1. reading your post from 4 years ago made my valentines day. me and my boyfriend broke up on the 13th so it made me really hopeful to hear about your valentines and meeting alex <3
    hope you had a lovely weekend.

  2. That’s the beauty of love: not knowing it’s around the corner. My man and I were best buddies for a year because he realised we were in love! Hope you had a good V-day my dear. Bisous

  3. What a great message … “you just never know what is right around the corner!”

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. you never DO know what is right around the corner! (although i feel like i’ve been saying that for *years*). it’s easy to think that others have it all together and have always been paired and happy, so it’s good to hear that i’m not the only one who sometimes feels sad and lonely!! though i will admit, i have always loved valentine’s day :)

  5. what a cuteeeee print!

  6. this is the identical one that i bought for the one who has my affections…couldn’t resist, too cute.

  7. i love this post! thanku so much. Happy valentine’s day.

  8. i <3 this post! Thanks for such sweet, encouraging words!

  9. happy valentine’s day Joanna…..hope u had a blast with toby and alex.

  10. You made me cry… Once again.

  11. This is a time full of changes for me — decisions that could really affect my future! And reading about the twists and turns of your life makes me feel a little better knowing everyone has those moments when it all feels about to shatter or about to take shape. Thanks.

  12. can you share how you met?

  13. Love this. It’s so true. 4 years ago, my hubby & I were “just friends.” ;)

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  14. Of all the lovely posts and pictures you’ve shared, this is my favorite. How sweet and true–you never know what’s around the corner! Thanks for being so generous with your sense of style and kindness.

  15. I met my dear boyfriend two weeks from Valentines Day last year!
    Little did I know…

  16. On this day four years ago, you got five comments and today’s has 67 already! It’s not just the love in your heart that has grown…it’s also others’ love for your work. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  17. That print in your four years ago post is awesome awesome.

  18. thank you! that actually made me feel a little better :)

  19. You’ve come a long way, baby!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    PS: more comments from Alex, please. That “run it up the flagpole had me cracking up!

  20. Four years ago, I had a date with my then-boyfriend. He served me handmade pasta and vegetables and wine.

    Three years ago, my then-boyfriend and I went out to dinner.

    Two years ago, my then-boyfriend and I went to New Zealand and had a lovely meal with two dear friends on the ocean front.

    Last year, my then-boyfriend and I went to Boston and had pancakes with a friend in her apartment.

    And this year, my now-husband and I will be having a quiet dinner at a fantastic little Korean place in our neighborhood before drifting home.

    Happy Valentine’s Day. :)


  21. Beautiful thought! Fingers crossed : )

    Have a fab valentines!

  22. Bike ride in the early spring sun, homemade dinner, and our first attempt at chocolate fondue :)

    Happy Valentines Day!

  23. That’s a wonderful sentiment to offer on Valentine’s Day. I also have a similar experience like yours. February is a big month in our household. Met my husband 5 yrs ago on a blind date at the beginning of the month, got engaged one yr later on V Day, celebrating our son’s 2 yr birthday this week and waiting for baby #2 to come soon after!

  24. i love this! and how funny, i had the same experience with my lovebug: found him a week after the worst valentines day of my life! hurray for not knowing what the future holds! happy valentines day to you, alex, and toby!

  25. Very cute card.
    You really don’t know how quickly your life can change. It is good practice to keep your eyes open. Happy V day!

  26. As a single gal, this made me so so happy. I’m glad you found true love! Instead of being sad and lonely on Vday, I’m having a bunch of single gals over to celebrate. But I still hope that Mr. Right will come along soon!

  27. Thanks, Joanna! I just went through a terrible breakup, and it’s so sweet to be reminded that sometimes the view is bleak only because we can’t see the future. I hope your day is warm and magical!

  28. A sweet post and a lovely reminder that life always promises to be surprising. I’m so happy for you!

  29. This is my 4th V-day with my boyfriend. He’s not a big fan of the holiday so we always spend it at our apt. I’m decorating our place, ordering chinese food, and then we’ll watch a funny movie.

  30. Love your comment about not knowing what is right around the corner…life is amazing that way! I spent a romantic weekend in Idyllwild, CA…snuggling with my boyfriend in a cozy mountain cabin…falling more in love every minute.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Valentines Day together!

