1. Hi, I am 6 months pregnant, and i have been looking like crazy for the perfect dress, please tell me where i can find these? please, please! it is the most fantastic one ive seen so far:

  2. Amazing! Looooove it!

  3. thumbs up!!!!

  4. Anonymous says...

    I hearth the shoes!!

  5. i LOVE this dress….i just saw it on refinery 29. must have it.

  6. I’m totally in love with this outfit

  7. I’ve been on the hunt for over a year! I’m 5’10 and every one I try on is too short on me!

  8. I’m not sure I could pull it off, but I LOVE it. Definitely a thumbs up.

  9. Love love love, thumbs so up they’re stuck in my ceiling… ouch…. :)

  10. this one looks so good. PERFECT for summer too


  11. Love this dress, long dresses are my secret weapon in masking unshaven legs during the spring. Sh!


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  12. This post inspired me to finally wear my long skirt from AA today. :)

  13. It is a thumbs up. Definitely.

  14. oh yeah, big fat thumbs up from me too. I also covet a long floaty number – and I’m searching for the perfect one – but deep down I know they just don’t suit me…(insert sigh)…

  15. I love long dresses and so glad they are back in style! This one is gorgeous also.

  16. big thumbs up! (I’m 5’11” and couldn’t be happier about the maxi trend; a lot of those adorable “dresses” that have been coming out of late are completely inappropriate on my frame.) But after over indulging on the shoe front (and contemplating one…more…pair! for spring!), I’m going to have to make my own maxi skirts/dresses.

  17. Alejandra says...

    up up genial!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I am loving the long lengths! and I am loving your blog! I am new to the blog world, and so excited to be a part! I will have to pull some long dresses out!

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  19. Thumbs up! I love long dresses, especially ones like this, with that flowy romantic feel.

  20. I think it’s lovely…for the right figure. The wearer should be tall and thin (seems like you are, so go for it!) But for me (early 40s, post-pregnancy bulge) not so much. And I’m not sure about the short jacket either. Seems too …something. Trendy? Twenty-something? I don’t know.

  21. thumbs up to the dress AND to the shoes. : ) Lovely. I think I would feel serene all day in a dress like that.

  22. thumbs down. that dress is probably only flattering on women that are 6 feet tall and 110 pounds…with no hips. i would look ridiculous in it.

  23. nice dress! i am seeing a lot of long dresses lately. the only time i wore a long dress was when i was pregnant, but i might reconsider strutting this new trend around town now with my two year old tot.

  24. Wardrobe staple. Pregnant/nursing or not. So comfy, elegant and wonderful.
    A total go.

  25. I’ve got a long dress (I’m 5’2″) and I love love LOVE it. It’s free flowing and flatters my body quite well. Who knew!

  26. love long dresses, they just scream ease.

  27. I think long dresses are so lovely and elegant! In the summertime I live in them, they feel so flowy and graceful… Plus they are very forgiving!

  28. i feel silly in long dresses. that one looks pretty though. i had to laugh at the above comment about if you look like a ballerina :)

  29. Anonymous says...

    thumbs up if you look like a ballerina.

  30. thumbs up for flowy and ethereal.

  31. love this dress!! and i live in maxi dresses in the summer – they are so easy especially with a little one!

  32. Hmm… that’s a tough one. I’d worry that without the wind, the stick-like figure, and the impish downcast look, the dress might just look like a nightgown. I wouldn’t want people to confuse me with the 90-year-old woman upstairs, now would I?

    The blazer is spot on though so it’s not all for naught :)

  33. So funny that you would post this, as I have plans to run over to the fabric store on my lunch break to buy a jersey knit to makea long dress tonight!! Yesterday, I just wanted this dress that I could imagine in my mind, and tonight, I’m going home after work to make it :)

  34. Beautiful! It’s funny that I read this today, because today I’m wearing my first maxi dress in my 85 Dress Challenge (I’ll be posting it up later this afternoon, if you’re interested).


  35. I love it. Long dresses always make me feel chic and put together. I’m pregnant now and have looked at that French Connection dress a few times online : ) So pretty.

  36. Love it! I don’t think it’s out of the question for 30-somethings at all! I have a similar dress. It just depends on how you wear it and accessorize it. Plus if you have funky style, you can wear ANYTHING and make it look great! Aren’t we learning something from all the killer style blogs out there? Style isn’t a recipe….it’s an expression! Let you be you in whatever you want to wear! xo

  37. I love long dresses. I have to say, I’m not crazy about the high neck on this dress though. The boots are adorable, as well as the little blazer

  38. I love long dresses. I wear it during summer often day and night. So dreamy..

  39. I just saw this over on Ref 29 and I am in love with it. If it was just a little cheaper, I would buy it…


  40. There is something magical about how billowy the dress is. So just add someone following me around with a low-powered wind machine and I’m sold!

