1. These do look amazing great for a photo shoot idea – spring fashion and agree this would look fantastic for a cocktail party!!

  2. Although I find this beautiful I would like to know how long a tree can take in a ball of dirt. I’m guessing that at some point they have to put the trees on the ground. don’t you agree?

  3. Wow!!! The arden is sooo gorgeous!!!

  4. Wow, those are fabulous.

  5. Amazing how the these plants can still hold on. I love the white flowers.
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  7. These look AMAZING! I wonder if they’d be hard to make on your own….. I’m inspired!

  8. how gorgeous.

  9. Anonymous says...

    Totally gorgeous!

  10. I’ve never seen anything like that before. How cool!

  11. It’s so amazing!!!! LOVE THIS ONE A LOT!


  12. ummmm yeah!!
    How cool are those!


  13. Incredible! Way to completely surround yourself with nature.

  14. Oh my goodness, it is beautiful!!!

  15. Love them, would be easy to add things to them, too.

  16. holy mackrel!

    those are so f’n AWESOME!

    they don’t even look like they could be real!

  17. Abso-tively stunning. I would imaging they’d be hard to water without creating a mess, though.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  18. Anonymous says...

    thank you ;)

  19. Oooh, so lovely! Probably really hard to pull off, though…


  20. Absolutely beautiful…I have never seen anything like that. It is a great idea for a loft setting like we have too!

  21. Wow, definitely perfect for a cocktail party…definitely a conversation starter!

  22. These are gorgeous! They do look magical. I, too, could see these at a cocktail party or wedding, but I can also picture them in the studio where I do yoga. Magical and calming.

  23. absolutely beautiful and such a cool idea

  24. Ornaments to hang all year long. Delightful.

  25. stunning! im off to check more images. thanks for sharing.


  26. I’m not going to lie though, as beautiful as these are, I would be that girl to walk directly into them, thus messing up said pretty garden :)


  27. those are magical! I so need more green in my apartment! especially now that’s so cold and gray outside!

  28. love these! how do you find all these amazing things jo?

  29. Hello! I just wanted to stop by and let you know how much I enjoy your blog!

  30. looks like something out of a fairytale story!

  31. that reminds me of the little apple trees I bought at Home Depot, placed in fiberglass planters and put out on the root top of my old apartment creating an instant garden. It was so cool to head out on a saturday, with scissors in hand, to “mow” the grass…the wheatgrass planted around the trees.
    I loved that apartment, thanks for that post.

  32. Fantastic!! Already daydreaming about where I’d put them!!

  33. Very romantic!

  34. remarkable. they would look great in my house. how do you suppose you water them without it dripping all over the floor??

  35. so dreamy!

  36. I love these! They remind me of an exhibt I saw at the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis. Happy Monday, hun!
    Much love,

  37. They really would look amazing at a coctail party! So creative. How was your trip to MoMA with Toby?

  38. Whoa! Crazy beautiful!

  39. Looks really charming!

  40. Omg how pretty♥ They look like something you see in a fairy tale :)


  41. wow–thats cool and beautiful!

  42. they would be wonderful for a wedding reception. they’re so elegant.

  43. These are really lovely.
    A great and excellent way to deal with space issues and city living!
    How do you water them though?

  44. Or for a wedding!

  45. It reminds me of a fairy tale too! So whimsical and green!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  46. Wow, love them!