1. Anonymous says...
  2. These are so sweet and adorable. Love them!

  3. Love love love, especially the first one with the doily! Goooorgeous.

    I’d be slightly worried people would come and smack my chest if I wore the high five one, though…

  4. What wonderful t-shits! And the model/designer is stunning!

  5. I LOVE the red heart tee!! gorgeous.


  6. High five is right! She’s too cute.

  7. Thanks Joanna that makes me feel assured- it’s official I’m buying the jeans!

  8. Almost bought both the heart and the horse, but had to rein it in… just the horse T for me, and I’m so excited! Love Emersonmade. Covet everything.

  9. Joanna, I love the Horse Shirt, it looks fab!

    Art by Karena

  10. I am Brazilian and I always see your blog. It’s so beautiful! Greetings!

  11. I love these, specially the last one.

  12. how is it that every single thing emersonmade does is absolute perfection!

  13. How perfect is that first one for v-day!

  14. We love the shirt with the horse on it.Yes!!!

  15. i am OBSESSED with emersonmade! i’ve reserved my faves and plan on building a collage to pay homage to her…thinking i share your girlcrush too!


  16. love the heart one.

  17. Total girl crush. Just when you think someone can’t get any cooler…Man!

  18. completely adorable (and she is too!). so loving the doily one.

  19. love love love EM! I’d love a shopping spree in her store!

    and I have a girl crush on her too haha

  20. I saw these this morning, I love them!

  21. I love them – I especially love the top one… so pretty.

  22. Ugh, I am with you on the girl crush…would it be weird if I named my first born after her;)

  23. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing Emerson can’t do… or make. Girl crush galore.

  24. Joanna, Thanks for admitting your obsession and that you have a girl crush on her. I am also obsessed! I look at their site several times a week and pine for the flower pins, the shoes, the purses, and then the model (who I believe is Emerson?). I just love their stuff and she models it so well.

  25. their stuff is endlessly cute! if i could, i would buy every single thing they make.

  26. these are SO cute! and yeah, she’s seriously adorable.

  27. I too share your obsession. Ordered the Doily one yesterday! Love!

  28. high five!!

    although with it saying “over here”, it kind of makes me feel like people would high five my chest. ha!

  29. Nice and simple designs…after all a tshirt is an unbeatable when it comes to clothes.

  30. they are gorgeous designs! love them. and she is perfect girl-crush material…oh my, that mod dots dress is amazing. it’s all amazing. i must have it ALL. NOW.

  31. just laughed out loud at your “lucky you” comment above. :) and i love these shirts, too. i’ve been seeing them pop up on a few other blogs in the past 24 hours…the red heart one is my fav!

  32. nello, i have the straight-leg jeans and LOVE them — they fit beautifully and true to size. (they also have a great sizing chart, if you want to know the exact measurements)

  33. Yes, I love the high five one.

  34. So so cute! I like first one the most :-) Hugs!

  35. adore that heart doily!

  36. nice shirts :)

  37. so cute!! thinking i need at least one of these in my life ;)

  38. p.p.s. I have a girl crush on her too (and all her clothes + styling!!).

    Also, Check out my GIVEAWAY, if interested in a gift certificate to a home decor or cookware site!

  39. Love the high five! Though I would be scared of my husband trying to high five the t-shirt… that might hurt! haha!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  40. I LOVE Emerson Made and the designer is adorable!
    Does anyone have her high waisted straight leg jeans? I want a pair but I’m afraid they won’t fit right.

  41. ooooh the lace heart. I am in love!!

  42. These are soooo cute! I love the one with the heart doily.

  43. I saw these yesterday and I’m already trying to figure out if ordering one in every style is overkill :)

  44. Be still, my heart! I am LOVING that horse shirt. Thank you for sharing these!

  45. How is it that she always looks so beautiful and put together, even in a t-shirt? Love her! The brown shirt is my favourite for sure.

  46. the high five is especially adorable paired with the blazer! and those jeans are pretty amazing too…i love the big pocket :)

  47. I love the high five one too!!! Great shirts! xoxo

  48. awww, the cutest t-shirts!

  49. LOVE this! The heart tee is absolutely adorable. I completely agree with the whole girl crush thing :)

  50. LOVE the heart tee. xoxo jcd

  51. Very adorable! Love the one with the running horse.
    – xo, Vanessa Elizabeth

    ps – your holiday photos look lovely.

  52. Those are super fun! I will have to go check out the whole line thanks!

  53. big fan of Emersonmade. Her life looks like a JCrew catalog!

  54. I like the Yes! shirt. but then again horses are my favorite animals.

  55. These look so great! What a perfect timing! I’m going through a phase, I only wear t-shirts now a days :) They are lovely, and yes I love the high-five one!

  56. they are all super cute, but isn’t the high five one just asking for a chest grope? (delurking myself here, btw)

  57. these are so great!

  58. Those tees are adorable and I also have a girl crush on her…hahah

  59. rose, i’m not sure about the t-shirt sizing — they have a great sizing chart, though, so you might want to check that out? (ps. lucky you, haha) xoxo

  60. I’m getting really obsessed too- from reading your blog! how are the sizes, I’m quite well um well endowed in the chest area

  61. I might have a girl crush on her too! LOVE the shirts!

  62. the heart doily is supe cute!

  63. i LOOOOVE their clutches!! and now they make t-shirts!?!? they are adorable!!!