  41. Love the olive color. I think I’d belt it or pair it with a longer, buttoned cardigan. If you’re not a stick it’s pretty hard to pull off the “no shape” shape.

  42. love long dresses! being so tall, it’s hard to find some that are long enough, but when you do, it’s great! so flattering and elongating!

  43. absolutly Thumbs UP..she looks adorable-beautiful with this dress!

  44. The dress is cute but I could NEVER wear it. I’m short and the long dresses make me look stunted and disproportionate.

  45. for sure thumbs up. always love when comfort and style come together :)

  46. Love it. She looks great. However, I might look like a housefrau in this I love the beige and olives and wedge boots, too!

  47. Love the maternity dress !!! Deciding factor for Mr Aditha to get the second baby going…. :-)

    (sorry for my english !)

  48. thumbs up!!
    but I have to admit that I also never really did wear such a dress.. :)
    but I love the look anyways!

  49. I just love long dresses Joanna, I wear them in the summer all the time and lately I’m seeing women wear them with boots in the winter, so chic! I need to stop being scared and give it a try:)

  50. up. way up.

  51. love!

  52. thumbs up! I love the complete look!

  53. thumbs all the way up! I LIVE in maxi dresses during the warm weather- lucky for me, I live in SoCal so this attire is always an option :) LOVE this dress!

  54. I really really REALLY want that dress. Might have to ask for that as an early birthday gift.



  55. Thumbs up on the look but you have to be careful when wearing it, make sure you have the right body type otherwise it will be the perfect maternity dress on a non pregnant body :)

  56. great dress!! i love long dresses, but mostly on other people since i feel too short to pull them off…

  57. Oof, I don’t know about this one. It’s boxy to the max. Maybe with a belt?

  58. As a concept, they are okay, but realistically, they make most women look like a sister-wife or just plain frumpy.

  59. I wouldn’t wear it but I think it looks great on her!!

  60. the short jacket is what keeps it from looking like a nightgown…..

    i love it, too :)

  61. Anonymous says...

    It is very romantic. I would love to wear it!

  62. Definitely a thumbs up! I’ve been in love with maxi dresses and broomstick dresses for years!

  63. I think it’s gorgeous! I don’t wear long dresses much either, but I always feel so free and flowy when I do.

  64. super cute but not for this shorty :/

  65. gweneth says...

    absolutely love this look. 2 thumbs up!

  66. haha, di, so funny :) i love all these comments!

  67. I could definitely get on board with this dress, I love the color and accordion pleats. The only issue I’m having is the mock turtleneck. It’s a little too 1970’s Marianne Faithful, if you know what I mean.

  68. It looks amazing on the model, but I’m afraid anything that length and that shape makes me look pregnant–and I am certainly not! (the shoes and jacket are awesome though).

  69. Thumbs up! I think long dresses and skirts look very elegant if done properly.

  70. I like it! I love wearing long dresses – though not compared to my brother, I’m pretty tall…. so they don’t totally drown me


  71. I want to like it, but having curves and being tall – that’s a whole lotta dress!


  72. I’m torn. I love long dresses and have quite a few myself, but I don’t know if I like how full the skirt on this one is. It’s definitely not for the shorter girls!

  73. I give it a thumbs up, but with a caveat; not everyone can pull it off.

    I love it in the olive color on the right.

  74. Im really tall and I enjoy wearing long flowy dresses…So for me its thumbs up all the way!

  75. It’s suuuuuuuuuper sweet! I loved it. Super like long dresses, they are so confy to wear.

    I love your blog!

  76. I never wear long dresses either and wish I did. I think it’s because I’m tall. They never seem to be long enough. Nothing worse than an unflattering mid-calf cut!

  77. Thumbs way up! It’s not overbearing like some you see, she looks gorgeous!

  78. Thumbs up! We both have long dresses on the brain! I usually only wear them to lounge around the house or for flights. But I really like that one.

  79. Adorable dress, but she can’t be a day over thirteen years old. Maybe I’ll wear it in my next life though… :-)


  80. BIG thumbs up! I’m in love with long lengths. (Gorgeous blazer too!) X