1. amazing this seems totally gorgeous presently there!! i enjoy exactly how relaxed wedding ceremony had been. and the ones wildflowers are usually therefore wonderful.

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  2. How fantastic! After all that work and planning for the wedding, it is very nice to chill out and relax in the comforts of a hot bath. The scenery is great as well, providing a good background for that special day.

    P.S. The pics look lovely!

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  4. This is a one-of-a-kind wedding you have here. The place is lovely and the details are so nice. Great photos.

  5. This is very interesting destination and theme of the marriage. I would be enjoyed by lot of people. As this is the entertaining situation for everyone.

  6. This place is so amazing! I remember when you first posted the images of the resort. I’d love to escape this NY weather… even if it was to an even more fabulous cold climate! :)


  8. So gorgeous. A visit to Dunton Hot Springs has been on my wish list for a while now, I cant even fathom how great this wedding must have been in person.

  9. i keep coming back to this post, what a beautiful wedding!

  10. oh man, if i did it over again…

  11. Yup, definitely have to make a road trip!

  12. O M G THOSE STARS!!!!! I adore the last picture.

  13. aw, em and laura, thank you so much :)

  14. What a feeling! It’s amazing!:)

    Have a good day!


  15. That looks like the most amazing wedding ever! I LOVE the smores bar, and the night time view is gorgeous!

  16. what a beautiful and amazing setting – wow!
    Viele Gruesse, Kristina

  17. Those pictures sum up the perfect wedding. Personalized, surrounded by friends, great memory making & beautiful nature & decor!

  18. Anonymous says...

    how low key + completely lovely…! i love the little touches like the smores + pig roast!!!

  19. Anonymous says...

    That wedding was very pretty, but could not have just happened, because there is probably 4 feet of snow there now. It obviously took place in early fall. Congrats to the couple!

  20. I love this wedding. Showing that love doesn’t have to be a huge elegant event, it can be comfy, special and full of just as much love. Adore it.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  21. Dunton Hot Springs looks like such a dreamy place. what a beautiful wedding! And what better way to capture it than through Max Wagners talented eye.

  22. Amazing! Jusst stumbled on your blog and this wedding has me so excited. We live super close to Dunton and I’ve been slowly planning an actual wedding(quickie courthouse marriage), and I think I know where to have it!!

  23. I LOVE Dunton. We almost got married there, date set and everything. In the end we opted for a house… I still tell my husband that I want to get married there and tear up a bit every time I see an amazing wedding held there. Congrats to Victoria and Sean!

  24. this is so beautiful

  25. If you could marry a venue, I would marry this beautiful venue.

  26. I want to go there! That looks like such a fun and chill wedding. But still pretty.

  27. Thanks, always, for the photos. And the spirit of your blog.

  28. That view is to die for……And Smores! I love it. Looks like a fantastic day!

  29. em says...

    I found your blog via a tweet from Frye Boots back before Christmas, and now I am so in love. I so look forward to my 10 minutes of “jo time” every day (I usually try to check in after a stressful conference call or crazy morning of meetings. Reading the blog is becoming such a nice way to decompress for a few minutes). Love the beautiful, thoughtful and inspiring posts like this one about this beautiful, sweet wedding. Everything you write is so totally up my alley. Don’t know how I hadn’t found you sooner. Thank you!

  30. i’m english, if it’s possible when I get married, I’m haullling everyone over here!!!

  31. s’mores really? Gahhhh amazing!!!!!!!!!

  32. *sigh.
    your blog is such a wonderful inspirational stop in my day.

  33. the last night shot is gorgeous! what a beautiful place to get married.

  34. Happily married since June 2009 (happily together since July 2006).

  35. oh how I have been wanting to go there. I suppose I should put a little “Dunton Hot Springs” piggy bank on my desk :)

  36. I love LOVE casual weddings.

  37. These are great inspiration! Plus, who doesn’t love s’mores?

  38. Such a gorgeous setting! These pics are breathtaking. I could also go for that big bowl of corn bread haha.

  39. this makes me so happy! exactly what i want come october!!

  40. This is such a unique, personal and beautiful setting for a wedding. Wonderful inspiration.

  41. Holy crap. This is beautiful. So much inspiration!

  42. This is EXACTLY how I want my wedding to be. We already have a kid so I don’t want anything too uptight or formal (if/when), just a gathering of friends and good food in a gorgeous setting.

  43. I love the the destination, its beautiful. I especially like the hot tub/watering hole!

  44. Oh man, I want to love this. I truly do. The family, the landscape, the flowers, the hot tub (oh, the hot tub!), everything is so beautiful…except the poor pig on the spit. Really unnecessary and disgusting, ruins the whole thing for me. :(

  45. Just beautiful!! I would l love to go there! Hot springs are neat! What a view!!


  46. How gorgeous! My husband and I were just chatting yesterday about how we hope some of our soon-to-be married friends choose a destination wedding!

  47. Oh my goodness gracious- what a fantastic wedding. Wouldn’t it be fun to be a guest at a place like this?

  48. Pretty cool place for a wedding!


  49. I grew up in Colorado. Dunton Hot springs used to be a out of the way run down secret and I loved it. once we went there for Thanksgiving and our cabin had snow drifts coming in the door so we all hung out in the kitchen with the cook. The room was $30 dollars a night and the dinner was $10. We pretended that it was the other way around because the dinner and the people we met were AMAZING. When I was really young I thought that the hot springs were magical because a splinter I had in my hand fell out and I sore up and down it was the magic water that ‘healed’ me. haha! Wow… you just brought back memories!!!

  50. So nice to see weddings that bring out the true passions and dreams of the couple. This wedding surely did that. How beautiful and intimate! Thanks for sharing, Jo!

  51. That looks like such a nice and romantic wedding!


  52. W-O-W! That is beautiful!!!

  53. that looks amazing! i’m totally having s’mores at my wedding!

  54. beautiful!

  55. oh my goodness!!! what i wouldn’t give to be relaxing in a cozy hot spring right about now. this is so adorably fabulous!

  56. Beautiful photos! I love the wide open spaces and the wildflowers everywhere :) So simple and so lovely

  57. Really an amazing setting for a wedding. Looks like they had a blast!

  58. Looks dreamy, and now I want to sit by that fire and devour that smores plate.

  59. wow it looks absolutely beautiful there!! i love how laid back the wedding was. and those wildflowers are so lovely.

  60. OMG that is so my kind of wedding..I love the relaxed feel and who wouldn’t love a wedding with s’mores, right? haha
    Btw: Her dress is to die for and the view..Wow!!! perfect for photos:)
    Kisses, Joanna