1. It won’t truly have success, I believe so.

  2. SO darned cute!! Thanks for the tip … off to check out their wonderful wares. :)

  3. Such a cute idea!! Nerd love is the best. The husband gave me Cooking for Geeks over the holidays – fun book if you’re into the “science” of cooking.

    Cynthia Brown

  4. I love Ruka-Ruka. I bought the New York and London prints for the baby’s room and the owner is so sweet; she sent a note thanking me for featuring her on my blog. I love the venn diagrams, so clever.

  5. aw i love these…so wonderful :)

  6. Wow these are wonderful, and really not that hard to make!
    thank you for sharing!

  7. simple, visually effective and so cute to have for valentine’s day!

  8. love these!

  9. these are so absolutely brilliant! thanks for sharing!

  10. Ha! I love these! I’m a teacher and use Venn Diag’s all the time! Awesome! : )

  11. i love ven diagrams! how creative!

  12. Such a cute find! I adore how colorful they are too.

  13. These are sweet!

  14. I’m absolutely in love with the parent/child print. I need to see if they have one for twins… Modern Sophisticate

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  16. These are so precious! As a teacher, I really love the classic Venn Diagram.

    Although it’s more funny than sweet, have you seen this one?

  17. These made me smile. I would love to have one of these for my husband and me.

  18. So cute! Lord knows I like my venn diagrams!
    <3 leigh

  19. These are so sweet.

  20. These are so sweet! It’s weird, but I actually think venn diagrams are so awesome.. ! haha. xxx


  21. Love these! Great find!

  22. Aww I love them. What a cute idea.

  23. Oh my. These are so cool. Happy weekend lovely lady x

  24. Takes me back to the days of elementary school :)

  25. Definitely on the shopping list for when my new niece arrives! Thanks!

  26. great idea for a gift for some new parents I know, thanks for the idea!

  27. Awww..I love the second one. It would be perfect as a gift for new parents! Kisses

  28. oh my goodness, that last one!?!?! what a great gift for a mom-to-be … would it be creepy if i already got one with the name of my future baby?! lol i love it THAT much.

  29. so sweet! i love simple prints like this.

  30. too sweet! that first one appeals to both the lover and organizer in me. ;)

  31. i love the second!

  32. The second one totally made my heart melt!


  33. wow, i love it!! :) and did you know what “ruka-ruka” means? well, i´m not sure, if it doesn´t have any other sense, but in czech language, RUKA means ARM/HAND :)

  34. Yesss! Love the aul venn diagram/typography mix! Happy Friday!

  35. Those are really cool. Wouldn’t that make a fun wedding gift with the bride and grooms names?

    The Cheeky Cafe

  36. Aww, how sweet! I love the second one for a baby…