dad was napping. We assembled ourselves at the foot of his bed and waited for him to wake up. When he did, he thought he had died because we were all lined up around him in birth order. ha!

  51. em says...

    My dad turned 60 last year, the same year that I turned 30 and my baby bro turned 21. To celebrate three monumental birthdays, my mom threw a huge bbq bash at their home in Michigan. They live on a small lake, so it was an outdoor party with lots of yummy treats, a bartender and some kegs of our collective favorite beer (Bell’s Two Hearted Ale). My favorite part was that I made crowns for the three of us with our birthday numbers shellacked on the front (in glitter, of course). What has become one of my all time favorite pics is a great one of my dad wearing his Tommy Bahama shirt and a big smile, beaming with that silly crown on top of his head.

  52. Wow! LOVE this idea with the photos! Understated, classy… just wonderful.

    Sure beats putting 60 plastic penguins haphazardly out on the front lawn!

  53. For my mom’s 60th we had a 2-part surprise party. My grandparents, aunts and uncles all came out from Cali and we made plans for Brad and I to meet my parents at our favorite neighborhood Italian place, and then surprised my parents by having the whole family there. The surprise continued when we went back to my house where I had an enourmous dessert spread and 40 of my parents friends waiting to party. We kept it a secret from my dad too, so they could experience the surprise together…it was wonderful and such a fun memory!
    good luck, I can’t wait to see what you do!

  54. My father in law turns 60 in a year and we plan on taking him on a surprise trip to Sweden, to the small town his parents were from. He has never been there before, and is really into tracking his family-tree, so we know he will be extremely excited!! :D

  55. We all surprised my dad (Larry) in Vegas for his 60th. I decorated the suite and made “Larry” masks which were a big hit. I accidentally hung some of the streamers upside down so it looked like he was turning 90! My gift to him was an indoor skydiving trip. Such awesome memories!

  56. that is such an awesome idea! i think I have seen this before actually but who knows where :)
    Sounds like you guys will have a lot of fun!

  57. How about a birthday tribute film or montage? I founded my company based on the idea that everyone has a story that needs to preserved and celebrated. A milestone birthday is the perfect time to do that. (www.rewindpics.com)

  58. Great ideas! Love the personalization aspect of planning a party…it makes for much more fun!!

  59. a pie-throwing party? that is awesome! can’t get over all these awesome ideas.

  60. Oh, I should probably mention that for my pop’s 70th they climbed Machu Picchu and for their 50th wedding anniversary they are planning a pie throwing party. Yep, those are my parents!

  61. We all live scattered around the country, so for my mom’s 60th birthday we made a video for her of everyone (grandkids and all – even my dad!) dancing. It turned out better than I even imagined and she LOVED it. You can see the video here: http://vimeo.com/9819737

  62. Christina H says...

    I took my dad to a sold-out Radiohead show for his 60th birthday. Best birthday present ever, in my humble opinion!

  63. we had a surprise party for my dad’s 60th. we had him over for a “family bbq” and had everyone hide around the corner … we had all of our family, his cousins, even his college room mate was there! when he walked in we all yelled “surprise!” … it was awesome and he had the best time. we bought one of those picture frames where people can sign the matting, and put a silly picture of him in the center–everyone left him a lovely message, and he has it hanging up above his desk. it was an awesome celebration of his 60 years!

  64. jen a. says...

    For my father-in-laws 60th this past summer all his children (6 plus 4 married in) planned a themed surprise party. he is a social studies teacher so the theme was, “Summer Course: The History of Jim”. The invitation was a syllabus detailing the events of the evening (“class”) including a quiz on his life, his favorite foods, musical presentations (or poems), and for extra credit you could dress up like a certain era of Jim. We created a time line of his life using pictures that wrapped around part of the exterior of the house highlighting very special dates like his birth, wedding and births of his 6 children. One of the funniest things was the cardboard cut out of “baby Jim” and “present day Jim”. We made life size cut outs and clothed them – baby Jim wore my nieces pj’s. Everyone was taking their pictures with them – hehe. It was truly a special day.