  31. I’m single and for the first time don’t feel sad and lonely today! It also helps that I’m distracted by a million things right now (it’s my twin sisters birthday and my little brothers too! also im up to my ears in grad school apps)

  32. It’s amazing that even though you are happily married with a beautiful family you remember what it’s like for us single gals! Best thing to read on V-day ever! I am not a huge blog reader but I love your blog! :)

  33. Anonymous says...

    Had such brilliant plans to eat waffles and drink beer with my boyfriend his friends in BK for valentines day but I managed to get food poisoning!! So sweet that he cancelled our plansnto come take care of me, but this look is a lot less attractive than the cute dress I had picked out. He really is the best Valentine a girl could dream of :)

  34. Happy Valentines day! My boyfriend took me to London this weekend to a french restaurant and theatre :) I cant see him tonight (he lives too far away)but he did send me flowers at work..I couldnt stop smiling xx

  35. Happy Valentine’s day! If you’d only known four years ago that you’d have two valentine boys to celebrate today, huh?
    We’re celebrating our eighth valentine’s day together by cooking dinner in our underwear. Ahh, good ol’ internet TMI.
    *eyebrow waggle

  36. We’ve never really celebrated Valentine’s… it’ll probably be same old, same old… me cooking dinner, us snuggling on the couch and him listening to me chatter away :)

  37. Three years ago today I was dumped via text message. Two months later I met my true Valentine, he is currently cooking me dinner and we’re about to buy our first home together.
    The best really is yet to be.
    Happy Valentine’s Day x

  38. Oh man, that sweet story about you and alex brought tears to my eyes. It’s so true, you really never know what the future holds. Thanks so much for the reminder :)

  39. This is adorable!!!! I hope you have a wonderful valentines day! :)

  40. aw, i just bought this card for my husband two days ago. :) i just added some glasses with a sharpee. :) happy valentines day to you!

  41. Happy Valentine’s Day! That is so fun – I am more liek you four years ago, but that is ok – I will still enjoy my favorite holiday as a single lady. GLad I have girlfriends to still go out to a fun dinner with tonight!
    Much love,

  42. Happy Valentine’s day Joanna,
    I love this post. it gives me hope :)

  43. happy valentine’s day, joanna! and great taste in cards: this is the one i gave to my husband this morning. so sweet. :)

  44. hmmm, 4 years ago today… i was in maui preparing for my wedding on feb 16th. the best week of my life. happy valentine’s day. pam

  45. Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you and your lovely family have a great one! Thanks for all the delightful posts, I look forward to them daily!

  46. we always go golfing and eat pizza for v-day! can’t wait!

  47. Anonymous says...

    Happy Vday to all, those in love and those waiting, ever so patiently, for cupid to strike.

  48. oh adorableness (the card!) there is so much love out there in the world – today is a day to share that with everyone.

  49. Anonymous says...

    What a sweet post!

  50. I’ll be spending my evening at school… in french class, which is kind of love-ly. :]

  51. Happy Valentines! I love how life is like that… you never know when, but love is just around the corner : )

  52. aww… happy valentines!

    i am sick this valentines so the boyfriend and i are spending it at home..

    enjoy!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  53. so sweet and inspirational! I love that their heads are cut off.

  54. Yay ~ I love hearing this. I hope something just as great is in the future for me! I’m going to see the movie “sex friends” tonight (french translation of “no strings attached! how weird is that?) with my girlfriends!!!

  55. Just goes to show – that all is temporary! Single today – baby tomorrow! Happy Valentine’s Day! xo

  56. Happy Love Day! The picture is soooo cute :)


  57. HAPPY LOVERS DAY to you and your gorgeous familia! xo have a wonderful day!

  58. i love this. so much hope for me! ; )

  59. Happy Valentine’s day to you, too!

  60. Your words offer encouragement…thanks Jo!

  61. Happy V-Day to you, too! No plans tonight, we celebrated yesterday to avoid crowds :-)

    Just over four years ago, I started dating my husband. In the time since, we’ve bought our dream house, got married, and had two kids! Crazy what can happen in less than half a decade.

  62. you are so right! happy love day!

  63. this is such a sweet post. happy almost 4 year anniversary of meeting your husband/toby’s father. :)

  64. You’re right, you never know. I met my husband at a weekend work event that I was SO reluctant to attend. Best day of my life that ultimately lead to more best days with the birth of our two kids:)

  65. you’re so right!

  66. happy valentines day!
    xo lisa

  67. How sweet! I actually met my husband four years ago tonight. There was a terrible ice storm in Pennsylvania, and we met at a local bar when I went to meet some friends he worked with who all had gotten an early dismissal. We started as friends, but began dating a few months later. We got married last month!

  68. Happy Valentines Day! I’m having dinner at home with my husband!

  69. see that’s the story i like hearing the most…that women who are talented and well-rounded, intelligent and beautiful still had moments like that.

    glad you found your penguin. :)

  70. Much love to you, Alex and Toby, Joanna! Thanks for being such a great source of all things inspiring… your blog rocks!

  71. happy valentines day to you as well! sadly sick this morning…so probably spending the day sipping tea, reading, and writing. :)

  72. What a lovely reminder that we never know what wonderful things may be in store for us! xoxo

  73. So sweet. You never know what is right around the corner. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  74. Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you, Alex, and Toby have a wonderful one! :)