Have a romantic weekend.

My lovelies, what are you up to this weekend? Alex and I are going to the movies! We’re seeing Somewhere, the new Sofia Coppola movie. Have you seen it? (Thoughts?) Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few great links from around the web this week…

Alex interviewed the fabulous Garance Dore!

Now that is a sexy bra.

Also, smoking hot swimsuits.

DIY smooch!

Lovely little shop.

A Valentine to your town.

Do you remember this book? What a funny flashback.

Lauren Fleishman’s touching photo series of couples who have been married fifty years or more.

Sweet dreams print.

Great news: Our girl Chelsea is now doing wedding flowers.

And just for some added cuteness, raining cats. (Their little feet!)

(Photo from Breathless, via Kissssing)

  1. Oh my god, there is really much helpful info here!

  2. Jaci says...

    In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’d love to see a post about a night out with just you and Alex. Do you do anything special to prepare? Wear anything special? Do you talk about Toby when you’re out, or keep it strictly adults-only? As a fellow new mom, I’d love some ideas.

  3. What a brilliant diy idea! I’ll have to remember it for another special occasion :-)

  4. Andrea says...

    Hi Joanna,
    Lovely blog!
    Discovered it last friday and can’t get enough of it! ;o)
    Now I just finished the honey moon’s posts and I am in love with Positano!
    Keep the nice work!
    (Rio de Janeiro – Brasil)

  5. I read Alex’s article on Garance Dore, then immediately checked out her blog to see what is new. Great piece, congrats to both of you. Oh, and finally made it to Jadore..BEST bras anywhere. Am sure I read about that place on your blog. All the best.

  6. wow joanna, so neat alex got to interview garance! can’t wait to hear what you thought of somewhere, especially if it’s anywhere near as good as breathless!! happy valentine’s day, and so delighted you included my print in your wonderful weekend links! thank you xo

  7. Thanks for the info ! I enjoyed your post !

  8. I really enjoyed Somewhere but it seems to be a love or hate film, not so much happens for the most part but I enjoy watching people just be and these actors do it very well. Plus it shows how banal their lives can be.

    Loved the Garance interview, she’s very cool indeed

  9. Ohh what a lovely pic! I hope you also have a beautiful weekend!
    If you love goregous wedding dresses check out my special Valentine’s Day post xx

  10. The fact that the bra is on sale makes it that much more tempting!

  11. i adored your husbands article on Garance! such a talented two-some you guys are!

  12. What did you think of the new Sofia Coppola movie? Is it good? o0o wow that’s awesome that Alex interviewed Garance Dore, I will go and read that.

    I really adore your friday posts :)

  13. i agree, Somewhere didn’t blow me away. The acting, especially from elle, was compelling to watch, & the sense of nostalgia & ease with which SC brings together music & image really is interesting. But some of the earlier scenes (faded movie star watching porn, ice-skater daughter) seemed uninspiring & a little cliched…

    Go see Never let me go – keira aside, it’s a fantastic film!

  14. OMG! “Where Did I Come From?” My three year old needs that book. Ack! Where has the time gone? Thanks for the flashback and parenting advice. Have a great time at the movies!

  15. Hi Joanna,

    Somewhere got 72% by critics and 49% by users. I wanted to watch it too, do let us know if it’s good :)

  16. Love this post! I thought “Somewhere” was not too bad, but I much prefer her other films as Marie Antoinette or Lost In Translation.
    Wonderful post as always!
    Much love!

  17. love the breathless photo. and that bra is stunning (love the underwear, too).

  18. I love that black and white picture it remeinds me of an old movie poster from French.

    If you like scrapwood wallpaper.. then come over to enter the competition with Piet Hein Eek on my blog

  19. Somewhere isn’t Sofia Coppola’s best movie, but its definitely “hers”. I think she trys too hard in this film.

    Elle Fanning is lovely, charming and wonderful. Any scene with her is enchanting.

    Stephan Dorf…is…um…well, not acting. He just stares off into space.

  20. I am going to Miami next month, I am buying that VPL bathing suit ASAP!

  21. omg

    i love the couples together for over 50 years.

    and the j’aime ma ville shirt

    and the “sweet dreams” painting :) xoxo

  22. LOVE this pic of Jean Seberg!
    So chic- I really want her dress:)
    I am dying to see Somewhere- I am fan of anything Sofia Coppola esp. Marie Antoinette

  23. I really want to see that movie too. Lovely post!

  24. I want to see this movie too. Sophia Coppola is an excellent director(a).

    Have a nice weekend!

  25. Lovely picks…
    and I had no idea the Up Close Alex Williams is *your* Alex. He’s quite good, of course. What a dynamic team you make!
    Will you be keeping us posted on what you think about Somewhere? It’s on my list of the very few movies I treat myself to each year!
    Would love to hear your take.

  26. we love sophia coppola but hated the movie. we kept waiting for it to get good. if you like watching people play wii for 10 minutes, and sit by a pool for 10 minutes, and such- then you may like it.

  27. I wasn’t a fan of Somewhere…I am a huge fan of Sofia Coppola though.

  28. we saw Somewhere a few weeks ago and really liked it. It’s true to Sophia Coppola’s slow-paced style so just sit back and take it all in. There’s also really little dialogue. We looked up the script and it’s only about 42 pages! Enjoy your weekend! xo

  29. thanks for sharing that trailer.. i am definitely going to go see that film now! focus feature + sofia coppola + phoenix… how could you go wrong?

