Sneak Peek: Wedding Line From Anthropologie!

Remember how the people behind Anthropologie announced they were going to start a bridal line? Well, the time has come! BHLDN (pronounced “Beholden”) launches their online shop on Valentine’s Day (this Monday!) with wedding gowns, party dresses, shoes and accessories. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to go to Philadelphia, along with a small group of lovely bloggers, to see a little sneak peek, and everything was stunning. The dresses in the debut collection range from $1000 to $4000; they have the same feminine and whimsical feel of Anthropologie, with lots of beautiful details. I’d love to share my three favorites, above and below…

Aren’t they exquisite? The little number above is my favorite; it would be perfect for an outdoor wedding.

They have adorable shoes, too!

And then we were able to try on some of the dresses. Here I am with the lovely Joy and Emily. It was such a fun, girly day, and I can’t wait to see everything at Bhldn on February 14th.

What do you think, my darlings? Do you like these dresses? If you’re engaged, would you consider one of them for your big day? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

(Last photo from Emily)

  1. joanna, you are so pretty. you’re gorgeous for having a little baby who i’m sure takes a lot of your energy. and gorgeous in general. what a lucky man your husband is.

  2. What a treat to see these photos! I’ve been waiting for this line since I first heard the rumor last year(?) that it was coming out. I may now resume wedding planning…

  3. Elizabeth says...

    I want to see more!!!

  4. What beautiful textures! Oh to be able to have a wedding all over again just to wear one of those!

    Anthro: it would be nice to see some coverage on the top for brides who choose to go a touch more modest. Thanks for the beautiful options, though!

  5. So very lovely! Especially the second one. But what I’m really excited about is the accessories!

  6. swiYou Look SO Beautiful!!!!! I absolutely LoVe all of the dresses!!!!! I bet that was so much fun!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  7. It makes me want to get married again just so I could wear the black belt number….

  8. This is such exciting news!!! I can’t wait to check out the shop once it launches. Emily’s dress is freaking amazing!

  9. The dress is stunning. I like the length and also the cut.

  10. There is an amazing 70s inspired lace dress on the WWD story about BHLDN that I can’t get over. Why didn’t this exist when I got married?

  11. You guys look so beautiful!

  12. This is so exciting! I am going to three (or four) weddings this year, so I will definitely try and find something pretty to wear to them from Bhldn!
    Thanks for sharing, that must have been so much fun to try them all on!

  13. Gasp! These are absolutely stunning. I’m newly engaged (less than a month ago!) and am dying over all of these, especially the gorgeous numbers with pleats covering it. Lucky you, getting to get a sneak peak and all!! I cannot wait to see these bad boys myself!

    Thank you for sharing! :)

  14. Considering that I already LOVE almost everything in Anthropologie, I have been so pleased with all the sneak peeks I’ve gotten of BHLDN! Some of the dresses are a little much for me, but I love all the romantic draping and details. LOVE that dress on Emily :)

  15. hmm. of the three you posted, the last is my fave. but none of them strike me as extraordinary. too much fabric and a lot more than I would spend on their quality.

  16. ooooohhhhhhhh this makes me almost want to get married. almost. beautiful.

  17. Lucky you! The short one’s my favorite too. I have a short wedding dress complex!

  18. Um. Are you sure you just had a baby? B/c you look way too fabulous (side glance).

    Anyhoo, thanks for sharing the sneak peek w/ us–I feel like it’s only natural that Anthro sells wedding dresses and am shocked they didn’t do it sooner–think of all the “pretty” and “dreamy” we’ve been missing out on!

  19. Oh wow. Makes me want to renew my vows. I have to say–i do love love love them! Gorgeous.

  20. These dresses are beautiful, the shoes are super adorable, and you look especially lovely!

    To answer your question…as lovely as they are, I don’t know if I would consider one without seeing it in person. I’m more of a vintage gal. Additionally, I have to say that I think Anthropologie’s quality has taken a serious nose-dive in the past two years. Spending that much money on a dress, I’d like its threads to hold up!


  21. When I first heard about this last year, I was so excited! Anthro is my favorite store – I’d love to wear one of their dresses to get married! I’m not engaged, but with this line coming out, I’m certainly going to speed up my search…

  22. This is so much fun! Even though my wedding has come & gone, I still LOVE looking at gorgeous & unique gowns. Beautiful!

  23. cannot wait to see everything on the 14th! you look lovely in that dress!! hope you end up getting it. :)

  24. oh holy gracious! i want to get married again! love it!

  25. This makes me want to do my wedding all over again :)

  26. love anthro! would at least consider for bridesmaids dresses if not for a wedding gown. excited about the accessories too!

