1. the first picture is like the cutest thing ever!

  2. he is so adorable. And in that little sweater, the cutest little elf I have ever seen!

  3. he is so fricken adorable!! i love the outfit too, i wish they had one in my size!

  4. Such a sweet baby! Glad you are having so much fun being a mom :)

  5. He’s such a beautiful boy. What a perfect little heart shaped mouth.

  6. sweet lord, that is a cute baby!

  7. oh my goodness! it must be illegal to be this cute!! i just want to lightly pinch his little red cheeks :)

  8. There’s nothing cuter than a baby in hand knitted clothes! He is just the sweetest little chap. Well done you!

  9. completely adorable :)

  10. You’ve got to be kidding. :) That kid is ridiculously cute!!

  11. he is just beautiful!

  12. aww! cutest baby <3

  13. holy sweetums your baby is cute!

  14. Joanna, you’re so lucky to have too sweet son.. I like him very much :)

  15. oh my goodness, what a gorgeous kid you have! that face!

  16. Wasn’t it just yesterday that you gave birth to him?? My nephew will be 5 in March and my niece 8 in June. I CAN’T believe it!

  17. omg what a super cutie! those cheeks!

  18. so adorable!
    times flies.
    has he said “mama” yet? wyeth did yesterday and it just might be the single greatest sound ever. :)


  19. Jane says...

    Oh, he is absolutely delicious! Eight months is such a lovely age. Love his little sweater and hood too.

  20. he’s ridiculously cute!! those cheeks!

  21. could he be any cuter??

  22. Oh my gosh, Joanna, he’s seriously the cutest little child — he looks like an illustration or something! Adorable!!

  23. He is adorable. Just adorable.

  24. seriously, he used to be SO teeny tiny, now look at those cheeks! he is adorable.


  26. oh my gosh he just gets cuter and cuter! :) i heart toby.

  27. He is just adorable, with those little flushed apple cheeks!! :-)

  28. holy moly… he is stinking adorable!!!! happy almost 8 months toby :)

  29. I shouldn’t be saying this because I have an infant nephew, but Toby is seriously the cutest lil thing I have ever seen ever!

  30. i love his matching hat and sweater! did you knit them?

  31. Aww, how precious! I love his rosy cheeks!
    You have a beautiful family Joanna!

    xo Nadia

  32. You have a very beautiful and cute little boy!

  33. So darling. HIs whole face is precious, of course, but I just love his wonderful eyebrows. If I didn’t already have 4 boys of my own I would definitely want to have a baby just looking at your cute little guy.

  34. Joanna, He is BEAUTIFUL! I also think he looks french. Maybe it’s the sweater. So adorable, thanks for sharing!

  35. meg, that’s such a cool question — my pregnancy flew by, but i feel like I’ve been a mother forever. :) it’s so hard to imagine my life without Toby in it — even when i think back to past memories (of vacations or holidays or whatever), i sometimes remember Toby being there, although of course he wasn’t! it’s so funny/odd!

  36. wow, you’ve had him now almost as long as you were pregnant with him! think back to when you realized you were pregnant… did your pregnancy seem longer or shorter than the time you’ve now known toby? i love doing time-passage comparisons like that :) all i know is, enjoy every minute!
    xo meg

  37. I am sure you suspect this but mommas aren’t really supposed to be objective…so I am here to confirm it: That is one exceptionally beautiful baby. Like for real.

  38. Be still, my heart. Toby is adorable. His nose is so cute!

  39. He is absolutely gorgeous!!!! So cute – thanks for sharing!

  40. this is sparking baby fever in me! And how precious is he in those knits?!

  41. That sweater and the lil nugget wearing it are adorable!!! I would keep squeezing him into it too ;)

  42. Aww, I miss when my boys had the ‘orange noses’ (and when they used to like squash, come to think of it). He is so adorable, Joanna, and I will never stop commenting on his awesome eyebrows.

  43. He is the cutest little guy….so warm and cuddly in that sweater and hat. Baby envy galore looking at his sweet face.

  44. joanna, he’s amazing. seriously.

  45. toby is seriously one good looking baby. CUTEST THING EVER.

  46. he is too cute! love his chubby cheeks and little chin :-)

  47. Qué gracioso!!

  48. Oh, my goodness! His little eyes are so cute!

  49. What a cutie!! :) Love all his little features!

  50. So aborable! We have a 4 month old. We feel like time is going to fast. She is always changing.Parenthood is a blast!!!

  51. So, so adorable. I’m jealous! :) xxx

  52. He’s getting so big Joanna! I absolutely love the photos too, he is adorable!

  53. Toby looks like an EXACT cross between you and Alex :) And I love his little outfit…looks so snuggly!

  54. thanks for all these really sweet comments!!! :)

  55. Anonymous says...

    WOW! You have a very beautiful baby!