  65. Oops, I meant lone “soul”! I get confused now that I now about the cool nonprofit Soles4Souls…

  66. Hi! I may be the lone sole with knowledge about the Poconos. I grew up going to a house on Lake Wallenpaupack, where my grandparents started going with friends from Philadelphia in the 50s. Is that the lake of the rental house? If so, let me know where the house is and I can give you some tips for walks, lake stuff, groceries, etc. Lake Wallenpaupack and all of the Poconos are a very Philadelphia thing, which is funny since it is such a close and quite escape from New York City – less than two hours from the UWS! It’s a very lake-y place, so I’d embrace that theme for the 60th party. My sister is getting married there in May.. with festivities at the Settler’s Inn. The Boathouse is another lake culture gem.

  67. This is such a great idea and the photo collage is brilliant! Both of my parents will be 60 in 3 years so we will plan something cool for sure especially that we all live in different countries. So it will be nice to meet up and celebrate! Btw: My mom and dad were born only 7 days apart:)

  68. This is awesome! My parents have a bit to go before 60 but this is a cool idea regardless.

  69. My dad is turning 70 this year, so my mom is booking a room at a nice restaurant my parents like and inviting a bunch of family/friends. My job will be to collect pictures of my dad, create a slide show, and set it to music. I’m looking forward to putting it all together, actually!

  70. For my father’s 60th I took my parents on a beautiful balloon ride with champagne – half way up my father gripped my shoulder and said, “Have I ever told you that I’m afraid of heights?” Um, would’ve been nice to know, Pop! For my mother’s 60th I took them both on a whale watching boat trip. Also a blast.

  71. OMG, I love that idea! You should definitely do that….I may steal it for my husband next birthday, or at least a significant number.

  72. MG says...

    We took my mother on a fantastic weekend getaway to all her favorite places in the Napa Valley. There was never any mention of her age though, since she’s a bit vain :)

    I love that idea of using photos to form the numbers. So great!

  73. aj says...

    My father-in-law just turned 60 this Jan….my husband and I, along with my sister-in-law all showed up at his house (he lives in NM, us in DC, and sister in CO) at 10:30 pm on a Friday night. Rang the doorbell and sang happy birthday. Then off to hot air ballons the next day.

  74. For my dad’s 60th birthday party (last year) my mom, brother, and I came together to give him a big surprise party with all our friends, family, and his co-workers. He’s a TV news anchor for Telemundo in NYC, so we had a kind of news theme. My mom conspired with his co-workers to create a fake newscast (with her as the anchor) in the real studio. It featured lots of clips of my dad throughout the year–including a ridiculous old movie that he played a bit part in back in the early 70s. Most of our relatives (his family) live in Puerto Rico so my mom got my cousin to send video greetings from my grandparents, cousins, and aunt and uncles that were also included in the broadcast. My aunt (his little sister) was able to score a last-minute flight on Jet Blue and flew in for the party just 30 minutes before it started. As a final surprise, I baked the cake and topped it off with a handmade marzipan figurine of my dad sitting at his news desk. It took me a week to mold the figurine, but it ended up looking just like him! (pix of the cake, figurine, and his face when he saw it here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=8299&id=104402592925648&l=a28b47fc6b

    Oh and though we’re not Mexican, my dad is a fan of mariachis, so my mom hired one to surprise us midway through the party.

    My dad is a crier and he broke into tears at least 6 times during the night (my brother and I were counting).

  75. For my mothers 60th birthday, we arranged a surprise party with all of her closest friends and family. My sister and I brought her out for dinner and told her we were going to an awards ceremony where I was receiving an award (we had to get her dressed up somehow!). She was so happy when she realised what was happening, we had a dj playing her favourite songs and some karaoke which was hilarious, we also had traditional set dancing (Irish) which got everyone moving. I love the image from Martha Stewart, the colour combo is one of my favourites. Good luck with your party!

  76. Those photo digits are such a great idea!! I sort of missed my parents turning 50 (I always think they are younger than they are!) so I’ll have to do something really big for 60. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting them 60 of something, or maybe doing 60 days of treats of some sort, but I still have a few years to come up with something good.

  77. Anonymous says...

    This is kind of old school, but for a mom a charm bracelet with charms related to her life might be cute.

  78. JulieM says...

    For my father’s 50th birthday, we found his old college football photos (afro, handlebar mustache and all!) and put them in frames all around the party. People had a blast seeing young photos of the man they only knew as a serious executive. As a gift, I saved all of his cards and made a scrapbook of them and all the photos from the party, which he adored.

  79. Anonymous says...

    Oh, I just noticed how the pictures were shaped in a number! Also, I loved those “You are beautiful” pencils you posted on. Giving pencils: “You are a great dad”
    “We love you, Daddy” “Happy birthday, Dad!” would be cute.