  27. So lovely! I can’t wait to see what else they have in store!

  28. Looks like such a lovely party. The dresses and shoes are wonderful!

  29. tali says...

    i can’t wait to see more! i’ve been following this for months and am very excited! but to echo what other commenters have said, i don’t get the name :)

    joanna, you look so so so pretty! that color is so nice on you (which is exciting for me, since i also have fair skin and often wonder if i can get away with neutrals like that!) where is your dress from??

  30. Ahhh it is always exciting to see some of my favorite bloggers together! Those dresses are absolutely stunning, btw.

  31. that’s my fav, too. and i love the non-wedding dresses as well (especially the gray/yellow on the left!!?!)

  32. kaela d. says...

    oh my word. be still my heart. i just died and went to heaven!…in a relationship but not engaged…still want one…or five. ; )

  33. I love the first one. It’s so unique.

  34. I like the dresses, I have seen a few other designs floating around out there but I think the prices are a bit too high. You can buy a designer dress in that price range, not that it’s all about designer but I guess I just have a hard time being sold on the idea.

  35. Natalie says...

    I honestly don’t like them very much. I wouldn’t wear any of them on my wedding day. Just not my cup of tea.

  36. i am so psyched about this! i love anthropolgie and i still need a wedding dress – it’s fate!!!

    ps i’m holding a gourmet chocolate GIVEAWAY over at my blog just in time for <3 day : )

  37. These are beautiful. I’m trying to justify buying one and I’m not engaged. :)

  38. HEAVEN. Just heaven. And you got to go with Emily and Joy?!? I love it!! I love everything about this and only wish I could get married all over again .. but alas, I will wait for my 11 month old daughter ;)

  39. I can’t wait to see more from this line! amazing!

  40. Makes me want to get married all over again!
    Any last minute Valentines Day gift ideas for the scotch loving, cycle-commutes through minus degree temperatures, book loving husband?

  41. I have been waiting for this line to come out for so long! I am obsessed with Anthropologie, and I’m counting down the days until Valentine’s Day. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 5 years, and he’s finishing up school in May…this seems like perfect timing to me!

  42. you look absolutely stunning!! love the dress you are wearing.

  43. I am seriously loving all of these dresses. I am getting married in May and already got a dress but I cannot wait until Monday to snag a pair of the shoes. Love love love.

  44. Oh man, I wish I wasn’t married yet so I could wear one of these wedding dresses… so beautiful.

  45. I love the dresses but I do NOT like the name. I would not want embark upon marriage in a dress that suggests I owe someone (the company? my husband?) something. Gives me the creeps.

  46. Ps- Those yellow shoes are great!

  47. I was going to say how much I love the drsses in the last pic and then I realized that was you. You look absolutely gorgeous!

  48. I just can’t stand it! they are gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!

  49. Your favourite is my favourite too! It would have been perfect for my May wedding at a winery last year!

  50. Love the dresses! And the shoes too. Y’all look adorable!

  51. these dresses are stunning! too bad this line wasn’t out when i get married two years ago…

  52. Oh my gosh those are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous wedding gowns! Wow, I just can’t even handle the beauty! Oh man, I hope a dress like any of those is in my future :)

  53. Love the dresses, but the name is the worst!

  54. Funny how they’ll make a wedding line but don’t have a good gift registry option (only a wish list that’s hard to link to).

  55. it’s about time! if only it had come out in time for my wedding!

  56. The dresses are adorable but I’m not sure how I feel about them being so mass produced, I want my dress to be a little more special. (I feel the same way, maybe even more so, about the JCrew wedding collection). Thanks for the post!

  57. So this 11/11/11 it will be my 11th anniversary with my wonderful husband. I am planning a big event with all of my friends and getting our vows renewed…starting afresh. I sheepishly tell you that for my first wedding I was 5 months pregnant, although I may add that he proposed before we found out I was pregnant. So, this time I want to wear something for me alone. Either BHLDN or have something made in Indonesia, where my husband is from. If BHLDN, then that first dress is singing my name…stunning for sure!

  58. The third dress is my DREAM wedding dress. It has a classic touch to it, a little ephemeral, and flattering!
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  59. I love the dresses you and Emily are wearing in that last picture!

  60. Ah-mazing!!! I just love this so much I had to link to you on my blog! Thanks for the beautiful pics and wonderful inspiration! This makes me want to get married again!

  61. So they torture us some more…beautiful….just beautiful

  62. 2 years too late, but i love them!

  63. I LOVE the last dress. I can’t wait to see the rest of the collection.

  64. what a lovely event, the dresses are stunning!

    –la vie en BROKE–

  65. I kept hearing about these and they DO NOT disappoint! So beautiful that I’m considering re-marrying my husband:)

    P.S. That dress on you looks stunning!