  56. Adorable! And those lips, I’m jelly!

  57. Seriously adorable. How time flies!

  58. Oh my gosh, I want to pinch his little cheeks so bad!! He is so cute, I can’t stand it. :-)

  59. Oh my goodness! There is nothing cuter than babies in sweaters and hats. He is absolutely adorable!

  60. darling little babe in a darling little sweater! I love the hood – seriously cute :)

  61. Too cute!

  62. I love his hat and sweater! What a picture perfect baby doll!

  63. adorable baby and outfit! omg, joanna he is so darling!!!

  64. you keep squeezin him into that adorable sweater hat combo…scrumptious!

  65. he´s so so cute! amazing little outfit!

  66. just because he’s incredibly cute. i adore the ensemble.

  67. He looks like one of those French babies you used to post photos of. Either that, or something I saw for a Christmas decoration once awhile back. He’s cute as a button.

  68. He looks like a little chubby sparrow. Cutest baby ever!!

  69. he is such an adorable little guy. i love his eyes and eyebrows :)

  70. Could he possibly be cuter??!!
    Enjoy this golden time.

  71. So cute!! He could be on a Christmas card with his wintery outfit.:)


  73. So darling! He has the most beautiful face!

  74. I absolutley adore his eyebrows! The boy is beautiful!

  75. super cute. love the outfit!

  76. woah toby is growing from exuding pure cuteness to now becoming increasingly handsome!

  77. aww how adorable! xXx bisous!

  78. He is the sweetest ever!!

  79. he’s the super cutest!!!

  80. isn’t he just the sweetest little thing

  81. Oh Joanna. He is the cutest!!!!!!!

  82. His eyes are BEAUTIFUL. I love his rosey cheeks! He is so adorable! And his sweater and hat are too cute!

  83. he’s SOOOOO cute. Its unreal. And now I want another baby.

  84. just made my day.

  85. This is so random, but I love his eyebrows!! Gosh, he’s so precious :)

  86. He is such a doll. Its not everyday you see such a cute cute baby! You guys need to move to California and have more babies. :)

  87. Ah, he is absolutely beautiful… Enjoy him (as I believe you are). He will suddenly be a big “boy” before you know it. Mine’s only 2, but it seems like he’ll be sixteen next week.

  88. that hat!!

  89. Omgoodness. So cute! This looks like a photo from the 50s.

  90. what a beautiful little boy! and he looks so sweet in his sweater and cap!

  91. eeee, toby!!! what a handsome little guy.

  92. you could motorboat those cheeks! :D

  93. He’s beyond adorable! By looking at him, I wish I had a baby boy! Though they told me it’s a girl, and I’m super excited about it!

  94. oh dear lord. I want to smush his face. That’s one cute babe Joanna. Good work.

  95. He looks so cute in his little outfit!!!
    Viele Gruesse, Kristina

  96. Adorable! And *totally* favors his mama. xo.

  97. the sweater was a gift, i wish we knew where it was from!

  98. oh my goodness, i just gasped out loud. he is a DOLL, joanna!

  99. what a little cherub!

  100. dc says...

    So adorable!

  101. What a sweet face! *Melt* Where is that adorable sweater from???

  102. I just don’t think he could be any cuter.

  103. so adorable! he has the most perfect little baby face!

  104. Awww look at those beautiful eye..He is such a charmer!!! He looks so much like you, Joanna:) Kisses

  105. I can see both you and Alex in his sweet face. Family resemblance is always so fascinating!

  106. Cuteness overload.

  107. oh, he’s adorable! His eyes and eyebrows are my favorite. :)

  108. What a sweetie! Where’s the sweater from?

  109. Gosh, he’s so adorable!

  110. thanks, lexie! i think he has my face and alex’s body :)

  111. wow. i can’t believe he is 8 months already! congrats. he’s adorable.

  112. sooo adorable!!! i love babies.

  113. this is too cute to be real. i can’t believe he is a real child! :)

  114. yes, the hat is part of the sweater — it’s the little hoodie. i LOVE it.

  115. Ah I just want to hug the little guy! What a lucky mama you are, Joanna:)

  116. Such a sweet face. And I always, in foresight, wish I’d bought my favourite baby outfits in every size up to kindergarten.

  117. This seriously just made my day :)
    How very sweet!

  118. *head explodes* Too adorable!

    I love the hat. Is it part of the sweater?

  119. Do you have any place for his 1st birthday?


  120. Anonymous says...

    so adorable!

  121. So precious.

  122. he reminds me of these adorable snow baby figurines my friend’s mom has :-)

  123. This is my favorite sweater of his. Even though he’s basically outgrown it, I keep squeeeezing him into it, poor thing :)

  124. what a sweetie!!!

  125. Ahhh my ovaries hurt from the cute overload. LOVE the hat.