Wedding Present

When our friends Jake and Elizabeth started dating, she seemed very guarded, and he worried that she might never fall for him. Looking for encouragement, he asked three of her friends about her, and here were their crazy answers…

Her first friend’s answer: “Dude, she’s a tough nut to crack.”
Her second friend’s answer: “She’s an uncrackable egg.”
Her third friend’s answer: “She’s an impenetrable fortress.”

How hilarious is that? And he had asked them all separately!

Well, against all odds, Jake did woo her, and when they got married last year, my sister gave them a present of these three original commissioned prints by Erin Jang. (See how the nut is cracked, the egg is cracked, and the fortress is open?) How cute is that?

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  2. lol, this is sooo cute.
    such a perfect gift for them

  3. What a sweet, thoughtful gift.

  4. Great present from your sister congrats!

  5. so incredibly thoughtful. it’d be the perfect wedding gift for me too! :)

  6. this is the cutest story ever…and such a cool present idea!!!!

  7. Anonymous says...

    the story behind the art is the best~ thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow! That is incredibly cute!! And to make them into prints fantastic! She found a winner!

  9. that is just about the coolest, sweetest gift i ever did see.

  10. This gift was so thoughtful and according to the occasion, I love it.

  11. such a sweet idea. Great graphic work by Erin

  12. aw, nicole, you are sweet! i will post about our california trip soon, and then i’ll post more this year about alex and our adventures together. that’s a good idea! :) thank you for your note! xoxo

  13. Anonymous says...

    This is amazing!!

  14. This is so sweet! Very clever, funny, and so lovingly thoughtful! This makes you wonder what sort of things are said about you [me].

  15. Funny, Sweet and oh so personal. I love it and no one else will ever have these and have the sweet story to tell! <3

  16. I love those cleaver works of art! Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!! p.s. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! xoxo

  17. I ADORE THIS. cute, meaningful and sweet. perfect presents!

  18. Your sister is so thoughtful.

    I was just going through my wedding album tonight because we will be celebrating our *10th* anniversary tomorrow! True love is such a beautiful thing.

  19. This is the sweetest story i have heard! The prints are lovely too!

  20. What a sweet & thoughtful gift… and very clever too!

  21. g. says...

    so amazingly thoughtful and sawww-eeet!! i need to make up a few for my husband! :) xo.

  22. that is such a sweet gift! how sweet that they remembered…the prints are completely beautiful.

  23. What a heartwarming story! Isn’t love funny?

  24. So clever and so original. You and your sister both sound awesome!

  25. Jacob says...

    We COMPLETELY love it. Also, it reminds us of how creative our friends are! Also thanks to Lucy for the encouragement — to not give up.

  26. i absolutely love it! wow, how amazing is that?!

  27. That is so sweet. I love it.

  28. that is the cutest story i’ve heard in a long time. here’s to cracking eggs!

  29. Brilliant idea!

  30. UGH! That is amazing, it’s so awesome when you know people well enough to give them a truly meaningful gift.

  31. Aw! What a meaningful present! I love them…when a present actually means something it makes my heart explode with happiness…

  32. This is the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a LONG time!

  33. This is absolutely adorable. and really nice images too. xx

  34. a lovely and thoughtful present. much better than a toaster!

  35. such a lovely, personal gift. kudos to your sister

  36. What a thoughtful and amazing gift!

  37. Anonymous says...

    Amazing gift!!!!

  38. This is the best kind of present! They will cherish these prints for a lifetime.

  39. Love that story! Great gift.

  40. This is by far the best wedding gift ever. Kudos to your sister. It comes to show you that awesomeness is absolutely in your family.

  41. Sooo sweet!! Besos

  42. I love this story…and to have prints to go along with it!

  43. This is so cute, and personal! I love wedding gifts that are out of the ordinary and off the registry! :)

  44. Aww, I love that story!

    xo Nadia

  45. Aww, I love that story!

    xo Nadia

  46. This is so funny! It’s also one of the most amazing wedding gifts I have ever seen. Your sister is so thoughtful. I’m sure they will be cherished.

  47. Anonymous says...

    hello Joanna love your posts!

    When can we hear more about your adorable husband and your newlywed adventures? I miss those postings on glamour=(


  48. They will love these forever! I just imagine their kids asking them to tell the story of the nut/egg/castle posters again and again….

  49. That really made me smile :)

  50. love this. GREAT present idea!!!

  51. really nice! I love these and other illustrations of Erin Jang :)

  52. Anonymous says...

    oh how sweet! i love it.
    p.s. you should post more often! i check this blog like 4 times a day for new posts. although one a day really isnt even that little.

  53. Wow. What a perfectly adorable story!

  54. that is the most thoughtful wedding gift ever! love this!

  55. Haha, that’s super cute!

  56. Ohhhh, this does my heart good. What a lovely story.

  57. I absolutely love this love story.
    It’s too darn clever; really. Cute, cute, cute! x

  58. Wow I love this story and the prints are awesome! I love the retro graphic feel and they are so playful yet professionally done! Wonderful!

  59. ah, very cute. :)

  60. :) Love makes everything (and everyone) softer.

  61. a-dor-able. love.

  62. What an amazingly thoughtful gift!! This is one of those gifts that the receiver will never forget and will be explaining to the grandkids… great job to your sis!!!

  63. That is such a thoughtfull gift! I bet they totally loved it! Kisses, Joanna