    The Cheeky Cafe

  66. I love the dresses! Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores… so it’s nice to see they have expanded out to the wedding sector. By the way… do you read every comment you get?

  67. I love the shoes!! And I love the dress you chose for dress up. :)
    I wanna see more!

  68. Oh Anthropologie…I wish I could shop there for everything!

    The gowns are impressive and beautiful!

  69. I am so excited that Anthro will be carrying wedding dresses. They are gorgeous. Loving the second one!

  70. oh my gaaaahh… i’ve been waiting and waiting to see a sneak peak of this line somewhere. it looks like it’s going to be oh so lovely!!! thanks for sharing it!

    and those dressed look super cute on all of you by the way :)

  71. Oh those are cute! But not really as wedding dresses to me–I would love them as a dress for a fancy party! Oh but I do NOT like the name. It’s one of those that I’ll never spell write. I wish they’d just spelled it out instead of trying to be too trendy.

  72. So lovely, you are so lucky you got to see it all! I can’t wait to check the whole collection…

  73. wow, these are beautiful. love anthro.

  74. So glad Anthropologie is starting a wedding line. Thanks for posting this Joanna!

  75. Joanna, you do NOT look like you had a baby this past year. You look amazing!!

  76. I do love that short dress but just not sure about the others, I would prefer to look a little more glamorous on my wedding day.

  77. I have had a love affair with Anthropologie for a long time. It’s very much a ‘brand’ now and also accessible. I can’t decide if that’s wonderful, or if it takes away how special it was when there were only a few stores. I am happy to see that they are expanding and doing a wedding line, but will people think their dresses are so ‘Anthropologie?’ But they ARE beautiful no matter what!


  78. Meagan says...

    Joanna you look amazing – what are your secrets for being in such great shape? Good genes / workouts / eating? You don’t look like you were ever pregnant! If I hadn’t seen the preggo photos I wouldn’t have believed you had a baby, let alone less than a year ago! :)

  79. Love the dresses! Very beautiful and very Anthropologie, I’m glad they maintained their style with this line.

    I also love that long cream dress in the last photo.

  80. You look beautiful Joanna! This collection is gorgeous and I couldn’t be more excited about it, I think your favorites are mine as well. I love the short bridal dress for a courthouse wedding or a dress for the reception. I adore everything Anthro does, they’re all about the lovely little details. I’m not engaged yet, but I would definitely consider an Anthro dress!

  81. The dresses are lovely, but I am still so partial to J. Crew’s wedding line. The simplicity and elegance of their wedding dress line gets me.

  82. I do! You girls look like a magazine shot. Gorgeous dresses!

  83. I LOVE the first dress!

  84. Glenda says...

    you look beautiful! beautiful dresses! thanks for sharing!

  85. You guys all look so cute together! I love the line – such great stuff! It makes me want to get married all over again – to the same man of course!

  86. The dresses are beautiful, I especially like the first one!

  87. bettle says...

    The dresses are lovely, but they’re priced rather high. I was hoping that they’d be more affordable, similar to how Jcrew prices their gowns. I could spend that much and get a high-end designer with an original gown instead.

  88. I got engaged two years ago in Paris(!) and I knew there was a reason I was waiting to tie the knot…. The top one is so beautiful. You look gorgeous as well! Do you ever wish you could get married over and over again just for all the fun dress-up?

    I usually never comment so let me just say, ‘thanks,’ your spot is always one of my daily fave reads!

  89. Cute picture!
    This makes a girl want to get married every other weekend! Must’ve been fun.
    Are they making head pieces as well?

  90. I love these dresses! My fave is the same, Joanna. It’s similar to the one I wore at my wedding last October, and the dress was also from Anthropologie (although it was sleeveless, not strapless, and I wore deep scarlet shoes!). When I heard Anthro was coming out with a bridal line I half-jokingly, half-seriously considered postponing the wedding so I could use one of their dresses. Things worked out well though. :)

  91. oh my my my! beautiful. you look fantastic joanna! are your peep toes apart of the line or another find? i love them!

  92. Oh you pretty girls. Looks like a great time and some cute dresses, a little too feminine for my style, but I like the dresses you and Emily have on.

  93. I have been patiently awaiting to see the collection! I can’t wait to take a look. Anthro makes some of favorite goodies so I can only imagine how wonderful their bridal collection will be. The sneak peek only confirms my anticipation. Love them all. xoxo.

  94. I said I would never, but I think we might need to renew our vows so I can get into those beautiful dresses!!!

  95. You look SO beautiful! We rarely see you dressed up :)

  96. OH MY GOD how perfect! This is totally the look I am going for for my wedding, and I’m sure many other brides are, too! What great inspiration =)

  97. I like the short dress the most, though I don’t think I’ll rock a short one in my wedding. Loving the shoes and can’t wait to check it all out! You 3 look totally gorgeous, by the way!!

