1. beautiful collection all your pic are very perfect i really enjoy your post

  2. adore that heart headband so bad! gahh! i want one now . Her style is beautiful. vintage-y i love it.

  3. ooo love this :) so cute! Thank you :)

  4. Always love the wikstenmade blog. Thanks for sharing! xo

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  6. Love! I’m heading to their website right this minute!

  7. So cute! Makes me want to bust out my scissors and ELMERS glue!

  8. Anonymous says...

    This is so sweet.

  9. jane says...

    i miss katedid’s adorable posts. jenny’s looks great, too! i bet smaller circles in muted colors would look nice

  10. oh my goodness! this is the cutest headband i have ever seen! it would have been perfect for valentine’s day! :)

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  11. Love the fact that the dress is so simple and yet sophisticated!

  12. love everything about this! the headband, blouse, cardigan and sweater are all lovely. and, of course, she is beautiful too!

  13. very cute! is that made of felt?

  14. super cute. love DIY projects.

  15. She looks super-cute! I would be afraid to wear it, though – it looks perfect against her dark hair and with her understated ensemble!


  16. Too cute! I’ll have to add this to the wish list. :)

  17. oh my… so very cute!!! would have been a perfect little goody yesterday :)

  18. thanks, joanna! my studio mates and i wore them to a restaurant after the party, and i could tell that a few people were giggling at us, but we were having too much fun to care. : )

  19. What a great headband for Valentine’s day! :) So cute

  20. I would have loved this when I was a little girl! I imagine my mom dressing me up for a Valentine’s school party or just wearing it for a “dress-up” tea party with my Cabbage Patch Kids. Great idea for little ones, for sure!

  21. yes I love it too! she always looks perfect :)

  22. sweet & romantic

  23. It looks really adorable on her:) Kisses

  24. So adorable. I’m going to pass this on to our crafty 12-yearold daughter. She’ll probably opt for flowers – great idea Sara.

  25. maggie says...


  26. Ooo would be fun to try with flowers too!

  27. I made one the other day for Valentine’s Day. I used teal ribbon and glitter pink and white foam hearts. It actually turned out to be really cute. :)

  28. so cute! fun craft and DIY to try!

  29. So sweet!

  30. haha, i don’t know if i could either, hogger:) but i wish i could!

  31. I could never pull that off, but looks so cute on her and great for Valentine’s Day!