  30. The kittens are cute!… and that bra!!


  31. YOU”RE MARRIED TO THAT ALEX?? I’m supremely jealous, I love his writing. Someday I want to be that good! (After I finish up with J-school, and with a bit of luck and a lot of work, maybe writing for the NYTimes too! Oh dreams.)

    Totally unrelated, but the photo series of married couples past their 50th was so bittersweet. My grandfather died just two or three weeks before his & oma’s 50th, a few years past.

  32. That is a sexy bra! And at a great price, too! xo style, she wrote

  33. What a cool interview. My intro to Garance Doré illos was on one of your Smitten posts.

  34. i’ve seen the movie preview for Somewhere, but i don’t think the movie’s out where i live yet ):

    i’m definitely watching it though! seems like just the kind of vibe i like in movies ♥

  35. Very nice Alex. Love this time of year, everyone is so happy

  36. Date nights are the best.

    I plan on shopping for home decor, and goodies for Valentines day.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    -My Beautiful Life

  37. Happy weekend!

  38. Hi there

    I always enjoy reading your blog.

    I am an eternal fan of Sophia Coppola’s work – Lost in Translation – is one of my all time favorites – the understated comic of Bill Murray! I like her casual pace, subtleties and displacement of characters – which is what you get again with Somewhere. The young Elle Fanning is terrific!

    I hope you enjoy the movie and have a great weekend too!


  39. This has been the BEST weekend post EVER! :)

  40. Love the article about Garance.
    Happy weekend!

  41. ha! i read that story on garance (which was perfect) and didn’t even realize it was by alex!

    thank you for the link love, love.

    have a beautiful weekend. hope it’s warming up there!

  42. Those kitties are cracking me up, I love them!

    I am totally trying the DIY Smooch! Thanks!

  43. Sofia Coppola is an amazing writer and director but honestly the film did absolutely nothing for me! Being from S. Cali I feel it taught the stereotypical and obvious story of a celebrity but in a more appealing way yet there were no characters that became attached to me nor to my friends
    :( Def. try to look deeer into it and maybe you’ll discover something! cheers

  44. i love when i’m reading a fabulous article on the times and then i notice it’s written by your sweet hubby. :)

  45. Loved the awesome Garance Dore article!

  46. oh my gosh, i am in love with that bra!

  47. *E says...

    I truly love all of Sofia’s other movies, but seriously don’t waste your money or time on SOMEWHERE!!! It was terrible!

  48. *E says...

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  49. I love Garance! What a great interview. Way to go Alex!

    Have a wonderful weekend my dear!

  50. sushi and a movie, valentine crafts, lots of hot chocolate, snuggling and laughing. have a lovely weekend!

  51. I loved Alex’s article about Garance. Perfect for V-Day!

  52. Have a wonderful weekend, Joanna!

  53. I absolutely LOVED Somewhere. You will fall in love with the characters because you will feel like you are in their life for years. Enjoy!

  54. Also, that photo series is great! I love real, honest love stories.

  55. Have a happy weekend as well! And “Somewhere” was amazing – made me fall in love with LA! You will love it! :)

  56. Oooh I’ve been wanting to see that, but it’s not out in LA yet (ironically!). But the Egyptian is playing classic movies this weekend AND Sixteen Candles is on the big screen ( so I hope to see something fun before heading to the desert for a few days (to spend VDay with Dave & Scott!).


    p.s. GREAT article by Alex!

  57. Anonymous says...

    Fabulous round up!

  58. hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  59. The Sweet Dreams print is pretty adorable. I’ve got to check out the other links now.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  60. Looved the Garance article! So cool that he got to hang with her for a bit! She rocks.

  61. well these all rocked my world. those cats! the kisses! acks! : )


  62. Oh I’m such a romantic! My grandparents were married for 50 years and it makes my heart happy just thinking about it!

  63. I really enjoyed Somewhere, even the drawn out ennui scenes that she does so well, but it does feel a bit indulgent, like Sofia made the film for herself – which is fair enough! It was intruiging to say the least, I wanted to know what happened after the end ;)

  64. I am so excited to see that movie! I went to chateau marmont over Christmas… it was amazing! I hope you like it!

  65. Wonderful article by Alex!
    Happy Weekend!

  66. Have a beautiful weekend!

    P.S. Thx for letting us know about Alex’ article on Garance Dore. She’s the one who got me into blogging in the first place. Inspirational.

  67. i loved somewhere. it had me tearing up before the title even came on the screen. all of her movies are such an aesthetic treat. this one felt particularly special. hope you enjoy it too!

  68. Oooo I’ve been wanting to see that! Have fun.

  69. I saw it last weekend and loved it although I would’ve liked the end to be just a tiny bit different.

  70. the movie is not bad, but it`s not the best of Sofia. great dialogues, lovely acting, especially dad & daughter scenes and also the way of presenting the space. Sofia filming style, good music and many things said between the lines. i`m curious what you`ll say. enjoy.

  71. “Where Did I Come From”….Classic! Made me smile today to see that! Thank you!!

  72. awww sweet! i definitely will have a lovely weekend! and i hope you have one too! {:

  73. i loved the kittens!!

  74. I haven’t seen the movie yet. Do let us know what you think. I will be baking sugar cookies with my nephews.

    what a cool link,about the vintage children’s books.

    have a wonderful weekend!

  75. That DIY smooch is TOO cute!!! I’m stealing…I mean borrowing that idea for my Valentine!

  76. I love Sophia Coppola but I have not seen the movie yet! I heard many great things about it. Have fun and enjoy your weekend, Joanna:)