  98. ahhh….how awesome! LOVING it ALL (as I knew I would) and can’t wait to check out BHLDN. Will they have the line in Anthro stores or just online?

  99. I got the email from Anthro too late as I recently purchased a Vera Wang. It gave me that feeling that everyone talks about. But would have considered Anthro … its one of my go-to stores. They just get feminine details. I must check out the shoes though!


  100. I am seriously in love with BHLDN. You are such a lucky ducky to get that sneak preview! Also, didn’t you just have a baby…you look so good and skinny minnie!

  101. Those are incredible. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  102. i like the short one as well… and those shoes are adorable! these dresses are all unique and non-traditional which is something i like :) maybe someday ill try on a few ! xoox jcd

  103. Oh my goodness, these are STUNNING! I am in love. Now, if only I can convince my husband to give me a second wedding… :)

  104. Gorgeous! I am so excited for their launch!

  105. I LOVE the short one!! Omg I’ve never been more happy to not be married. I know that sounds weird but I will definitely be looking for “the dress” when the times comes in Anthropologie!!!

    Hey lady, I’m running a $55 CSN stores givesaway today! If you get a chance check it out!

    Melanie’s Randomness

  106. the middle one (to your right) is divine.

  107. I’m absolutely smitten with the first dress, the color and detailing is so unique, I would definitely wear it if I was getting married.

  108. I’ve been waiting for this day! So fun you got a sneak peak! 2012 is my wedding year so I may be wearing a BHLDN dress – yay :) xo

  109. Thanks for the sneak peek! I can’t wait to see the full line. Just sent the link to a engaged friend who is currently dress shopping. You look great in that dress! The balloon definitely ups the cute factor!

  110. Ooh la la…I’ve been seeing photos pop onto blogs all day. Lucky you! So excited! :)

  111. I really like the first look. It’s so intricate. Makes me want to get married all over again!

    You look gorgeous as well :)

  112. I have literally been following this news since I heard about it about 2 months ago.
    I’m not engaged, far from it, but I can’t help but be SO excited about this collection.
    Thanks for sharing a sneak peek with us!

  113. oh. my. goodness. love these – the first one reminds me of black swan! and you look like you’re having a wonderful time, so cute. can’t wait for all my engaged girlfriends to see these, sending links now – thanks for posting :)

  114. I’ve already forwarded this along to every girl I know planning her wedding :)

  115. haha, shann, i know, i was thinking, would it ever make sense just to wear a pretty white dress? i love that third one so much :)

  116. Love it! specially the first one. And you look great!

  117. Well I just got married on 1.15.2011 and I had this whole
    1940’s and 1950’s thing for my style that I would definitely wear the short dress with those super cute peep toed pumps. I also want that dress just to have! He-He. You never know when you would need something like that!

  118. Yay I’ve been waiting! I get married in September and don’t have my dress yet. Everything looks gorgeous! x

  119. Anonymous says...

    The middle taupe dress would make a lovely wedding gown, too, if you didn’t want a white one. So pretty.

  120. Anonymous says...

    I LOVE the dress you are wearing. You look gorgeous in it. I also really, really like the short wedding dress.

  121. maggie says...

    the first is beautiful.

  122. I love those wedding dresses and I would totally wear that short number:) Btw: you look so adorable in that dress and shoes:) Kisses

  123. I love the really light tan one.
    I never realized how much more I’d prefer an off-white than a pure white.

  124. thanks, megan!! :) i want to buy it when it comes out :)

  125. love all!!! you look fabulous!!!

  126. This is a stronger argument for getting married than anything my mother has thrown at me! Can’t wait to see the full line.

  127. You are a skinny minnie!! :) You look great, as do all the dresses! I just posted on my blog about this amazing reveal as well (via Green Wedding Shoes). Such an exciting opening!! Thank you for sharing!

  128. you look adorable – I hope they let you take that dress home with you! xx

  129. Love them ,especially the first and last ones. You look lovely!

  130. not if only i were engaged…

  131. They’re certainly very cool bur, don’t get me wrong, I *love* Anthro-cool, I’m not sure I’d want to look that cool on my wedding day.

    Cool one year means dated ten years later, doesn’t it?

    Lucky you for getting a sneak peek!


  132. Oh my goodness!! I’m in love with the calf length dress. What a fun day you must have had :)

  133. These dresses are so gorgeous! The first one is my favorite! :)

    You’re so lucky to have gotten the chance to try one on!

  134. Well, it was only a matter of time! The dresses are lovely; I like the short one best, too. And the shoes are killer!