  80. What a great idea! My mother-in-law is celebrating her 50th this year and she would love this. Thank you :)

  81. What a fun idea with the photos full of memories of one’s life!!

    Love it!!

  82. Meredith says...

    My parents went to Italy… without my sisters and me!!

  83. i can’t believe all these amazing ideas! what lucky parents :)

  84. jules, haha, i know nothing about the poconos! but we found a five-bedroom house on a lake with a hot tub, so we were sold :)

  85. Oh, I love the photo idea – my boyfriend turns a not-so-big 40 this summer. We are both stumped as what to do. A lodge in Kenya sounds nice…if I could find a pot a gold at the end of a rainbow! My dad likes going to concerts on his birthday, to pretend he is only (now)65 years young!

  86. For my mom’s 50th bday a few years ago my dad called in a favor at a beautiful privately owned lodge that he had done some work on when it was being built to see if we could rent it. Because my father has done a lot of work for the owner as a contractor, we sent my mom a fake “contractor appreciation” dinner invite including that there would be valet parking ( so she wouldn’t see the familiar cars in the parking lot). The lodge is decorated with exotic animals so our theme of course was animal prints. We hired her favorite two man band and had food catered in. We hid around the corner and when she and my father came in the front door 60 of her friends and family greeted her with SURPRISE. She cried…she had no idea. It was the best party!

  87. now i feel guilty for not doing something so thoughtful as this for my parent’s 60th. haha

  88. eriannejoy says...

    My parents are still in their 40’s! My mom and I get mistaken for sisters all the time. They had me young-ish (I’m 28). So, for their respective 50th birthdays, this would be a great idea:)

  89. i LOVE this picture! psh, i’m doing it for my next birthday hahaha

  90. My boyfriend and I took my mom on a surprise trip to Morocco–a lifelong dream of hers!

  91. I love those little champagne bottles! And the pics, of course.

  92. The best thing that we did for both of my parents was to have each event catered for.

    I know it’s probably a bit ‘old hat’ now but getting a series of ‘front pages’ from a significant paper eg: NY Times for times in his life that were special eg: actual day of birth, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60 to see the how he has lived through some amazing events in history.

    Enjoy your time together celebrating the specialness of your Dad,

    Felicity x

  93. Love the black, white and yellow color scheme! I can’t wait to hear about the poconos! I really want to go one day, but hear such mixed reviews! I bet staying in a house is the way to go though!

  94. Ooooo, great idea! My parents both turn 60 next year, so hopefully I will remember this idea! I especially love the decorating with old pictures.

    Playing It Cooley

  95. i love these ideas!!!!!! and haha, anna, your comment made me laugh :)

  96. What a great idea with the photos, everyone in the family can dig a couple out to help out with the large numbers :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  97. Haha OMG
    this sounds so awful, but I was in Europe when my dad had is 60th birthday and he wasn’t there with me! I don’t know what he did ha . I did call him though!

  98. My dad is turn 60 in May and I have no clue what to do. I’m excited to see your ideas!

  99. This is very sweet, it gives people something to talk to also , Looking at these old pictures , brings back memories and happy moment that were important to your dad.
    When my older sister had her birthday I made her a basket to memorize a holiday in France we had and really enjoyed together. there were lots of little present in the basket with little tags I made with photocopied pictures of us together from when we were kids.. you can see it here http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com/2008/04/happy-birthday.html

  100. Do you alredy have an idea for a present for your father? My fathers birthday is tomorrow and I still have no plan. Any tips?

  101. That is a beautiful collage!
    and I am all about birthday cheese!

  102. I’m hosting my grandma’s 85th party at our house and planned on using tons of balloons, but I also wanted to put old photographs on the wall (just hadn’t figured out how/where)… So THANK YOU!! This is perfect!! =)

  103. My Dad turned 70, my uncles 60, 50 and my sister 40 all the same year. So we went to our beach house in the Outer Banks for a long weekend and celebrated everyone! I made a picture book for my Dad with images from his life (on my Mac). It was a big hit!

  104. My family is notorious for busting out in song whenever together, so we compiled a mix cd and lyrics to all his favorite songs, and got together friends/fam for a big sing along. Nobody can bust out “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” like my dad (we always give him a hard time for being in a family of all girls)!