1. an utterly lovely sentiment <3

  2. It sounds like it’s taken straight out of a 1940s romance movie. Love it!

  3. so simple but cute!


  4. I ordered one of her prints! I got the “YOU’RE MY FAVORITE” and I can’t wait to give it to my boyfriend!

  5. love!

  6. Thats what love is all about. Taking risks. Cool print!

  7. Hey I have this print! Love etsy :)

  8. This is so perfect! My fiance always tells me we are adventurers! I must get this for him! xo

  9. Kait says...

    This has been in my etsy favorites forever, but I’ve been so hesitant to buy it. I thought it would be cute at my wedding reception. I just need to stop thinking about it and get it.

  10. So sweet. Love the simplicity.

  11. i love love LOVE this!

  12. Perfection! Just ordered for our 5 year anniversary – thanks sooo much for posting xx!!!

  13. Anonymous says...

    love this.

  14. i wanna be an adventurer with the hubby! this just totally gave me an idea… to go for an adventure in a part of las vegas that we haven’t been! it’ll happen this weekend!

  15. like button!

  16. this is so freaking cute!


  17. Yay! I have just got to add this to my ever-growing gallery wall. Happy weekend, doll. xo Lola

  18. I love this! It’s been on my Etsy faves for awhile and I think I need to just break down and buy it :)

  19. Anonymous says...

    That is the greatest print! Inspiring in so many ways. Love it, Joanna.

  20. aww I want to get this for my man to inspire us to start taking more risks.

  21. This is so cute and so me! I love it. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. :)

  22. My husband’s and my favorite saying: “Let’s go on an adventure!” This saying you found would be fun painted on a huge wall :)

  23. OMG! This fits me so well!I should wear it!

  24. This would be the perfect gift for my husband. Definitely him!

    Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day!


  25. How adorable!!!

  26. maggie says...

    in love!

  27. How cute! I just showed it to my friend and she instantly bought it for her fiance!

  28. Oh, I just LOVE this! xx


  29. love it. :)

  30. Awww..very sweet! Perfect little V-day gift! Kisses

  31. Wow, it doesn’t get much sweeter than a simple print like that. Love.

  32. LOVE this. What a perfect Valentine.

  33. Oh, this is incredible! I’ve told boyfriends “let’s travel the world,” but never this… so lovely


  34. aw how sweet is that! :) xoxo jcd

  35. I love everything about this. :)

  36. How grand! Sums up how I feel about my husband, exactly.

    P.S. Just posted my first ever giveaway! Diamond earrings? Yes, please!

  37. ooh! i’m all about adventure, this is so great!

  38. i love love love this!! i think i should have that on my wall at home for inspiration :)

  39. Yes, indeed :)


  40. adorable.